25 Of The Strangest Cruises People Will Regret Booking Instantly

Did you know you could cruise around the world, sipping tropical drinks and lounging by the pool with zombies like the ones from the hit television show The Walking Dead? How about joining a cruise where you can meet fellow cat lovers and join a bunch of cat parties? Yes, these types of cruises exist and they just might be some of the wackiest themed cruises ever created.

There are hundreds of themed cruises offered around the world that allow people with specific interests to meet others with the same passions. Whether it's a love for shows like Star Trek, a passion for knitting or you're a Harley rider and want to meet other guys and gals who have a love for bikes, you can find a cruise that's suited just for you. A themed cruise can be a lot more fun than your average cruise, and you might just meet some cool people, with the same interests as you and become lifelong friends.

If you are traveling solo, these cruises are perfect since you'll be placed in a group with people with the same admiration for whatever the theme is. Plus, you'll get to join many fun activities and excursions and leave with awesome memories.

We've listed 25 of the wackiest cruises that actually exist and that people actually take. You never know, you might just want to board one of these cruises and experience it for yourself.

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25 Zumba Cruise

Photo Via: serinamorris.com

If you love going to your Zumba class with your friends and family than you'll want to check out this cruise which partnered with Royal Caribbean to give its travelers the ultimate Zumba experience. You'll spend your days doing intense dance-infused workouts, accompanied by live music and DJs playing hits for you to get your body moving. As you sail along the Caribbean Sea, you'll be led by 50 of the best celebrity Zumba instructors who will kick start your mornings. You'll be surrounded by Zumba lovers and you'll get to explore two tropical destinations, Freeport and the private island paradise of Labadee.

24 Conspira-Sea Cruise

Photo Via: wired.com

If you're a fan of conspiracy theories and want to get your mind blown then you'll want to hop aboard the Conspira-Sea Cruise. This seven-day cruise is a "truth-telling, spiritually enriching event" that promises to uncover the truth about things conspiratorial. According to the website, there are a variety of topics that will be discussed, including, GMOs, bee colony collapse, ecology, global warming, climate change, vaccinations, government corruption, JFK, and technology suppression and a ton more. The cruise also will explore how to heal with spiritual practices and holistic health.

23 Walking Dead Cruise

Photo Via: skybound.com

Fans of The Walking Dead will want to be a part of this fun four day Bahamas cruise, which features all things zombie and you'll even have a chance to meet some stars from the hit show. According to Thrillist Travel, passengers will spend their cruise vacation dressed as zombies, attending zombie panels, and getting made up by professional makeup artists. You'll be on a ship pretty much overrun with zombies and even take some zombie selfies. Passengers on board the cruise will get to meet a few stars that were apart of the show as well. Last year, the cruise welcomed actors Michael Cudlitz, Katelyn Nacon and others onboard the ship!

22 Meow Meow Cruise

Photo Via: stacker.com

The Meow Meow Cruise may confuse people into thinking that there are a bunch of cats roaming around a cruise ship, but that's entirely untrue, unfortunately. However, the cruise is made for cat lovers and those who want to meet other people who love cats just as much. All the events on the cruise are cat-themed, with names like the Meow Meow Mixer, Meow Meow Trivia, and Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts. But the cruise is ultimately just like any other cruise and packed with people who want to have fun, but also want to talk about cats, quite a lot.

21 Australian Psychics Cruise

Photo Via: divadestinations.co.uk

Meet four of the best mediums in the whole of Australia on this psychic cruise, which is also been called a spiritual getaway. Passengers onboard this cruise will get to watch the readings and psychic abilities of popular Australian mediums. Organizers put on a slew of events focused around the psychic powers of the stars but also features excursions on to the nearby Pacific islands, including traveling to Noumea, Isle of Pines and Mare. If you are a fan of medium shows and their abilities to talk to the other side, while getting some spiritual guidance and clarity, you might want to book a ticket to this cruise.

20 NASCAR The Cruise

Photo Via: latimes.com

NASCAR fanatics will really enjoy this cruise, which saw former drivers Richard Petty, Davey Allison, and Rusty Wallace join hundreds of passengers for a fun and thrilling experience. This themed cruise also saw some killer live performances from the Beach Boys, 38 Special, and comedian John Heffron. You'll get to meet tons of people who are just as obsessed with NASCAR as you are. Passengers will have a chance to interact with the talent while visiting the Bahamas and Florida with port stops at Key West, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Bay. According to Thrillist Travel, "the cruise is held during NASCAR's brief offseason, so nobody has to anguish about streaming the Save Mart 350 over cruise Wi-Fi."

19 Ghost Hunter Cruise

Photo Via: silversea.com

Board the Norwegian Pearl to experience hauntings, ghosts and meet the stars of SYFY's Ghost Hunters. This weeklong Ghost Hunter Cruise educates its passengers about the paranormal while meeting stars of the hit show. The cruise leaves from one of America's most haunted cities New Orleans, and offers ghost-hunting shore excursions along the eastern coast of Mexico and Central America, reports Thrillist Travel. If you aren't fond of ghost and ghouls, you may want to skip this one out because it won’t be for the faint of heart.

