We can completely understand the frustration of celebrities who want to go away on holiday. As opposed to booking somewhere on a whim there's a great deal of preparation that needs to go into the process - and yes, that means even more than you may think you have to endure in your head. It's a tasking time which sounds utterly ridiculous, but it's true.

Even if they aren't heading out on an official holiday and they just want to see different parts of the world, there needs to be a lot of planning that is put in place due to the health and safety concerns involved. If you're a minor celebrity then it probably isn't going to be as much of a problem, but for the elite of the elite, it can prove to be a little bit tricky.

No matter where you go there are going to be members of many different newspapers and agencies just waiting to snapshots of you, and while it may be an invasion of your privacy, that's the way the world works. You don't have to like it because we certainly don't, but given their fame and stature, it's something that many folks feel they should just deal with.

Regardless of what camp you fall into this can often be a touchy subject, which is why we're going to try and handle it as delicately as we possibly can. Of course, we're saying that, but you all know we're going to do our utmost to tear into these places in order to reveal why they're just a little bit overrated in our mind.

25 Disneyland - Not Worth The Hassle

Disneyland is so unbelievably fun regardless of whether or not you go as an adult or a child, and we wholeheartedly believe that. From Orlando to Paris to Tokyo there's so much to do, but with the latter, we feel as if things aren't quite as enjoyable - for celebs, in particular.

At Japan's Disney, the locals are known for being quite abrupt if they're interested in snapping a picture or getting a selfie, and stereotypically, that happens even if you aren't famous. Imagine if you get recognised and you're instantly being mobbed by half the park. That might sound unlikely, but we can virtually guarantee it's happened before.

24 Hollywood Boulevard, United States - Let The Ego Go

More specifically, we're talking about the Walk of Fame.

If you're a celebrity and you have a star there, then you're just asking for trouble. If you're a celebrity and you don't have a star there, you're pretty likely to be spotted one way or the other purely due to the nature of the folks who like to spot the celebs out and about.

We aren't saying this as some kind of stereotype, we're saying it because it's true. For all of the positives that can be found in Los Angeles, there are equally as many, if not more negatives and the inability for famous people to simply walk down the street without being mobbed is one of them.

23 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Sketchy Central

A lot of people tend to visit Cabo because it allows them to escape all of their troubles, and we can understand that logic. Unfortunately, what they don't realise is that it's Mexico - and in Mexico, there continues to be a serious problem with crime and that doesn't rule out tourists.

Things can get ugly pretty quickly over there and while you may be excited about sitting in the sunshine and topping up your tan for days on end, you need to think about it logically. Sure, it's a great destination from the outside looking in, but if you're a celeb, you're going to be putting a lot on the line.

22 Las Vegas, United States - Too Risky

Put down your knives and pitchforks, folks.

We can completely understand why the majority of folks would want to head over to Nevada for a weekend of mayhem in Las Vegas, because it's considered to be the party capital of the world by many (as well as the fight capital of the world).

But that doesn't seem to mix in too well with celebrities, even if they try and disguise themselves in the best manner possible. Vegas isn't a big town and you're almost guaranteed to run into people one way or the other, which could be a recipe for disaster.

21 Sydney, Australia - Not Worth The Trip

Sydney is wildly overrated and we can't say that enough. Given the location of Australia in terms of the world, their cities would have to be pretty remarkable in order to warrant the ridiculously long flight over there (although most celebrities can probably get the travel time cut in half because, you know, money talks).

As it turns out the beaches live up to the hype and there are lots of fun activities to try out, but the cities, and Sydney especially are poor at best. Maybe we're just being cynical but beyond the Opera House there's nothing that would leave us dying to get back on a plane, travel for a full day and see again.

20 Ibiza, Spain - Mixed Signals

On the one hand Ibiza is a great place to go and party with your pals, but on the other, there are some quiet and secluded sections of the island that could be nicer for those who want to chill out a little bit.

