Movies capture something that we can't experience in real life. They tell a story with characters that usually don't exist in real life. Movies act as an escape for most people and that is why they continue to do so well in mainstream media. There are so many things that go into making a movie. A movie must have good writing and writers on the team to write a cohesive story. The movie must have a director and producers. Then come the editors and the rest of the team. There are many aspects of a movie that are often overlooked. One of these aspects is the location in which a film took place.

Sometimes movies will take place in real life places and cities while others will take place in a fictional world. In these situations, directors have to try their best to emulate that fictional world in the real world. To do this they must find a good location and deal with the rest in post. The location of a movie is just as important as the writing or any other aspect of the film's production. However, more times than not the location is overlooked but in reality, it is helping bring the story together.

25 San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco may be one of the most expensive cities to live in, but it may be worth it as you have a chance at running across a movie being filmed once or twice. The overall Victorian style of San Francisco is one of the main reasons directors love to film in San Francisco. Many of the films and TV shows filmed here are usually more lighthearted like Mrs. Doubtfire and Full House. However, with the Golden Gate Bridge being in San Francisco it has attracted many directors to use it in their films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes

24 Rome, Italy

Rome has a lot of history behind it and that is reflected in the number of movies that are filmed there. There are many attractions here some of which directors have used in their films which include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica and many other historical sites. Some of the more notable films that were shot here include Gladiator, Spectre, Angels and Demons, and Passion of the Christ. Most of the films have a focus on history and the historical sites in Rome.

23 Ireland

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you already probably know that Ireland is a prime spot for directors to film fantasy type projects. Things like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings have large fantasy worlds that need to be represented in real life and most directors choose Ireland due to its wide-open scenery. Many of the scenes filmed in Ireland are either in old castles or are of characters walking through the large green fields in a montage segment. Some other notable movies filmed in Ireland are Star Wars and Braveheart.

22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The city of Philadelphia is a very historic city and it is no surprise that many directors choose it to film their movies in. Some films that were filmed in Philadelphia had a positive impact on the cities tourism like the film Rocky. The film did so well that the real-life Philadelphia has a monument of Sylvester Stalone's character Rocky in the downtown area. Many fans of the film visit the monument and even find the stairs that Rocky himself ran up. From the film's perspective the stairs look like they are easy to conquer but in real life, they require a lot more willpower.

21 Vancouver, Canada

Due to recent additions in Vancouver more and more film directors are deciding to move their shooting locations to Vancouver. The main changes here are the economy in Vancouver and the overall architecture. As for the money, directors are able to get tax breaks and saves them a ton versus filming in the United States. The architecture in Vancouver stands out from most other cities in Canada as it is very distinct. Movies like Juno, Percy Jackson, and even TV shows like The X-Files were filmed in Vancouver.

20 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans in its own right is a great city to film in due to its history and culture. However, it has also risen to the ranks of being a city that acts as a stand-in for other larger cities. Most modern movies will have at least a few scenes filmed in New Orleans or at least close to it. You will see many modern films due to the costs that it takes to film in New Orleans being significantly less than other popular cities. Films like Jurassic World and Django: Unchained were filmed in New Orleans.

19 Tokyo, Japan

Many films are set and filmed in Tokyo due to its sheer population and size. The culture of Japan and the history behind many of the people there it is no surprise that many film studios want to take their films to Japan. Almost all of the films that were filmed in Japan attempted (and many succeeded) in capturing Tokyo's culture on the big screen. Films like Kill Bill, Skyfall, Last Samurai, and Memoirs of a Geisha were filmed in or around Tokyo.

18 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

If you have ever seen any modern movies or TV shows, then chances are you have seen Georgia's state logo at the beginning or end of the film or show. That is because of Atlanta, Georgia has a huge film industry presence. This is mainly due to the costs of filming in the city. Atlanta is such a great place to film that it is ranked as the city most filmed in the United States. Famous films that released recently that were filmed in Atlanta are Baby Driver, Black Panther, and The Hunger Games. Shows like The Walking Dead and Atlanta also shot heavily in the city.

17 Barcelona, Spain

If you want to connect with some movies you should definitely travel overseas to Barcelona located in Spain. This city has been the backdrop of many films for many reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that landmark locations are very distinct in Barcelona and make for great places to film. The streets of Barcelona are also very distinct and unlike anywhere else in the world. The same can be said for Barcelona's architecture which is used to make scenes stick out more in films. Some movies filmed here include; The Passenger, and The Machinist. 

