Evidence that Mother Nature is one determined force to be reckoned with, no matter the environment is clear, even when we walk down the sidewalk of a crowded street in a big city. How many of us have seen green sprouts pushing up from the tiny cracks in the sidewalk or a house completely covered in ivy? These are just a few instances of how Mother Nature has a way of making herself known even in the most surprising of places despite people’s efforts to maintain order.

All of the things that people make and use on a daily basis have to be maintained in some way or another. A lot of the time this care involves protection from the environment, which as we will see in the following list, is just waiting for the opportunity to take over vehicles, structures, and pretty much anything that is left outside for a little too long. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big, given enough time Mother Nature can swallow entire man-made structures!

In this list, we include 25 pictures that show just how powerful Mother Nature can be when given the time and space to act without limits.

25 Piano Tree

A piano in the middle of a forest in California must have been intentional. After all, pianos are typically expensive and quite heavy to move around from place to place. One is left to wonder who would have had the thought of placing a musical instrument of this size around a tree.

A last song for civilization, calling the trees back!

The peace sign and heart carved onto the wood of the piano give a good indication that whoever created this curious sight must have been both musically inclined and a lover of nature. Like the tree, this piano has weathered a lot of different storms from the look of it.


In a twist of irony here, this picture details how nature has taken over a space dedicated to nurturing nature itself.

The message is clear here: Mother Nature might appreciate our help in cultivating plants, but she does not necessarily need it in order to thrive by itself in a big way.

Although some plants do need a lot of human attention and care, not all plants are as dependent on whether or not a person remembers to water them. A lot of trees and shrubs only need time and space to soak up all the sun and water they need to grow.


Malls are intentionally created to be places full of large groups of people who are primarily interested in buying material things. A lot of planning and effort goes into building a successful mall that will keep its doors open and business flowing.

This begs the question then, what could have happened to this mall in Ohio that saved it from demolition but has left it empty long enough for Mother Nature to stake her claim?

There are already plenty of plants coming from the ground that have clearly had a lot of time to grow undisturbed and reach towards the tall ceilings which leaves us to wonder what this will look like in a few more years.


Who doesn’t remember getting on their first ferris wheel at a visiting carnival or amusement park? Despite being tall, ferris wheels are often gentle rides that take us high in the air to be able to look out at all of nature. Perhaps that was the experience before this particular ferris wheel was in business, but now it seems that Mother Nature is the one going along for a peaceful ride in this image.

Mother Nature has managed to build a strong green base and climb all the way to one of the top carts using the spokes. It won’t be long before the entire structure is covered in leaves and looks like a green, oddly shaped wall of plants.

21 just dive right in

These abandoned pools in Japan were probably a beautiful and popular attraction when they were open because of the gorgeous mountain view location. Decades later however, Mother Nature has slowly but surely started to reclaim the entire structure for her own enjoyment.

The stone structure was intentionally carved to be a feature attraction, but as we have seen so far on this list, anything that is near Nature requires pretty extensive and regular maintenance to keep the boundary between human order and natural chaos.

Once the regular maintenance is gone however, it is only a matter of time before Mother Nature starts to wind her way through and around anywhere a small seed can take root.

20 Old Car - innovation vs nature

Barely visible under all the green leaves and delicate vines is a clearly old fashioned car from a decades ago. One is left to wonder whatever happened to the owner of this car and why they decided to leave it out for so long.

Regardless of the reason however, Mother Nature moves quick and slow all at the same time.

Since this car has moss on it, it has clearly become very well acquainted with a greener lifestyle and anyone who wants to see what this old fashioned car really looks like better have some good tools to clear away all of the different kinds of plants that have consumed it.

19 the lessons NATURE TEACHES

Building a school in the middle of so much nature requires a lot of maintenance from the start, especially since so many people are depending on it. Although it can definitely be beautiful to look out of a classroom window to see nothing but blue skies and green all around, it can also be a lot of work to keep trees and vines from taking control of the building, steps, playground, or anything else for that matter.

Once Mother Nature has an opening however, she grabs on and keeps on climbing all over buildings and paths so that sooner or later they are unrecognizable.


Hotels are often bustling places full of entire families who are excited about being somewhere completely new. Numerous people are expected to come in frequently and make sure that everything is in order; especially if we are talking about luxury hotels which oftentimes go the extra mile to make sure that we feel pampered.

But in this hotel room in Germany, luxury is clearly no longer a feature of this establishment.

Moss covers the bed and dirt floor has even given birth to life as a little sapling has taken root and started sprouting right in front of the television.

17 we're all a little mad here!

Probably one of the places on this list that readers might be less inclined to check out is this asylum in the middle of nowhere. If you look closely, you can still see the fence posts in front of the massive building- to keep people out, or keep them in?

Whatever the practices that went on in this asylum, Mother Nature has made a permanent mark by starting from the bottom and working its way to the very top.

