We are all aware of the creepy things that can happen on land, but we reckon most people aren't that aware of some of the many things that exist underwater. There is so much about the sea that we don't yet understand, which is why many people feel uncomfortable setting foot in the ocean just in case they come up against something they've never seen before. This list is for anyone who has struggled with what may be lying underneath!

What we've done is bring together some of the weirdest creatures and phenomenon from under the sea, things that prove we should really be staying away, so that we can all take a look at what the sea has to offer. This one definitely isn't for the squeamish among us, so get ready for some really weird sea creatures!

So, are people ready to take a look at just how creepy the ocean is? Want to take a look at some things that will keep us away from the beach for a long time? Well, we better get started then!

22 Frilled Shark

One of the scariest things about the sea is the fact that so many things that live in there are often never seen for years, hiding in a way that many things just can't do on Terra Firma. The Frilled Shark is one of these animals.

It is termed a living fossil by many in the know, for having been here for a lot longer than the human race!

Found within the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, scientists believe that it uses its flexible body to contort and lunge at its prey, before swallowing its victim whole. That being said, this doesn't explain why it has a mouth filled with impressive serrated teeth.

21 Black Dragonfish

Believe it or not, but this fish actually starts out at the top of the ocean, where it bobs along inside an egg before hatching out and swimming out into the deep blue.

Once it is able to create its own light, it starts to swim down. It lives as deep as 2km where it swims around using bioluminescence to see where it's going.

Its main source of light comes from a barbell that is connected to its lower jaw. Experts believe that the fish uses this mainly to hunt for its food.

20 Chimaera 'Ratfish'

We know that this fish may look enticing to somebody that is well acquainted with the weird and freakish animals that live under the sea, but we don't think that it's too cute.

Also known as the Ghost Shark, this animal rarely ventures from the deep levels of the sea these days, but was once known to travel through all areas of the ocean.

We're not saying they're making their way back yet, but who is to say that they won't wash up on a beach near you anytime soon?!

19 Sarcastic Fringehead

Yes, this is quite possibly the scariest looking fish of all time. It may be small, but it is quite possibly one of the most aggressive fish out there, so other fish need to make sure they stay away.

We're not saying that they'll never attack a human being, but it's a lot less likely to happen so we don't have much to worry about. That being said, just looking at one of these things makes us shiver so we'd rather that we never came up against one of them in our lifetime!

18 Giant Squid

These animals were the thing of legend for a long time, as they are very rarely seen by human eyes. To this day, people struggle to find them, and find it even more difficult to find them alive.

It's believed that they take on a specific type of whale, the two of them often being found with mortal wounds inflicted by the other. It's weird to think that there are major battles taking place below the sea between giant beasts, battles that we will never get to see...

17 Grenadier

While it may look incredibly scary, this fish never has to be seen by pretty much any fish in the sea, as it lives at incredible depths.

That being said, experts believe that it actually makes up 15% of the deep sea population as there are very few other species that can exist at the depths this fish does.

Found at around 6km deep, we think this fish should probably be experimented on to see if we can take on its deep sea properties!

16 Dumbo Octopus

In a way, this octopus is almost cute to some people, but we definitely don't agree with that. They're way too odd and creepy for us not to place them here for everyone to take a look at.

If anything, little animals like this just remind us that there is so much stuff under the sea that we know nothing about.

Believe it or not, this octopus was named after the Disney character, the elephant with the big ears that allowed it to fly.

15 Anglerfish

One of the most well known deep sea fish out there, this guy was actually named after the human beings that attempt to pull in their fish with fishing rods!

It is best known for the fact that it has a fleshy protuberance that extrudes from its head, shining in the hope of pulling in some prey.

We also recommend that people look up how this fish procreates, because it is pretty much unlike any other animal out there.

14 The Mariana Trench

This trench is known across the world for being the deepest natural point on the planet, or at least the deepest we know so far.

To give people some idea of just how deep it goes, if Mt. Everest was to be placed within the trench, its peak would still be 1.2 miles underwater... It's no surprise that this place is filled with animals that are rarely found anywhere else, including giant crustaceans that nobody wants to come up against...

13 Fangtooth

It may look similar to the Anglerfish, but believe us when we say that this guy is even creepier. Look at those teeth! Yes, those teeth are actually the largest of any fish in the ocean when proportional size is taken into consideration.

