World Wrestling Entertainment, or the WWE, as it’s commonly known today, has grown over the long years that it’s been in business. With the help of some outstanding talent over the years, Vince McMahon, the chairman, took the company from what his father had built, and turned it into the conglomerate that it now is, with revenue of 792.2 million dollars as of 2016. That’s definitely astronomical, to say the least.

For years, colorful casts of characters have traveled North America and the world, with little sleep and a schedule that has taken down many who have tried it. It takes a special brand of person to make it in the WWE and the hardest thing to get used to isn’t the exercise needed, the demands of the performances in the ring, or even the constant interaction with the public. The hardest thing to get used to is the travel schedule, as it is intense. Most of these men and women are out there over 300 days a year.

It’s absolutely seemingly impossible that they find the time to eat sufficiently, work out and take care of themselves, let alone spend time with their families when they’re out there.

So is it any wonder that any photos found of these men and women are pictures of them out there on the road? Photos of them at airports, restaurants, gyms and so on. And yes, sometimes they do appear to be slumming it, just trying to get from one town to the next, from one country to the other in time to perform. So can we really blame them for wanting to be comfortable?

Hardly. So here are a few pictures of the wonderful men and women of the WWE traveling as best they can.

25 ROMAN REIGNS - keeping it casual and comfortable

Roman Reigns, a distant cousin to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has been performing with the company for quite a number of years, and his rise to the top of the game has not been easy. Especially when the larger portion of the audience seems to be against him.

Whether you like him or not, you understand his desire to keep it casual while traveling.

But that doesn't stop him from working hard and making every show, through injury, exhaustion and miles and miles in between each performance in the famed "Squared Circle." His dedication is something that should be respected, and his perseverance to win over the audience is definitely admirable.

24 RANDY ORTON - 'loves' being approached at the airport

Randy Orton, son of "Cowboy" Bob Orton, definitely wasn't a stranger to the road or the demands of it, as he accompanied his father on many trips back when he was a youngster. In fact, the wrestlers were so used to seeing him backstage, they started to call him "Baby Orton", a nickname that seemed to come from the legendary Hulk Hogan himself.

He is also no stranger to fans coming up for photos, put the two together and he becomes one of the most approachable guys on this list!

There were indeed times when accompanying his father was impossible and at such times, he'd see his dad only a few dozen times a year. Well, he was ready for the hard road, and his tip for survival out there is quite simple enough: "Sleep when you can."

23 JOHN CENA - All we see is a stuffed reindeer

John Cena is a massive superstar and he carried the company on his shoulders for over a decade, much like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Steve Austin did before him. He can definitely be considered a legend and his dedication to the company is unparalleled in the modern era. He is now branching out into film and he's making some decent "noise" in Hollywood and we have no doubt that he'll reach his goals there as well.

His Christmas spirit is clearly visible, unlike him!

A man who never missed a workout (or a tasty meal) while on the road, he never disappointed and was always present and ready for action. And he still is.

22 FINN BALOR & HEATH SLATER - They take Airport selfies

The younger generation of Superstars is definitely a different breed. They seem to be accustomed to the road and look relatively at home out there in public restrooms, airport terminals and fast food restaurants, snapping pictures for Twitter and other forms of social media.

They are definitely not shy for the camera!

And such positive outlooks are what make the difficult travel easier to digest from day to day. Heath Slater has been with the company for quite some time and is and has always been an excellent source of comedy. But don't let all the laughs fool you. He's a great athlete who's always ready for the ring, no matter how tired he gets. More on Finn Balor to come, so keep reading.

21 ROMAN REIGNS & SETH ROLLINS - waiting patiently for their bags

Ah yes ... Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Two of the prominent members of The Shield, a faction that worked out quite well when "the faction," as it has come to be known, wasn't a very popular idea in the wrestling business anymore. These two men, alongside Dean Ambrose, broke through the barriers set up in front of them and made a name for themselves. Unfortunately, it has been hard for them to gain the same type of steam on their own, and the faction has now once again teamed up after quite some time apart.

But here they are, enjoying a rare moment of peace, waiting patiently for their bags to arrive.

As great a faction as they are, this just shows that they're even better at being traveling partners.

