Every one of us dream of traveling. One would say traveling is a way to unwind, some say it's a reward for the hard work done over the years, while for others, traveling is a way of finding one's self. Traveling is a way of getting out of the house and discovering wonderful things the world has in store for us. Whatever reason one might have, traveling is truly a great experience whether the unknown adventure is good or bad. These dreams give us the reason to push harder.

For those who are on a tight budget, going to different countries can remain just that, a dream. Opportunities to travel come by very rarely, but that doesn't stop the strong wanderlust within. It starts with short trips over the countryside or cheap domestic flights and booking budget-friendly hostels or dormitory. But what about traveling across the globe?

Just like travel opportunities, cheap flights aren't available often and when they are, the time or the season to travel is problematic. Such timing can really ruin the mood. Because of that, we’ve decided to create a list of 25 cheapest countries around the globe to travel to, and backpack in. Hopefully, you may use this list to plan out your trips anytime in the year.

25 25. Ecuador

Apart from the Galapagos Islands, Cuenca is a great city with gorgeous sights and beautiful beaches. Low-priced commodities attract many tourists and backpackers. For only 12 USD a night, you can get a nice quiet private room with toilet and bath, and a shared room with a dorm bed for less than 10 USD.

A nice full meal costs less than 5 USD. It is also nice to note that Ecuador uses the American currency so converting currencies is just made easy.

24 24. Colombia

Except for Cartagena, living in Colombia for a few days won’t hurt your budget. There are fun activities and so many places to see. Though accommodation costs vary in each city, you will still find affordable hostels ranging from 10 to 15 USD a night.

Food and transportation don’t cost much within the city but inter-city trips may cost you a little over 30 USD. Sightseeing, surfing, and trekking are just a few of the things you can do here.

23 23. Nicaragua

For 13 USD average daily cost per person, one can never go wrong with Nicaragua. You can pay for accommodation, meals, intercity transportation, and party with friends for only 20 USD or less including tips. Nicaragua is the destination for backpackers on a budget and families alike.

You can tour Granada for only 2 USD and go surfing on the beautiful waves of San Juan Del Sur for only 9 USD. Top it off with a visit to Ometepe Island where you can spot monkeys while you hike!

22 22. Mexico

Mexico is generally affordable if you stay away from places packed with tourists. it can be relatively cheap between April to May, and October to November. However, traveling during the summer months means you will be dealing with spring breakers as well.

With just a budget of $40 a day, one can pay for basic needs like food, water, shelter, and transportation. If you wish to go sight-seeing, it would be best to plan out your itinerary beforehand to avoid unnecessary expenses.

21 21. Bolivia

A day’s stay in Bolivia will cost you $20 USD. By staying local, you can enjoy the country’s flavors, history, and understand their culture. Almuerzo is a popular set lunch among backpackers, starting at $1.50-3 USD and a local dormitel starts at $6 USD a night.

But before you check in, make sure to examine the room and toilet as it can get pretty nasty. The local transport is rather budget friendly compared to private cars and tours.

20 20. Croatia

Located in the central southeast of Europe, Croatia is surrounded by beautiful beaches, wonderful medieval national parks and architecture that fill the heart of this country. Known as a budget friendly country in Europe, non-fancy dinners will cost you $2.50 and a bottle of water costs about less than a dollar.

On non-peak days, hostels cost $20 per night and varies around the country. Transportation is between $2 to 5 USD within city limits and even more for intercity trips.

19 19. Greece

The lovely city of Athens promises a relaxing getaway to cap off a long trip. The picturesque views and flavors in this Mediterranean city can now be visited without hitting the mark on your bank account. Book a dorm room for only $15 USD a night, and enjoy delicious meals for only $3 to $6 USD on local foods.

Buy a used bike to cut off on expensive transportation and do not forget to check out cheaper deals across the country.

18 18. Bulgaria

Discover culture, religion, flavors, art, and historical sites in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Meals at fancy restaurants costs between $10-15 USD. But when you are a backpacker on a budget, stick to local food and delicacies as it will not cost as much.

Metro costs $1 and is convenient while, a bus ride will cost you less than a dollar. A private room with a shower and bath costs $21 per night and varies in other areas in the country.

17 17. Romania

A comfortable private double bed with WiFi and free breakfast in Romania costs $38 USD per night; a pretty cheap deal during the spring. Traveling here on a budget requires timing as prices go up in the summer.

