25 Most Unusual Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

Not so long ago, strange and ‘quirky’ hotel pools used to mean that either the bar was a few inches away or there were some wacky kids slides installed next to the regular adult pool. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then and pool designs can come in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes, all colors and all kinds of concepts—even those that come close to terrifying and death-defying! If you’ve grown tired of your regular old gym pool, how about swimming right up close to a tank full of sharks? Or maybe even a glass bottom pool with a view to a 328 foot-high drop? Yikes!

Of course, hotel pools don’t have to offer an adrenaline rush to qualify as quirky. Other unusual hotel pools around the world provide dropping views, colorful designs, and private luxury bathing like you’ve never experienced before. Don’t expect to see any of your run-of-the-mill waterparks or typical infinity pools in this list. We’ve tracked down some of the most unique-looking hotel pools the world has to offer. If you’re headed to these parts of the globe, curiosity may just get the better of you when you’re in the mood for a surreal soak!

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25 Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas

via zoochat.com

Did you ever want to have the chance to swim with the fishes (and by that, we mean in the fun adventure sense and not in the Godfather sense)? Well, if not, then this incredible pool in Nevada, Las Vegas is a pretty good place to start. The jaw-dropping indoor pool at the Golden Nugget Casino is one of the real riches of Vegas since it allows patrons to actually swim right up close and personal to the $30 million aquarium that runs through the hotel. Now, there’s a sight you don’t see on every resort holiday!

The only thing separating you and your water wings from a whole host of marine life (sharks included) is a thick pane of glass. But don’t worry, we’re sure it’s pretty tough glass.

For those of you who look for a little more oomph in your swimming pool experience than just chilling in the jacuzzi tub or doing a few laps, then being eye to eye with these amazing creatures surely has to be one for the bucket list and is about as close as most people may be able to get to this kind of experience without going on a deep sea diving course. For extra thrills, while you’re here, the Golden Nugget Casino resort also features a 30-foot enclosed water slide that takes guests right through the shark tank. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

24 The Library Blood-Red Pool, Thailand

via modcreature.com

From shark-infested swimming pools to one that kind of looks like the aftermath of a gruesome shark attack, this is another bizarre swimming pool design—this time one that is nestled in Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui. This is the one feature you need to stop by and take a dip in while you’re over here, if only for the gorgeous poolside views of the beach and the adjacent trendy modern library, The Lib. Swimming a few lengths in this blood-red pool may not look or sound too appealing, but you’ll be pleased to know that the off-putting deep crimson hue is a snazzy optical illusion.

The pool floor’s gorgeous mosaic of orange, red, and yellow-colored tiles meld together to create this stunning appearance of scarlet red waters, and with the morning sun glinting on top of the surface, this pool looks all kinds of mesmerizing. The pool also looks extra stunning at night when the pool lights kick in to ramp up the creepy horror movie factor. In fact, this would probably make a great location for a horror-themed poolside party. Plus, the library’s right there if you wanted to swap ghost stories and spooky horror literature!

23 Aqua Dome, Otztal, Austria

via booking.com

This surreal hotel resort in Austria looks less like hotel pools and more like the setting of a sci-fi film (or else an abandoned design for Tracey Island that never quite got off the ground). These bizarre futuristic-looking pool designs are in stark contrast to the majestic mountain scenery in the background, but we guess sticking out like a sore thumb is what they were going for with this hotel complex.

In spite of looking like an air base for a couple of UFOs, this trio of pools at the Aqua Dome hotel in the Alpine valley of Otztal has been heralded as one of the most peaceful and beautiful sights in Austria.

Admission to the nearby hotels and even to use the pool for a couple of hours is a little on the pricey side, but if you’re passing through the Otztal valley, this is something you definitely need to try. It’s too weird to pass up! The Aqua Dome is the kind of resort that looks just as beautiful in winter as it does bathe in glorious Austrian sunshine. And the best part about a chilly winter soak here is when guests can take advantage of the crackling saunas and steam baths in aromatic oils. All kinds of travelers could enjoy this place, but this is definitely geared towards couples who want something a little different from an outdoor pool.