Unfortunately, the two tend to overlap, which is probably going to serve as something of a dilemma nine times out of ten. The place is crawling with people just waiting to get a glimpse of a major star or two, and that could wind up leading to some tricky predicaments.

Ibiza is still a wonderful destination, but in truth, it's a little bit overrated.

19 New Orleans, United States - The Good Times?

New Orleans is full of colour, heart and spirit, but with that comes a certain reputation - and it's one that not everyone enjoys. Don't get us wrong, we had a great time when we were over there, but if you stay longer than a day or two then you'll soon realise that it can become a little bit repetitive. But then again, how many celebs do you know that are happy to put themselves in the middle of massive festivities? The big screen and the real world aren't the same.

Keep in mind that we're putting ourselves in a position where we are 'celebrities' wanting to enjoy a unique holiday or trip, and NOLA gets old pretty fast. The majority of folks will disagree with that and, as we've noted so many times before, that's the beauty of travel.

18 The Louvre, France - Too Many Tourists

The Louvre is one of the more notable tourist hotspots not only in Paris, and not only in France - but in the entirety of Europe. It's a fascinating place filled with intriguing and thought-provoking pieces of artwork, but you often aren't able to enjoy any of that.

The big issue is how overcrowded it is, and while you may insist that the same could be said of any other destination, the Louvre takes things to a whole new level. You just aren't able to get a chance to breathe, and that can be a bit tricky if you're a celeb who could be recognised at any given moment.

17 The Bahamas - Beneath The Surface

From the crime rates being through the roof to the poor living conditions that many have to deal with, the Bahamas is lucky that it hides behind the stereotype of it being a 'dream' holiday destination. Sure, some will have a great time with no problems attached to that, but we need to stop living in this kind of 'fantasy world' created by the media and travel companies.

Every city, town, village or holiday island has problems and it is foolish to think otherwise, but the Bahamas really isn't worth your time if you want to maximise your ability to remain safe and keep those around you safe, too. Trust us, global celebrities, you're better than this.

16 Brussels, Belgium - No more chocolate for the A-listers

Belgian architecture is quite breathtaking and the upmarket nature of their many great cities, combined with the friendly locals, can often make for a fun experience. Alas, mixing celebrities with politics isn't a great idea even at the best of times, and that's exactly what would happen given that Brussels is the centre for all things 'Brexit' and EU-related.

If you're able to put all of that stuff to one side then we seriously do applaud you, but where does it begin and end? One minute you're enjoying a huge lump of chocolate, and the next you're embroiled in a debate over things you really don't care all that much about.

15 Venice, Italy - What A Disappointment

Venice tends to be a popular destination for celebrity couples who want to jet off on a romantic getaway, and there is quite literally nothing wrong with that. There are worse places that we've been to, but we can't lie by saying that Venice is one of the best, because it isn't.

It smells quite bad, the people aren't particularly nice, and once you've done the gondolas you're left to think "what now?". Perhaps you may have a different experience and realise that there's more to it than initially meets the eye, but we wouldn't be so confident to be honest.

14 Times Square, United States - How Crowded?!

Times Square is Times Square, and what you see is what you get. The hustle and bustle of Manhattan has always been well documented, and these days, that all comes together in one swift 'movement' if you will in this very location.

If you're famous enough then we would almost guarantee that you'll be picked out of this or any other Times Square crowd, and while you might get lucky, you also may not.

Then again, maybe you're a celeb who doesn't care about that kind of thing and just wants to have a good time, but even then we'd go so far as to suggest that it's slightly overrated.

13 The Hamptons, United States - Snob Central

The Hamptons were once reserved for the elite of New York, as well as the elite of the United States as a whole. Now, though, it seems like anyone from any walk of life with a bit of cash behind them can walk right in and enjoy everything it has to offer - and that's a problem.

The place was snobby at the best of times but people are so entitled over there, to the point where it's impossible to feel comfortable (especially if you're mega famous). So perhaps fly over in a copter or stay for a quick afternoon, but make sure it's not any longer than that*.