The structure looks like it has been abandoned for a long time, and since many of the windows look broken too, plants have undoubtedly taken root on the inside as well.


The small, stone houses in this abandoned fishing village in China almost seem to be from out of some kind of vivid dream. The rich and vibrant of leaves that cover the structures almost looks like a soft, green blanket covering everything from the mountainside to the sides and roofs of entire houses.

Noticeably though, Mother Nature has been kind enough to refrain from covering the windows of all the houses and it is interesting to see in the image above that rather than covering the windows completely, the leaves are quietly making their way inside the house through them instead.


From the way the leaves seem to cover the statue so purposefully, it almost looks like the artist who created the statue in the first place was intending for Mother Nature to put her finishing touches on it many, many years later.

The vines have climbed up from the base of the statue to form a sort of dress for what looks to be the statue of a hunter and their animal friend.

Standing tall in a desolate field, the statue makes a striking impression because of how green the leaves on the statue seem to be in comparison to the relative dryness of the other plants surrounding it.

14 just on a cruise

Just one look at the image above is enough to make it clear that where there is a will, there is a way. Despite being left in the middle of water for a very long time considering how rusty the entire ship has become, somehow cunning Mother Nature managed to be the one stowaway that never quite abandoned ship even after everyone else had clearly decided not to stay on.

The plants on this ship have definitely taken root even though it does leave one to wonder how they even managed to make it on the ship in the first place.

13 House In The Woods

Compared to some of the other structures on this list, this house actually seems to be in pretty good shape. This probably means that it has not been terribly long since people were around, however Mother Nature definitely works quickly sometimes.

The entire right side of the picture shows that Mother Nature is coming in fast from that direction and seems intent on making its way to cover the last remaining visible openings; the door and the window above it. Once those are covered however, it will only be a matter of time before the structure is just another standing green wall.

12 a great place to rest from the skies

Fields of green are not typically used as places for jets to take off or land, so this jet in the middle of a green field probably has a very interesting story of how it got to be there.

From the chipping paint to the slight rust, the jet has been left alone to fight the elements of Nature for quite some time.

One can only imagine the last pilot who sat inside of the small jet flying through the air and what must have happened to cause them to leave it behind to be at the mercy of Mother Nature.

11 Air Force Base

The concrete structure of this Air Force Base is pretty intimidating; especially when we take a closer look and realize that there are no windows visible at all. Despite it being built in what looks like a field of Nature, this imposing building was far from natural- at least when it was built.

Left alone however, Mother Nature decided to soften the hard edges of this establishment by slowly and gradually covering it in soft, leafy greens.

Although only one side of the structure seems to have been covered thus far, we know from this list that it will only keep getting greener the longer it is left in Nature.

10 last stop

Friends from New York who ride public transportation often tell me of the crowded nightmare that is the subway system. There is always bustling and noise at almost every location; except for this New York subway station.

Despite it being underground, all Mother Nature needs to thrive is space, time, and little bit of sunlight.

It is fascinating how hard Nature will fight to make do with the little it has in order to keep growing; and nothing is proof of this more than such a lush carpet of greenery in an underground location made of wood, concrete, and steel.

9 an old bobsled run

Unlike a lot of other images on this list, in this one Mother Nature seems to be holding back- just a little bit and just barely. There is all sorts of greenery all around this old training spot, however it seems that the path is still quite clear for people to walk through.

If we look on the right however, we already see hints of Mother Nature’s intention to eventually use this bobsled run as its own source of enjoyment.

It always starts with those little vines that just seem so harmless at first; until they take hold securely and grow in every direction.

8 a clash of titans

Factories are pretty much about as far from Mother Nature as we can possibly get. Not only are they huge and complex man-made structures, factories also often produce other man-made materials to put out into the world.

Once this factory was abandoned however, Mother Nature was quick to strike and cover this huge concrete building in vibrant, green leaves.

Ivy is one of those plants that is very determined because it can climb as high as whatever it is creeping on, and can easily snake it’s way around different shapes and spaces. In a few more decades, this abandoned factory in Ohio will have a completely different color scheme.

7 whatever he's having

Although the basic structure of the building is still intact and we might be able to imagine some patron ordering up their favorite after work cocktail, it is clear that no one has been served at this bar in a very long time. In addition to the wood peeling off and the bar breaking down, there is a lot of proof that Mother Nature has taken over as the main owner and proprietor of this business.

From the moss covering some of the walls to the vivid green ferns strewn around the floor, it won’t be long until the entire space is covered in greenery.

6 a hidden home

If we just spare a passing glance at the image above, we might miss that there is an entire family home underneath all of the different kinds of bright green plants. But right in the middle of the thick leaves is a small reminder that at one point in time, this family home was full of people instead of all different kinds of Nature’s plants.

It must have taken many decades for this entire structure to succumb to Mother Nature, but at this point it would take immense effort to try and reveal the house underneath all of the foliage.