Since the 1950s, the Bermuda Triangle has been part of numerous conspiracies due to a series of disappearances that have occurred in the region, from missing naval ships to a group of military planes vanishing without a trace, leading some people to also calling it “The Devil’s Triangle”. This, in turn, led to a series of books, movies, and even children’s cartoon shows that revolve around the Bermuda Triangle in some shape or form.

Geographically, though, it’s a loosely defined area that lies below the southeastern coast of Florida the island of Bermuda (where this place gets its name from) and the waters north of Puerto Rico.

Due to the amount of hype this place has gotten, especially in the Internet age, where information can be uncertain in terms of truth, lots of people are naturally afraid to go to the Bermuda Triangle. This isn’t helped by the various pictures of the Bermuda Triangle that can be found online, with some of them being intentionally intimidating in nature. But that’s not what we’re looking at in this article, which highlights some of the most ridiculous pictures that are meant to make the Bermuda Triangle look scary but they don’t.

25 “The Bermuda Triangle…” - Scary for the Wrong Reason

At a glance, this picture looks creepy. It depicts a swirling whirlpool with giant pointy teeth sticking out of the water that almost look like shark fins, if one is not looking carefully. Then there is a small red boat that seems to be drifting along the outer edges of the whirlpool towards a gigantic mouth at the whirlpool’s center.

However, this is not a picture of the Bermuda Triangle but a still shot taken from the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters where the titular protagonist and his companions are confronted by Charybdis, a living whirlpool from Greek mythology.

24 “TheBermudatriangles” - Overdoing It

So what we have here is obviously not real, but let’s break it down for maximum criticism. First of all, the landmasses surrounding the area that is, presumably, the Bermuda Triangle are way too close together in approximation with how far apart they actually are in real life.

Second, while waterspouts have been seen near the Bermuda Island they are not as wide as this picture makes them out to be.

Third, the ships that are surrounding the waterspout would realistically be getting tossed about and not standing perfectly still unless the picture is implying this waterspout just sporadically appeared.

23 “Bermuda-Triangle-Plane” - Intimidating though Obviously Fake

It goes without saying that this picture was obviously photoshopped, and there are many telltale signs of this. The ground beneath the sunken airplane, for instance, looks like an image showing the bottom of a lake that was superimposed onto the picture to appear as dirt on the sea floor.

However, the sunlight being filtered through the ocean waters seems real enough in relation to the sunken plane which the bubbles seem to be coming from.

Also, the position of the two sharks is off, with one being shown from the bottom-up while the other shark is swimming horizontally.

22 “El misterio de los barcos fantasmas” - A Typical Ghost Ship and Nothing More

While many ships have gone missing within the Bermuda Triangle, including the USS Cyclops which was a naval ship, it’s hard to say whether the vessel depicted in this picture is meant to represent one of the missing ships or not.

This is not only due to the lack of a name on the bow of the ship, but also the lack of any discernible features since the whole thing is painted in shadow against a moonlit backdrop. Plus, the sky is so misty that there’s no way to tell if this ship is even sailing through the Bermuda Triangle.

21 “A Bermuda Triangle” - Cool Head, Bro!

Now right from the get-go, we can tell this picture was designed using 3D graphics. Apart from the fish swimming along the bottom that appear to be more cartoony than realistic, there is also the large head at the center with cartoonish-looking coral growing along the top though the moss and stone are well-textured to seem realistic creating a strong sense of mystery.

Then there’s the clear ocean behind which looks pretty, though again it’s not realistic.

So overall, this is a nicely made picture from a graphical standpoint but it’s not very frightening to look at.

20 “Bermuda Triangle” - Only Darkness

With overcast skies over a dark and stormy sea while mountains in different shades of blue rest upon the horizon, this picture has great composition and it seems authentic enough to be real.

But like the previous picture, it suffers from being too generic without any sort of hint that this is really the Bermuda Triangle or not.

