Fans worldwide can’t get enough of Jennifer Lopez. And it seems like she can’t get enough of the world. As a big-time traveler, J. Lo has been to so many places most of us will never see. So, it’s a good thing there are photos of the superstar snapped while she has vacationed at some of the best spots on Earth.

Many of her recent trips have been with her current main squeeze, ballplayer Alex Rodriguez. These two make quite the pair, always looking gorgeous and happier than ever. As their romance evolves, their frequent flyer miles are surely adding up.

But before A-Rod, J. Lo did plenty of traveling on her own or with friends, family, exes, etc. As a triple-threat celeb, there’s nearly nowhere in the world where J. Lo isn’t known. Unless she flies to a private island, there’s little chance she won’t be spotted and swarmed. But that’s celeb life for ya. At least when she gets back to her hotel room she can kick back and order room service to her penthouse suite.

Here are some spectacular pics of the star as she jet-sets around the world. From The Big Apple to Paris, France, J. Lo’s passport has been through the wringer. Thanks to fame and fortune, the Bronx native is now a global goddess.

25 Hollywood Elite

Giving us an “Old Hollywood” vibe, J. Lo steps out among the crowd but doesn’t blend in one bit. Her white dress and fuzzy shrug are super fancy, and that bold red lip just pops. The security is front and center to be sure celebs like J. Lo are well-protected, as you never know who may be lurking around. No matter what she wears, J. Lo always stands out, but when she’s dressed for an elegant evening out, there’s no missing her as she makes her way to her next stop. When it comes to looking like a true star, J. Lo does it right, especially on this night.

24 A Beauty in Bel-Air

Bel-Air is a beautiful place to be, only made more breathtaking by the presence of J. Lo. She’s with her little one and some others, looking at the spectacular surroundings and taking in the beauty of nature. J. Lo looks lovely (as always) in her floral dress and nude heels, with her hair pulled up in a messy bun. Perhaps she is on a family vacation while she has some time off, so Bel-Air is a nice choice for a quick getaway. The sun is shining brightly and the lush leaves are in full bloom. What more could you ask for?

23 Mobbed in Madrid

On a trip to Madrid, the crowds caught wind that their favorite superstar was in town. Word got around and fans came flooding. But J. Lo is used to the attention, likely signing autographs and smiling for selfies. Unless she stays in her hotel room all day, J. Lo will have to deal with fans from the moment she sets foot outside. But without her fans, we wouldn’t know J. Lo, so she must be super thankful for everyone’s support. It may be a nuisance to navigate the crowds, but a few minutes stuck in the mob is only a blip of the big picture.

22 Pretty in Pink in The Big Apple

There is no doubt that J. Lo knows how to make an instant impression. As she steps out of her car, she pounds the pavement in her sky-high heels and gorgeous soft pink coat. NYC is the place to be, and J. Lo knows if she can make it there, she can make it anywhere, just like the song says. Her toned legs and perfect posture are not to be missed – even her security team can’t help but notice how nice she looks. No matter where J. Lo travels, she’s always the apple of everyone’s eyes, be it in Manhattan or Milan.

21 With the Clan in Cannes

Looks like it’s time for lunch with J. Lo and the bunch. Everyone is gathered ‘round for a light bite and some drinks, spending time vacationing in the heart of Cannes. There aren’t too many places that are quite as fancy, and J. Lo fits right in with the jet-setting crowd. Her daughter was still a wee one here, but now that she’s getting older, she’d surely love to travel to Cannes another time. There’s a lot to see and plenty to do, so J. Lo, and her kiddos can take it all in when they’ve got some time off.

20 Limo Lady

Riding in a limo is quite the luxury, but by now, J. Lo is used to traveling in this top-notch fashion. And speaking of fashion, J. Lo looks exquisite in a shimmery mini dress bedazzled in glorious gold sequins. Her shoes are super cool with gold chains and ankle straps. But the best part of J. Lo’s look is her mega-watt smile. She looks like a golden goddess and is ready to rock her vacation like a superstar. Heading out by limo only makes the night better. Let’s hope some J. Lo songs are pumping through the speakers.

19 Confetti and Chaos at the Airport

We all know J. Lo is up for a celebration, but getting confetti bombed at the airport must have been a real surprise for the superstar. Leave it to some pranksters to create a mini parade, but J. Lo takes the incident in stride and keeps walking along as nothing phased her. Even with colorful specks of confetti in her hair and all over her blue sweater, J. Lo still manages to look composed. Heck, if you were headed to your first-class seat, you wouldn’t sweat the small stuff either. What’s a little confetti when you’re the coolest person at the airport?

18 Bundled Up on the Beach

Look at that sunny smile on J. Lo’s face. She must be excited to be spending her time away at the beach, and being all bundled up in a terry cloth towel must feel so comfy. The water looks crystal blue and J. Lo has a glowing tan. Vacationing by the water is always relaxing, and J. Lo seems to be making the most of the moment. J. Lo has the means to travel anywhere in the world, so when she’s in the mood for an island vacation, she can book her trip and get ready to feel the sand under her feet. Fun in the sun is always on J. Lo’s itinerary.

17 In Miami With a Younger Man

Before A-Rod, there was Caper Smart. J. Lo and her significantly younger fella were quite the hot and heavy couple, nearly attached at the hip. Here we see them having fun in Miami, where J. Lo is sporting a colorful swimsuit coverup and her man can’t help but sneak a peek. Smart must have thought he was in a perpetual dream state the entire time he dated the superstar, but for J. Lo, the love seemed to be real. While the relationship ran its course, it seems like the time the two spent together was special…while it lasted.