20 THE NEW DAY - a mix of over-tired and super-hyper

Now talk about comedic relief. These three dudes are definitely good at what they do, and what they do is have stadium after stadium bending at the waist with uncontrollable laughter.

These gentlemen are absolutely hilarious.

Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston were destined to work together, as their chemistry is evident. Their good-natured characters shine through whenever they're out there performing and that good nature obviously helps them when that hard road gets even harder, we're quite sure. Of course, they are also great athletes. Big E has been noted to bench press 500 pounds!

19 NATALYA & TYSON KIDD - confirming their travel itinerary

These two individuals are the lasting members of the Hart Dynasty of wrestling-in-ring talent. The Hart family was, and is, a prominent name in the wrestling industry. With names like Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Chris Jericho and The British Bulldog coming from the famed Dungeon Training Facility in the Hart home in Calgary, the Hart name will live on in the hearts of wrestling aficionados everywhere, as it should.

This dynamic duo looks to be as good at traveling as they are at wrestling!

These two are married, but unfortunately Kidd's career has been riddled with terrible injuries. As for Natalya, she exudes strength and courage every time she goes out there and is respected in the locker room. In fact, she is one of the most talented in-ring tacticians on the mat, and that goes for men or women.

18 'STONE COLD' STEVE AUSTIN - really enjoys traveling

And here he is ... the absolute greatest to have ever laced up a pair of boots. This man singlehandedly carried the WWE way back when it wasn't "cool" to be a WWE fan. When the old WCW (Ted Turner's Wrestling Company) was beating them in the ratings, this man worked in tandem with Vince McMahon to do everything and anything to get the favor of the wrestling audience back. And no one hit the road harder than this man right here. And through it all, he fought debilitating injuries that would have retired a wrestler from the modern era.

But onward and forward he went, no matter what the risk, often driving himself from town to town in a rented car.

These days, he enjoys hosting reality TV shows and a very popular podcast, as well as making regular appearances on WWE TV.

17 KOFI KINGSTON & CM PUNK - Take uncomfortable tourist-y shots

Unfortunately, CM Punk is no longer with the company, and as chagrined as the wrestling audience is with that fact, it looks like something we all will have to get used to, as his disagreements with management have been well documented and it seems as though there is no end in sight to their problems with one another.

Vince McMahon has gone on record to say that anything is possible, but Punk has said: "No way, no how."

In his day, he worked the road almost as hard as a wrestler in the attitude era, and worked himself ragged doing so, fighting injury and exhaustion.

16 SETH ROLLINS - Eat all the local foods

And for these men and women of the squared circle, probably one of the most difficult things to get a hold of, is a decent meal, let alone a great one. When wrestlers get out of the stadium, nothing much is open in terms of eateries. So often times, they are relegated to having to eat at fast food joints and service stations, and that food can definitely catch up to you, as we all know.

Eating while on the road isn't always as good as it sounds, but sometimes they get to eat like the kings and queens that they are!

When they get the chance to actually sit down to a gourmet meal, they jump at the chance and seem quite happy to be enjoying a warm meal that you don't have to heat up in the microwave at a 7/11.

15 A.J. STYLES & CHARLOTTE FLAIR - get caught taking a nap

These two have been snapping shots of each other as they travel for a while now. In fact, it's become a "thing" on twitter for them. Almost like a "who looks worse on the road" type of thing.

Well, we'd have to say that none of them look terrible at all, as we more than understand how grueling the road can be. A.J., over there, looks quite tired indeed and that is understandable. He's been working hard since joining the ranks in WWE after an already illustrious 20 year career. And as good old Randy Orton said: "Sleep when you can."

14 HULK HOGAN - still smiling after a long flight

Here is the man, the myth, and the legend. Sorry for the cliche catchphrase, but really, when looking at Hulk Hogan, is there anything else we could say? We didn't think so.

He took the world by storm in the eighties and for good reason. He was definitely a man with star power. When audiences saw him in Rocky 3 as Thunderlips, that can probably mark the exact moment that the wrestling industry was turned on its side, and it wouldn't take but two years for this man to become a household name.

He hit the road hard and like no wrestler had ever done before.

In fact, it can be said that he created the mold by which all wrestlers now follow as they travel from town to town on such a schedule.