22 Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium

via blog.iso50.com

Part surreal art installation, part deep sea diving training arena, when it comes down to it, it’s hard to classify this as a regular swimming pool. However, it is in fact used by casual swimmers and deep sea divers alike. This uber quirky pool in Brussels is known by its official name as Nemo 33 and, up until recently, it had claimed the title of deepest indoor pool in the world at an eye-watering depth of 108 ft. Sadly, the Y-40 “Deep Joy” pool in Padua, Italy just snatched Nemo’s crown in 2014, with a recorded maximum depth of 113 feet, also making it the world’s deepest pool overall.

Despite losing its world record status, however, there’s no denying that Nemo 33 isn’t an incredible pool experience to be had, especially if you go there to do more than complete a set of front crawls. Nemo’s numerous underwater caves and caverns make this a diver’s playground and a great way to explore in the comfort of a chlorinated pool before taking your fins for a test spin around the coral reef. Another nifty feature of this diver’s paradise is that the pool’s filtered spring water stays at a constant and comfortably warm temperature, making it perfect for exploring swimmers and divers in training since there’s no need for a wetsuit.

21 Ubud Luxury Resort, Bali

via lostwaldo.com

So you may have heard of the ancient natural wonder that was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Well, this is about the next best thing in our current lifetime, complete with hanging garden pools! Sadly, the assumed location of the ancient Babylonian hanging gardens are no more than a mound of earth today near the central Iraq city of Hillah, but modern-day Indonesia has a hanging garden wonder all its own (although admittedly more of a man-made than a natural wonder). This doesn’t change how incredibly stunning these pool designs are, though. These pools are as much of a grand art installation as they are a place for hoteliers to bathe and relax.

The Ubud Luxury Hotel resort in Bali allows its guests to quite literally ‘hang’ out in the gardens below because this two-tiered infinity pool gives you the chance to swim right up to the edge of the jungle as if you were an extension of the treetops themselves.

The pools themselves are quite magical and such an impressive feat of design, but the breathtaking views they provide of the rainforest and Ayung River is truly something else. The Ubud hanging pools may not be a natural wonder, but they certainly help you get closer to nature itself.

20 Conrad Maldives Resort & Spa, Maldives

via pinterest.co.uk

Infinity pools may be becoming more and more of a commonplace feature in some luxury hotel and villa resorts, but there’s something to be said for the ones that keep it simple and understated to the point that you really feel as if you’re afloat in the middle of nowhere (in the most peaceful sense, of course!). Infinity pools in city hotels and overly-populated resorts are all well and good, but sometimes, you want the infinity pool feature to achieve what it was originally designed to do, and that's to properly blur the lines between you and the sea. Ever wondered what it might feel like to really feel like you’ve become one with the ocean? Then Rangali island in the Maldives will let you do just that.

Situated in the Conrad Maldives resort and spa are these wondrous creations—the infinity pools to end all others. If you’re a fan of the minimalist experience when on vacay, then ditch the family resorts and bustling bars and clubs for this little slice of nirvana. These incredibly serene pools rest so seamlessly near the water's edge that it could almost feel like you and a couple of well-placed deck chairs were stranded out to sea. These jaw-dropping infinity pools in the Maldives may not be the quirkiest choice on this list, but they sure don’t look real!

19 San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

via luxurylaunches.com

To look at this picture, you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no pool in sight, only a stretch of sand separating two sides of ocean water, but look closely. This is no lagoon. This stretch of crystal blue waters is the swimming pool and is officially the largest swimming pool on the face of the planet! This private Chilean resort, San Alfonso Del Mar, is truly something to behold. The extraordinary pool itself (it sounds strange to even call it that, right?) stretches out a mind-boggling 3000 feet across, complete with a deep end that descends as far as 115 feet down. Just so you know, that’s some 20 acres and a whopping 66 million gallons of seawater. Wow.

