25 Of The Strangest Hotels Visited By The Ghost Adventures Crew

Made popular by the many who are drawn in by the allure of the paranormal, Ghost Adventures is about a lively group paranormal investigators, whose job it is to investigate, well... the not-so-lovely. Among their travels include exotic locations that few have visited as well as common tourist spots that have long withstood a spooky reputation. Whether or not what they find is accurate and true doesn't take away from the fact that the show provides an exciting glimpse into mysteries we know nothing about. It's this common theme throughout each and every show that keeps us coming back for more.

Everyone's favorite episodes seem to be the ones in which these paranormal experts take on hotels. Whether it's the idea that these are places that anyone can spend a night at or just the idea that someone -- or something -- is haunting a once-popular location, there's no denying that we've been riveted. We're going to explore 25 of the most popular spooky hotspots that have seen the likes of Ghost Adventures. Some of these are very well-known from literature or film while others are lesser known with intriguing stories of their own. The one fact that remains the same is this: There's no way you'd catch any of us staying in any hotel like these.

25 The Stanley Hotel


This iconic hotel is so well-known due to its feature in Stephen King's The Shining. The hotel itself has a massive presence, set against the mountains of Colorado at Estes Park. The hotel itself was built in 1907 and is fully outfitted today with the same charm it held over 100 years ago. Many stories have been shared about those still haunting this building, some of the most popular experienced by King himself during his personal stay in the hotel. These events are what sparked The Shining and have led many a paranormal investigator to this hotel. 

24 Jerome Grand Hotel


The Jerome Grand Hotel is located in Jerome, Arizona, and is well-known by many of the locals for a supposed unrest among those who are trapped there. The Ghost Adventures team took it upon themselves to explore these local claims a bit further, as there were stories of "angry" spirits who had yet to move on. The team performed their investigation, making it their goal to calm these restless souls in order to bring relief to the town. Whether or not they were successful, however, has yet to be seen. 

23 Wolf Creek Inn


This classic inn has its own unique stories. The locals have claimed reports of an angry and noticeably aggressive presence in the area, which is what led investigators to look into the claims in the first place. While it appears quaint and unassuming from the outside, this historic Oregon inn is filled with tales that would scare the socks off most people who choose to spend the night. Anything from apparitions and a mysterious creature who was reported to be "vampire-like" was fair game in this episode. 

22 Cosmopolitan Hotel


San Diego is home to plenty of attractions, but this one is a bit less fun and exciting than most in the area. The Cosmopolitan Hotel saw its fair share of drama and scandal, much of which many believe is still very alive within its walls. The team explored accounts of unnatural sounds as well as phantom parties that never seemed to appear when investigated by the locals. This two-century-old building is home to plenty of secrets which Ghost Adventures did their best to bring to life.

21 Hotel Leger


Hotel Leger is one place you wouldn't want to be caught in by yourself at night... or any time of day, for that matter. It's one of the oldest hotels in California and is believed to be home to an ominous presence that refuses to leave. The town itself has a rough history, only adding to the tragedy of the massive fire that ripped through Hotel Leger. Investigators explored claims directly related to the basement of the building, where reports of growling and hair-pulling were only some of what people had experienced.

20 National Hotel


Yet another hotel located in California, the National Hotel has seen its fair share of heartache and tragedy. Countless tales of past visitors have kept its haunted history alive, including recently, when a man took his own life during a police raid. This story is one of many that investigators heard before their initial exploration, forcing them to take into account the sinister presence that might still take up residence in this hotel. The creepiest thing the team witnessed during this episode was a door that seemingly locked -- then unlocked -- on its own.

19 Brookdale Lodge


Brookdale Lodge, which was recently renovated and reopened, was a hotspot of activity for the Ghost Adventures crew. The story that brought them there was a tragic one, telling of a girl who sadly lost her life while swimming in the hotel's pool. Prior to the renovation, the hotel had been claimed by nature as overgrowth had taken its toll on the building itself, adding to the overall aura of this location. Since its renovation, it has been repaired, but its reputation still follows it.

