Traveling is never easy, from long waits, luggage restrictions, and the crowded energy of an airport, comfort is definitely key! A good pair of comfortable shoes will make waiting in the customs and immigration line a lot easier, and that comfy sweater will make the, sometimes chilly, plane cabin a little less cold. If you're on a short-haul flight, great! Wearing what you'd normally wear on a regular day is your best option if you're just getting on and off the plane quickly. However, if you're traveling for hours and hours, you don't want to be stuck in a stiff pair of jeans, stilettos, or an annoying suit and tie. Of course, if that's your thing then, by all means, go for it! If it isn't, then a practical outfit is your best bet.

Although it's easy to recommend traveling both comfortably and practically, not everyone likes to follow that bit of advice, including some A-list celebrities. Celebs travel just like the rest of us. Sure, at times private or in first class, they still have to go through the airport the same way we do, and sometimes in pretty cooky ensembles. We've compiled a list of some "huh?" moments regarding outfits celebrities were spotted wearing before boarding their flight, and some really do throw that "comfortable" component out the window!

  1. 25 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga makes quite a few appearances throughout this piece, but what do you expect from someone who pushes the boundaries when it comes to fashion? Gaga can be seen wearing this black leather, and mesh ensemble, with a bandana and sunglasses on (inside), but that's the least of our worries.

Gaga's shoes, which are not only 6-inches from the ground, but rise to the upper thigh, are not only a poor choice for the airport, but a safety hazard too.

Gaga can be seen almost plummeting to the ground as she loses balance over her platform heels, now wouldn't those be a pain to take off to walk through the metal detectors?

24 2. Ariana Grande

Next up on the list is pop princess, Ariana Grande. Ariana has partaken in some odd behavior in the past, but definitely not at the airport, until now that is. The singer can be seen arriving in Japan wearing a pink unicorn onesie, and black pumps that can make anyone's feet hurt by just looking at them.

Not only is the whole outfit a head scratcher, but who in their right mind would ever wear heels so high to the airport, let alone in a pink onesie?

We're not saying we're down with the onesie, but pairing it with some heels, and a black handbag, at the airport? Yeah, something is definitely not adding up.

23 3. Miley Cyrus

Oh, Miley Cyrus! We couldn't have a list of odd outfits at the airport without Miley. From wearing next to nothing in her 'Wrecking Ball' music video to an interesting airport outfit, Miley is definitely no stranger to interesting attire.

The star can be seen arriving at LAX airport wearing a sequin black skirt, glittery stockings and a mesh top with sunflowers covering her chest.

We can't imagine this being at all comfortable, not only for Miley but for whoever has to sit beside her on whatever flight she was catching.

22 22. Nicki Minaj

Next up on the list, Nicki Minaj! Sure this is quite an old pic of the 'Super Bass' rapper, but we had to add it in for very obvious reasons. We're definitely digging the pink pants and comfortable blue sneakers, however, we have to mention those chains!

Not only would those chains be a hassle to take off passing through those metal detectors, but we can't help but question the green hair? Nicki Minaj has since drastically changed her look, but lest we forget this airport trip!

21 4. Lady Gaga (AGAIN)

We said you'd be seeing lots of Gaga! The 'Bad Romance' singer was seen arriving in Japan wearing, well, something. The singer is in a full floral-like bodysuit, sunglasses (inside, again), an interesting choice of hair, and yet again, heels higher than ever.

The singer appears to never through an airport in anything less than 6-inches worth of platform, and she's at it again. We can't imagine Gaga traveling commercial with such fascinating outfits, but even so, she's got to own a pair of sweats somewhere, right?

20 5. Kim Kardashian

Queen of the selfie, Kim Kardashian also makes an appearance on our list as she arrives at the airport in Costa Rica. Now, although she looks phenomenal, we can't help but get over the fact that she is arriving at the airport in sweats and very high boot heels.

Talk about a weird ensemble!

And Kim Kardashian once wore a 100-pound designer gown to the airport, but it's Kim Kardashian, are we at all surprised?

19 6. Justin Bieber

Ah, the Biebs. Justin Bieber can be seen arriving at an airport in Poland wearing sneakers, low sweats, and no shirt. The shot, which was snapped back in 2013, marked a pretty dark time for the singer, however, nothing excuses going shirtless in an airport.

Planes can get pretty darn cold, so we could only imagine how nippy it must have been for Justin.

In addition, we can't imagine walking through an international airport with our pants hanging low, c'mon Justin, pull your pants up!

18 7. Bai Ling

Next up, we've got Bai Ling. The Chinese-American actress, known for her many roles in 'The Crow' and 'Red Corner', is also known for her many interesting outfit choices, particularly at the airport.

The star is infamous for her airport attire, this being one of the most tame.

Passport? Check! Purse? Check! Ripped skirt and a crop top? Check! Now, we're all for creative expression, but there is definitely a time and a place, and we don't think LAX is the place, nor the time, for an outfit like that.

17 8. Kesha

Kesha, or is it Ke$ha still? Anyways, the 'Tik-Tok' singer is seen walking the halls of LAX airport in a cute black ensemble, but going-out cute, not gotta catch my flight in a few cute.

The singer is seen wearing knee-high boots, a pink Chanel flap bag, and a fringe-like top that should be hitting the fashion runway, rather than the airport runway. We're here for the look, just not at an airport. We can't imagine being comfortable in this, as cute as it may be, it just isn't practical.