If this doesn’t qualify as an unusual swimming pool, we don’t know what does! We can guess what you’re next thought is—this thing must be a pain in the butt to maintain! Fortunately not.

The San Alfonso Del Mar uses a pretty neat filtration system to keep a constant flow of fresh desalinated seawater into the pool while filtering old water back into the sea.

The sheer size of this incredible pool offers plenty of privacy, as well as another nice little advantage—you’re a lot less likely to be sharing the same water as those who like to use pools as a bathroom!

18 Living Room Pool, New York City

via wsj.com

We can’t even. This is just too cool to be a swimming pool, is it not? Welcome to the Living Room pool in New York city, the most laid-back pool you might ever come across. Who says all indoor pools have to have the same blue-tiled walls and locker rows? This mega chill home pool seems to have had the living room décor built around it and put together, it looks like an art installation than an actual factual swimming pool. Fortunately, it is and can be found in the Manhattan Townhouse on West 15th street. Though the building may look like your average New York apartment block from the outside, visitors are instantly delighted when they rock up to the 1st floor and find this staring back at them–a place to kick back, watch TV, and take a quick dip when you come home from work–living the dream!

The super luxurious pool measures 15 by 30 feet and comes with its own cute swing feature in the middle. As laid-back as this looks, though, this isn’t the easiest of rooms to maintain. In order to keep her wall art and rustic décor spick and span, owner Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller has admitted “using a boat to polish the mirrors and dust the picture frames.” The ultra-glam townhouse also boasts five fireplaces, a gym, and sauna, but this room takes the cake.

17 Hotel Villa Mahal, Turkey

via villamahal.com

Much like the serene pool in the Conrad Maldives resort, the design of this Turkish infinity pool offers up such a calm and mesmerizing view to the point that it's almost a little trippy. A far cry from your average hotel resort, the infinity pool at the Villa Mahal in Turkey could fool even the soberest person into thinking that the pool water flowed up towards the sky instead!

The pool’s surface reflects the moon, the sky, and the stars by night and the azure blue sky and the nearby Taurus mountains by day. It’s little wonder this place has been named one of the best views in the world and crowned most romantic hotel in Europe back in 2007.

Some holidaymakers like to travel by boat for hours to get up close and personal with epic scenery and breathtaking views, but guests at the Villa Mahal need only swim up to the edge of the calming infinity pool to take in the panoramic beauty across Turkey’s Kalkan Bay. And when you do manage to peel yourself away from the pool (hey, no one’s judging if you don’t), then even the Villa’s waterside restaurant has its tables perched at the edge of the bay, so you’re never too far from some unreal ocean views.

16 Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan

via Pinterest

Trust the Japanese to always be one step ahead of the rest of us when it comes to bringing bizarre design concepts to life. Although this resort has been closed for renovation and repairs for the best part of a decade, Japan’s Ocean Dome resort in Miyazaki just had to be included on this list of wonderfully-wacky swimming pools. When it first opened back in 1995, this epic water park drew crowds of 1.25 million visitors every year, and at one time, it held the crown for the largest indoor water park in the world. There’s no official word on when the park may open its doors again, but those around to enjoy it had a real treat on their hands.

For those of you who don’t like a scorching sun with their beach experience or seagulls swooping in on your picnic food, then the main swimming pool in the Ocean Dome may well have been the ideal one for you. This quirky resort was effectively an indoor beach with a stretch of artificial sand and the world’s largest retractable sunroof to simulate perfect blue skies all year round! If you can believe it, this was the most normal part of the whole resort—the Ocean Dome was also home to a fake flame-spitting volcano and the largest wave pool on the planet!