16 Hand-in-Hand in the Hamptons

Lots of celebs summer in the Hamptons, located on Long Island. As a native New Yorker, perhaps J. Lo has been to the beautiful area in the past, but now that she’s a celeb, she can enjoy all the perks of the Hamptons, from the fine dining to the expensive boutiques. Looking casual and cool, the handsome couple takes a stroll through town, window shopping, and sightseeing. Hand-in-hand they show the world they’re the real deal, no BS, no drama. Perhaps the two are thinking of purchasing a summer home together in the area. There are plenty of near-palaces they can call their second (or third, or fourth) home.

15 Feeling the Heat in France

France is the place to be for jet-setting celebs. Here we see J. Lo and her handsome hunk basking in the sunlight in their designer shades. Glistening and glowing, these two are not going to let the boiling hot weather deter them from enjoying the afternoon. It appears that they are on a boat, so if things get too hot they can always get to the shore and take a refreshing dip. But with his shirt unbuttoned a bit, it seems like A-Rod has found his own way to cool down. Surely, J. Lo doesn’t mind the view.

14 A Wave Along the Waves

Perhaps J. Lo is waving hello to a fan in the distance as she and her man set sail. Looking as lovely as ever, J. Lo has a knack for putting together an ensemble that enhances her amazing figure. A-Rod looks on with nothing but a smile for his special lady. The water is a beautiful shade of blue and the sun is shining on J. Lo’s skin. It looks like these two are ready to rock the afternoon as only A-listers can. Let’s hope the waves stay calm so the couple can have a smooth ride to their destination.

13 It’s Hot in Italy

Italy was smokin’ hot when J. Lo and A-Rod came for a visit. Although when those two are together, the temperature always rises. Hanging out by the water and looking summer-fresh, the lovers are ready for a day of fun in the sun, which seems to be super bright. With their uber-cool sunglasses to keep the light out of their eyes, J. Lo and her man are ready to feel the heat. Perhaps after a day by the water, they’ll enjoy some of Italy’s fine food. If you don’t have at least one plate of pasta while in Italy, consider the trip a bust.

12 Looking Fierce in France

J. Lo and her main man are in France, looking foxy and fine for a night on the town. Pale pink suits J. Lo perfectly, and A-Rod is keeping it classy in a nice jacket and crisp white shirt. J. Lo always dresses to kill, so why would this evening be an exception? Her form-fitting dress hugs her in all the right places, and the keyhole cutout is an alluring detail. Maybe they are headed out for dinner or to see a show. Are they meeting friends or is this a night of romance? We may never find out, but by the way, J. Lo is clutching her guy’s arm, it’s evident that she’s not leaving his side all night.

11 A Car Ride with the Kiddos

Feeling like a kid again, J. Lo takes the kids for a ride and some laughs along the way. For this mini girls’ trip, we see the star’s natural maternal nature as she seems right at home sharing her love with the little ladies. With faces full of smiles and sunshine in the sky, this day seems picture perfect. She lets her daughter take the wheel, but we don’t have to worry since they’re just posing for a pic. But before J. Lo knows it, her “mini-me” will be all grown up and driving for real. Seems like just yesterday that her twins were born. Time flies when you’re having fun!

10 Vacation Vibes

What could make a man happier than a big squeeze from a gal like J. Lo? By the looks of A-Rod’s smile, a hug from his honey is all he needs to make the day complete. These two can’t seem to get enough of one another, always touching and canoodling. Perhaps it’s because they’re in that “honeymoon phase,” but even if they last forever, something tells us they’ll always be this way. J. Lo has had lots of ups and downs in her love life, so for her sake, let’s hope her current hunk lasts the long run.

9 Life’s a Peach!

Fresh fruit on a sunny day is sure to hit the spot. Here we see the lovebirds selecting something ripe and juicy, perhaps some peaches or a big bunch of green grapes. We know that J. Lo likes to keep it healthy, so filling up on fruit is a must. While the fruit looks amazing, J. Lo is hard to look away from. Her lacy dress is summer chic, something not just anyone could pull off. Matching his main squeeze in white himself, A-Rod keeps it casual. For these two, life’s a peach! What could be sweeter?

8 A View From the Top

It must be nice to be able to look over the city from your hotel room. The higher the floor, the better the view. But some would argue the best view is that of J. Lo, looking sensual and sassy in her low-back halter dress and a great smile. Colorful and form-fitting, this number looks like it was personally stitched to suit J. Lo’s body. Not only is J. Lo herself a sight to see, but the entire photo is a vision. It must be hard to hit the sack when there’s so much magic to view from the top.

7 Staying Connected on the Sand

Even while on vacation at the beach, J. Lo manages to keep up with the news by grabbing a paper and catching up. She’s all smiles, so it must mean she is reading something uplifting for a change. Perhaps she is enjoying a cute comic strip or reading a feel-good story. After she’s done reading, perhaps she will change into a swimsuit and splash around in the ocean. But if it is too cold to swim, there is nothing wrong with heading inside and relaxing in the hotel room. The sun will come out tomorrow, after all.

6 Beanies, Baseball Caps, and Babies

Remember when J. Lo was happily married to singer Marc Anthony? Together, they had adorable twins, a boy and a girl. Here they’re out and about on vacation, looking super casual and ready for a fun day with the kiddos. J. Lo looks sweet and sporty in her baseball cap and her man looks laid back in a slouchy hat. The little ones are much bigger now, but a few years ago, mom and dad had to carry them around. While J. Lo and Anthony’s relationship ran its course, they still co-parent cordially and have moved on to new romantic partners.