As tourists and travelers, we’re always on the go, and sometimes, there’s no greater way to travel than to hit the road and get from one place to another by means of a trusted vehicle. The windows are open, the wind is blowing your hair every which way and the radio is blasting a tired hit from the eighties, as you drive the highways, byways and through-ways.

That’s right, sometimes, it’s better and cheaper to drive yourself from one location to another, opting out of planes and trains. In fact, many have claimed that the old “road trip” is the greatest vacation any tourist can take, especially when setting off from your own front door. It’s an excellent way to get to know your own country and even a different one entirely. Driving when in other parts of the world is also quite common and a perfect way to get around in a new country. Our friendly tip though: bring a map. Because if you plan on trusting the old road signs that are out there, you may not arrive to your destination in one piece, should you arrive at all.

There are indeed some pretty weird road signs out there, some of which are impossible to understand and figure out. Some of them are just plain ridiculous and some of them are so hilarious, you’ll need to pull the car over to the shoulder just to allow the hysterical laughter to subside. Whatever the circumstance, we’ve got 25 ridiculous and confusing road signs you’re not likely to forget.


So you're driving your brand new Prius on some road on your way through some rural countryside near Washington. You want to get to know the area, as you've lived there so long and you've never gotten to know the surrounding areas. You're lost and you're in desperate need of some directions.

A difficult drive can turn sideways in about just under 10 seconds should you come across a sign such as this one. And if you haven't caught it yet, let me direct your attention to the bottom of the sign.

If you've never seen Twilight then this sign may be a bit confusing, and just a little scary!

Maybe it's best just to keep on driving. You're bound to find a friendly hitchhiker down a ways. Anything's better than a vampire.


If you've ever dreamed of hitting the road and heading North, we'd recommend it, as there are some beautiful sights to see. Passing through Canada is always a plus, as the landscape is awesome and the people are friendly. Just bring your snow tires, as it may get a tad icy on your way. If your destination is Alaska, then snow should be expected on the way when you arrive in the territory of dog sleds and Jack London's old stomping grounds.

But what you probably never expected were giant mosquitoes that could carry you off to their nest, would you? We sure wouldn't. But this sign promises otherwise.


Go ahead, we know your head's itching right about now. Do that for a few more hours and you'll be where we were when we came across this sign.

The word you're probably looking for is WHAT!?

That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? I mean, just what in the name of all that is good on this earth is a humped pelican? We know that a pelican is a bird, in fact a beautiful one at that, but we're afraid there's no such thing as a "humped pelican" in the dictionary unless some mad scientist out there somehow bred the poor birds with camels, that is.

But apparently, these signs are quite commonly seen in the UK.


Just look at that thing. I've been staring at it now for a half hour and I still don't understand what the heck a driver is supposed to do should he or she come across it (poor unfortunate soul).

How can all destinations be pointing one way? It doesn't make any sense, and apparently I'm not the only one, as this is a notoriously confusing sign somewhere in or on the way to New York.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if the dudes and gals that make these signs know what they're doing.


What did one cow say to the other?

Up for a little car-tipping?

And no, it isn't Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey, the authors who set out on a bus they called "Further", intent on bringing "Happiness" and recreation to the masses--a duo labeled the Merry Pranksters, we're talking about here. But instead, it's a bunch of cows threatening to tip over cars that get a little too close to their grazing area that the makers of this sign had in mind.


So you tell me what to do first. I'll wait ...

Figured it out yet? Neither have we. But apparently, for the locals in Belgium, this road is rather "easy" to navigate according to some forums we checked out while researching this confusing road that made us pull our collective scalps off in frustration--and in unison!

Just look at this thing! What do you do first? Where do you look first?

If I'd happen to be there, I'd have to pull over and you know what, no shame, because I probably wouldn't be the first North American driver to have to.


So apparently, the makers of this sign were lost themselves. That's the only way to explain the fact that they put this one up in the first place. Should anybody else who knows where they are going or are for that matter, should happen on by, then maybe they can fill in the blanks themselves.

This one is a bit of a conundrum, by putting the message on a sign, it is giving it a purpose, therefore it is in use, but the message says...

But really, what in the name of Elvis Presley is a sign like that actually doing up on the side of a road? Wherever this thing is located, I wouldn't put much faith in any of the signs at all.


Did you ever watch a crossing guard stopping and/or directing traffic when nobody at all was crossing the street? No kids at all, no elderly people, nothing and no one? We probably all have.

This sign is as redundant as a rump roast at a vegetarian get-together. It'll sit there, wafting its barbecued aroma until it gets cold, untouched and probably not even looked at. The same goes for this road sign, as there's no congestion anywhere in sight. Even as far as the blue horizon in the distance.


When I first saw this sign, I thought it was a sign notifying drivers and other motorists that there may be families in the area, so it would be best to drive slowly. Makes sense, no?

But then I read the description and I saw the sign in a totally different light.

As it turns out, you're likely to see these signs near the US border into Mexico. According to some of the descriptions we saw, apparently these signs are to warn motorists of possible Mexican refugees running across the highway shown, in hopes of making it across the border undetected.


