The thing with casinos is that they‘re designed to make sure you never have to step foot off the resort property. With over the top luxury amenities and activities, most casino resorts promise you’ll feel like you’re on another planet during your stay. Casinos are constantly aiming to outdo one another, be bigger, be better, and offer luxury on the grandest of scales.

When you think of casino resorts I’m sure you envision James Bond-like characters with copious amounts of champagne and very important people. Sure these types of scenarios do unfold at some casino resorts, just not as often as you’d like to imagine.

In fact, most luxury casinos offer an array of activities that have nothing to do with what you typically conjure up when you think of casinos. The excitement, the dazzling bright lights, stunning décor and architecture is an experience in itself. You’ll be shocked to read about just how much is offered at these top casino resorts.

The first known ‘casino’ wasn’t even a casino in the modern sense, rather, the Ridotto established in 1863 by the Great Council of Venice in Venice, Italy was created as a controlled environment where people could test their luck during the famous carnival season. I’ve always wondered why Venice-themed casinos are found around the world but who knew it was based on a rich historical past!

From Monaco to Macau, and of course Las Vegas, the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World”, this list (in no specific order) will fill you in on the most luxurious casino resorts to indulge in a little taste of lavish living.

25 1. Second Largest Resort on The Planet (The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada)

If you’re visiting the second largest resort in the world, you may just trick yourself into thinking you’re in Venice, the City of Love. In a recreation of the quaint city on water, you can even take an indoor gondola ride on the canal-like structure. After that visit Madame Tussaud’s wax museum or climb the 40-foot tall rock climbing wall, without even leaving the resort!

For dinner, you may be overwhelmed with the choice of over 3 dozen restaurants, but once you’ve chosen, you can have your meal brought to your room while you enjoy a bubble bath in your Romanesque tub with remote controlled curtains.

24 2. Only Universal Studios in Southeast Asia (Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore)

If you’re in Singapore do yourself a favor and visit the world’s 6th most expensive building, which is home to Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios.

Resorts World Sentosa is a lifestyle destination with something to please just about anyone. This integrated resort cost just shy of 6.59 billion dollars and offers a theme park with 24 rides, 7 themed zones, constant live shows and attractions, a world-class casino, and the list goes on.

For aquatic lovers, don’t miss out on Adventure Cove Water Park and the world’s largest interactive marine life park, all within the resort's complex.

23 3. Stay In The Tallest Building In Macau (Grand Lisboa, Macau, China)

The Grand Lisboa is a landmark destination in Macau, China and oozes glamorous luxury from its unique perfume bottled-shape appearance. Located in the heart of the city this 50 floored resort is one of the few places with 7 Michelin star restaurants.

Experience a one-of-a-kind view of Macau from its crystal topped roof, then treat yourself to ‘The Crazy Paris Show’, which has been performed for 27 years and counting! Just minutes from the Grand Lisboa is Macau’s most famous landmark, the Ruins of St-Paul which remind us of China’s remarkable historical past of 16th-century priests who tried to spread their beliefs.

22 4. Best Hotel in Australia (Crown Casino, Melbourne Australia)

When the Crown Casino Resort opened in 1997, it set the standard for luxury hotels in Australia with its impeccable attention to detail and world-class service.

Today it still holds the title for one of the largest resorts in the southern hemisphere, with its cylindrical shape giving its name, the Crown is hard to miss.

The Crown offers movie-lovers 7 Gold Class luxury cinema theatres, as well as live theatre productions daily. This art-deco designed resort offers all deluxe villas with incomparable views of the Yarra River and the CBD, and for more breath-taking views it’s only a 5-minute walk to the iconic Federation Square. There are countless reasons why Crown won ‘Best Hotel in Australia’, nationally and internationally.

21 5. Enter By a 45 Foot Bronze Statue (MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada)

Have your butler unpack your suitcases for you while you enter the MGM Grand Las Vegas, which has more than 10,000 employees ready to cater to your every need.

Initially, the entry to this resort was through a huge lion’s mouth, but this was quickly changed because it’s bad luck in Asian culture. Now, you can admire MGM’s lion mascot, Leo, by his 45-foot bronze statue, the largest sculpture in the entire USA. The MGM Grand also offers a 5 level nightclub and Hakkasan restaurant where your server will change outfits up to four times just for you!

20 6.  The Only Casino Where Locals Are Prohibited (The Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Located in the second smallest country in the world, to step foot into the elegant Casino de Monte Carlo, gentlemen must be in suit and tie.

