25 Pics Of Celebrity Friends Vacationing Together

What could be better than celebs vacationing? We love seeing the pics of these A-listers as they jet-set around the world, splashing in the ocean, sunning on the beach, skiing down mountains, and dining at the best restaurants in the biggest cities. Here’s what’s better…when celebrity friends travel together, proving their relationships are more than professional. These celeb pals may have worked together in the past or are friends who’ve met some other way, but they must be pretty close if they’re taking vacations with one another.

From singers to actors to models to other sorts of famous folks, these famous vacation buddies have traveled to some special spots over the years. We doubt they’ve ever been to the Poconos or some dinky amusement park. When celebs vacation, it’s to someplace spectacular, be it a private island or a yacht trip on the deep blue sea. They may stay in The States or jet off to Europe, but no matter where they go, when they’re with their celeb bestie, the fun is only multiplied.

Check out these pics of celebrity friends having a blast as they travel as a team. The more, the merrier, as they say.

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25 Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris and Families Sunning in St. Tropez

Image via: usmagazine.com

Look at this smiling crew. With the kids in tow and the sun shining brightly, these celeb couples and their kids couldn’t be having a better time. It must be nice for the famous singer and the long-time actor and their respective spouses to get together and take a trip to someplace so lovely. And the kids seem to be enjoying the perks of being part of this well-known bunch. As the kids build sand castles and splash in the ocean, the men can relax under the sun and thank their lucky stars that they’re so rich and famous. Others at this beach must have been amused to see such famous friends traveling together.

24 Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth Looking Hot in Spain

Image via: wmagazine.com

Even under those baseball caps and behind their dark sunglasses, it’s still pretty easy to spot these two A-list hunks on vacation. They may be trying to travel undercover, but we could spot these two successful guys a mile away. Looks like Chris doesn’t need any help from the crew to carry his bags, as the gents and their friend are fine on their own. Perhaps they have some security walking ahead of them, but these fellas seem relatively down to earth considering their star power. Let’s hope their vacation was relaxing so they can get back to work looking even better than before.

23 Scandal Cast Sizzling in Mexico

Image via: People.com

Work and play are equally enjoyable for these famous friends. When the time on set is over for the season, this group can go on their merry way for a vacation together to Mexico. Looking like they’re having the time of their lives, this attractive crew headed south for some knee-slapping fun. Dressed up for the occasion, these A-list actors are ready for a night they won’t soon forget. They’ll spend their travel days under the sun and enjoy the perks they’re presented with at the resort 24/7. Scandal is a high-rated show, so these friends deserve some time off to celebrate.

22 Pitch Perfect Girls Looking Picture Perfect in Mexico

Image via: people.com

Fans of the Pitch Perfect movies must love the idea that the amazing acapella gals are friends off-set too. Here they are on vacation in Mexico, looking relaxed and like they are having a fantastic time together. The gorgeous gals look like they’ve had plenty of fun in the sun, chilling out, looking casual and cute. Their fun films have been hits at the box office, so a little time off to recharge and unwind is understandable. Let’s hope they are planning for another Pitch Perfect movie to work on soon. Who doesn’t love a little acapella anyway?

21 Big Little Lies Ladies Ready to Travel (truthfully)

Image via: people.com

Big Little Lies is one of the biggest TV sensations today. A major part of the show’s appeal and success is the spectacular cast, each an amazing actress in their own right. Here we see four of the show’s famous females, all ready to travel as a team. It looks like their on-screen chemistry is alive and well in real life too. It must be fun to hang out without having to memorize scripts or get into costume. These ladies can relax and enjoy their time traveling. These four are ready for a fabulous time together. Thumbs up, indeed!

20 Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz Departing

Image via: Kiwireport.com

Longtime buddies, actresses Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz prove they have more to do than memorize scripts and star on the silver screen. Not that that’s a bad way to spend one’s time. But when they have time off, these two seem to love to travel, making the most of their fabulous lives. Sure, lots of people go on vacation, but their travel mate isn’t usually an A-lister. While these gorgeous gals are keeping it low-key, it’s hard to miss those famous faces as they make their way through the airport, no matter how casually they’re dressed. No doubt, these lucky ladies are traveling first class.

19 Paul McCartney, Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, and More Mingle on David Geffen’s Yacht

Image via: businessinsider.com

Talk about a power party. This crew is a mix-and-match of some of the biggest names in showbiz. And they’re all together to have the time of their lives on David Geffen’s expensive yacht. The likes of Oprah Winfrey and Paul McCartney have surely been on plenty of lavish vacations, but being with such a famous bunch must have made the trip even more exciting. Perhaps Bruce Springsteen whipped out his guitar to serenade the crew or Oprah’s bestie Gayle King spilled the beans on what Ms. Winfrey’s up to next. Ah, to be a fly on the wall on this yacht to the stars!