18 Baker Hotel


This hotel, located in Texas, was the source of claims that "crazy water" was the cause of so much paranormal action surrounding the area. The area, called Mineral Wells, was known for its questionable water source. Some attribute this to the reason behind why so many supposedly haunt the hotel. During their investigation, one investigator reported that he was momentarily possessed by a spirit. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen but it's scary nevertheless.

17 Black Swan Inn


No, it has nothing to do with the movie -- but the Black Swan Inn does have its own story. Located in San Antonio, Texas, this inn exudes southern charm on the outside but its history reveals something far darker. The building itself sits atop old battlegrounds, leading to what some believe is the cause of unrest. During their investigation, the team witnessed what they assumed to be otherworldly communication between a spirit and the owners. Who this spirit remained to be examined.

16 St. James Hotel


New Mexico is home to everything from ghostly encounters to encounters of the fourth kind. In addition to Roswell and conspiracies such as Area 51, the St. James Hotel has its own mystery that was deemed worthy for the Ghost Adventures team. It was rumored that stars such as Buffalo Bill Cody and Jesse James stayed there in their day, contributing to much of the activity that the hotel is known for today. Room 18 in the hotel is rumored to be so badly haunted, that the staff keeps it padlocked shut from the outside in order to keep people out.

15 Magnolia Hotel


While the name of this hotel makes it seem innocent, it does have quite a history of its own. Located in Seguin, Texas, the Magnolia Hotel is said to be the unfortunate victim of a notorious crime that was committed nearby. When William Faust took the life of his wife, it was rumored that his spirit remained in the hotel, since that's where he stayed prior to the incident. To this day, visitors repeat an ominous presence and being physically attacked by something that remains to be seen.

14 Plaza Hotel


The Plaza Hotel is well-known in Vegas for having a long history, albeit a somewhat dark one. While it's unclear where this supposed negative energy spawned from, visitors -- mainly women -- report feeling very uncomfortable and unwelcome throughout their stay. Some have even reported much scarier instances, claiming that some type of presence does not want them there. Additionally, room 310 is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the hotel as it was once an office for the hotel's owner.

13 Clown Motel


Not only is the name of this motel creepy as heck, but the actual motel is fairly creepy in appearance, too. If you're scared of clowns then this is definitely not the place to be booking your next stay. The motel is located in Tonopah, Nevada and not only is it rumored to be haunted, but the entire building is outfitted in clown paraphernalia. This has only encouraged the negative feelings that visitors have when staying here, much of which is backed up by the motel staff.

12 Fairmont Hotel


The Fairmont Hotel is located in Deadwood, South Dakota and the Ghost Adventures team was drawn there by a powerful claim made by the current owner. He claimed that whichever dark presence still resides in the building was actually the cause of a heart attack he'd suffered prior to the investigation. Whether or not that's true has not been confirmed, but it's a strong claim to make based on something that many don't believe in. It was an interesting, albeit scary, experience for the team, to say the least.

11 Lava Hot Springs Inn


Surprisingly, this history of the Lava Hot Springs Inn is one that many wouldn't believe just by looking at it. Before the Inn was a hotel, it was a sanatorium... Not only is this nerve-wracking, but it lends the question of, "what's still left there?" While the building itself is architecturally flawless and set against a beautiful backdrop, it still has a bit of a creepy nature given its past. The mineral baths were used to treat soldiers during war times and visitors claim that another presence can be felt there.

10 De Soto Hotel


While not the most visually appealing hotel in El Paso, Texas, the De Soto Hotel has its own claims of a haunting. The history of this hotel is a bit different than other locations the team has explored, mainly because the activity seems to be encouraged rather than feared. It was quickly revealed that the basement was home to a form of dark worship, something that was human-made and likely the cause for much of the negative energy associated with the building.