16 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago is known to be the third largest city in America and that has made many filmmakers want to flock there and film in the streets of Chicago. Ever since film became a popular medium, Chicago has always been a place that filmmakers have wanted to film. Ever since the peak of films being shot in Chicago hit in the 90s the city has seen less and fewer movies being filmed there. However, some very notable films have been filmed there in the past few years. These films include Sixteen Candles, The Untouchables, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Dark Knight

15 Iceland

Iceland much like other places is mainly used to film things that take place in fantasy worlds or otherworldly places. This is due to the beautiful landscapes across Iceland. You can find yourself on a huge green plain then the next minute find yourself near a glacier. Any filmmaker that is looking for these specific landscapes is in luck because Iceland is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer when trying to find otherworldly options for filming. Films like Thor: The Dark World, Batman Begins and Interstellar have been filmed here.

14 Hong Kong, China

China has quickly risen to be one of the biggest contributors to film. The industry is massively profitable in China as many directors are emerging in the country and already existing directors are flocking to China to film their next big project. Many of the successes in China's film industry are locally produced in Hong Kong which is one of the main hubs in China for the film industry. However, there have still been very notable and impactful films that have shared scenes with Hong Kong. These films include the Rush Hour series, The Departed, and Blade Runner.

13 Toronto, Canada

Similar to Vancouver Toronto is stepping up its game when it comes to the film industry. The city has become another city that acts great for a fill-in city. This is due to the lower costs it takes to film in these cities. Films like American Psycho, Cruel Intentions, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mean Girls were all filmed in Toronto. One of the most popular TV shows The Handmaid's Tale was also largely filmed in Toronto due to its old feeling architecture that helped the show brings its setting to life.

12 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is by and by considered one of the best cities in the United States. This is because the city has a rich history and culture surrounding it. Not to mention, many of the people who work in the film industry come from the city of Boston. That means many of them use their hometown as inspiration for their projects. What better place to film a project inspired by your hometown than your hometown itself! Films like The Departed, The Social Network, and Good Will Hunting were all filmed in the city.

11 London, England

London is one of the most popular places to film a movie outside of the United States. London has a large film industry operating within it and it has no intention of slowing down. There are locally made projects and even large budgeted movies from the United States are filmed in London. The city is also used as a stand-in city due to the low costs it takes to film in London. Some very notable movies have been filmed in London and they include A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, 28 Days Later, V for Vendetta, and Love Actually.

10 Paris, France

Paris is also a large contributor to the global film industry. The unique culture and architecture in the city are unlike anywhere else in the world. The city has a lot of historical and popular landmarks that always make a great backdrop for a popular film. The city produces many romantic films as the city of Paris is overall very romantic and is a place that many people choose to vacation on their honeymoon. Some notable films include Midnight in Paris, Last Tango in Paris, Inception, Les Miserables, Amelie, and Leon The Professional.

9 Los Angeles, California, USA

Where else would be the best place to make a film than in the home of Hollywood itself. There is even a large sign announcing that it is the home of the film industry. The city has been the center focus of films for over a century. LA is always the place that people go to try and make it big in the film industry. While it isn't as popular as it once was in being used to film the city still sees its fair share of big budget movies being filmed in its streets. Some of the immense amounts of movies filmed in LA include  La La Land, Blade Runner, and The Big Lebowski. 

8 New York City, New York, USA

If you thought LA was the home to filmmaking, then you may want to rethink who can take that throne. While Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood New York is where all of those films are actually being filmed. New York City makes for such a great filming location because of its unique culture and architecture that surrounds the large city. There are so many iconic spots to film in New York City and they include Central Park, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge to name a few. Films like Spiderman Homecoming and many superhero films are shot in New York City.

7 Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a popular place to film in Berlin due to its amount of respect for the film industry. The city itself breathes creativity and it is just waiting for film directors to take advantage. Berlin is a great place to start looking for filming locations if you are new to making films as the prices are low and they can offer amazing locations. Many indie films decide to film in Berlin because of these reasons. The most notable North American franchise that was filmed in Berlin would have to be the Bourne Ultimatum. 

6 Mumbai, India

If LA is the home for Hollywood then Mumbai is definitely the home of Bollywood. India produces more films than Hollywood and is one of the most profitable places in the world for the film industry. Bollywood represents 43 percent of all films to come out of India. As the film industry still grows in Mumbai it has caught the attention of western audiences a few times. One of the examples of this was the release of Slumdog: Millionaire which shocked audiences around the world at its master craft in filmmaking.