Okay, so it won't attack humans and they're actually pretty small, but still!

We don't want to ever come up against this absolutely shiver-inducing fish, no matter how harmless it is. Any human being that says they do are liars!

12 Vampire Squid

Not only does this thing look weird, it has the name Vampire Squid to ensure that people will stay away! However, this name doesn't apply because it sucks sustenance or comes after human beings.

The name was given to the squid due to the fact that its body looks like a cloak and that it has intensely red eyes.

This squid actually has the largest eyes of any animal on the planet when speaking proportionally to the size of the body, which means most people would run away if they came face to face with one!

11 Coffinfish

This little thing actually looks pretty cute from this angle, but from most angles it looks like a deflated balloon with a grumpy face drawn on it. Not only that, but it has numerous dangerous spines across its body.

While it uses a fleshy part of its body to lure in its prey, it can puff itself up like a pufferfish.

It puffs itself up with water whenever it is threatened, in the hope that it can scare off whatever wants to eat it, but it looks even less pleasant when it's filled with water.

10 Giant Isopod

Unlike many other beings on this list that can travel from the deep sea areas for human beings to see them, these animals usually spend their entire life slowly crawling across the deep sea floor.

As people can probably tell, this guy is close to being a living fossil as well!

This creepy being is only usually found deep down in the Arctic Circle and the North Atlantic, so people can be fairly sure they won't accidentally run into one. That being said, we think it's weird looking enough to keep us from ever setting foot in the sea again...

9 Blue Ringed Octopus

Although it may not look like much and it is definitely a lot more beautiful than many other underwater animals that we've included here, it is definitely the most dangerous animal we've yet talked about.

It has one of the most powerful venoms on the planet and we have yet to create an anti-venom, meaning that anyone who is unlucky enough to come up against one of these things will certainly perish from the incredibly potent venom that this thing has within its body.

8 Hatchetfish

This fish should not be mistaken for the hatchetfish that many people keep in their own homes in freshwater aquariums, this guy spends most of its life in the extreme depths of the sea.

It is known for its distinctive shape, which is why it was given the name of hatchetfish.

Unlike many of the other fish on this list that will attack those who come near it, this fish has eyes pointing upwards so that it can keep an eye out for food that is falling to the depths where it lives.

7 Amphipods

These things may look small, but some of them can grow up to a foot in length. We know they're not particularly dangerous and that we could take them on if we had to, but that doesn't make us feel any better.

They're essentially the undersea equivalent of creepy crawlies, and we know that we would never want to come up against a foot long spider, so we definitely don't want to come up against a foot long Amphipod either!

6 Black Swallower

As human beings, we always have to be careful not to choke on our food, only taking on an amount that we can chew up and swallow. However, not all animals are like this.

As can be seen by the image we've provided, this animal is known for extending its jaw and taking in animals like a snake can. In fact, it can open its mouth to take in animals that are ten times its size before leaving the poor animal to be ingested.

5 Megamouth Shark

Believe it or not, this shark was not discovered until as late as 1976, as it's extremely rare to find in the wild. In fact, only a handful of human beings have ever managed to see or interact with this undersea behemoth.

What makes it easily recognizable is its huge mouth, a gaping hole that can open up to swallow all manner of things.

It's believed that this mouth is used to suck up plankton and small fish, meaning that experts still haven't created a consensus on how to properly classify this elusive fish.

4 The Deep Great Blue Hole

This underwater sinkhole is the stuff of nightmares for anyone that struggles with the unknown depths of the ocean. However, it has been traversed numerous times by courageous divers.

Many people choose to visit when the sea is crystal clear, offering people a chance to see some species of fish up close, especially those who are willing to don the scuba gear and get up close and personal with this massive underwater hole. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that most people would never attempt.

3 Northern Stargazer

Just looking at this thing's face is enough to give us the creeps. It camouflages itself by hiding on the seabed, covering itself with sand in the hope of unsuspecting prey floating nearby it.

While it doesn't naturally attack human beings, if someone is unfortunate enough to come across one of these things, they have to be very careful.

Some members of the species are actually able to deliver an electric bolt to whoever steps on it, often proving to be lethal!