Walmart can be considered an 'odd' place even at the best of times, regardless of whether or not you're from America or are a foreigner. It's just a shop that doesn't seem to have any kind of 'rules' and while that may be something that some readers out there may not care about, we'd prefer to see some things be left to the imagination - or, in some instances, not even that.

The twenty items that we're about to discuss either have been, or are currently, being sold in Walmarts across the United States of America. We can already tell you now that many of you are going to disagree with them being labelled as 'questionable' and while we can completely sympathise with that, it doesn't make them any less baffling to us on a personal level.

Without Walmart the world, and the States particularly, would likely look a lot different, but in what way? That's the question that we're dying to know the answer to, but given that the chain appears to be getting stronger as the years go on, it seems like we probably won't find out what would happen if Walmart ever did go under.

That's not to suggest that we want to see it happen, but come on, you've got to admit that it's an intriguing possibility. Then again, given the nature of America's 'extravagance' we wouldn't be surprised to discover that many other top shops are selling these items too.

So with of all that being said, let's get started, shall we?

25 Pickle Ice Pops - Ew!

We're going to dive straight into the weird and wonderful (that second part is debatable) with these pickle ice pops. Now, while these may seem quite appealing to some people we can't say that we're massive fans, mainly because the pickle is an acquired taste - and it's not something we can picture working in an ice pop format.

Again, maybe we're missing a trick or two here, but it just feels like there are so many better alternatives out there. Perhaps these are great selections for people who are too lazy to buy actual pickles, but if that's the case, then we aren't sure if this is the ideal substitute.

24 Machete - Please, Stop

This is one of the many controversial selections that we're going to get to, and we don't want to 'go on' too much about it. At the end of the day, buying a machete is something that is useful dependant on certain walks of life, but we all know that they can easily be used for evil purposes, too.

You could say the same thing about knives, but it just feels odd that you're able to walk into a shop in the States and buy a machete. Even if that's a perfectly legal thing to do that doesn't make it feel any less bizarre, particularly if you aren't familiar with the culture over there.

23 30-Day Emergency Food Stash - Questionable

Given the unpredictable weather over in the States, it makes a lot of sense to have an emergency food stash available. Most of the time this will need to last for around three or four days, or perhaps even a week if you're in temporary housing - but 30 days?

We can understand the logic behind it but 30 days seems like an awfully long time. Maybe we're the ones missing something here, but in what kind of scenario would you need to have emergency food stored up for that long? Kudos to Walmart for giving it a go, but we're still left thinking 'wait, what?'.

22 Decoy Deer - Right, Okay

Hunting is very popular over in the US of A, with men and women from any and all States giving it a go at one point or another during their lifetime. Now, while we can understand why they do this, items like the above decoy deer seem like very 'particular' things to sell in a supermarket.

If you're at a hunting goods shop then sure, it makes all the sense in the world, but in a supermarket? You'll undoubtedly run into a series of anti-hunting individuals who are walking along the aisles before this catches their eye, which can lead to an unpleasant situation for the staff.

21 Bud Light Kids Slippers - No Thank You

Bud Light is one of the more popular beverages to be found throughout the United States, and it's been that way for years and years now. Whether it's due to the taste or the overall success of their marketing techniques, you can always count on Bud Light to sell good numbers.

Alas, while we can appreciate that they want to 'stretch their legs' in terms of advertising their product, this isn't the way to go. While we couldn't find them available in the present day, Walmart used to sell children's slippers that had the Bud Light logo on them. Irresponsible, much?

20 MLB Official Urn - Intriguing But Odd

We have so many questions about this.

As you can probably tell by the title, the following is an official Major League Baseball urn that is specially designed for the person in question who has sadly passed away. While we can appreciate the dedication and commitment to honouring the individual, we're curious to know how Walmart was able to get the green light for selling this product.

It's quite a morbid thing to be putting out there, especially given that the partnership with the MLB itself feels very random. There's a reason why most funeral operators don't sell things like caskets in the local supermarket - because it just doesn't feel right.

19 Giant Lighter - Good Lord

The above image is only one of the many examples we found regarding giant lighters that are available at Walmart. Now, while that might seem normal to some, it really doesn't feel like this is an ideology that we should be promoting in the public eye.

They can be used for a variety of different purposes, yes, but it's also incredibly dangerous. We're going to assume that the proper measures are in place for certain age ranges being unable to purchase these, but even if that's the case, it's still very risky and we don't think that's an outrageous thing to say.

18 Fast Food - McDonald’s?

It's no secret that there's something of an obesity epidemic raging through the United States, and it's going to take a long time to rectify that. One thing that isn't going to help the cause, however, is putting fast food restaurants right in the middle of Walmart stores.

McDonald's is one of the biggest contributors to the obesity issue that we're describing, and it just seems baffling that Walmart thinks it's a good idea to feature some of their restaurants in their shops. While it may be great from a financial standpoint, that shouldn't be the only thing that they're taking into consideration here.

17 The ‘It’ Mask - So Creepy

Not only does Walmart sell the above Pennywise masks from the popular 'It' film franchise, but it also sells the new version from the 2017 edition. If we put aside the fact that it's incredibly creepy for a second, imagine how spooky it'd be for children who walk along the aisles and see that.

Again, it all comes down to Walmart seemingly not knowing where to draw the line with things that they're selling to the public. If they thought about these kinds of things instead of just throwing it all out there for everyone to see, then they may have a slightly better reputation.