18 National Review Cruise

Photo Via: nationalreview.com

Sailing out from Southampton, England, the National Review Cruise calls for all fans of the leading conservative magazine to hop aboard for a voyage filled with seminars and cocktail parties. According to Thrillist Travel, the National Review Cruise hosts seminars from the likes of former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, novelist Mark Helprin, and National Review columnist Rob Long. If you want to party like a Republican, consider getting your very own ticket to this cruise. After seminars, voyagers get to know everyone a little bit better with cocktail parties and cigars all night.

17 Knitting Cruise

Photo Via: andreawongknits.wordpress.com

Knitters unite! The Knitting Cruise is but one niche in the entire genre of craft cruises, and features knitting seminars, to crocheting and needlepoint, reports Thrillist Travel. Meet fellow knitters on board and share your love for the craft. Passengers will learn the finer points of knitting from experts and port stops feature yarn shops, markets, and craft houses. The cruise also has knitting mixers, where groups can meet each other after dinner, exclusive knitting parties and knitting cruise port lectures. You'll improve your skill all while traveling around beautiful Alaska.

16 Star Trek: The Cruise

Photo Via: geekgals.co

Sailing from Miami, Florida to Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya, Mexico and back, the Star Trek Cruise is as if you were heading to one of their popular conventions, except these fanatics all have Pina Coladas or Mai Tai's in their hand and are soaking in the sun next to the swimming pool. Fans of Star Trek travel to these locations for a week and have days filled with chess tournaments and Q&A's from former stars. There are also Star Trek themed bars on the cruise! Many alums have joined their fans onboard this cruise including the only and one George Takei.

15 Hogs On The High Seas Western Caribbean

Photo Via: 5newsonline.com

Travel and Leisure recommend the Hogs on the High Seas Western Caribbean for those who love motorcycles and want to meet fellow bike enthusiasts all while enjoying fun in the sun aboard a cruise ship. This high seas trade shows showcases vendors who show off their goods and offer giveaways, with one lucky voyager having the chance to win their very own motorcycle. Cruises can rent bikes on the ports if they wish, visiting tropical places like Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With over 1,000 participants HOHS takes over a dining room and makes the dress code biker casual, so have your leather ready!

14 Spotlight On Chocolate Caribbean

Photo Via: kvpr.org

Chocoholics can all meet onboard this cruise ship which features chocolate experts and, of course, a plethora of chocolate to eat. Passengers aboard the Seven Seas Navigator, going round trip from Fort Lauderdale, visiting the Bahamas, Grand Turk, Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Bart's, San Juan, St. Thomas, and Antigua will get to meet pastry chef's who love chocolate just as much as you do. Cruisers can attend lectures that actually focus on the healthy and restorative qualities of chocolate and interact with chocolate experts, including a prestigious chocolatier and learn more about the product. There's also chocolate tea held on one afternoon, according to Travel and Leisure.

13 Great Gig In The Sea Pink Floyd Themed Cruise

Photo Via: cruisecritic.com

Major fans of English rock band Pink Floyd will have the time of their lives aboard the Carnival Imagination, traveling round trip from Miami with a port call in Nassau, Bahamas. Passengers will have fun in the sun aboard this cruise with a concert experience featuring the band Pink Floyd USA: The American Pink Floyd Show, a four-year-old cover band. According to Travel and Leisure, the band will perform a retrospective of Pink Floyd's classics along with an elaborate light show. Pink Floyd's real guitarist, David Gilmour even praised the cover band and their work.

12 Clothing-Optional Homecoming Cruise

Photo Via: royalcaribbeanblog.com

If you have no problem being naked 24/7, you'll want to check out the Clothing-Optional Homecoming Cruise on the Carnival Legend, round trip from Tampa, visiting Key West, Montego Bay, and Cozumel. You'll have to wear clothes with boarding the ship, but once it hits international waters, all areas are nude except the main dining area and fancy steak house, reports Travel and Leisure. There are also full workshops for cruisers to enjoy, including draw the nude art sessions. Couples can enjoy massages and visitors can enjoy sunbathing naked in the pool.

11 Fashion And Style Cruise

Photo Via: tripsavvy.com

Bring your A-game and your best looks if you're boarding this Fashion and Style Cruise that travels from Beijing to Hong Kong, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Osaka. According to Travel and Leisure, plenty of fashion experts will be on board offering a history of Asian fashion and providing the best shopping tips for cruisers. Passengers will hear from Hong Kong-based shopping specialist Carole Klein among others. There are plenty of activities on the ship, including, lectures, fashion-themed dinners, and a showing of movies based around fashion. Of course, there will also be shopping malls and markets for you to get your hands on some pretty neat stuff.

