Everyone loves a nice visit to the beach! Nothing can beat the feeling of sand in between your toes, the soothing sound of the tide and the warmth of the sun. Although your casual beach day involves finding some seashells, seaweed and sea life on the seashore, you definitely would not expect to find giant eyeballs, rubber ducks and a shark head! As for these unfortunate people who stumbled across some bizarre things that washed up on shore, their beach day did not go as planned.

The sea is full of surprises, many of which find their way to the shore. Countless weird things end up on beaches across the world that would definitely surprise you! From massive barges, shipwrecks, and motorcycles, here is a list of the 25 strangest things to wash up onto the beach!

  1. 24 3. Snowballs

This one is definitely a head scratcher! Thousands of snowballs appeared on a beach in Siberia back in November 2016. The snowballs were formed by wind and cold weather and appeared on an 11-mile stretch on the Russian coastline in the Arctic Circle.

This is definitely a random find and is one of the first times this has ever been seen.

Kudos to Mother Nature for making the perfect snowball, it's hard enough by hand sometimes!

23 16. Sea Glass Creatures

Much like Jellyfish, these blue glass-like sea creatures appear on shores across the U.S every four to six weeks. These organisms have a flat, transparent float and a triangular sail that allows the wind to guide them through the sea, however, when the wind picks up, they can find themselves all the way to shore!

They are completely harmless, and appear on beaches in the thousands, making it quite a spectacle.

Although this regular occurrence may spark some concerns regarding their well-being, events like this will not harm the species in any which way.

22 4. Scary Fish

Much of the time, creatures from the sea wash up on the shore of countless beaches, however, this time around, a fish scary enough to have you run away, washed up on the shore of Mooloolaba Beach!

This frightening creature, which is known to live in some of the deepest parts of the sea, is quite a rare species with sharp teeth and dark scales that has warranted its name as the "Hell Fish" for obvious reasons, of course!

21 5. Jellyfish

This one is both unfortunate, and beautiful all at the same time. Billions, yes, billions of blue jellyfish called Velella, which normally inhabit the open ocean, were found scattered across the beach shores of the West Coast of the United States.

They first began showing up on Oregon and Washington State beaches, before beginning to appear off the coastline of California.

These creatures usually remain on the surface of the open ocean, and ride the wind and water currents. Unfortunately for them, they got pushed too far into the shore and were stranded on the beach.

20 6. Massive Driftwood

Seeing a piece of driftwood is quite a normal occurrence on countless beaches, but this is just taking things to a whole other level. This massive piece of driftwood washed up on the shore of La Push Beach in Washington, United States.

This driftwood, due to its size, is called a "drift log", and can usually measure between 5 and 10 feet in diameter and over 100 feet tall.

The cause of it appearing on beaches is usually some strong wind, or intense wind storms, making it quite the sight to see!

19 7. The missing Dice

This is definitely not something you see every day! One Reddit user took to this online forum to share this odd find. The photo displays a random giant die appearing on the shores of a local U.S beach, and no one has a clue where it came from.

We can't think of too many things a die this big would be needed for, however, we can certainly think of some fun games it can be used for from now on! This might be a head-scratcher, but it's something worth taking advantage of, Yahtzee anyone?

18 8. Whale Spine

Spinal columns and vertebrates alike from Whales are often found on beaches across the globe. The most recent whale spine found washed up on the shore of West Runton Beach, and measured nearly 6 ft long, and was guessed to be a spinal column from a sperm whale.

Bones found on beaches are often times taken in for a closer look, where they then appear on display in museums or sea life centers.

17 9. Giant Squid

Along with whales and other sea life creatures, a giant squid found its way onto the shore of a New Zealand beach. Three brothers were set to ride some waves on a local Wellington beach before they realized the 4.2-meter long giant squid that washed up on shore.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation was immediately notified, and recognized the creature as indeed, a giant squid. This is quite a common occurrence in both New Zealand and worldwide, where bodies wash up on shore relatively regularly.

16 10. Puffer fish Skeleton

A perfectly preserved Puffer Fish Skeleton was found on the shores of yet again, a Wellington beach in New Zealand. This Kiwi country finds themselves home to quite a lot of beach surprises, adding this fish skeleton to the list.

It is rare to find a skeleton in such perfect condition, but this puffer fish skeleton managed to remain quite intact when found on a pebble beach.

Strong tides can easily wash fish and sea creatures onto the beach, leaving them with an unfortunate fate, however, this made for quite an interesting discovery!

15 11. Barge

This one really makes you think 'how on Earth did this manage to wash up on shore?' This past summer, a massive barge appeared on the shore of St. Pete Beach in Florida. The barge measured in at nearly 40 tons, 200 feet long, 40 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

With measurements like that, how could it have simply found its way riding the waves all the way to a Florida beach?

Vacationers at St. Pete Beach have never seen something like this before, and hopefully it does not become a common occurrence!

14 12. Shark Head

As mentioned, sea life is often found on beaches. Sharks have found themselves washed on shore numerous times in the past, however, this is definitely a first!

A shark head and only its head was discovered ashore on a beach located at Farewell Spit, New Zealand.