13 THE SHIELD - Pose like teenagers

When we look at these guys, living the dream, we can't help but go back to our teen years and get green with envy at their lifestyle. At the age of 14, 15, and even up to 16, we all had dreams of traveling with the boys, wrestling people for large crowds, and pretty much just playing dress-up every minute we could.

They even pose just like us at 16 with our boys!

It was nice for the WWE to provide us with a sustainable way to keep our dreams alive, even if it is vicariously through these incredible wrestlers. In the end, they are really just like us, living the dream.

12 RONDA ROUSEY - Wear PJs in public

This young woman has taken the WWE by storm. She was an unstoppable force in the UFC and a great and epic champion. She's also been in many films. Some include: The Expendables 3, Fast and Furious 7 and Mile 22. To say that she is a superstar of epic proportions would be an understatement.

She just likes to be comfy when she travels, and who can blame her for that? And she still looks awesome.

But when it was announced that she was coming to the WWE, many were skeptical that she'd be able to handle the schedule. Yet as it turns out, she's doing very well indeed and naysayers needn't have worried.

11 KURT ANGLE - Lost at the airport

1996 Olympic Gold medalist. Yes, it's true. He won a gold medal at the Olympics of that year, but winning it wasn't even the most incredible thing he did that year. Winning it with a broken neck was. This man is almost robotic in how he approaches his wrestling. On the mat, he probably is the only wrestler in history to come close to matching the mat talent of Bret Hart and that's saying something.

But maybe airports aren't really his thing!

In recent years he has returned to the WWE after many years away when he wrestled for TNA, a rival company. But it's great to see him back, and he still approaches his travel with the same intensity he has always shown.

10 ENZO AMORE & BIG CASS - Eat at the local restaurants

Unfortunately, these two talented individuals are no longer with the company. But the promise they showed was unparalleled. The audience participation that these two called for was unmatched and reminded many of the glory days of The New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn and The Road Dogg Jesse James. Sadly, their progress took a turn for the worse when one of them was forced to leave the company, the other soon followed.

But they hit the road as well as any other of the young and talented wrestlers out there. We hope that they can find their way home.

9 BRAUN STROWMAN - takes fan selfies (that he barely fits into)

The new "Big Man" on campus, Braun Strowman is definitely not being held back by the grueling demands of the road. He seems quite at home in his Instagram posts as he films himself training, eating and going from one place to the next. He's always ready to take a picture with a fan and always seems to be in a decent mood, provided that he has eaten and all. He's not one to shy away from fast food and a good beer every now and again. He's also not afraid to film himself having a good old time and we'd have to say that that's refreshing to see.

In the ring, he's proving himself as well.

8 KOFI KINGSTON - Keeps the music going, at all times

Here's Kofi Kingston rocking a rather comfy looking Bruce Lee T-shirt, hoodie and loose jeans. Comfort is key when you're out there traveling. That can't be stressed enough, and it seems as though many on the WWE roster know the rule very well. When you can't be at home after a long day of work, in front of your TV set and chilling, there's nothing better than at least being comfortable in what you're wearing to at least make you feel like you're at home. And whether you're in a plane, train or automobile, there's nothing like a comfy sweater to make you feel like you're at home. A smart thing to do is to bring your tunes everywhere you go, it will help you not feel so out of place.

7 FIN BALOR & SETH ROLLINS - Travel private (okay, maybe not like us)

And WWE Superstars spend a lot of time in planes. That's for sure. They definitely spend more time flying from place to place than your average person. And yes, sometimes they "bus it" from town to town, but flying is definitely faster, if they're willing to do it. Flying from destination to destination can afford them the possibility to get more done when they land as opposed to wasting time driving all those miles out there. Frequent WWE flyers can probably afford a few workouts and decent meals if they're early and hey, let's face it, a leg up is definitely a good thing in the traveling circus that is the WWE.

6 PAIGE AND ALBERTO DEL RIO - Check out the late-night diners

Alberto Del Rio, or Alberto El Patron is no longer with the company. He's wrestling on the independent circuit right now and is still doing quite well for himself. What the independent circuit promises, however is a lighter traveling schedule. Although we don't know how he feels about that exactly, we can say that he handled the tough WWE schedule very well and he made all his shows and on time.

While he and Paige were together, they were often seen traveling together and we have to admit, that's cool. To be able to travel with your significant other is something wrestlers aren't often granted.