I still don't know if this sign is an actual serious road sign, but something tells me that it isn't. The tell-tale signs of some joker are apparent, as the font for the "-osaurus" addition looks a tad smaller. I could just imagine some prankster stencilling that on while drinking a few brews.

But then again, if it is real, kudos to the town selectman and his workers for the good sense of humor.

After all, the bridge does look something like a dinosaur. The sign would fit right at home on the set of the next Jurassic Park movie. I'm sure Chris Pratt would have a field day with that one.

When in another country or even city, sometimes it's very hard to navigate through the roads you've never been on. And if that wasn't hard enough, the traffic rules and regulations of some locations take a lot of getting used to. Where to turn, how long to wait, what you can and can't do.

It definitely can get complicated and a tad frustrating if you let it get to you.

But there's always a way around it. You can always take a cab your first day in the city, so you can get a feel for how things are done. Watch your driver and watch how he reacts to all the traffic and road signs around the area you'll be staying in. Might help a little.


I don't care if you're stuck behind a station wagon that's going 5 miles an hour. If you see a sign like this anywhere on your travels, you stay off the freeway and at all costs.

How scary it must be to actually come across this sign when about to take the freeway. Imagine you see the sign too late? Talk about a nail-biter.

But again, we must question the authenticity of this sign, as would anyone actually put something like this up? And if they do, how often does it happen that a truck without any breaks passes that particular area?


I'm pretty sure it's happened to us all. Confusion while driving happens all the time, especially these days. We've all got so many things on our minds, it's hard enough to follow the regular rules of the road. It's natural for us to make mistakes regarding directions, especially when it comes to making right or left turns.

I can't begin to tell you how many stories I've heard about people getting lost on the basis of not realizing they took a left when they should have gone right.

Of course, signs like this don't help at all.


And of course signs like this don't help either. These seem to be street names and not directions ... thank goodness. But can you imagine giving directions to your place if you happen to live on This Way boulevard of all places?

Even reading directions yourself might prove to be a bit more difficult if you don't know the area. We would need a bit of clarification for a sign like this if we were visiting.


And there are indeed so many of us that set off on that road trip in search of something far greater than a trip, hitting some boutiques and farmers' markets along the way. There are many that set out on many a road trip in search of themselves, as many of us tend to lose our way on the course to greater understanding these days.

It's inevitable, especially these days, as this world can be quite confusing and many have a hard time setting goals and putting their priorities in order. And sometimes, the greatest place to put those priorities in order is on the lonely road, with no distractions.

Of course, those priorities will sort themselves out should you happen upon a sign like this one during your travels. If it was only that simple.


Quick, somebody get Dana Scully and Fox Mulder on the phone immediately! And whatever you do, don't let that dude listening in hear you. Tell them we found what they've been looking for all along, and the "truth" they kept telling us about was hiding right under their noses the whole time. None of this Roswell garbage. They're in Nevada, for crying out loud! At night, they hit the tables and always bet on eight--don't know why. They catch Wayne Newton and enjoy all you can eat buffets, especially brunch.

Who knew they even had a road named after them?


When I was but a youngster learning about the Geography of the city and province in which I was born and bred, I had a great time learning about the rich and historic information about the province and its surroundings. I was in particular, quite shocked and amused to know that the region was home to a little town quite a distance North of Montreal known as St Louis Du Ha Ha. No word of a lie, the place actually exists, so don't chuckle when you see the sign on your way through the province. Okay, you can chuckle, but don't disregard the sign as a joke.

The people of Quebec are known for their dry but quick-witted and well-placed humor, as the name of this town undoubtedly proves.


Unicorns! Ha! In the North, we've got flying deer. You don't believe me. Just take a drive north and just get a load of one of these signs like the one pictured here. If that doesn't prove it to you, just park your car on the side of the road late at night, and never mind that biting cold you'll feel deep within your bones. Light the old cigarette and just you wait.

A beautiful deer will come by and take flight with its enormous and powerful wings and if you're lucky, you'll get a glimpse of a doe, just learning to fly!

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm just kidding, but you wouldn't know it should you come across this sign, now would you?


It's already difficult for a "westerner" to learn how to drive in the UK, as the side of the road driven on is completely turned around out yonder. But getting used to the other side of the road is the least of some people's problems, as the road signs are definitely difficult to read. Take a load of this one, as it can surely be considered "a thinker". In fact, I'm still not quite sure what it means.

Our suggestion: when in the beautiful UK, leave the driving to the professionals and take the beautiful Double-Decker buses around and about, take in the sights without and stress and worry. Remember, keep calm and carry on.


The driving and parking regulations in Montreal, Quebec are serious and risky business indeed, and that comes down to the disorganization of the rules and regulations and how they are upheld by the city officials, traffic cops and meter maids in the city. No word of a lie, the above picture is an accurate representation of certain areas in the city, especially at the epicenter and the western sides of the city.

In fact, the city is rumored to have a police force that is more than willing to hand out parking tickets at the end of the month should their quotas be a tad low for that particular month.

So when on vacation and driving in Montreal and the city of Laval to the north, drive carefully and obey the rules.

And should you come across a bunch of signs such as these, park elsewhere, or go back to the hotel. It ain't worth the hassle, trust me.