9 Stone Lion Inn


Yet another location where the spooks were likely brought in by humans themselves, the Stone Lion Inn is no stranger to seances. When the team from Ghost Adventures arrived on the scene, they learned that the owner used this summoning to add a realistic level to her mystery parties. These shows took place in a cemetery local to the inn, leading to the feeling that something sinister is never too far away. Additionally, the building was once owned by F.E. Houghton, who allowed an undertaker to used part of the home as a mortuary when faced with financial struggle.

8 Mizpah Hotel


Also in Tonopah, Nevada, is the Mizpah hotel. While it doesn't seem like much on the outside, it has a relatively creepy history that drew the Ghost Adventures team to it. Whatever is haunting this building does not appear to be shy in the slightest, as visitors have claimed to be witness to doors opening and closing... On elevators that were previously deemed out of order. This is only one of the mysteries of the hotel in an episode where the team got more than they bargained for.

7 Jackson House Hotel


The Jackson House Hotel is ever-charming on the outside but holds quite a spooky history once you dive into its past. The hotel is located in Eureka, Nevada, a mining town with quite the history of its own. Visitors to the hotel firmly believe that it's haunted and the staff tends to back up this claim. The hauntings have become so prevalent in the building, that visitors have actually requested to switch out of various rooms in order to avoid them. The most haunted of all being the Jackson Suite, which the owner claims are the least requested.

6 The Copper Queen


From the outside, The Copper Queen just seems like a hotel that you wouldn't want to spend a night out -- Unless you were bargaining for some serious spirits. Whether or not this hotel -- or any, for that matter -- is actually haunted remains to be seen, but there's no denying that's it certainly has a creep factor. The Copper Queen has earned the title of the longest-running, as well as the oldest, hotel in Arizona, making it the perfect setting for spooky ghost tales.

5 Oliver House


The Oliver House was a bonus for the team, who stopped here after investigating The Copper Queen. This location is well-known in Arizona for its many incidents, many of which have been experienced by visitors. Upon their investigation, the team claimed to have heard unnatural screams, something that many have claimed to hear in the building. This, combined with their exploration of The Copper Queen, made for a quite entertaining and creepy episode for viewers. This was one of the rare times when the team got two spooks for the price of one.

4 Riviera Hotel And Casino


This was a special episode for the crew of Ghost Adventures because it allowed them to stay in their own hometown. Since they're based out of Las Vegas, this investigation required zero travel for them to prove or debunk the claims of the Riviera Hotel and Casino. With its long Nevada history, the team was pretty excited having the chance to check out local folklore, making for a great episode. What they found turned out to be just as interesting and made even better by the fact that it was right around the corner.

3 Goldfield Hotel


Also located in Nevada, the Goldfield Hotel was a special on Ghost Adventures. Unlike other episodes of hotel investigations, this was quite different in terms of what the crew had to do. The hotel was not open to the public and the hauntings were said to be so bad, that the owner felt they had no choice but to shut it down to the public permanently. Its reputation preceded it and the team found out quickly that whatever was in this building was no joking matter.

2 Longfellow's Wayside Inn


This episode was part of a Valentine's Day special (yes, even ghost shows have them) due to the tragic romance of a story that accompanied it. The inn is one of the oldest operating in the United States and is home to what is supposedly the oldest female ghost in the country as well. It's rumored that she awaits her love, transcending time and tragedy until he comes home to her. It's this story that drew the crew to the famous inn, as well as its rich seaside history.

1 Ancient Ram Inn


The Ancient Ram Inn was once the residence of a priest, presenting itself as an interesting investigation for the crew. The inn's history, however, becomes much darker from that point on. Through various owners, including claims of one being a witch, the inn becomes home to a sinister past. The current owners found skeletal remains under the staircase as well as signs of dark worship, all leading up to the investigation done by the Ghost Adventures crew. It was one of the more horrifying episodes of the series, to say the least.

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