30The world is home to some pretty cool places. From amusement parks, cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities, to some far-out museums and tourist destinations, The U.S. offers people a quantifiable amount of locations to spend their entire lives exploring, or just a short trip.

Of course, some of these places bring in larger crowds of people than others. Las Vegas is one of the most coveted hotspots for partying, shopping, and overall indulging for an entire weekend. LA attracts millions and millions of people due to its reputation as The Entertainment Capital of the World, promising stardom to aspiring actors, singers, or just about anyone seeking a career in front of the camera.

Then there are the places that aren't as diverse as they are embellished. These are the places that people buy vacation tickets to only to return home with half-met expectations; these are the places that are included in films as television as romantic getaways or platforms for adventure but prove to be regular towns and cities once there. In short, these are the most overrated places in our country.

Here are 25 Overrated Places (We Don't Like To Admit) Shouldn't Be Touched With A 10-Ft Pole.

25 Hollywood Boulevard - OVERRUN BY POSERS

With the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hard Rock Cafe, and numerous other designer brands and souvenir shops filling its streets, Hollywood Boulevard attracts thousands of people daily.

While it's a fun place to spend the day at, it quickly becomes a headache for locals trying to walk through tourists occupying every corner of it while taking pictures with performers imitating their favorite superhero or movie character.

Furthermore, it's irking to watch them slowly moving as they take in a Hollywood from their wildest dream, a place that is just ordinary for locals.

24 WALT DISNEY WORLD - it rains, a lot!

Orlando, Florida attracts travelers worldwide for one major reason: Walt Disney World. From Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom, this tourist destination offers families a line-up of attractions to wander through for days.

But when compared to the original Disneyland, Anaheim, none of these parks hold-up in nostalgia and when Florida's bouts of sunshine to rain take effect, visitors are left running for cover with their fun-filled agenda for any one of these parks drastically cut-short.

23 SEAWORLD - So many reasons

SeaWorld San Diego is the flagship to the popular chain of amusement parks and has been operating over five decades now. Primarily an aquatic-themed destination, it counts with animal exhibitions, an oceanarium, and several water shows and roller coasters.

While it provides quality entertainment, its biggest cons are long waits, expensive entry prices, and its lackluster quantity of rides which consists of three roller coasters and two water rides.

Even worse, sunny days wreak havoc on spectators throughout any aquatic performance due to the seating areas lack of umbrella protection.


Similar to places like Amsterdam and Las Vegas, Bourbon Street attracts people all over the U.S. due to its lenient drinking laws and the promise of 24/7 partying. From indulging in Hurricanes, Sazeracs, Hand Grenades, and so forth, Bourbon Street's bar scene takes pride in hand-crafting some of the strongest drinks in the world.

This, as you can imagine, makes for a lot of waste. 

But when compared to the beautiful neighborhoods in New Orleans, its historically-rich buildings and the many restaurants offering authentic Cajun cuisine, Bourbon Street becomes a quick pit stop, as opposed to an all-day affair, which makes people care very little about the state they left it in.


When planning a one-day getaway, Angelenos quickly think Catalina Island! It makes sense considering it's relatively easier to plan compared to traveling to Hawaii, Acapulco, or The Bahamas.

Unfortunately, it's not very cost effective with hotel prices for a one night stay ranging between $120-$180.

The major setback to Catalina is the number of things to do, which aren't that many; after visitors get done parasailing, grabbing lunch or dinner, and walking through the boardwalk, that about sums up their mini-vacay.


The Grove is a popular destination for traveling tourists who are looking to shop at The Gap, Anthropology, Nordstrom, and other chic designer brands; it's also a more convenient stop them Rodeo Drive given its parking structure and condensed layout.

It caters well to all demographics with its shops, a movie theater, several eateries, and the Farmer's Market conveniently located within its vicinity. Nevertheless, just like Rodeo Drive and many other LA shopping hotspots, one's wallet can quickly begin to thin-out during an entire day of leisure.

19 DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE - pales in comparison

With its two-decade run, Disney's California Adventure has proven a good companion to the beloved Disneyland Park only a few feet away. It's definitely noteworthy for its attractions, such as the California Screamin', Frozen's "For the First Time in Forever: A Musical Sing-Along", Mickey's Fun Wheel, The Guardians of the Galaxy Ride, and its design replicating iconic CA cities and streets.

While it makes for a few hours of fun with family and friends, it still pales in comparison to Disneyland Park which is where true Disney magic happens.

18 COACHELLA - very expensive

This yearly event brings in people of all ages and is considered one of the best musical congregations in existence. It features mainstream and indie bands such as Daft Punk, AC/DC, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and countless more that make music aficionados worldwide go the distance to attend it.

It takes up so much of your time, and the cost has increased to crazy levels in the past years.

In retrospective, it has some serious setbacks including its expensive entry tickets, the rowdiness that comes from belligerent fans, and its desert location which has led to accounts of dehydration in the past.

17 WEST HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN PARADE - everyone is dressed as a crowd!

LA is one of those cities that doesn't take Halloween lightly, and as a result, The West Hollywood Halloween Parade takes place highlighting each and every passerby's costumes. This is a fun event where friends and families come together to drink, take pictures, and be cheery.

The downside is the mass amounts of people, making it impossible to get anywhere at a fast pace and half the time, the busyness, along with poor phone reception separates entire parties within the crowd before the end of the night.

