Do you consider yourself a traveler? Do you love to share your experiences with all the places you have been to? Good enough because there are more than the world can offer. Be ready to travel around the world and see all the colors from different sides of the continent. From light colors to dark ones. Far and wide, the world has a lot of colorful places that you never thought existed until you see it with your own very eyes.

Mother nature works in wonders. The magical ways the environment create colors and silhouettes will surely leave you breathless once you witness it with your own eyes. As you take pictures of these places, you do not need any help from the technology to enhance the appearance. There is no need for you to edit the photo by using any application. No doubt with the quality each image is complete, a storyteller of its own.

Take time to visit these 25 places we have listed for you. So plan your next travel. Be ready to get enchanted as you witness the artistry of nature. Become hypnotized by all the wonders that the world has created for every one of us.

25 25. Lavender Fields in France

It is best to visit the lavender fields from June to August. This blooming season will give visitors the view of the lavender plant. Aside from the satisfying view, you will also have the chance to smell the fragrance of the lavender. The scent is so relaxing you'll want to stay forever.

The place also has museums that you can visit once you get there. It will give you further information about the plant that can be used in cosmetics and essential oil that are naturally made.

24 24. Salt Flats in San Francisco Bay

The place will surely fill your eyes with different colors. There are pink, red and green hues. The different shades that you will see are because of the organisms and small algae residing in the pond. A better view of the place is by flying above.

Aside from the magical colors, another important event that happens in the place is the evaporation of the water, which then becomes salt. The salt is then harvested, which as you can imagine is a large endeavour and a sizeable undertaking by the city.

23 23. Lake Retba in Senegal

The place is also called the Pink Lake. A bacteria called Dunaliella is attracted by the salt content of the lake. Its red pigment helps it to absorb the sunlight. Thus, it makes the surface look pink. Only a few organisms can survive in the lake because of its salinity content. You will see a lot of salt mining activity in the place.

Lake Retba’s shade of pink is more visible during the dry season and less during the rainy season.

22 22. Rue Targui, Chefchaouen in Morocco

The place is painted blue since the 1490s. It is said that the Jewish people influenced the settlers here regarding the color and since then the tradition has been carried forward. For them, they believed that blue is the same color as the sky, and when you look at the sky you remember God.

The relaxing view of the place will make you want to stay for a while, and drink some local mint tea. But if you want some adventure, take a chance and get some hiking experience in the Rif Mountain.

21 21. Selangor in Malaysia

Selangor is a very popular city in Malaysia. It’s colorful place and adventures attract the tourists from all over the world to come by and take a tour. The fast-paced technology arising in the city is very evident. There is a theme park called Snowalk. Inside, the ice is colored with different lights and it twinkles like the stars.

As the moon rises, nightlife begins. Trees are decorated with sparkling lights. It seems like the stars can be reached by stretching out your hands.

20 20. Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was awarded a place in UNESCO's World Heritage Site. The catchy colors of the buildings and the locals’ clothing will invite you to take some photos. You will see shades of yellow, pink, red, and blue painted on the buildings that are centuries old.

As you walk on the streets, you will see artists doing their artwork, and you may check their works and purchase their paintings too! Their markets are multi-colored with different products, fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs on sale.

19 19. Moscow in Russia

White and gold colors are very prominent in St. Basil’s Cathedral. The art and colours of the church followed instructions that was written in the Book of Revelation about the Heavenly City. At night when the lights are on, it’s as if you hear the angels singing.

Red Square has a colorful place to offer too. The Kremlin chimes that are a century-old is still working. Red, blue and green are the colors of the tower with a star at the top.

18 18. Cinque Terre, Italy

If you love pastel colors, this is your chance to take photos of these homes facing the sea. Painted with different hues, it is the way of the fisherman to know which one is their house when they are out in the ocean.

Facing the Mediterranean Sea, it will give you the look of the Medieval Age. The hills on the sides make Cinque a vibrant place for visitors. A must see during the dusk. Watch the sunset that will surely leave you breathless.

17 17. Northern Lights of Tromsø in Norway

Experience a different kind of lights here at Tromsø, Norway. The glow of the place will leave you in awe. The beauty of nature on its own will make you fall in love with the place.

Come and join the different light shows at night. You can watch the Aurora in the sky or you can even dance along with it. Celebrate this heavenly event that does not happen every day. Best to visit is during the beginning of September to the beginning of April.