16 Big Baby Inflatable - So Bizarre

In what world is this a costume that people would actually buy? Sure, we all had a good chuckle at the inflatable baby that flew through the streets of London a few months back, but actually seeing a real-life human being donning the ensemble is just weird.

We love that it's something that'll make people laugh, we really do, but that in itself seems like a far-fetched prospect! Just imagine going to a Halloween party in this and suddenly realising that you need to take a trip to the toilet. The simple logistics alone would make things incredibly uncomfortable.

15 That Elmo Shirt - Absolutely Not What We want to see

We're going to confess to something right here, right now: we're a little bit terrified of Elmo, the Muppets, Sesame Street, and that entire 'gang' if you will. We just can't possibly fathom how anyone can find enjoyment from these puppets, but we digress, that's a personal battle.

Even if you love them, though, how can you feel anything but utter dread upon gazing at this roided-up version of Elmo? The guy looks like he's about ready to bite your head off, as if he's been stealing some of the Cookie Monster's protein.

Honestly, sometimes we just have to sit back and think to ourselves 'is this really happening'.

14 Powdered Peanut Butter - Wait, What?

Peanut butter is a very USA 'thing' in the same way that fish & chips are a very British 'thing'. We enjoy it over here in Britain all the same and countries around the world also like to spread peanut butter on things every now and then, but the USA has taken things a step too far.

Honestly, powdered peanut butter sounds like the most most absurd delicacy imaginable. It was made to be sampled in its original form, and it shouldn't be beaten down to the point where it's less of a liquid and more of a physical product. Enough is enough!

13 Firearms - No Comment

We're going to start and finish this entry as quickly as we possibly can, because nothing that we say about this issue is going to differ from the millions upon millions of folks out there who have already made their voices heard in an attempt to create change.

We've included this as an entry in the list so that people can make up their own minds regarding whether or not they think it's worthy and an inclusion, as is the case with every other entry. We apologise if you feel like this is a 'cop out', but as you can appreciate, it's a sensitive subject.

12 The T-Rex Inflatable - So Very Mainstream

For reasons that we quite literally can't explain, a new phenomenon has risen up over the course of the last few months on social media: T-Rex costumes. They're as odd as they are amusing, and they've created quite the surge in costume purchases as you can imagine.

This definitely falls into the 'questionable' category because as much as we want to say that we love it, it just feels unusual to see Walmart selling something like this.

As far as great content goes, we're confident that we've ensured a 'slight' rise in YouTube searches for this sub-genre of entertainment. Well, we hope.

11 VIP Toilet Seat - Extremely Cheesy

You've got to be on a whole new level of crazy in order to purchase a VIP lounge toilet seat - well, at least, in our minds. It seems incredibly weird to even entertain the idea of buying one of these, but hey, if it's out there on the market then there must be a demand for it, right?

We'd love to see the kind of people that walk into Walmart and buy this, because they must do so with a certain 'subtly' in comparison to the other products they buy. Then again, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that most folks buy these online to save themselves the questions or looks from the cashiers.

10 Role Play Beards - Why Not, I Guess

Duck Dynasty has taken on a whole new life of its own in the last few years, since initially debuting back in 2012. As such, they've been able to expand their audience to the point where millions tune in to watch them - and, of course, to appreciate their extraordinary beards.

Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of growing such majestic beards, which is why we've been given the chance to wear them ourselves. It may seem like a promising venture at first, but once you really get a chance to think about it, the whole idea is just downright strange.

9 The Exorcist Head Platter - No, No, No

No, no, no. Seriously, can we just have a horror-specific shop or two that can take the motherload of spooky items away from Walmart that we've listed? This platter takes things to the next level in ways that we could never have imagined, and if this was a rollercoaster, we'd be pushing the stop button right about now.

You'd have to be truly dedicated to the genre in order to buy this, mainly because you could probably buy so many other things that are worthwhile - not only for your health, but for your general wellbeing. Everyone likes what they like, and we get that, but we can't get on board with this.

8 Axe - Very Irresponsible

If you do a thorough enough search on Google you'd easily be able to locate dozens of places that will sell you an axe over in the United States. That much is a given, which is why it baffles us that Walmart continues to insist upon selling them.

Most people go into Walmart in search of some weekly shopping items, and they need to stop trying to do too much at once. It's getting a little bit scary, even if 99.9% of people just want to buy an axe for logistical purposes.

Please, stop acting impulsively, Walmart, for everyone's sake.

7 Butter Flavoured Oil - Heart Attack City

What would make oil even worse for you? We know: make it butter flavoured! The initial idea sounds pretty gross, and in execution, it isn't much better. Honestly, it seems as if there are no real guidelines behind making these items anymore, and that's a scary prospect.

We're sure that it tastes perfectly fine to those of you out there who enjoy butter in your olive oil, but we can't even begin to fathom the effects this has on your body.

Maybe we're entirely overexaggerating this and that is a distinct possibility, but we're definitely going to question it.

6 Camouflage Cake Mixture - Incognito

Does the above cake look like a Halloween cake to you? It certainly does to us, which is why we're questioning why a camouflage cake even needs to exist. Honestly, it feels like there's no real rhyme or reason beyond it looking kinda cool, and even that is a bit of a stretch.

If there are different flavours presented to us with every single bite then we might be interested, but we're going to go out on a limb here and suggest that isn't even remotely the case.

Bravo for the design if it was intended that way, but in summary, this is the perfect example as to why we want to spend a day inside the brain of the higher-ups at Walmart.