People all over the world like to seek out places that are a bit creepier, either to learn more about history or for an adrenaline rush. Whatever the case, there are many places in the world that offer this kind of entertainment. If you are one who likes the paranormal and want to come face to face with it then you should consider taking a road trip across America and hitting up some of the most haunted places. Everything from abandoned mental facilities to graveyards, there are so many places in America that are rumored to be haunted. However, seeing is believing so there is only one way to truly see if these places live up to their scary persona.

Along with the paranormal side of these places comes the historical side. Many of these places that are rumored to be haunted also have a rich history and some of the hauntings in these places can be connected to that rich history. Places like Waverly Hills Sanitorium are rumored to be haunted due to the conditions and the patients inside the sanitorium. If you are a historian it may be worth seeking out these places as well.

25 Mercy Brown’s Headstone, Rhode Island

A woman by the name of Mercy Brown was falsely accused of being a vampire who would terrorize the local people of Rhode Island. Unknowingly, the cause of the deaths in the town was due to a rampant outbreak of tuberculosis. However, without knowledge of the disease becoming widely known, people immediately turned to the paranormal. The last known vampire in America; Mercy Brown's grave is located in the Chestnut Hill Cemetery and is visited often by lovers of the paranormal.

24 “Zombie Road", Missouri

Lawler Ford Road was once a two-mile stretch of highway before it became infamous for a large number of paranormal sightings. It was then renamed to the more fitting name 'Zombie Road' after dozens upon dozens of people reported seeing ghosts and other paranormal happenings along the road. Now the road is more of a walking path than a road for vehicles, but it still sees a large number of curious thrill seekers trying to catch the paranormal on camera. Just don't go after dark as the police have restrictions on the area after receiving too many complaints.

23 Bridgewater Triangle, Massachusetts

Not to be mistaken with the Bermuda Triangle, the Bridgewater Triangle located in Massachusetts acts similarly to the Bermuda Triangle. It is a large triangle made up of around 200 square miles of land in the southern part of Massachusetts where large amounts of paranormal activity have been recorded. Not only have ghosts been spotted roaming the woods of the Bridgewater Triangle but myths like Bigfoot and UFOs have been spotted there as well. The area became so popular that a set of videographers made a documentary about it.

22 St. Louis Cemetery, Louisiana

New Orleans is a place that has always been shrouded in the paranormal whether that has to do with the many practices of witchcraft or the overall number of ghost sightings the city has. One of the main contributors to this is the St. Louis Cemetery which is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in the city. It is jam-packed full of graves giving it one of spookiest vibes in the whole city. There have been countless sightings of ghosts among the graveyard and many people claim to have been touched by an unknown force.

21 Coleman Theater, Oklahoma

Coleman Theatre is said to be built on top of an old abandoned crematorium and mortuary so if that doesn't spell out haunted we don't know what does. Employees of the theatre have been terrorized by the supposed hauntings that take place at the theatre. It is no surprise that the theatre is haunted as it has a rich history. Mr. Roberts was an old projectionist who is said to haunt the building. Everything from strange footsteps creaking and disembodied voices lurks in the halls of the theater.

20 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

This disturbed sanatorium was established in 1910 when a large outbreak of tuberculosis hit America and those who were affected were sent off to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Thousands and thousands of people saw their last days inside the sanatorium until 1943 when a cure was founded for tuberculosis. Since then the sanatorium closed its doors and it is now a paranormal hub for investigators and thrill seekers alike. The place is famous for seeing ghosts, specifically seeing your doppelgänger, which is said if you do you will suffer from bad luck for weeks after.

19 The Winchester Mystery House, California

This large maze of a house was constructed by Sarah Winchester to help keep the many spirits that fell victim to the Winchester Rifle. After seeing a medium for guidance after her husband and daughter passed, Sarah was told to build a house to keep the many spirits at bay from haunting her due to her role in the creation of the rifle which took many lives. Sarah decided to build an extraordinary house in which it features over 150 rooms and hallways that would lead to nowhere. Doors would open up to large drops and the house is said to be haunted by all the souls of those who perished due to the Winchester rifle.

18 St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

St. Augustine Lighthouse, located at the end of Anastasia Island, is said to be one of the most haunted lighthouses in America. The lighthouse was built in the 1870s and saw a lot of tragedy for the owners of the lighthouse. Since then there have been numerous reports of ghostly apparitions being spotted at the top of the lighthouse. Many people have claimed to look up the stairs of the lighthouse and see a shadowy figure looking back down at them. There have also been claims of hearing voices and footsteps when no one is in the lighthouse. The lighthouse garnered the attention of several paranormal teams including the Ghost Hunters TV show.

17 Moundsville Penitentiary, West Virginia

The Moundsville Penitentiary opened its doors in 1866 and during its course, it saw over a thousand inmates perish within the walls. Whatever the case there are believed to be numerous spirits that are still roaming the jail cells of the Moundsville Penitentiary. Many paranormal investigators have gone to the Moundsville Penitentiary and many have walked away with substantial evidence that the spirits of those prisoners still haunt the penitentiary. If you are feeling brave enough to walk the halls of the penitentiary then you are one of the few.