10 Evolution Emanation Cruise

Photo Via: cruisebrothers.com

Let your inner geek roam free on this Evolution Emanation Cruise where you can access up to 20 seminars on topics like The History of Life on Earth, The Evolution of the Genetic Code, and The Mathematics of the Mind: Exploring the Formal Foundations of Human Thought. The cruise is sponsored by Scientific American magazine. Cruisers will enjoy many of these lectures while traveling round trip from Fort Lauderdale, visiting the Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, and Costa Rica, and cruising the Panama Canal. Don't sit in the sun too long; you're going to have to use your brain a lot for this cruise.

9 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cruise

Photo Via: syfy.com

Like the Star Trek cruise, passengers who loved and still rewatch ultimate vampire slayer Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer can hop aboard the Carnival Valor and experience a week on the sea with other major fans and a few of the cast mates of the popular show. This cruise offers Slayer conventions, and cruisers will get signed photos of all the celebrity guests and a group photo with you and the stars. The cruise features a star-studded karaoke night and improv session. If you're lucky, you can even dine with a star from the show, like Amber Benson, who played Tara on the hit show.

8 Psychic Medium Cruise

Photo Via: meetmattfraser.com

Another fantastic psychic medium cruise takes place on the Carnival Valor with round trips from Miami, visiting Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan, Honduras. The Psychic Medium Cruise is hosted by two internationally recognized psychic mediums, Joanne Gerber and Rita Berkowitz reports Travel and Leisure. Gerber is a medium and spiritual teacher based in Boston, and Berkowitz is a spiritual artist and clairvoyant, based in Hanover, Massachusetts. There are two shows on the cruise with both psychics, lectures and group readings, and private readings are even available for a fee.

7 SpyCruise 2009

Photo Via: nurse.org

Meet real-life James Bonds on this cruise, where you'll listen to lectures from intelligence experts on subjects pertaining to clandestine equipment and more. Travel and Leisure state that the Spy Cruise features social hours with former spies from the CIA, KGB, and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Security Service. Shore excursions also carry the theme wherein Istanbul, passengers will visit the home and office of Kim Philby, the British Secret Intelligence Service officer and local station commander during World War II who was also a doubt agent. On Oceania Nautica, Black Sea itinerary travels from Istanbul Athens and includes port stops in Russia and Ukraine.

6 Poker Challenge Cruise

Photo Via: cruisemates.com

Fans of poker and playing for high stakes will want to board this Poker Challenge Cruise if they're feeling lucky. According to Travelversed, this cruise is perfect for anyone who believes they have "perfected the art of poker and knows that they can walk away from a winner." The main event of this weeklong cruise is the Annual Norwegian Poker Challenge, which features a whopping $250,000 cash prize. However, even if you don't qualify for the big poker challenge, don't fret, there are other smaller daily poker tourneys on the ship for you to perfect your game.

5 Cougar Cruise

Photo Via: nydailynews.com

Calling all women age 50 and over, this Cougar Cruise is run by a company called Society of Single Professionals and offers a fun experience for women looking to date younger men. Travelers on this cruise can get to know one another, and older women and bond over their admiration for the younger male. However, according to Travelversed, this themed cruise had its last voyage in 2014 due to lack of interest and bad publicity after a food fight occurred between two younger men on one of their week-long cruises. Still, this is definitely one of the wackiest cruises on this list.

4 Eclipse Cruises

Photo Via: gqindia.com

These cruises are made specifically for people and astronomers who want to witness the stunning and rare event of an eclipse, and what is better than seeing this natural phenomenon than on a ship surrounded by miles of water? These avid eclipse watchers go to a wide array of locations all over the Earth to see such an event and they get to see the eclipse from the best possible angle. If you're interested in joining people on this cruise, you're going to have to look up when the next lunar eclipse will happen!

3 Strictly Come Dancing Cruise

Photo Via: cruisehive.com

The Strictly Come Dancing Cruise is great for people who love to dance and want to learn some new and exciting dance moves. The cruise allows you to experience the glitz and glam and the different types of dance fromof the popular British television show Strictly Come Dancing while on a cruise ship. The show is very similar to Dancing With the Stars where celebrities show their skills and compete against each other to win first place as the ultimate dancer. According to Travelversed, the cruise features performers from the show, gives passengers access to private shows, dance lessons, and autograph sessions with famous dancers.

2 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise

Photo Via: travelandleisure.com

This cruise is perfect for that metalhead in your group of friends who wants to do nothing more but to hang bang to his or her favorite metal songs. 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise (what a perfect name by the way), has cruisers enjoying their days with endless mosh pits and heavy metal music. This cruise has been sailing for quite a few years now and it's seen some cool talent and continues to keep their guests entertained with lively and pulsating music. Travelversed states that the cruise even features shore excursions guided by some of these musical rock stars.

1 Zen Cruise

Photo Via: cnn.com

Vacations are the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of normal life and relax. What could be better than taking a cruise that is all about finding your Zen and feeling at peace? The Zen Cruise is like a yoga retreat, except it’s on a luxury cruise liner. According to Travelversed, the cruise "focuses on mindfulness and relaxation like no other cruise on Earth." While on board cruisers are offered guided meditations, shamanic ceremonies, musical performances and a lot of yoga. If you’re looking to find your inner self and peace of mind, you might want to book this cruise as your next ultimate getaway.

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