We've all 'been there and done it' when it comes to making mistakes at the airport, and in all honesty, a trip abroad wouldn't qualify as a trip abroad for most people if they didn't mess up at some point along the way. That already sounds like we're stereotyping travellers (put a dollar in the jar) but, in reality, it's the truth.

A lot of people find the process of actually going to the airport quite stressful whereas others tend to think it's really enjoyable, but regardless of which category you fall into, there are often problems waiting around every corner and that's okay. Of course, with things like delayed flights that's completely out of your control, but there are certainly areas to work on for most of us.

It doesn't matter whether you're flying to Singapore or a city within the same country as you, either, because all of these points should be viewed as being incredibly valid. It's just so rare to have a trip that goes smoothly from start to finish even in 2018, which is bizarre, given that you would've thought we'd have ironed out all of the major problems by now.

So if you're scheduled to jet off at some point in the next few weeks, never fear, because we've got you covered (how lucky are you?) and even if you don't have anything planned then don't worry, because you can just sit back and bask in the failure of others. Doesn't that sound lovely?

20 Wrong Socket - Whoops!

We'll start off with a humorous one. Unless of course, this has happened to you, then it might be a little less funny. Some pranksters have been sticking fake power sockets on airport walls just for the hilarity of it. The result? Embarrassed and confused travellers.

We kind of sympathise for people that this happens to because sometimes you could be given the wrong information in regards to the right charger that you need to bring, but come on now. If you're in the process of looking at your charger and then at the socket space, it's pretty clear to see that they don't match up (especially if they're not real!).

We're personally of the belief that every country on the planet should have the same kind of socket, but we understand that we're living in a fantasy world and the logistics of making that happen would be absolutely insane. So, for now, we'll just continue to moan.

19 The Bag - How Careless

We can't tell whether or not this was some kind of elaborate spelling mistake or not, but we hate it all the same. If there's one thing that the folks at airport security hate it's people who joke about these things, and while this may have just been a criminal who made things a little bit too obvious, we don't think anyone is that stupid.

It's not like this hurts our feelings or anything, but just imagine being behind this individual in the queue for security. You'd either be worrying about the possibility of everything going wrong at any moment, or you'd be left feeling frustrated because they'd be holding up everyone else.

Here's the kicker, though. It was actually meant to say 'Bombay to Brisbane', yet that still leaves many questions unanswered.

18 Uncomfortable Sleep - That’ll Hurt

Children are weird and if anyone ever tries to tell you any different, then they're liars and you should report them to the authorities immediately (not really). Case in point: look at how this child is attempting to sleep.

There is no way, shape or form that this can be anywhere near as comfortable as he seems to find it, mainly because he resembles a snake moving in and out of the jungle. We commend the young man for his ability to be so flexible, though, and we'd highly recommend that his nation of birth look into signing him up for gymnastics lessons.

17 Metal King - Not The Best Choice

It's just stupid, really, isn't it?

You know that you're going to go through airport security and you know that they frequently ask questions if there's something even slightly off about you, so why not wear a different shirt? Either this gentleman just forgot his brain at home, or he thought that he was being really edgy and cool.

We're leaning towards the latter because this tends to be the quality of individual that you get in reference to people who visit the airport, especially if they go quite frequently.

No, to answer your question, we don't find this even remotely funny.

16 Sneaking things in - Take A Step Back

This is a legitimate photo of a man who attempted to smuggle bucketloads of illegal substances from country to country, and as you can probably tell, he wasn't all too successful. Smuggling items of any kind can be an extremely dangerous process both for you and everyone around you, and it's worth remembering that.

There are very few people who actually have the audacity to attempt something like this anyway which ensures that it doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it's still a problem that desperately needs to be addressed sooner rather than later with much more emphasis and intent from the authorities.

15 Prison Mom - Oh Dear

So, erm, yeah - this is a thing that happened.

While it's entirely possible to believe that this was nothing more than a joke between the son and the father, we want to look on the bright side of things and assume that this is an accurate statement to make on behalf of the child.

First of all, it seems odd that she's able to fly in after being released from prison, and second of all, we'd love to see the standard of parenting that has allowed for this sign to be manufactured.

Even if it is a joke, just imagine how uncomfortable the folks around him would feel.

14 Oversleeping - Set An Alarm

We've all been there: you're waiting for your flight and you get a little bit tired, so you decide to take the time to lie down and relax in order to get five minutes of sleep before your flight. Then, two hours later, you wake up and you've missed it and now you need to book a replacement.

Okay, maybe not all of us, but many folks will know what I'm talking about when referencing this kind of thing because it can be fairly common. Some of the seats in airports are much more comfortable than you may initially think, guys.

13 Awkward Yoga - Is that how it's done now?

There are plenty of ways to pass the time in the airport if you're either waiting for your flight or waiting to pick someone up, but we have to say that this is one of the more unique techniques that we've actually seen play out before our very eyes.

We commend the individual involved for going to these kinds of lengths in order to stay fit and healthy, but my god, this just seems like an insanely uncomfortable manner in which to do so.

In truth, we're kind of stunned that the people sitting around her appear to find this quite normal.

12 Water Bottles - Just Plain Silly

Fun story: once, my friend tried to take a water, a coke and a beer through airport security in Basel, Switzerland. He wasn't successful, but my god did he try.