15 Badeschiff Floating Pool, Berlin

via commons.wikimedia.org

As outdoor pools go, this is a pretty strange one. If you’re thinking this looks like someone took a shipping container, half submerged it, and filled it to the brim with chlorinated water, you’d be right on the money. This is the “Badeschiff” (meaning ‘bathing ship”) in Berlin, and it is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Though it first opened in 2004 as part of an art project in the capital, Berliners took a real shine to it and it has since become a full-fledged public pool, complete with beach bars and yoga sessions and saunas for the winter months. So, what was the concept behind converting a giant shipping container into a riverside swimming pool?

The surrounding waters of the Spree River are far too toxic for human bathing (the last recorded ‘dip’ was back in 1925 before being shut off to the public), so the city decided to create a sanitary swimming environment in and around the river scenery.

A team of architects is actually working to make the Spree river clean enough to be considered swimmable again, but until then, tourists and locals alike can enjoy taking a heated dip in the Badeschiffe all year round.

14 The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet

via socawlege.com

We know what some of you may be thinking. Take away all the pool-filtering systems and this is probably what most family pools would look like in all fairness (sorry to get disgusting). Okay, so peeing in the pool jokes aside, this is actually one of the most luxurious hotel pools in the world, and despite what its warm golden color may remind some people of, its bright canary yellow color is owing to the fact that the whole thing is lined with genuine gold leaf tiles. Fancy. This super luxe part of the St.Regis Lhasa Resort at the foot of the Tibetan mountains provides almost as breathtaking a view indoors as the Himalayas does (for those into luxury spa vibes, at least).

This highlight of the boutique hotel’s Iridium room is known as the Golden Energy Room and has been designed to reflect the art and spirit of ancient Tibet whilst providing a high-class setting for a pampering session. Each of its glowing 24-carat gold leaf tiles are secured down by crystals, making this one of the most expensive pool dips you’re ever likely to try. And if you’re not in the mood for a dip here, the poolside foot spa treatments and personalized holistic beauty packages are definitely something to indulge in on a romantic break.

13 Umaid Bhawan Palace, India

via pinterest.com.au

If you’re the type of traveler who's into their astrology and spiritual leanings, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of swimming a few lengths in this serene Zodiac pool in Northern India. We can quite confidently predict that most people would find their inner peace in this pool and have a chilled-out time here, but let’s face it, nobody would need to read their horoscope to know that! This gorgeously-designed pool has chillaxing written all over it. Although,

what it actually has written all over it are the twelve signs of the zodiac, painted on the bottom of the pool and decorated along the walls of the lavish indoor pool in gold tiles.

If the Zodiac pool has a vibe of being fit for royalty, that’s because it is. The underground pool was built as a recent extension of the grand hotel within the Umaid Bhawan Palace (once the largest private residence in the world upon its completion back in 1943, boasting an impressive 347 rooms in total). Much about this grand palace in Northern India has changed, but the Zodiac pool and all its trappings are officially the property of His Highness, Gaj Singh J of the Jodhpur royal family.

12 Ma’In Hot Springs Hotel, Jordan

via pinterest.co.uk

This dreamlike pool in Jordan is like taking a dip in nature’s own spa. Sure, the tiles used to design the pool may not be a natural formation, but the water supply is, making this pool feel like the best outdoor bath you could ever have. This pool in the Ma’In Hot Springs hotel provides guests with an all-natural bathing experience, thanks to lashings of hot hyper-thermal water cascading down from the waterfalls overhead. I think we’ve all fantasized about bathing under a waterfall on a holiday. Well, here is probably the ideal place to do it—all the ambiance of a romantic waterfall without having to encounter sharp rocks on the river bed or run into any nasty surprises swimming around.

Plus, not only does this all-natural swimming bath look gorgeous, but the water is actually good for you (now who has ever said that about regular pool water?). Because the Ma’In hotel and spa itself is around 264 meters below sea level, the thermal spring water flows in from the Jordan River and the Dead Sea nearby. (If you’ve ever been in the supermarket and seen “Dead sea minerals” in the skincare section, then you’ll know what we’re talking about!). These hot springs are rich in healing minerals and mud that most A-listers would kill for. Plus, stand under the falls long enough and you get a back massage from mother nature. This place is beyond spa goals.