16 16. Wisteria Tunnel in Japan

Take a colorful walk inside Wisteria Tunnel. As you step inside, it seems as if the flowers are showering all over you. Covered with Wisteria, the woody vines are cascading to the frames of the tunnel. Thus, the effect is so natural. As the plants age the lavender blossoms are within your reach.

Visit the place in its full bloom during April to May. This Kawachi Fuji Garden will surely give you a fairy-like experience in an enchanted forest.

15 15. La Boca, Buenos Aires in Argentina

La Boca is very rich not just in color but with history too. In the 1800s, the poor immigrants painted their houses with leftover paint. And since it would not be enough for the entire house, they ended up painting their homes in different shades.

In the 1950s an artist recreated it. Now, you can see different artworks on the streets that you can take pictures of, free of charge.

14 14. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand

Thailand is known for their floating markets. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of them but is considered to be the most vivid of them all. The boats are filled with products that come in different colors that give life to the busy floating market.

It is the favorite of most travelers because the tradition of how the trade was centuries ago is still alive in this place. As you visit the place it is like a rewind of how the older generations dealt with their commerce.

13 13. Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

The presence of the different variety of the minerals in Dallol hydrothermal field gives Danakil Depression its various hues. Sulfur rocks were formed and with the presence of the many minerals, it gives a different glow. Previously part of Red Sea, it is now considered the hottest place on Earth.

What adds to the interesting part of the place are the mirages that are visible to visitors because of the high temperature. Acid water and lava is an issue here, so if you're visiting take extreme precautions.

12 12. Marble Caves in Chile

Marble Caves is one of the most spectacular pieces of art from nature. No human art can ever beat it. Naturally made the cave, it is 100% marble that took more than 6,000 years in the making.

Under the boundaries of the two countries, Argentina and Chile, it is a great challenge actually getting there. But, is it all worth it? Definitely a yes! You may see its blue color, but the caves change color depending on the reflection of the water.

11 11. Death Valley During a Super Bloom

The super bloom in Death Valley is a must see. For one, it does not happen very often. Water plays a vital role in the blooming of the flowers and plants there. During winter, if rain has been generous enough to pour down water, then expect a super bloom!

You can see lilies, poppies, and primroses. The fields of flowers are all swaying and waiting for people to come by and appreciate the wonders of nature in Death Valley.

10 10. Caño Cristales River in Colombia

Considered to be a “liquid rainbow,” Caño Cristales is like a river with many waters. The river is 100km long. The red color of the water in the river is because of a plant, Macarenia Clavigera.

Interestingly, as you take photos of the colorful river, you can also witness the different species of animals and plants present. This is because the place is just near the Amazon River. This adds attraction to your photo collection of the place.

9 9. Luoping in China

Louping County in China is a vibrant place for travelers around the world. Here, you will surely be satisfied to see the blooming of the flowers all in different colors every February and March. This time of the year the Canola Flower Festival is also usually held.

Having the largest plantation of rapeseed in the southwest China, you can see the yellow buds when they start to bloom. The landscape is covered with golden rapeseeds (Canola) up to where your eyes can each.

8 8. Painted Desert in Arizona

The painted desert of Arizona will make tourists around the world fall in love with the place. It may seem far from civilizations but it is is full of life in here. The multi-colors of the place will explain it.

The appearance of the place looks like a delicious cake done by nature. Minerals like iron and magnesium are the reasons why there are colorful rocks in the area. Now, lifeforms were present a long time ago, so one might find fossils and dinosaurs tracks.

7 7. Tulip Fields of Holland

Take a ride on a bicycle to tour around the tulip fields of Holland. From afar, it looks like crayons that are inviting you to color your life.

Enjoy the scenery but take deep breaths too as you explore the fields of tulips. Each scent depends on the color of the tulip.

Visit them during April. This is the best time of the year where the tulips of rich shades and are in full bloom. The vibrant colors of tulips are red, yellow and pink.

6 6. Crystal Caves in Iceland

Crystal Caves are ice tunnels and trust us when we say you'll want to take a million pictures when you visit. Be observant too, as you walk inside the tunnel, and try to listen to the ice creaking.

Best to schedule your tour during the lowest temperature so that the caves are standing upright. Summer’s warmth affects the ice and may not give you the best shots of the Icelandic Cave. Plan your visit soon since, due to climate change, the glacier is being affected and changing slowly.