Tom Brady has six Superbowl championship rings. Over the years he has become a household name and some might even call him the greatest of all time (we're not getting involved in the debate).

So, how does someone with that much fame in the sports world really live their life off the field? Tom and Gisele (his Brazilian-born supermodel wife) and their children have quite a luxurious existence.

With current homes (that we know of) in Massachusetts, Montana, New York City, and Costa Rica, as well as a former mansion in Los Angeles, Tom and Gisele have long had a variety of places to unwind, each more posh than the next (a closet with a crystal chandelier is pretty posh and so is a private terrace).

We got the inside scoop on rooms in the house that are off-limits, where Gisele likes to entertain guests, and what hobbies Tom enjoys when he is not playing football. Keep reading to get a better idea of how #12 spends his days and the amenities he can't live without.

25 A Private Beach For Sun, Sand, And Surf

According to Trip Advisor, people come from all over the world to experience the crystal clear waters, soft sand, and warm sun of Costa Rica. Plus, the surf in Santa Teresa is good.

In an article by People magazine, Tom was spotted making himself look like a local in the surf. Reportedly, Tom had a successful afternoon catching waves following a professional lesson earlier that day. Gisele took her turn on the board, too, though she seemed to be enjoying her yoga on the beach a little more.

24 A Marble Island For Meal Prep (And Occasionally Breaking The Diet)

Unlike many New York City apartments, Tom and Gisele's truly is large. At just under 5000 square feet, there was more than enough space to customize the kitchen and we have to say we haven't seen this much marble since, well, Tom and Gisele's bathroom.

The couple is notoriously strict about their diet (keeping it entirely plant-based, according to Velvet Ropes), so they have a personal chef to keep them on track. However, everyone is entitled to a cheat day that involves freshly baked cookies.

23 A Parking Lot Big Enough For An Extensive Car Collection

Athlete endorsements are fairly common. Some brands even get endorsements when it doesn't seem necessary (are more people buying Icy Hot simply because Shaq is in the commercial?). However, for athletes in their prime, the ultimate endorsement deal to land is with a car company.

The Tom Brady edition Aston Martin convertible has a $360,000 price tag. Sadly, Tom doesn't get one because only twelve are being produced, according to CNN. However, he already has an Aston Martin (and an Audi and many other cars), so he wasn't too upset.

22 A Cozy Den With A Huge Television Perfect For Football Sunday

According to USA Sports Flash, if Gisele was anything other than a supermodel she would have chosen to be an interior decorator or architect. When she gave Vogue a sneak peek into the home, she pointed out the design elements that she played a role in (hint: it was most of them).

She was especially proud of the sunroom, wine cellar, and the whitewashed brick mantle. Though she admitted that she liked the fireplace better before Tom added a flatscreen television to it, she enjoys having a cozy place to watch the games she can't make it to.

21 An Off-Limits Office To Focus On Strategy

The main house (if we can still call 14,000 square feet just a house) is sandwiched between Pine Manor College (the college actually sold Brady the land) and a country club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Of the five bedrooms, one has been converted into a film room. According to Garrity Insurance, it is not uncommon for Tom to disappear into the room for hours at a time to watch clips from his previous games as he strategizes for the win.

20 A Yard The Size Of A Regulation Field

The Brookline mansion is only thirty minutes from the Patriots facility, so Tom could realistically go back and forth to spend a lot of time there. However, he's also a family man and wants to spend time at home. Fortunately, the property sits on five acres, which is more than plenty of room to run drills with his kids and pets.

This was especially good during Brady's NFL suspension (go ahead and look up "deflate-gate" if you don't remember that one). According to Fox Sports, it was during this time that he was photographed throwing the ball around with Gisele (who, we must say, wasn't that bad).

19 A Mountain Lodge Escape Filled With Amenities

The Yellowstone Club, just outside of Big Sky Resort in Bozeman, Montana, is a private club that serves as a home away from home for the elite of the elite. Among its 864 members are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Tom and Gisele.

Though members typically only spend a total of about sixty days per year in their respective residences, according to Daily Mail, they pay $400,000 upfront to join the club and an additional $41,000 per year to maintain their spot.

18 Mountain Bike Trails Within Walking Distance

All in all, the Yellowstone Club encompasses over 15,000 acres. According to Daily Mail, this space includes extensive trails perfect for ATVs and mountain bikes to roll along the terrain in the summer.

A few years ago, Brady brought some key members of the Patriots team, including Julian Edelman, out to Montana over the Fourth of July. The guys tried their hand at mountain biking and Brady captioned the photo as "summer camp" on his social media account.

If they're as competitive at mountain biking as they are at football it is amazing they all made it back in one piece.

17 VIP Access To Untouched Powder

Montana is equated with some of the best skiing in the world and Yellowstone Club members have private access to the freshest powder. According to Daily Mail, there are eighteen lifts that take members to over one hundred trails ranging from easy to a 2,700-foot vertical drop.

It's this amenity that makes the hefty price tag worth it to most members. According to, Tom has even flown out for a quick weekend (in a private jet) to hit the slopes with Ben Affleck.