16 THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN - boring after one photo

The Hollywood Sign is amongst the first things that comes to mind when travelers are planning a trip to Los Angeles. So it goes without saying that the number of people that hike through the Hollywood Hills just to take a picture in front of it is in the thousands--daily!

After a few selfies are taken in front of it, this sign doesn't offer any further excitement.

A much better use of your time would be walking along Sunset Boulevard or visiting L.A's other historical landmarks.

15 STARBUCKS - too long to wait for mediocre coffee

For many people, Starbucks remains their most convenient spot as they head to work on a hectic weekday morning. While this coffee roaster caters to every lifestyle by offering healthy food options, signature Espresso and smoothie beverages, and non-dairy milk, the quality of its coffee is inconsistent and ranges from too light, too dark, to sometimes just burnt-tasting.

But its biggest drawback is its long lines, which are both time-consuming and stressful for those in dire need of the early-morning caffeine fix before getting their day started.

14 SANTA MONICA PIER - 'Ain't no Venice Beach'

Santa Monica Pier is one of the most popular attractions in Santa Monica due to its talented street artists, Pacific Park's roller coaster and mechanical rides, an arcade which makes for hours of playing air hockey, video game machines and DDR, and a clear view of the sparkling ocean at any time of day.

But when compared to the neighboring Venice Boardwalk's own share of offerings including vendors, a number of delicious eateries, volleyball courts, and street performers, Santa Monica Pier falls into second place.

13 THE ABBEY, WEST HOLLYWOOD - not worth the price

The Abbey is amongst the most populated bars in the heart of West Hollywood. Its demographic ranges from friends, couples, college students, co-workers, business partners, to a random person stopping in for a quick drink before continuing down the strip.

That noted, The Abbey's reputation has made it one of the pricier bars in Los Angeles, with a standard cocktail starting at around $13.

The drinks themselves are not even the strongest, requiring two or three rounds before getting the buzz people long for when clubbing.

12 BEVERLY HILLS - out of our price range

Beverly Hills is undoubtedly a beautiful area to explore. From shopping (or window shopping) through Rodeo Drive, taking a picture in front of the Beverly Garden sign, and for tourists, reveling in the idea of being in one of the ritziest districts in the U.S, Beverly Hills has a reputation that precedes it.

Nevertheless, unless someone is financially uninhibited, strolling through Beverly Hills can result in a credit card disaster.

Another reality-check comes for people longing to see celebrities; famous people don't want to be bothered as they enjoy their hard-earned wealth like any regular person.

11 IHOP - get what you pay for

The International House of Pancakes has been serving families nationwide since 1958. It's definitely a great spot for those looking for sugary breakfast treats with its New York Cheesecake Pancakes, Belgium Dark Chocolate Mousse Pancakes, and seasonal specials such as Cupcake and Vanilla Spice Pancakes.

In the end it's still a chain, and the food reminds you of that.

But when compared to other popular brunch hot spots like The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles or The Pancake House in San Antonio, Texas, both of which offer massive and decadent pancakes and French Toast, IHOP seems like the inferior second option.

10 FISHERMAN'S WHARF - only come for the food

When people travel to San Francisco, they tend to have a whole bucket list of activities they want to do from driving through Lombard Street and The Golden Gate Bridge, walking through Chinatown District, or driving further north into Napa Valley.

Amongst these tourist destinations is Fisherman's Wharf, which appeals to visitors through its several seafood eateries offering Clam Chowder.

But delicious seafood aside, Fisherman's Wharf quickly falls into the category of a shopping outlet with souvenir shops, an H&M, and Ross filling its radius.

9 PALM SPRINGS - just don't live there

Palm Springs is an easy to get to and affordable weekend getaway for California residents. From its huge selections of restaurants such as Wangs, the classic breakfast spot Elmer's, attractions such as its Aerial Tramway and the annual Village Fest, Palm Springs makes for a few days of worry-free activities for anyone looking to de-stress.

Now in terms of living there, the list of things to do becomes repetitive sooner than later considering this is still an up-and-coming part of the High Desert.

8 GRIFFITH PARK - too crowded

From exploring the lushness of the Botanical Gardens, revelling in the scientific innovations of the Griffith Observatory, watching a show at the Greek Theatre, to getting an amazing workout by hiking up its steep hills, Griffith Park offers a host of activities for those looking to escape LA's congested streets for the day.

But due to its high concentration of attractions (specifically its view of the Hollywood Sign), the number of tourists crowding it daily far outweighs the locals and gives way to a somewhat chaotic experience.

7 THE GRAND CANYON - seen it once, seen it a million times

The Grand Canyon attracts visitors from all around the U.S. due to its mountainous view ranking as the best nationwide. From driving hundreds to thousands of miles to reach it, followed by hiking in harsh weather to reach its Skywalk to finally dealing with the multitude of visitors there, The Grand Canyon is an ordeal of a destination to reach.

The experience itself only lasts a few minutes before one's left staring into the Arizonian horizon while dreading the return trip back to the car.

6 ACAPULCO-MEXICO - only good for the Summer

Acapulco seems like the ideal vacation spot for lovers of tropical weather, fruity cocktails, and obtaining the perfect tan while relaxing by the pool and beachside. In many respects, it is, with its locals and hotel owners embracing tourists and providing them with excellent hospitality.

But Acapulco loses most of its charm during the colder months of the year, and when compared to culturally rich and beautiful Mexican destinations such as Puebla, Monterrey, Cuidad Juarez, Jalisco, and Queretaro, it falls into the category of overhyped.