Although smaller than Vegas-style casinos, this stunning Belle Époque building from 1858 has been featured in films such as Oceans 12 and even the original 1953 Casino Royale.

While the Casino de Monte Carlo does not offer many activities, if you’re a fan of historical monuments, this should be on your list. As one of the most elegant and luxurious buildings in Europe, and also the official Grand Theatre and Theater of Ballet de Monte Carlo, simply observing its opulent architecture is enough to draw thousands of tourists daily.

19 7. Get Lost In Maze Of The Lost City (Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa)

What could be better than the most luxurious and most thrilling resort in South Africa all in one location? The list of activities at this casino resort is endless.

I’ll begin mentioning the Valley of Waves Water Park, the Lazy River, the Botanical Gardens, the Sun City Safari and wildlife activities, the hot air balloon rides, the not one, but two legendary golf-courses, and finally the largest permanent maze in South Africa, named ‘Maze of the Lost City’.

How could I forget the option for parasailing, jet skiing, speed-boating, paintballing, archery and even horseback riding! For a taste of the local culture, you can be spoiled to a unique local tribal dance, unlike anything you’ve ever seen offered at a resort.

18 8. Live Like James Bond (Casino Estoril, Portugal

Found in the middle of Portugal’s coastal town of Cascais is the big, glamourous, modern Casino Estoril. This is a must-see destination for any true James Bond fans because it was author Ian Fleming’s inspiration for Casino Royale.

Fleming lived in Cascais and adored the close-knit beach town, sure to attract tourists for years to come. Rich in exploration and historical significance, Casino Estoril has been a known gathering spot for secret spies and adventurers. A stop at Casino Estoril will guarantee you a trip full of intrigue and inspiration.

17 9. Best People-Watching Spot (Wynn Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Wynn Las Vegas Casino and Resort is the epitome of a modern mega-casino, but it’s not your typical casino.

You can spend your day at a Mediterranean Lakeside scene at the Costa di Mare restaurant and indulge in fine dining. At the same time, you can people watch, which is an activity in itself because you might just spot your favorite A-lister!

If that’s not your thing you can peruse the luxurious boutiques lined with Venetian glass mosaic floors and even take a peek in the exclusive luxury Ferrari Maserati store.

16 10. Swim On A Postcard Worthy Infinity Pool (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)

You’ve probably seen the post-card picture of the extravagant infinity edge pool looking out onto the Singapore skyline. This must-visit resort offers an array of breath-taking views and landmarks, including the iconic Sands Sky Park- 57 floors above the ground with 360 degree views you will not find anywhere else. If that’s not enough ‘wow’ for you, watch the renowned Spectra Light and Water Show which plays every night and features laser lights shooting up towards the sky from the resort’s rooftop shaped like a ship.

15 11. Stay Underground In The Land Down Under (Desert Cave Hotel, Australia)

The Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy is sure to be an experience like no other. Enjoy Australia’s outback dug-out styled living with a choice of an underground or above ground suite (both have wi-fi!). You will truly stay in the land down under in this underground luxury casino and resort, which even has an underground bar and gaming room.

Unique to this area of Australia are the precious gems which can be seen in the historic Opal World display and jewelry store, or in its natural state found in the opal fields of Coober Pedy. Who knew luxury could be found even underground?

14 12. One Of The Oldest In The World (Casino Wiesbaden, Germany)

Although the Casino Wiesbaden in Germany is not a resort, there are countless little boutique hotels you can stay at in the vicinity while you admire the historical landmark.

Formerly located in the wine salon of The Kurhaus, Wiesbaden Casino has changed throughout history, beginning in 1771! With its neo-classical interior design and Baroque-style cascading fountains surrounded by trees almost 200 years old, if you love sight-seeing, make a stop in Wiesbaden.

Other than the rich architecture, convention center and casino, there are also hot mineral springs in the area for a luxurious spa-like treatment!

13 13. Holder of Guinness World Record For Largest Chocolate Fountain (The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Attention chocolate lovers world-wide, the world’s largest chocolate fountain at The Bellagio is a must see. The floor to ceiling display is currently the holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate fountain and boasts 2100 pounds of chocolate cascading every day!

You can also visit The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and Botanical Conservatory Gardens which change their displays each season. With a selection of 5 different outdoor pools, private cabanas, and Cirque du Soleil’s world famous show ‘O’, you will never find yourself bored at the Bellagio!