11 Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

via originaltravel.co.uk

This quirky pool at the Laucala hotel resort in Fiji is sort of like experiencing paradise within a paradise (almost like a paradise inception, if you like). What we mean by this is that holidaymakers can have the best of both worlds when it comes to their pool needs, since this luscious hotel island has a regular swimming pool built into the surrounding lagoon waters. So whether you fancy swimming a few competitive lengths with your family to keep fit or prefer to spread out and lounge in the lagoon with a loved one, this gorgeous private hotel resort on Laucala Island has all bases covered.

Right in the middle of the resort’s lagoon-style pool is a glass cube swimming pool structure, stretching a comfortable 80 feet in length for all the ‘keep fit’ swimming you promised yourself you’d do on the plane.

But, once you get there and see how stunning it really is, floating on top of it (with a drink in hand) is probably how it's gonna go down. Once nightfall arrives, this resort becomes even more beautiful (if you can believe that) because the surrounding tiki torches are lit to create a romantic little Eden.

10 SkyPark At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

via internationaltraveller.com

Taking a poolside selfie here is definitely one for the Instagram gallery and a quick way to make everyone you know instantly uber jealous. Could this be the coolest-looking infinity pool there ever was? This stunning pool in Singapore sits at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel’s 57th floor. That’s a dizzying 650 feet above ground, making it officially the highest hotel pool in the world! The tops of skyscrapers and clouds are within your eyeliner as you swim a few lengths along this phenomenal pool structure (although, maybe go a little easy on your butterfly stroke on this one because at this height, a forceful swimming style may make people just a tad nervy).

This seemingly never-ending pool is perched across a trio of towers at the SkyPark luxury hotel complex and stretches out to an impressive 492 feet in length. To put that into context with other long pools you might see at the Olympic games, the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool is longer than the Eiffel Tower if it were laid on its side! Wow! You couldn't not try and experience this amazing pool while staying here. Just, maybe don’t look down over the edge.

9 Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

via energenz.com

If you’re the kind of person who’s always been a little picky about the temperature of their bath or shower water, then you might just fall in love with the swimming pools on the deck of the International Hotel in Hong Kong. This slick and super stylish hotel overlooking the Hong Kong skyline features a total of three pools for their guests to enjoy, all of which are set to different temperatures—one hot, one cold, and yep you guessed it, one lukewarm setting or the kind of pool that Goldilocks would probably say was “just right.” But these hotel pools have far more to offer than simply appeasing fussy swimmers. You only need to look at this gorgeous nighttime scene to see why.

This scenic view up on the hotel’s spa deck was designed specifically with feng shui principles in mind. The main pool (pictured) not only faces out to a stunning view of the skyline and the city’s Victoria Harbour but has also been built in prime position for guests to enjoy the fireworks or Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights laser show, to be precise.

On clear and crisp evenings near the harbor, hotel guests at the international can enjoy a swim beneath the stars and an amazing light display.

8 LeCrans Hotel & Spa, Switzerland

via fractals.it

If there’s such a thing as extreme hotel pool dips, then we think this has every other contender beaten. The stunning pools at the LeCrans Hotel & Spa up in the Swiss Alps have been literally carved into the snow-covered mountains, just to give hoteliers an extra wow factor when they take their afternoon bath. Not a phony palm tree or deck chair in sight; just you, the rising steam from your heated pool, and the Swiss mountain peaks in the distance. This is a true swimming pool retreat in every sense of the word and makes most other rooftop and city skyscraper hotels on this list look bad.

