Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. With countless films coming out left and right, the star has managed to beat out his fellow actors, from Robert Downey Jr. to his co-star, Vin Diesel. According to numerous reports, The Rock has cleared more than $124 million in 2017 and is set to do the same after 2018. With around nine more films set to release starring Johnson, it is safe to say the star is definitely making the big bucks.

In addition to his thriving acting career, Johnson also stars in countless TV shows, and runs his very own production company and has endless sponsorships that add on to his expanding net worth. As a former WWE star, Johnson has been in the spotlight for some time now and is known for enjoying his hard-earned money. From custom cars, luxurious vacations, private jets and a lot of love for his family, Johnson sure knows how to treat himself. Here is just how The Rock spends his millions.

24 16. Cars

As if owning a $1.4 million Pagani Huayra, or a custom pick up truck wasn’t enough, The Rock also spends his millions on even more cars! As seen on his show ‘Ballers’, Johnson is constantly riding in style, including in his second Pagani Huayra, customized with orange detailing.

In addition, the star also drives a Bentley, that can cost nearly $300,000 and several other sports car that are drool-worthy.

If that weren’t enough to make you jealous, then we’re sure his expensive Ferrari collection would!

23 17. Charity

The Rock has displayed his love for his family and friends with cars and trucks, but that giving doesn’t stop there. Johnson is an avid charity worker, and donates to countless organizations. If that wasn't enough, the star also has his very own charity foundation called The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation.

The Rock works to enrich and empower the lives of children across the nation who have become ill or hospitalized.

As if we didn’t love The Rock before, we certainly have mad love and respect for him now. It’s always great to see someone use their money in all the right ways.

22 2. Pancakes

In addition to sushi, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also loves a good pancake, or twelve! This delicious breakfast food is yet another one of Johnson's go-to's on a "cheat day".

The star enjoyed mixing things up and testing out different types of pancakes, from blueberry, and buttermilk, and often times he goes all out with some chocolate chips and whipped cream to top it off. If only we could eat a stack of a dozen pancakes and still be in the shape he is!

21 3. Cod

The Rock has also been adamant regarding his love for fish, more specifically, cod. The star eats cod year-round due to its high Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and other various health benefits.

However, Johnson likes cod so much that he spends nearly $1,400 a year on it!

The star revealed he eats about 820 pounds of cod each year, and with the fish coming in at $1.75 per pound, Johnson is looking at some pretty pricey fish! Although it might cost him a lot, the expense for some cod is chump change for this baller.

20 4. Expensive Suits

Next up on the list, suits! Have you ever seen Dwayne Johnson in anything other than a dapper suit? Although the star does photograph well shirtless, he looks even better dressed head to toe in a smashing suit.

The star makes numerous appearances promoting his films, and partnerships, and never shows up without one of his trusty suits, and if anyone looks good in a suit, it is The Rock.

Owning a proper suit collection is by no means cheap, but when you look as good as he does wearing one, then it's all worth it.

19 Private Jet

As mentioned, The Rock travels for both work and pleasure, not only does he do it in style with fancy hotel rooms, but he gets there on his very own private jet.

Johnson purchased a $65 million Gulfstream G650 a few years back, and is by no means keeps it a secret.

The actor avidly posts photos on his social media traveling in his private plane, which comes in handy for all his work commitments and personal trips. Johnson also shares his plane with his family and friends, making it quite a useful investment.

18 Fishing Trips

The Rock enjoyed a luxury vacation, but he also enjoys kicking it back and relaxing on none other than a fishing trip. Apart from his love of fish, Johnson takes his private jet to several different areas across the US to grab the best of the best fish he can catch.

The actor has talked about his love for fishing on different occasions, and has mentioned just how much he enjoys the natural aspect of catching your own dinner.

Although most people’s fishing trips don’t include a private jet, Johnson prefers getting down with his fishing rod somewhat in style.

17 20. Lavish Vacations

When you own your own private plane, travelling can be quite fun once the stress of an airport and commercial airlines are eliminated. The Rock enjoys a nice vacation whenever he can take one, and although he has an incredibly busy schedule, he ensures the time to rest and relax.

If he isn’t relaxing on the beach, or enjoying a nice meal, the star enjoys an adventure whenever he can get one. His recent trip to Hawaii involved lots of waterfalls and hikes that showcased just how much The Rock doesn’t play around, and sometimes he even gets out with his buddies.

16 12. Rolex Watches

Next up on the list, a Rolex watch! The Rock revealed that as a young man his dream was to one day own a Rolex. These luxury timepieces don’t come cheap, with a starting price at nearly $10,000, The Rock went all out and bought himself a $35,000 Rolex that he now wears proudly around his wrist.

When you are one of the hardest working men in Hollywood, it’s important to treat your self once in a while and he did just that with a beautiful watch.

15 5. $1.4 Million Sports Car

The Rock not only indulges in yummy cheat meals, banging suits and expensive fish, but he also dishes out the cash for some nice cars. Johnson has several custom cars, however, nothing beats this bad boy.