Anyway, that seems to be the same kind of thing that's happening in this image with someone clearly not reading the signs very carefully. Obviously a lot of folks continue to think that the liquid rule is stupid at airports and we aren't here to tell you otherwise, but what we are here to say is that the person who is responsible for this is very silly indeed.

11 Late, Late, Late - Quick, Run!

We've all been there once or twice before and we will likely all be there again at some point during our lifetimes, because you often can't help being late. It could be due to travel problems or because you've forgotten your passport, but the art of running through a terminal in order to get to your flight is a tradition around the globe.

It's not a lot of fun, though, especially if you're unfit, and there's a reason why they tell you to get to the airport at least two hours before your departure. Even then we'd argue that you should be there even sooner than that because you just never know what could happen.

10 Double Bags - There Are Limitations

Not everyone decides to read up on what they can and can't take on the plane in terms of baggage allowance, and that can be a pretty frustrating thing to see play out. One minute you think you're jetting off to somewhere exotic, and then the next you're having to pay a fee just to get one of your other bags on the actual plane.

It's the fault of the passenger more often than not, but we can understand and appreciate the frustration behind not understanding why you can't bring two or more bags on. I guess, above all else, money talks - and it always will.

9 The Sculpture - Erm..

The following sculpture in Norway kind of makes us wonder what kind of people are passing as 'architects' these days, because much like the similar storyline in How I Met Your Mother, there's no way that you can look at this in an innocent manner, is there?

You may choose to believe otherwise but we maintain that this is just downright bizarre, and we will always feel that way until the day we leave this Earth. Of course, we hope it stays throughout that time, because it's always good to come back and have a laugh every now and then.

8 Too Many Beverages - Don’t Go OTT

A lot of travellers like to sample a beverage before they jet off on either their holidays or a business trip, but sometimes, they can take it too far. We've all heard the stories of people who don't take others into consideration when they're trying to have a good time, and the same logic applies to this kind of situation.

Not everyone who starts off with one drink goes on to have four or five because a lot of us have more self-control than that, but the difference can often be quite small if you wind up getting too carried away with it.

Our advice: just make sure you're travelling with the right kind of people.

7 Phone - Turn It Off

When you go through airport security you should either turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode - and most importantly - just don't forget to take it out of your pocket. If you do then you could be in for a world of frustration, with airport security wondering why you forgot to do so.

It can lead to a bunch of questions especially if it looks like you've been hiding it, and if there's generally something in your bag that could lead to you getting in trouble, then you'd best believe that they're going to find it in there.

6 Up Too Soon - The Long Wait

When you're sat at the gate waiting for your plane to start boarding, things can get a little bit boring - so when that announcement finally comes, you're understandably a little bit excited and want to get on the plane as quickly as possible.

Alas, this is a rookie mistake, because you're left queuing when you could just be sat down waiting until you absolutely have to board the plane. It's not exactly a trick or anything like that but it's certainly something that will prevent you from having to stand up, when you could be saving your energy like a lazy person.

5 The Kiss Limit - Super Weird

This sign really does speak for itself, but we're obliged to talk about it - so that's exactly what we're going to do. The process of kissing your partner goodbye at the airport is a tradition in many respects, especially if you aren't going to see them for an extended period of time.

But we're really curious to know one thing: who is kissing for more than three minutes? At that point you may as well cancel your flight and go get a room, because it's clear to see that there's some unfinished business there.

That sounds crude, but come on, three minutes is an awfully long time.

4 Entrance Way - Taking A Risk

This entrance way is still under construction and it seems to be held together by, essentially, tape. The sign indicates 'nobody gets hurt' but how could you possibly bring yourself to believe that? We may be overexaggerating things here, but just look at it.

This is the definition of a health hazard and we can't even begin to imagine what kind of things would be listed on the risk assessment. If nothing else, though, the thrill of driving underneath it and coming out the other side must make many feel like a daredevil*.

*Yes, we're including ourselves in that discussion.

3 Serious lack of Organisation - The one's the airport's fault

The majority of people in the above image will be attempting to print off their flight details on the machines that you see before you, and that's a sign that they haven't really been getting themselves all too organised in preparation for their trip.

We might be judging these folks too quickly but that certainly appears to be what is happening here. We don't want to sound like the higher power or anything like that but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you need to print your tickets out way before you go to the airport itself.

2 Luggage - Make It Notable

When you bring your luggage to the airport you should bring a suitcase that stands out. If you don't then you could be left standing around like these folks, not really knowing which suitcase is theirs because they've opted for a 'black' or 'grey' type of colour.

Being colourful is something that everyone should embrace in every single walk of life, and the same kind of logic applies to suitcases - as weird as that sentence may sound. You may not understand it, but once you've stood around and realised that your bag is the last one left, you'll soon appreciate the pain.

1 Protests - See you on the no-fly list

If you feel like you need to protest something that you really believe in, then we can appreciate that - although using violence usually isn't the answer.

However, what this individual doesn't seem to realise is that doing so at the airport will almost always lead to you landing yourself on some kind of no-fly list. That might not matter to you depending on how much you enjoy travelling, but when you commit yourself to this kind of process, then you need to understand that there are consequences.

That doesn't mean that you're in the wrong, it just means you need to be aware of it.