Bus fare is less than a dollar, while a tram costs a few cents more but not over $1 USD. Meals are reasonably priced between $10-15 USD and a bit lower than a fancy meal with a glass of wine.

16 16. Ukraine

Would you believe a pair of sneakers in Ukraine only costs $9 USD? Breakfast for two, with coffee, under $5 USD? You can host an unlimited beer party for your friends because a glass of beer costs just 75 cents and house them at an apartment for just $14 USD a night. That is a whole fully furnished apartment, with WiFi and heating. Bring your family and enjoy a variety of activities like sightseeing in Kiev to snowboarding in Bukovel.

15 15. Serbia

The cost of living in Serbia might make you want to move into the country. Food cost per day is only $6, while a one-bedroom apartment is just $290 a month in Belgrade, and cheaper in the suburbs. Having said that, you can now explore the beautiful nature parks and urban areas in the country.

Take a hike at Mount Tornik or a quick tour of historical sites in Oplenac or discover the caves in Potpecka Pecina.

14 14. Morocco

Budget rooms in Marakesh are cheaper than in any country in the world. A four bed dorm room starts at $7 USD a night. Food costs between $0.90 - 2 USD per meal; while transportation is cheap because you would be walking most of the time and if you do take the public transport, 1 USD would be enough within the city.

Robbery is a prominent problem here, so be mindful with your things especially when you are in crowded places.

13 13. Hungary

You can get a dorm room in Budapest for just 20 USD. Metro and trams cost not more than 1 USD. A daily budget of $6-10 USD for two is more than enough. You can surely enjoy the diversity of flavors while sticking to your budget.

If you wish to unwind at a spa with full service, it will only cost you $20 USD. Grab a bottle of beer to cap off the night for a dollar or less!

12 12. Egypt

Get a haircut in Egypt for just 1 USD! Egypt may be one of the places travelers look forward to. Lodging starts at 6 USD per night; try the delicious flavors of the country for just 1 USD! A day's budget per person is around 15 USD, this does not only cover necessities but also includes trips to the museums as well.

It pays to do some research before coming to Egypt, because of scammers around the country.

11 11. Turkey

With an average daily cost of 16 USD, it is clear that Turkey is one of the cheapest country to travel in the world. Accommodation for one starts at 11 USD and cheaper in non-touristy places. Food for one day is $3 and water for only 8 cents.

Touring this country with even the tightest budget is possible because of low transportation costs. Drinks and entertainment are something to look forward to at 4.50 USD respectively.

10 10. Bhutan

The friendly atmosphere in Bhutan attracts many tourists each year. A budget hotel for the whole family costs 7 USD per night. You can feed a family of 3 under 5 USD with a full course meal.

Traveling by bus is just 30 cents, while an hour taxi ride costs a little over $1 USD. Bhutan is a country with lush rain forests and ancient temples. The crisp fresh air and freshest of produce will surely revitalize your body.

9 9. Bangladesh

Try backpacking in Bangladesh for just 10 USD a day. One can get a room for two nights for $12. However, the quality of hotels varies from place to place. Food is extremely cheap here and relatively healthy too. A day's meal is about 2 USD including snacks.

Transportation here only costs less than 25 cents for a short trip. Some people may ask a few cents extra for services here and there, which doesn't matter much.

8 8. Sri Lanka

A country teaming with wildlife and gorgeous beaches, Sri Lanka is a place you can never resist. With safaris affordable even to the stringiest budgets; the taxis and tuk-tuks are not only the cheapest but also the most convenient way to travel around for less than 1 USD.

Food is cheap beyond your imagination. Set aside $3 per day for dining. Accommodation? Fret not, you can book a room for two for just 8 USD per night.

7 7. Nepal

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is one of the most visited places in the country. Thus, prices here may be slightly higher than some countries in Europe. However, if you plan to visit, there are a lot of places to see that will not break the bank.

You can have a meal for 3 USD, and $1 at least for transportation. Accommodation can go as high as $12 a night, which can be quite expensive compared to other countries.

6 6. Laos

Traveling on a tight budget without missing out on comfort and attraction is one of the best challenges for a backpacker. Laos offers budget friendly eats, drinks, lodging, and transportation for just 30 USD per day.

A dorm room costs 4 USD per night while transportation is between $3-10 USD. Great food comes in affordable prices. You can take your girlfriend on a date for just 4 USD at a fancy restaurant. Eating what locals do come even cheaper.