16 First Choice Of Tee Times After A Big Win

Tom Brady is a huge lover of the sport of golf, which maybe seems counterintuitive considering how physical football is. Lucky for him, there's an eighteen-hole course designed by a former golf champion just outside his front door at the Yellowstone Club. Perhaps the best news is that members are encouraged to dress casually on the course, according to Daily Mail, no stuffy dress code required.

When he's ready to switch back to the gridiron, there is a football field nearby.

15 A Vacation Property Overlooking The Ocean

Gisele loves warm weather, so it is quite the compromise that she splits her time between the cold (and colder) climates of New York City, Boston, and Montana. However, as a consolation (and a pretty good one, at that), Tom and Gisele also have a property in Costa Rica.

This part of the world holds a special place in their hearts as that is where they held their second wedding ceremony (after an initial ceremony in California), according to Harper's Bazaar. As can be seen on Gisele's social media, the Costa Rican sunset view from their home is quite spectacular.

14 Horseback Riding Day Or Night

According to Vogue, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is the next Tulum, Mexico. That's saying a lot considering the tourism boom Tulum has experienced in the last few years.

But Tom and Gisele were there before it became popular. With a house in this coastal fishing town, nature is their backyard. Anytime they are there, including last year after the Patriots lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl, the couple manages to unplug and find solace in the quiet. A favorite pastime of theirs is horseback riding on the beach.

13 A Living Room With Vaulted Ceilings To Make Space For The Holidays

Sure, vaulted ceilings make it hard to reach those pesky cobwebs, but it sure does make it easier to have that sixteen-foot Christmas tree every year. According to USA Sports Flash, Tom and Gisele chose a wood, glass, and stainless steel motif throughout the house that carries through to the main family room (which opens via stainless steel French doors to the massive yard).

No word on if Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots and next-door neighbor, spends time there over the holidays (or if he has an even larger tree at his house).

12 A Master Bedroom Fit For The Greatest Of All Time

Just last year, Tom and Gisele dropped just over $25 million on a condo at 70 Vestry in Tribeca in lower Manhattan. They had planned to be on the eleventh floor, but changed their minds and upgraded to the twelfth floor. According to City Realty, this was reportedly so that Tom could live on a floor number that matched his jersey number (lucky number 12).

The master suite with its custom-designed bed would have been the same on both floors, but we'd like to think the slightly more elevated view is a little better.

11 Outdoor Space To Entertain The Rich And Famous

One of the draws of the 70 Vestry home, in addition to its five bedrooms and five bathrooms, was the expansive terrace with picturesque skyline views. While most New Yorkers would give anything to have a stake in this kind of space, Tom and Gisele don't even have to share.

According to City Realty, the standout celebs bought the private terrace when they closed on the condo. On it, they've placed the tops of the line grills, heat lamps, and furniture to comfortably seat any guests they host.

Rooftop sunset yoga, anyone?

10 A Billiard Room For Friendly Competition

If you don't live at 70 Vestry but manage to get past the doorman in front of the limestone facade of the building (built with rock from France, according to Vogue), you won't make it much further.

With several celebrity residents, security is tight throughout the premises. All the common rooms are accessible via a key fob held only by the most elite residents. This means that paparazzi and super fans won't be able to see the intricate details of the billiard room or snap any pics of Tom and Gisele squaring off against each other in a game of pool.

9 A Full Library With Reading Nook For Chillier Days

Each of the forty-six units at the waterfront gem that is 70 Vestry has a library overlooking either the Hudson River or a lush courtyard garden (we honestly don't know which we would prefer).

According to Velvet Ropes, all of Tom and Gisele's previous properties have included a library of varying size as reading is a personal hobby for both of them. This one, with an open floor plan, is large enough for a substantial book collection as well as a wet bar.

8 Floor To Ceiling Windows To Take In City Life

Before the 70 Vestry condo, there was One Madison Park. The four-bedroom unit in New York's Flatiron neighborhood had floor to ceiling windows that let in ample light (that perfectly hit Gisele's crystal collection, according to USA Sports Flash) and offered sweeping views of the city.

It took a few years for the couple to unload the full-floor property, eventually dropping the price by $4 million to make the deal according to Curbed New York.

7 A Lap Pool With A View

The One Madison pad also had a pool with a view. Before you feel bad for Tom and Gisele that they had to give up their access to a pool with a stunning Empire State Building view when they moved, know that the 70 Vestry pool is a full eighty-two feet lap pool (bigger than the pool at One Madison) and has a combination sauna/steam room. Yeah, save that pity for someone else because that is the definition of posh.

6 An Estate That Looks More Like A Castle (With A Moat)

In 2013, Tom and Gisele were still West Coasters. At that time, they lived in a five-bedroom nine-bathroom mansion in Brentwood, California.

The public received a sneak peek into the home when Architectural Digest paid the couple a visit and published pictures of the extremely chic interior, which included reclaimed beams and doors as well as antique fixtures.

Of course, the most talked-about photo was actually one of the exterior of the home that showcased the moat filled with koi (yep, the moat).