You have to love the boldness of this stunning snowy mountain pool. Most hotels in chillier parts of the world like to prioritize their indoor swimming pool game with saunas and the like, but not the LeCrans spa resort. After quite rightly deciding that the view was just too damn nice not to enjoy to the fullest degree, these amazing outdoor pools were created and you’ll be happy to know that the Le Cinq Mondes Spa is officially open for the new season next month. So if you have your sights set on a skiing holiday next vacay, then this spot won’t disappoint.

7 Reiters Supremehotel, Austria

via allegria-resort.com

This cute and quirky pool design in Austria’s Reiters Supremehotel in Bad Tatzmannsdorf uses the concept of the Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy to clever effect with these amazing twin swimming pools. The Austrian people pride themselves on their hospitality and facilities for wellness. And looking at these hotel pools, it certainly shows.

Staying true to the whole yin and yang vibe, these twin pools are actually set to opposite temperatures. Guests can take their pick between the warm and inviting thermal water in the yin side of the pool or a cool refreshing dip in the freshwater part of the yang side.

Plus, for those of you who like to partake in skinny dipping, the hotel is totally cool with this too! All in the name of spiritual wellness. While guests enjoy the wonders of the quirky pools and spa facilities here, they also have some breathtaking views to drink in, since the hotel itself is nestled near the Karwendel mountains to the west of the hotel and the picturesque Brandenberger Alps to the east. A dedicated globetrotter said it best in their Trip Advisor review of the hotel: “I’ve traveled all over the world and cannot say I’ve stayed in such an amazingly beautiful hotel. I felt a zillion years younger emerging from these spa areas.”

6 Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

via welgrowgroup.com

Guests at this eye-catching resort in the Maldives have described the famed Huvafen Fushi resort as “a sensory heaven,” and looking at this spell-binding image of their ocean view pool, it’s not hard to see why. This private hotel resort in the Kaafu Atoll region of the Maldives brings the ambiance of a clear night sky (and some very well-trained fireflies) to your beachside pool experience. There are a handful of shores and bays around the world that are naturally lit up with the bioluminescent glow of organism known as dinoflagellates but is rarely recreated in a hotel setting. Short of convincing millions of near-microscopic plant and animal life to come join you on your romantic getaway, the Huvafen Fisgi resort has cleverly simulated the experience for you with the use of fiber optics and a little imagination.

Honeymoon travelers of all tastes will find something to love about this place since it boasts the perfect blend of sleek modern features (the faux underwater firefly display) with other more traditional and hopeless romantic touches like the candle-lit waterside dining and the impressive underwater wine cellar and spa rooms. Floating up on deck or getting pampered below sea level, anything goes in this exotic paradise!

5 Sixty LES (Lower East Side), New York

via travecurator.com

The award for one of the trendiest (but nonetheless, weird hotel pools) on the list probably has to go to the one found at Sixty LES in one of New York City’s lower east side or ‘LES’ hotel complexes. People wining and dining at this hotel in the Big Apple will have access to this luxury rooftop pool which features a pretty odd design on the bottom. The base of the pool is covered in a film strip print of the late great master of kook, New York City’s own Andy Warhol.

As well as poolside cocktails and a generous menu of spa treatments to indulge in, guests at the Sixty LES hotel get to enjoy swimming and diving next to a close up of Andy Warhol’s iconic face because why not?

New Yorkers are fairly spoiled for choice when it comes to rooftop pools, but the fact that Sixty LES is an art lover’s paradise suggests that this is a probably a top pick of swimming pools in the city. The luxe Manhattan hotel describes itself as being at “the epicenter of downtown chic” and boasts rooms with “fishbowl views of Manhattan from a ‘scene-and-be-seen’ kind of swimming pool.”

4 Holiday Inn, Shanghai, China

via edition.cnn.com

You’ve heard of extreme surfing and extreme kayaking (possibly even extreme ironing?), but did you know there was an extreme form of...well...just lounging around in the pool? Okay, so this may not yet be a thing, but we certainly wouldn’t call this swimming pool in China a relaxing dip. If you’re staying in Shanghai and want a book a hotel with a pool, we wouldn’t book this one in a hurry, unless you have, you know, nerves of titanium! The Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao in China’s largest city is home to this death-defying hotel pool, built with a clear glass bottom so you can simulate free falling while you swim (because why not?).