16 9. Paris Hilton

"Miss Hilton, you must be worth a trillion bucks!", and look like a trillion bucks too! Paris Hilton is always classy, even at the airport.

As into the look we are, a floor length dress and heels just doesn't scream airport outfit, even if you are a Hilton.

The nude floral dress was snapped on Paris at LAX a few years back, and as stunning as she looks, let's keep the gowns at home, or at least in your checked baggage! Also, what is with celebs and wearing sunglasses in airports?

15 10. Lady Gaga actually plays it cool

She's returned for another round! Lady Gaga makes another appearance with an even better outfit this time, and we actually mean it this time.

The singer arrived in LA wearing a red ensemble and a hat and glasses that make her almost unrecognizable, almost.

Again, the star is wearing no less than 6-inch heels, but luckily isn't falling this time around. The outfit is actually pretty tame this time, at least everything is covered. Maybe she was trying to keep a lower profile when arriving in her home country.

14 11. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian may seem like she's skipping the line in fashion, but there is one thing that will never make sense. Jumpsuits! A common theme that you'll see throughout the piece, are jumpsuit. Cute? Yes! Fashionable? Absolutely? Travel friendly? Nope.

Imagine having to wiggle yourself out of one of these pesky suits in an airplane lavatory?

Just the idea of having to completely undress in order to use the washroom, is reason enough for us to say, no thanks.

13 12. Rihanna

Rihanna can make anything work, except this questionable airport look. Is it a onesie hoodie? Dress? Either way, this is another head scratcher when it comes to having to use an airline restroom or any restroom for that matter!

This DKNY grey outfit looks cozy and comfy, but we can't fathom the idea of wearing this piece while needing to use the washroom in those tiny excuses of a bathroom. At least she's rocking some nice kicks and wearing sunglasses, outside.

12 13. Ashley Greene

This outfit may appear to be just fine for the airport, but it sure does have us sweating a bit! This panic-ensuing outfit is just an inch away from getting caught in that escalator.

Actress, Ashley Greene, is snapped leaving LAX airport as she descends an escalator in a grey long-hem haram pant that can easily get caught in those pesky escalators! As if they weren't a scary enough experience, let's throw in a pair of pants that are sweeping the floors of the Los Angeles airport.

11 14. Candice Swanepoel

Victoria Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, was photographed a few years back arriving at an airport in some python heels, white sweater, wool coat, and denim short shorts. Sounds pretty cute and simple, right? Well, wrong.

With short shorts as short as hers, we can only imagine the discomfort that comes with sitting on those less than hygienic seats. In addition, those legs could easily get cold during the flight, especially if they are up against those awful cold leather seats. At least she's got that coat to keep her somewhat warm!

10 15. Lady Gaga (strikes again)

She's back! Lady Gaga is at it again with yet another 'Huh? airport moment. The singer is this time seen wearing, you guessed it! 6-inch black platform heels, a studded leather jacket, and skirt combo, and wait for it, sunglasses, inside!

This time around with a multi-colored hairdo, and some killer black nail polish, Gaga is obviously serving fashion, but definitely not the right look for the airport. Can someone raid Gaga's closet and see if she's got a pair of sweats, for real?

9 16. Mollie King

Mollie King, an English singer-songwriter is snapped here arriving at the airport wearing a baggy tee, heels and a handbag. We're all for the "simple" look, but we're sure she can get a bit more creative than that!

The star seems as if she tossed on the tee, grabbed her passport, chucked it into her bag and took off!

Let's hope that cabin temperature isn't too cold, cause she'll definitely be asking for a blanket if it is. Oh, and to top it all off, she's wearing sunglasses, inside! The pattern of indoor celeb sunglasses continues.

8 17. Cate Blanchette

Now we bet you didn't expect to see actress Cate Blanchette on this list! Is it the sunglasses inside that does it? Well, yes, but that's not the main reason why she made the list.

We re-introduce the jumpsuit faux pas.

This cargo suit is definitely a cute look, but how many times do you have to climb out of it to use the bathroom? Using those washrooms are a hassle as is, so we can only wonder what it's like when you got to unzip your whole outfit.

7 18. Mariah Carey

Ah, Mariah Carey. When you think of over the top diva who comes to mind? Mariah! Leave it to none other than Ms Carey to be found in the airport in a floor-length orange gown, white heels, glammed up, and of course, wearing sunglasses, inside! The star, who is accompanied in the photo by ex-husband, Nick Cannon, was given a cute bouquet of flowers by some fans in the airport, however, the flowers don't take away from the overdressed look. Although we suggest comfy for the airport, we're not sure if Mariah can do, "comfy".

6 19. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner seems to be doing it right! Sweats, sneakers, and sweatshirt. We'll give her a pass on the sunglasses since she's properly dressed for optimal flight comfort, but what got her on the list? Well, Jenner appears to have just stepped off the set of 'Orange Is The New Black'.

We love the look, but the color is just a big no-no.

As cozy as the outfit may appear, we have to admit that the orange is just too much. If she was trying to not stick out, we can certainly say that didn't work out all too well.

5 20. Serena Williams

Tennis sensation, Serena Williams is joining the jumpsuit craze! The tennis champion is seen wearing very cozy slipper-like shoes, and a fighter jet jumpsuit, that again, would make using an airplane bathroom a complete and utter nightmare.

We approve the Starbucks, because what's an airport visit without Starbs? But we have to bring up the sunglasses, because, well, we just have to. We're certain Williams flies private, so at least she gets to use a fancier bathroom, right?