18 Real Housewives of Potomac in Cannes

Image via: bravotv.com

These three lovely ladies are trading in Potomac for France as they live the good life in Cannes. While they may have been filming for their reality show while traveling abroad, that doesn’t seem to damper the mood as the trio of gorgeous gals smile under the French sun. It must be interesting to live in the spotlight and get noticed all the time, but something tells us that these gals went under the radar half way ‘round the world. Unless, of course, the French love Bravo as much as we do! Guilty pleasure TV is an international treasure.

17 Paul, James, Wade, and Wives Having Fun in the Sun

Image via: essence.com

Looks like this lunch is just getting started. With lots of famous faces smiling under the sun, this celebrity-filled vacation looks like it is going to be tons of fun. The weather looks great and this crew is ready to relax and unwind. As they sip their fruity beverages and wait for the food to arrive, they can catch up and plan their itinerary for their time away. Wouldn’t you want to be invited to join this joyous bunch for brunch? Seems like you need to be a celeb to get a spot at that table.

16 Kevin Hart and Ludacris Living It Up

Image via: essence.com

Kevin Hart, Ludacris, their gal pals, and other friends are taking a trip that is sure to be a blast. From the looks of that expensive carpet, wherever they are staying must be top-notch. Hart must be a hoot to travel with, providing plenty of punchlines and lots of laughs. And Ludacris can be counted on to be always-entertaining, giving some pep when the pals want to hit the sack early. For fans of these A-list celebs, being the third wheel on this vacation would be a pleasure. Too bad none of us were invited to come along.

15 The Traveling Trio of Kloss, Styles, and Von Furstenberg

Image via: wmagazine.com

This trio may seem like an unusual match, but it seems like the model, the singer, and the designer are having fun together while traveling. Dressed nearly alike and (somewhat) smiling for the camera, the three famous faces are having a ball as they take some time off to reconnect and recharge. Sure, to us, their lives already seem amazing, but when you’re a celeb, things can always take another step up. Why spend time off at home when you have the money to go someplace even more fabulous? You’d probably do exactly the same.

14 Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss Making Time for a Getaway

Image via: wmagazine.com

These two celebs seem to be super happy to be spending time with one another. The designer and the supermodel are dressed like twins, smiling with splendor, and showing us what we’re missing out on. They are nicely tanned and seem refreshed and relaxed, proving their trip is just what the doctor ordered. We may think their lives are too good to be true, and in this case, that seems to be the right call. Yes, they work hard, but their jobs are far more interesting than most. Seems like their vacations are too.

13 Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Spending Time Together

Image via: wmagazine.com

An unlikely pairing? By all means. But it seems like Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are the weirdest besties we’ve ever laid eyes on. They have a TV show together, and it seems like their on-screen chemistry is the real deal. Who would have thought that Stewart and Snoop would be hanging out like old friends? She may be no rapper, but Snoop sure can cook. Just tune in to their show and watch him at work. As far as vacations go, this one was sure to be interesting. Then again, when is this guy ever boring?

12 Jennifer Garner and Ina Garten Looking Happy on Long Island

Image via: thecut.com

These two lovely ladies are living the good life on Long Island. As an actress, the talented Jennifer Garner gets to meet lots of famous folks. But she’s choosing to spend time with one of the Food Network’s most notable cooks, the divine Ina Garten. Perhaps the ladies got together to relax at Garten’s home and prepare some scrumptious and healthy meals together. While they seem to be a pair we wouldn’t necessarily put together, by the look of those sincere smiles, it seems like their trip was tremendous. Wonder what they whipped up…

11 George and Cindy and Spouses Having a Hoot on Holiday

Image via: abcnews.go.com

Well, this group couldn’t be more gorgeous. From supermodels to screen actors, this good-looking group must be having a vacation for the books. Everyone looks golden bronze and beautiful, smiling with million dollar mega-watt smiles and looking like they are having a wonderful trip. Actor George Clooney is always charming, and model Cindy Crawford looks as lovely as ever. If anyone knows how to take a lavish vacation, it’s each member of this jet-setting crew. No matter where they are, they must be staying in the finest of rooms and dining at five-star restaurants. Clooney is never low-class.

10 Courteney and Jen Still “Friends” for Life

Image via: celebrityinsider.org

We grew to love this dynamic duo when they starred on the hit television comedy Friends. But Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are friends in real life too, and they often travel as a pair. Here, they are decked out for a night out, dressed in black and looking beautiful. With shiny hair and glowing complexions, these lovely ladies are as beautiful in photos as they must be in person. It must be so cool that these two met on set and have remained besties since. Can you say that about the person you work with?