This terrifying sky pool is effectively hanging out of the side of the hotel complex at a staggering 24 floors high (that’s roughly around 100 meters off the ground). Eek. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted holiday swimmer. The entire pool itself is 30 meters in length, so those who prefer to stay in the shallow end can. As for the daredevil extreme bathers out there? Knock yourself out. The deep end offers about as deep an end as you’re ever likely to experience since there’s nothing but a pane of glass separating you and the street below. Shudder...

3 La Purificadora, Puebla, Mexico

via designhotels.com

As the name of this chic Mexican hotel might suggest, Hotel La Purificadora has an element of purity to it. That's because the hotel complex is the reincarnation of what used to be the city’s water purification factory around the late 19th century. In its palace today, though, is a super chic 4-star hotel in the heart of the city in Puebla. And what makes it such a strange place is the stark contrast of old and new.

At every corner of Hotel La Purificadora, sleek modern design sits beside historical architecture from the glass balconies overlooking a crumbling courtyard to the sleek modern rooms that overlook the crumbling castles and walls in the distance.

But this meeting of old and new is never more sharply in focus than its main visitor attraction–it’s restaurant pool. Keen to step away from your average rooftop or terrace hotel pool, this one is an impressive 30 feet in length made with a glass wall structure on one side and the whole thing runs through one of the hotel’s restaurant patios. In a sense, guests at the Hotel Purificadora can either enjoy poolside dining or restaurant side swimming because guests can see you swimming by. (Probably a good idea to go for a conservative bathing costume if you plan on swimming a few lengths of this pool).

2 Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

via dthree.ae

Dubai is home to many show-stopping pools with stunning sights, but for those times when you’ve had your fill of infinity pools and taking a dip by the hotel bar, you might want to try this one out before you end your vacation. In a similar design to the Golden Nugget Casino pool in Las Vegas, this adventurous water resort and spa in Dubai values fun as much as relaxation when it comes to your swimming experience (with a little bit of an adrenaline rush thrown into the mix too). The Atlantis, ‘The Palm,’ resort in the Arab Emirates is the legend of Atlantis brought to life in swimming pool form and it’s every bit as epic as it is terrifying.

The water park is home to many cool attractions such as swimming with dolphin experiences and plenty of water slides and flume rides for the kids. But perhaps one pool ride that isn’t so suitable for the kids at The Palm is their self-titled ‘Shark Attack’ ride where visitors have the chance to ride on rafts through a clear tunnel surrounded by a lagoon of sharks. The tourist reviews for this place on Trip Advisor are perhaps the only time in your life you’ll ever read the words “The shark attack was great!” in a non-sarcastic context.

1 Homestead Resort, Park City, Utah

via tipsforfamilytrips.com

If you’re a fan of wells and hidden gems off the beaten track when you go on holiday, then this not so conventional ‘pool’ is bound to be right up your street. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to kick back in a hotel pool without feeling crowded by large families and noisy tourists, and when it comes to a serene, quiet bathing experience, the Homestead Resort in Utah will definitely deliver. For one thing, the pool itself is located in an underground cave. For another, this is a pretty exclusive swimmers' spot.

The Homestead crater pool is available by reservation only, so whether you want to share a romantic dip with a loved one or go for a scuba diving session, you can ensure complete privacy in advance.

Once you’re down there inside the crater, guests at the Park City resort can decide how they want to spend their time in the pool. The crater is filled with geothermal spring water which is a kept a constant 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a perfect place for just taking a relaxing soak as you would in any other pool. For the adventurous types, though, snorkeling and scuba diving is also on the menu for up to $27 an hour. Naturally, the Homestead crater attracts diving enthusiasts from around the world.

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