For instance, it is pretty unlikely that the mountains in the distance are Floridian Puerto Rican or Bermudan in origin since neither of those landmasses have landscapes like that due to being tropical climate-wise. Also, darkness doesn’t necessarily mean it’s scary.

19 “Sea Monsters and Bermuda Triangle” - It’s Only Sharks

No one really likes sharks, and this picture is certainly not helpful in that regard. Shot from below, we see what appears to be a Whale Shark swimming over the cameraman with several Remora fish swimming alongside it.

However, there are two things about this picture that undo its potential menace.

First, making sharks synonymous with the Bermuda Triangle, let alone “Sea Monsters,” is ridiculous when they have nothing to do with those things. Second, Whale Sharks are harmless compared to other sharks despite what their enormous size implies as they only eat plankton organisms.

18 “Bermuda 100” - Just Another Sunken Ship

Now we’re talking! A classic image of a sunken ship lying on the bottom of a sand-covered seafloor with barnacles crawling all over it against a deep blue sea background. With these elements combined, the picture should be pretty spooky.

Unfortunately, though, the thing that ruins the creepiness is the random diver swimming above the wreckage who stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other divers further in the background whose vague shapes seem more ominous by comparison. Also, the picture would’ve been a lot scarier if there was a shark or two swimming around the ship itself.

17 “Travel to the Bermuda Triangle” - A Bit Too Much

Obviously, this image is fake as the graphics don’t look realistic and there’s a lot of stuff going on. As a result, the picture is less scary and more creative in terms of its visuals.

First, there’s the massive structure with the portal that’s triangular in shape which seems to be rising out of the sea behind the unidentifiable boat and the whirlpool in the foreground. Then above the boat, a random passenger plane appears to be flying towards the portal while mountains stand in the distance and rings of energy encapsulate the structure that the portal is attached to.

16 “The Bermuda Triangle” (Tes) - What’s Going On Here?

While the previous picture had at least somewhat realistic parts despite the obvious photoshopping, this one is completely illustrated and a lot stranger by comparison.

In fact, it’s so strange that it’s not even that scary.

First of all, the serpentine monster that’s rising out of the sea is kind of goofy-looking with its wooden texture and random spikes growing along the snout and sides. Then there are the odd angles of the airplanes and the aircraft carrier with their directions not being consistent with the picture’s main point of view, thus confusing one’s eyes as they look at it.

15 “Martin Brigden” - Not a Bad Photoshop

Much like the sunken airplane picture, this one is clearly photoshopped. Only this time, it’s the silhouette of a man superimposed onto an image of a seaside hill overlooking a beautiful sunset with city lights shining in the distance and what appears to be a small inland river pouring out to the ocean.

Now, due to the gathering darkness, it’s hard to discern any landmarks that might tell us where we are, but at least the landscapes seem more akin to the places that border the Bermuda Triangle than the previous ones, though the ghostly figure is obviously not real.

14 “The Bermuda Triangle” (Glogster) - Realism Doesn’t Equal Fright

Unlike the other pictures we’ve seen so far, this one’s black-and-white, as opposed to being in color. This one also shows a plane that crashed into the water with the number ‘9’ on the tail and apparently no pilot inside.

For anyone who’s familiar with the Bermuda Triangle vanishings, it’s clear that this picture is referring to the disappearance of Flight 19 which consisted of several military aircraft that disappeared after flying over the area during a training flight.

However, none of the planes were recovered so that makes this picture quite dubious in terms of its authenticity.

13 “The Bermuda Triangle” (Sausagemeat) - A Typical Hurricane with The Word ‘Bermuda’ Over It

Given that it’s currently hurricane season, this kind of imagery is naturally unsettling as hurricanes are one of the worst natural disasters on the planet. But then when it’s labeled as “The Bermuda Triangle,” then this disaster takes on a whole new level of being unnerving due to the superstitions and disappearances associated with the place.