12 14. Sit Amidst A 26 Foot Aquarium (MGM Macau, China)

Simply from its outward appearance, you know the MGM Macau is no regular casino resort. Named by Forbes as a 5 Star Luxury Integrated Resort, the structure is a prime waterfront property on the Macau Peninsula.

The interior of this resort is a sight to see, with a 26-foot 360-degree aquarium. You can spend all day trying to spot all 1000 of the marine life species. With activities such as personalized body art stations to creating your own homemade sorbet and ice-cream, you might not even have time to check out the luxury retail shopping center ‘One Central’ attached to the resort.

11 15. Escape To The Highlands Of Malaysia (Resorts World Genting, Malaysia)

Only 45 minutes from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur you can take a quick getaway to Resorts World Genting, which houses Malaysia’s only casino.

Situated 1800 meters above sea level in the Highlands of Malaysia, surrounded by peaceful mountain air, you’ll find an indoor/outdoor theme park, jungle-trekking, star-gazing, zip-lines, rock-climbing, waterslides, rollercoasters and a Snow World Wonderland themed park.

For a more relaxing activity, you can take the cable car, a gondola-style scenic voyage through the Highlands and then rack your brain at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. This is one resort I can’t wait to visit!

10 16. See The Remains Of A Lost Continent (Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas)

Only in the Caribbean will you find crystal clear waters and a full luxury resort and casino with endless activities for families and couples. One of the coolest features of the Atlantis Resort and Casino is the opportunity to explore the lost city and street tunnels of a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis. Discover marine life exhibits, sunken ruins and an interactive touch aquarium. You can also snorkel at the Paradise Lagoon and Cove Beach and even pet a stingray!

This activity-packed resort offers a lazy river, a wave pool, 11 more pools, tennis courts, golf courses and a 141 acre water park. For the ultimate luxury experience, you can stay in the Bridge Suit for a measly $25,000 a night.

9 17. Ride In A Custom Rolls Royce (Ritz Club Casino, London)

The Ritz Club and Casino is the finest luxury hotel in London. Located in Piccadilly, to become a member of the Ritz Club is exclusive and prestigious to say the least. Even travel in style with the custom Ritz Rolls Royce Phantom EWB which was built with the quietest and most comfortable cabin known to the Rolls Royce fleet.

You’ll be accompanied by your complimentary driver if you stay in any of the Signature Suites. You will truly feel special and have a taste utmost luxury at the opulent Ritz Annual Ball with custom Michelin star chefs at your service.

8 18. More Authentic Than The Real Venice (The Venetian Macau, China)

The Venetian Macau is THE largest casino in the world, with its faux-Renaissance atmosphere, San Luca Canal and a replica of St. Mark's Square, if you’ve never been to Venice; this is an authentic alternative. You can even experience your own gondolier serenading you on the canal while you admire the starlit sky (painted of course, but you wouldn’t be able to tell).

The Venetian theme is carried throughout the resort, right down to the Grand Canal Shoppes located in tiny cobble stone streets. The Venetian Macau, the largest resort in Asia and second biggest building in the world, should be at the top of your bucket-list.

7 19. Luxury Casino In Connecticut, Not Vegas (Foxwoods Resort  and Casino, Connecticut)

Surprisingly this massive resort and casino is in Connecticut, but definitely worth a trip because there truly is something for every taste. With over 30 dining options to choose from, 2 award winning golf-courses, 6 nightclubs where you can dance the night away, museums and hikes for adventure lovers, at Foxwoods boredom will never come your way.

Unique to this resort is the luxury bowling alley, and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum steps from the resort where you can enrich yourself with history. Oh, and if that’s not enough, take a day trip to the Tanger Premium Outlets.

6 20. Soak Up In A Chocolate Bath (Iguazu Grant Resort,Spa and Casino, Argentina)

Iguazu Falls are the largest and most spectacular waterfalls on the planet, and lucky for you there’s a resort, spa and casino situated right on site.

Made up of 275 waterfalls and cascades, Iguazu is the biggest waterfall system ever, and although located in Argentina, it’s a short drive to the city of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay and Foz de Iguacu in Brazil.

The exhilarating location of the Iguazu Grand Resort, Spa and Casino comes with regional gourmet cuisine, 3 exterior pools, countless outdoor and water activities, and most notably, a chocolate day bath at the spa.