*Yes, we are expecting Brad Pitt and George Clooney to read this piece.

12 Cairo, Egypt - The Warning Signs

The Great Pyramids of Giza are spectacular and there's no real other way to say it. When you stand and marvel at what you're seeing before you it's often a little bit overwhelming, if only because you get the chance to reflect on everything that has happened in the hundreds of years before your own existence.

Then, when you turn around, you'll often find folks trying to pinch things out of your pockets or diapers flying through the desert air. That may sound offensive but that's exactly what has happened to many tourists in the past, and it'll likely only get worse as the years go on, and the number of celebs visiting will almost certainly decrease as a result.

11 Equator, Ecuador - Fake News

We don't particularly like the fake news phrase, but it feels appropriate to use it in this instance. Why? Because, well, simply put, this is fake news.

The equator spot in Ecuador is a popular landmark, but as it turns out, it's not even real. The actual mid-point of Planet Earth is located in a river nearby, but of course, they aren't able to build a monument of any kind there because it wouldn't be sustainable.

We can somewhat understand the logic, but could you imagine how disappointed you'd be upon discovering that or overhearing someone talk about it? Eesh. Maybe you could try and do a film of some kind here, but it'd be wildly inaccurate.

10 The Olympic Games - No Real Focus

It doesn't matter whether you're attending the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics, because the process of actually getting your trip over there sorted is absolutely exhausting - especially if you're a member of the media.

Even if you're a celebrity, though, and you just want to get over there, watch some events and then leave, it can become even more stressful. That's because there tends to be this habit of people getting distracted and deciding to focus on the celebs instead of the athletes involved, which should never be the case.

If you're one of those people, then go sit on the naughty step.

9 Phuket, Thailand - Definition Of Overrated

Much like anywhere else Phuket has its positives and it has its negatives, but for us, the latter outweigh the former and that's just the hard truth of the matter. For every beautiful beach you've got a pretty rough area, and that lack of consistency would rule it out as a possible holiday destination for us nine times out of ten.

It could still be a remarkable place to visit on a one-off, for sure, but not if you're a celebrity. There are more elite destinations that would probably be equally as enjoyable, and you wouldn't really be putting yourself at risk quite as much.

8 Saint Barthélemy, France - Not Worth It

For the sake of our own sanity we're going to cut the name of this place down to St Barts, because that's pretty much how everyone refers to it anyway. This French-Carribbean destination is often viewed as being quite a luxurious place, but we'd actually suggest the opposite.

It feels as if it doesn't really have much of a soul, which is probably due to just how exclusive it's perceived to be. It's almost as if you've taken the atmosphere of The Hamptons and duplicated it, and the end result is what you see before you here. That's a shame, too, especially for celebs who want to avoid the spotlight.

7 Niagara Falls, United States - Two Sides To Every Story

It doesn't matter whether you're on Canada's side or New York's side, because Niagara Falls is just pretty dull. The initial excitement of seeing it live and in living colour could give you something of an adrenaline rush, but we'd argue that it wears off almost instantly.

At that point you're left wondering why you actually made the trip in the first place, which is actually one of the biggest issues facing many popular tourist destinations. That might just be us overthinking things and we can fully appreciate the logic of that argument, but it's still worth considering, because a good portion of celebrities may think that they can get away with it.

6 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Quiet!

For Brazilian locals, this carnival serves as a chance for them to let loose and show the world how vibrant the country really is. We have no issues with that whatsoever, and we hope that the tradition continues long after we're gone.

When you're a tourist, however, you tend to feel like nothing more than a spectator. If you happen to have stumbled across the carnival then it could be a nice thing to watch and enjoy, but again, the novelty disappears not long after.

We aren't just saying this for the sake of it, either, because many travellers have noticed this. Celebs might be able to disappear into the background, but is that really what they want?