However, this picture in of itself is nothing more than a standard image of a hurricane that was taken by a satellite up in space.

Because of this, it’s hard to tell if the hurricane is moving over the Bermuda Triangle or somewhere else.

12 “Beware the Bermuda…” - Pretty, but Not Spine-Tingling

Shown in shades of pink, blue and purple, this dusky sunset has an eerie look to it with the dark clouds covering most of the sky which in turn creates long shadows over the water and the island-like landscapes in the background.

At the same time, the picture is also quite beautiful due to the fading light’s reflection on the water itself when combined with the subtle ripples that are partially visible.

So despite being labeled as the Bermuda Triangle, though it’s unclear if that’s true, the creepiness of the image quickly fades away in comparison to its beauty.

11 “Sailing for A Cure” - Spooky Skies (Kinda)

While the previous image showed a picture that was possibly taken from a boat during dusk, this one was definitely taken on a boat (as we can see by the railing along the bottom) during the day.

Now while one could argue the last picture was scarier because it was taken around nightfall, that doesn’t mean this picture doesn’t have any merit.

Because of the overcast sky, it puts everything in shadow. Then combined with the strange angle of the clouds and the strangely calm waters, it definitely makes one feel uneasy when looking at this picture, but not scared.

10 “Bermuda Triangle business philosophy” - Sorta Creepy, but Not Really

Unlike the past two pictures, we can actually see the sun in this one as it’s just about to set below the distant horizon with the sky turning a deep mixture of orange and red while being topped with shades of blue. Below the sun, the water has taken on a dark purple color apart from one streak of orange light that’s being reflected on the water’s surface.

Because of the picture’s overall dark tone, it seems creepy especially when combined with the words “Bermuda Triangle”.

But the light balances out the shadow pretty nicely, which subdues the menace.

9 “Inside the Bermuda Triangle” - Nice Weather, Huh?

Switching from orange to blue, this picture was clearly taken by a professional camera since we can see the rocks underneath the waves that crash over them. Also, we have an overcast sky that’s tinted blue instead of yellow implying there’s a storm coming to the area where this picture was taken.

Then the darkly colored rocks along the shore certainly add to the dramatic tone of the picture, though that doesn’t make it necessarily scary. In fact, while this is a cool picture in of itself it’s not exactly unnerving or frightening in the slightest, apart from the title.

8 “Lost in the Bermuda Triangle” - Empty Sense of Dread

Off the coast of Bermuda, the remains of a sunken ship stands jutting out of the water with the top of its bow pointing upward. While this image may seem foreboding at a glance as the island of Bermuda is widely notorious for all the sunken ships that lie along its shores, it’s hard to take it seriously when the weather is sunny.

Also, this particular vessel was known as the HMS Vixen, which now lies stranded in a coral reef and has become a popular tourist attraction over the years, thus further diminishing the picture’s potential to be scary.

7 “The Bermuda Triangle” (Medium) - A Triangular Point of View

Whether this picture was taken from the inside of a home or another boat, it’s got quite the heavy symbolism going on. First, the window is shaped like a triangle with each pane of glass cut into smaller triangles. Then there is the ship sailing along the ocean waters outside, though it happens to be passing through the center triangle in the middle of the window.

Obviously, this whole set-up is meant to symbolize the Bermuda Triangle as a concept though not necessarily in execution. Apart from the darkness around the window, there’s nothing exactly menacing about this picture.

6 “Enter the Bermuda Triangle” - Nice Place for a Vacation

While the other pictures up until now managed to be at least somewhat creepy, even if they didn’t do it very well, this one has no sense of menace whatsoever.

At its core, the picture is an aerial shot of an island that looks tropical in appearance (possibly Bermuda).

With a sunny sky and indigo-blue waters, the area itself looks nice. In fact, it makes the Bermuda Triangle seem like a great place to vacation, despite the superstitions. Thus, any sort of dread is diminished as the beauty of the picture outweighs the fear of the place itself.