The Pagani Huayra starts off at nearly $1 million, and considering The Rock owns a custom one, no surprise there, his version comes in at over $1.4 million, and that's just one of his many luxurious cars.

14 6. Custom Truck

In addition to his $1.4 million Pagani, The Rock also has a custom-made Ford pick-up truck. The star has had a long-lasting partnership with Ford for some time now and has definitely taken advantage of that by both owning and gifting these awesome cars away.

Although the standard Ford F-150 doesn't break the bank, The Rock owns several, and has also been kind enough to share the love by gifting these pick up trucks to several friends and family members!

13 7. Fatherly Love

As mentioned, The Rock not only owns many cars, but he loves to gift them as well. Johnson gifted his father with a beautiful Ford Escape ST, decorated nicely with a big red bow.

Judging by his father's thumbs up, it is safe to say he loved it!

When you are worth nearly a reported $200 million, it's definitely nice to share the love, and it seems he's got nothing but love for his father, and rightfully so!

12 8. Motherly Love

The Rock appears to be the gift that keeps on giving! You can't leave mom hanging, at least not when you're Dwayne Johnson. The actor gifted dad with a beautiful Ford Escape, and did the same for his lovely momma!

The Rock surprised his mom with a 2017 Cadillac Escalade, with the signature red bow!

Mom was all smiles when she received the huge surprise, and could not contain her excitement, and we don't blame her! We love nothing more than to see a man treat his parents.

11 9. Elaborate Tattoos

Dwayne Johnson is notoriously popular for his elaborate tattoos that he often shows off in many of his films. The Rock has a body worth showing off and tattoos worth looking at! The star reportedly has 8 tattoos, all of which have a special meaning or memory associated to them.

His most famous tattoo is that of a large tribal design on his left shoulder and chest that anyone would be able to point out.

Tattoos can run up to thousands and thousands of dollars depending on the design and time it takes to complete, and judging by all of his, we're certain they didn't come cheap.

  1. 11 Sushi

The Rock loves his sushi! The star has mentioned on various occasions that he loves to indulge in sushi on his 'cheat days', and he was not lying!

Johnson takes his meals very, very seriously and has confessed to eating up to 18 sushi rolls in one sitting.

With a strict diet and a set caloric intake, we don't blame The Rock one bit for diving into these delicious platters of sushi.

10 10. Real Estate

The Rock has countless properties across the United States. One of which hit the market this year for nearly $15 million. In addition, The Rock has bought and sold up to 10 homes in Florida last year, making him quite the real estate mogul.

If that wasn’t enough, the star also resides in his South Florida home, his home in Los Angeles, and a few vacation properties that he visits when he has the time. It’s safe to say that Johnson will never not feel at home whenever he is.

9 13. Fancy Hotels

The Rock is constantly traveling either to film for a shoot, a scheduled appearance, or promoting one of his countless sponsorships. Although traveling isn’t always easy, it sure looks like it is for The Rock. The hours may be long and gruelling, but the star ends his days in luxurious hotel rooms.

Depending on where Johnson is staying, his hotel rooms are never dull, with conference rooms, kitchens, lounge areas and a bed made for a king, he never goes cheap when it comes to comfort, and we don’t blame him one single bit!

8 14. A Farm

As if The Rock's many homes across the country weren’t enough, the star also owns his very own farm. The farm is located in Virginia, and includes a vast amount of land, his very own ranch-style house, and numerous animals to keep him company.

The Rock has shared several shots of him and his horses on his Instagram in the past, and they are nothing short of beautiful creatures. Although the star isn’t there too often, he has staff to watch over the farm while he’s gone, which is yet another expense.

7 15. Personal Gym

The Rock didn’t get his nickname for no reason. Johnson, who first broke out on the scene in 1996 as a WWE wrestler, was famously recognized for his muscular build. The actor has not only managed to keep his fit physique, but take it up to the next level.

The Rock works out as often as he can, and owns his own personal gym.

If you have ever gotten a gym membership, then you know just how pricey those can be, imagine paying for your own gym instead! From weights upon weights, cardio machines and a massive space to do it all in, The Rock pays no mind when it comes to his fitness regimen.

6 18. Personal Trainers

With his own gym, a strict workout routine diet, The Rock certainly knows what he’s doing, but that’s not without help from a few of his personal trainers. Personal trainers can charge anywhere between $150 - $200 per hour of each session, and increase their cost when a full-on diet and workout routine are placed.

As for Johnson, he gets help from multiple trainers, including Dave Rienzi, who works with The Rock and countless other celebrities to get them in tip top shape, and by the looks of it, it’s working!

5 21. Dogs

You would not expect this one, but The Rock is quite the animal lover. Not only does he have a soft side for his horses, but Johnson is also madly in love with his dogs! Being a pet owner can come at quite a cost, and when you own a farm full of animals, and a home running with dogs, things can definitely add up.

The star has several English Bulldogs, and a few other pups that are too cute to handle. Although it may appear he has a tough exterior, it goes without saying that beneath his iron muscles, there is a soft spot for dogs.