16 The Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee

The Bell Witch is a modern urban legend and has been haunting people in the southeastern parts of the United States for years. The Bell Witch was a direct inspiration for the film Blair Witch Project and since then has gained even more popularity in the paranormal community. The Bell Witch Cave is located in Tennessee and is said to be where the Bell Witch resides. It is on the property of the Bell Family and can be visited for those who are brave enough. One of the strangest phenomena to occur in the cave is almost every electronic that has battery life was immediately drained no matter how charged they were.

15 The Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

There aren't a lot of haunted places that are known of in Los Angeles, however, one of the most haunted places in LA is the Roosevelt Hotel and it is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a spooky time. The Roosevelt opened in 1927 and since then featured very prominent guests like Marylin Monroe and Clark Gable. Several of the previous guests of the hotel have been said to not have left as patrons hear things like footsteps in the middle of the night. One guest even heard the trumpet of Montgomery Clift in the hotel. Are you brave enough to book a night in this haunted hotel?

14 Bobby Mackey's Music World, Kentucky

The old home of country singer Bobby Mackey has risen in fame to be one of the most haunted places in America. After an episode of Ghost Adventures aired on the Travel Channel featuring convincing evidence that Bobby Mackey's Music World is haunted, it has gained popularity in the paranormal community. Possessions have been said to have happened as many speculate that there is a portal to the 'other side' located within the building. It is also said that the spirit of Bobby Mackey himself haunts the place. He is most likely looking over what he left behind.

13 The Hornet Spooklight, Oklahoma

The Hornet Spooklight is said to occur in an area known as the Devil's Promenade which is located on the border of Missouri and Oklahoma. The Hornet Spooklight is a strange light that is said to appear around here and it has been witnessed by several people. You will likely be able to see it if you are driving along East 50 Road and are driving at night. The first apparent sighting of the mysterious lights dates back over 100 years ago. Many believe that the light is the spirit of an old miner who used to work in the area and it trying to find peace in the afterlife.

12 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

The Trans-Allegheny Asylum first opened in 1858 and was a place to look after the mentally ill. It wasn't until the 1950s that the Asylum would hit its peak with more than two thousand patients roaming the halls of Trans-Allegheny. The asylum closed its doors in 1994 and since then has been a place for those interested in the paranormal community to take guided tours to see the asylum. Are you brave enough to take one of these tours? The sounds and apparitions of former patients can still be heard and seen walking the halls.

11 Lake Champlain, New York, And Vermont

There have been many famous underwater urban legends but perhaps the most popular is that of the Loch Ness. The Loch Ness monster is said to swim in the waters of Scotland. However, the Loch Ness isn't the only underwater monster as there is another one that fits the same description as the Loch Ness swimming in Lake Champlain. This monster is known as Champ and is described by dozens every year to be a large dinosaur type monster that reaches to be 20 to 80 feet longWith so many people claiming to have seen it, would it be worth the trip to Lake Champlain to find out?

10 RMS Queen Mary, California

The RMS Queen Mary originally served as a British ocean liner and sailed during the years of 1936 to 1967 but now it has permanently been beached and now serves as a hotel. A haunted hotel at that as guests have claimed to see the spirit of a woman wearing all white. There have also been reports of a man dressed in 1920s style clothing who roams the boat. The hotel is said to be so haunted that  Cabin B340 is no longer open to guests due to how many complaints were had from within the room.

9 Stull Cemetery, Kansas

The Stull Cemetery is possibly one of the darkest cemeteries on the list and has gained popularity in recent years due to its appearance in the news and pop culture. Pope John Paul II directly avoided the graveyard when he redirected his flight to go around the unholy ground as he didn't like the vibe it gave off. The graveyard was also featured in an episode of Supernatural giving it even more popularity. Many people claim that the graveyard is so dark because it acts as a portal to another world and allows passage of spirits into the real world.

8 Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

If you are ghost hunting on the east coast there are a lot of options, but if you are in the Philadelphia area you may want to check out the Eastern State Penitentiary. The Eastern State Penitentiary has been the sight for countless paranormal situations over the past few decades. It has caught the eyes of famous paranormal investigators and has even been featured on Ghost Adventures where they caught significant spirit voices on film. With some of the darkest practices within the walls of the penitentiary, it is no wonder that the place is haunted.

7 The Eternal Flame Falls, New York

The Eternal Flame Falls is exactly what it sounds like. A small bonfire size fire can be seen continuously burning behind this waterfall in Shale Creek Preserve located in Western New York. Of all the places you'd expect an infinite flame to be, the last place you'd expect it to be is behind a waterfall. The Eternal Flame is said to be able to happen due to the area around it emitting natural gas that helps the flame stay lit. Many have tried and disprove this theory explaining that the rocks underneath the flame are cooled down by the waterfall making it impossible for the flame to be there at all. Is this a result of something more paranormal?

6 Hellam Township, Pennsylvania

Hellam Township is a place that is said to have seven different gates that are said to be portals to another realm. The idea behind this started in the 1800s when a fire broke out at a mental hospital. After the flames were put out the gates were put up to keep the remaining unaffected patients in the premises. Only one of the seven gates can actually be seen and it is located in Hellam Township. The gate is said to only be visible by night and is located off of Trout Run Road. However, this is private property so you will want to get permission if you are planning on visiting this area.