9 Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Spending Leisure Time

Image via: dailymail.co.uk

Looks like these fun-loving friends love to spend time together whether they’re home or away. While vacationing, the fitness-minded buddies make time for a stroll with a little furry friend and notice the famous face behind them too. Amy Schumer is always making us laugh and L. Law’s pretty hilarious in her own right. It’s no wonder that these women get along so well. Wouldn’t you love to have a friend who puts humor front and center? Sad times must be few and far between. Then again, what’s to be upset about while on holiday?

8 Amy and Jen Spending Time with the Troops

Image via: Hawtcelebs.com

Here we see Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence once again, this time spending their vacation with some super important people. Providing some laughs for those who serve the country is a great thing to do, and doing it with a friend makes it an even better experience. Schumer always knows how to liven up any situation and Lawrence is always along for the ride. It must have been a great surprise for these special men and women to see these celebs come visit and entertain. They certainly deserve a moment or two to kick back and have a good time.

7 Beverly Hills Beauties in Amsterdam

Image via: bravotv.com

You can take the women out of Beverly Hills, but you can’t take the Beverly Hills out of the women. Nothing has been truer than this statement when you see these done-up dames in Amsterdam on vacation. While they look like a million bucks, something tells us they stood out like sore thumbs while vacationing in Amsterdam. Laid-back just isn’t their look, so they dressed to the nines in high-end designer labels and expensive accessories and heels. These ladies know that there’s always paparazzi looming around, so they can’t bear the thought of being caught looking anything less than spectacular.

6 Anderson and Andy are Buddies in Bora Bora

Image via: people.com

Bora Bora seems like the place to be for these longtime buddies. Talk show host Andy Cohen and newsman and TV personality Anderson Cooper are dressed in their gear and ready for some water sports. Both of these fellas are famous in their own right but put them together, and they’re a powerhouse. They look like they are having a terrific time, looking happy, fit, and relaxed. Both of these men work their tails off, so some time away is well-deserved. And Cohen better takes his time enjoying these moments, because he recently announced he’s about to become a dad. He’ll be at home changing diapers rather than jetting off to remote locations with his buddy for a stretch.

5 Lisa and the Ladies on a Desert Day

Image via: bravotv.com

The always-fab Lisa Vanderpump and some of the gorgeous gals from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took a trip to the desert for some speeding in the sand. While Vanderpump is more accustomed to fancy restaurants and classy catered dinners, it’s nice to see her sincerely smiling and having some lighthearted fun in the sun with her friends. With the bright sky above them and their auto at full speed, these posh Beverly Hills ladies are doing something off the beaten path. There’s only so much wine a woman can drink. It’s time to explore and get excited and the desert is just the place to do it.

4 John Mayer and Andy Cohen Keeping It Cool

Image via: crypticimages.com

Move over Anderson Cooper. Andy Cohen seems to have found a new bestie in musician John Mayer. These handsome gents looks super chill as they sit close together with the water in the distance. Who knew these fine fellas were even friends? Then again, Cohen has a way of wooing people into being his companion. Perhaps Mayer is a fan of Cohen’s late night show. And it’s clear that Cohen digs Mayer’s music. Many people do. Perhaps these two can invite Cooper along for their next time away. Seeing all three on a trip would be terrific!

3 Miami Mamas in Bimini

Image via: bravotv.com

As if Miami isn’t exciting enough, these reality show and real-life friends took a trip to the exotic Bimini. Taking a golf cart to get around, these beauties are having tons of fun in the sun while looking nothing short of fantastic. There was lots of drama on their TV show, but when the cameras stop rolling, perhaps there’s less fighting and more fun. And when you’re in Bimini, what’s there to fight about anyway? Perhaps some leisurely time away is just what these ladies needed to get back to reality. Actual reality.

2 Kim K. and Her Bachelorette Beauties Partying in Paris

Image via: blog.underclub.co

Kim Kardashian never does anything half-way. That’s why she held her bachelorette party in Paris. All of these ladies look amazing, but Kim is the star of the show as she always is. Before she married Kanye West, she and her friends took to the streets of Paris to live it up before she became a “Mrs.” Kim is all smiles and her friends look so happy to be part of this momentous occasion. Going to Paris is a prize on its own, but to spend the time with their friend as she celebrated her upcoming wedding must have been the icing on the cake.

1 Orange County Gals Getaway

Image via: nypost.com

There is plenty to laugh about when we watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, but this time, the ladies are hooting and hollering at their own expense. As two of the show’s stars are on vacation together, their real-life relationship plays out as the real deal. You can’t fake this kind of fun, and the duo is proving that blondes really do have more fun. They look ready to hit the beach and have a blast. They may have lots of eyes on them, but celebrity won’t stop these Orange County gals from living it up and laughing all the way.

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