Locals and sea life specialists had no idea how a severed shark head managed to find its way onto the beach, and more importantly, had no clue where the remaining parts of the shark were.

13 13. Elmo

This is one sad day for Elmo, call in CSI: Sesame Street, because we've got a severed Elmo on our hands. One Reddit user hilariously took to the online forum to share this funny discovery on a beach in Oregon.

It appears Elmo was not only tickled too hard but left behind one day, leaving it to wash up ashore.

The stuffed Elmo is not only missing an eye but it is visibly wet and dirty from what we can only imagine a traitorous trip through the rough ocean waters.

12 14. Conjoined Dolphins

Next up on the list of bizarre things found ashore, are conjoined dolphins! A two-headed dolphin washed up on a beach in Izmir, Turkey, and shocked the many tourists in attendance that day.

The two-headed dolphin, which was only 12 months old, measured nearly one meter in length and was washed up due to a terrible storm the night prior.

Although dolphins popping up on beaches may be common, conjoined dolphins is a completely different story! We can't imagine this being a pretty sight to see in person.

11 15. Couch

In addition to the rest of the "how did that end up there?" entries, we've got another one for you. Another Reddit user posted this couch that appeared at his local Washington beach.

Sometimes people really have had it with their furniture, but there really is no need to toss it into the ocean.

Although they thought they'd seen the last of their grey sofa, it isn't going out without a fight, seaweed and all!

10 17. Shipwrecks

Believe it or not, ships manage to find themselves to shore too! Shipwrecks and abandoned boats will find themselves washing up on shore due to the oceans heavy winds and strong tides.

One ship in particular that has become quite a tourist attraction can be found on Fraser Island, Australia.

Where a massive ship remains on shore for people to enjoy while spending the day at the beach. Some locals even went as far as to decorate the ship with some paint, adding in a little color to its rusty exterior.

  1. 10 A Message In A Bottle

Ah, the age old tale of receiving a message in a bottle! You must have heard stories about being stranded on an island and sending an SOS via a message in a bottle, and although those might be true, most bottled messages that wash up on shore are rarely calls for help.

Most messages in a bottle that have been discovered are nothing but a fun message from those putting a letter into a bottle with hopes it ends up somewhere. If you really think about it, what are the odds of having paper, ink, a glass bottle, and a cork while stranded? Hm...

9 2. Airplanes

This one may not come as such a shock, but behold, numerous airplanes have been discovered on shore. Many remain unrecognized, while others have been deemed as a product of a crash, emergency water landing, or remnants of warplanes from the past.

One aircraft, in particular, the United States Army Air Force fighter crashed on the Gwynedd coast during WWII and was discovered nearly 60 years later on the shore of a Welsh beach. You never know what might pop up from the past!

8 18. Sea Pickles

Sea pickles too, can find themselves washing up on beaches. These sea pickles, or Pyrosoma Atlanticum, invade beaches across the globe and are a type of free-floating colony of hundreds of thousands tiny, multicellular animals called zooids.

These "pickles" actually feed on plankton by filtering several liters of water per hours. Although they remain mostly in the ocean, they can wash up on shore at times when the tide starts to roll in! Also, they may resemble a pickle, but we don't suggest eating them.

7 19. Dinosaur Femur

As if fish, ships and giant squids weren't bizarre enough, an entire dinosaur thigh bone washed up on a Washington Beach! A fragmented femur bone hidden underwater for millions of years become the first evidence that dinosaurs once roamed Washington, insane!

Scientist further looked into the massive bone structure, identifying it as a theropod, which resembled beasts such as the T-Rex and Velociraptor. The fossil, which is estimated to be 80-million years old, marks a huge discovery and feat for research into prehistoric life.

6 20. Robot Hand

This isn't something you would come across on your casual day at the beach. A robotic hand was discovered this year on a beach near Great Kills Park Beach, New York. Although where it came from remains unknown, we can only imagine it to be a fragment of an impending robot takeover.

Just kidding, however, this was definitely a strange find during one local's autumn stroll along Staten Island's lovely shore. We could only imagine what else lays on the shore of Great Kills Park Beach.

5 21. Lego Bricks

Believe it or not, a container filled with millions of Lego pieces fell into the sea off Cornwall, UK in 1997, and they are still washing up on Cornish beaches to this very day. The container, which was being shipped from Tokyo, Japan, was hit by a wave, that tilted the ship 60 degrees one way, and 40 degrees back, causing the container to completely spill over.

The container, holding up to 4.8 million pieces of Lego was bound for New York, however, it never made it only creating an endless stream of Lego's to appear on British soil nearly twenty-years later.

4 22. Harley Davidson

A rusty Harley Davidson motorbike washed up on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, which was believed to have been swept into the Pacific Ocean by the Japanese tsunami in 2012. The motorbike is believed to originate from Miyagi, Northern Japan, before being swept into the ocean making its way to Canada.

With over 1.5 million tons of debris entering the waters from that tsunami, this Harley Davidson managed to survive its entire trip over to North America, talk about putting up a fight! The best part, the person who discovered the motorbike attempted to find out who the owner was in order to return it, they don't say Canadians are nice for no reason!