It seems like cruise ships are fast becoming the ideal vacation option for many people. Many families are signing up to enjoy some much-needed Rest and Relaxation on different cruise ships that promise to give you accommodation, meals, fun activities, entertainment, and seeing the different corners of the world, all in one go.

Because of the amazing amenities that one can find on cruise ships, The Insider reports that “The popularity of cruises continues to rise. In fact, Cruise Lines International Association estimated that "28 million passengers will cruise in 2018. This is up from 26.7 million in 2017 and 25.2 million in 2016.”

If you’re a lover of the waters and enjoy the idea of sailing different seas with your loved ones while possibly making new friends, this is the ideal vacation for you, however, not all of it is as rosy as it seems. Sometimes cruise ships stories can make even the bravest of us stop and wonder if it’s such a great idea to climb aboard. Read below as we take you through the 25 little-known facts about cruise ships that will make you avoid them at all costs.

25 Most Cruise Ships Have Morgues On Board

So, this one on our list is certainly not meant to scare anyone, it’s just a reminder that perhaps staying on land is a good idea.

Most cruise ships have onboard morgues that can accommodate anyone who passes during the course of the cruise.

Before you let your mind hurry off wondering what on earth happens to people on cruise ships – relax. Most people who pass do so due to natural causes and since the ship is in the middle of the ocean, they need somewhere to keep them.

24 Pirates Are Real People

This is an interesting one on our list because of the many movies and books that are based on pirates. After watching Pirates of the Carribean, one would think that the pirate life is fun and exciting and there’s certainly nothing wrong with coming across them while at sea.

In real life though, pirates are far from being as cute as Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, and they are certainly not as nice.

Our ocean waters are filled with many pirates and this one on our list will certainly convince many to stay on land.

23 People Go Missing

This is perhaps one of the creepiest items on our list and this will definitely convince us to stay on land. By now, you’ve probably heard the stories or read about them online – there are many people who have disappeared while on cruises. This happens by either a person tumbling overboard or worse, a mysterious disappearance that no one can actually explain.

MSN highlights that “From 2000 to 2013, about 200 passengers vanished without a trace while cruising.” Not trying to scare you but – yikes!

22 A Disease Break Out Would Be Traumatizing

Outbreaks of diseases are something we don’t necessarily think about when we consider a cruise vacation but considering the fact that there are normally thousands of people on these massive boats, it isn’t a surprise. Listverse highlights that “In 2013, norovirus (a highly contagious infection most commonly known as a ‘stomach bug’) swept across two different cruise ships, one operated by Royal Caribbean and the other by Princess Cruises, resulting in hundreds of people sick with vomiting and diarrhea. Some passengers were even forced into quarantine.”

21 We're Not Crazy About The Air Pollution

The air pollution that cruise ships produce is something that we just can’t look over. Since we are more aware of the planet and how much our actions may be hurting it, this is something that many cruise ship operating companies need to seriously look at for alternative options because clearly cruise ships are doing a whole lot of damage to our planet. Complex explains that “The Alaskan cruise ship, Sapphire Princess, generates the same amount of sulfur dioxide fumes as 13.1 million cars on a daily basis.”

20 The Fuel Consumption Is Surprising

Earlier we spoke about the amount of air pollution that cruise ships emit. If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out, they consume a whole of fuel as well. It takes a lot for these large vessels to make their way from one location to another, for instance, the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship, is very fancy and loved by many people, however, it consumes around 121,119 gallons of fuel each day while out at sea. Now, just consider the number of other cruise ships around the world and how they too need a lot of fuel.

19 The Sewage Generated Is Incredible

If you’re planning on taking a cruise ship soon, it will be very hard to get this thought out of your mind. Because of the many people on-board who are drinking and eating, have you ever considered the amount of human waste that gets generated?

Complex highlights that “your average cruise ship produces between 140,000 to 210,000 gallons of sewage per week.

It also produces another million gallons of waste-water per week that comes from using the showers, the sinks, and doing laundry while on board.”

18 There Is Nowhere To Hide!

Cruise ships have cameras everywhere. The reason why there are cameras everywhere is so that they can keep track of all the activities onboard. For instance, they would look at the footage to understand which activities are popular with guests, when are the peak eating times, and also find out where the guests tend to spend most of their time. They do this so that they can review and see how best to fulfill the passengers’ needs. This sounds great and all but if you’re camera shy, this may be a little overwhelming.

17 If You're Not A Drinker....

If you’re not a drinker or are trying to be sober for personal reasons, being on a cruise ship will make things really difficult for you. Don’t get us wrong, we are certainly not trying to doubt your commitment to your sobriety, we just can’t help but point out how much drinking really occurs on ships. Although some people may complain about the cost of alcohol on cruise ships (if they don’t have the all-inclusive package), there are still a considerable amount of people who simply opt for them because of all the tax-free alcohol that’s in abundance.

16 If You're Trying to Lose or Maintain Your Weight...

If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, the last place you ought to be is on a cruise ship. We’ve already mentioned how much people drink on cruise ships and sure enough, they eat as well…a lot.

MSN highlights the stats, “on Holland America’s Eurodam, 2,550 fresh eggs are eaten each day."

On the Carnival Dream, 28,730 shrimp are consumed each week. On the MSC Fantasia, 2,000 recipes are used on a seven-day cruise.” If you’re on a long cruise, don’t be surprised if some of your clothes suddenly don’t fit anymore.

15 They Are Not For Those Who Are Afraid Of Heights

Cruise ships are tall, like really tall. If you have a serious phobia for heights, perhaps you should seriously reconsider. Sure, you’ve been planning on reenacting that famous and romantic Titanic scene that had Jack holding Rose’s hands up from behind as they were “flying”, but, did you consider how high you would actually be?

Of course, different cruise ships come in different heights but who would want to go for the little ones? The bigger the better, right? Well, it turns out that some of the largest cruise ships out there can be as tall as a 16 story building. Yikes!

14 You're Likely To Be Surrounded By A Lot Of Retired Folk

Now, we love our elders and should always respect them but, can you imagine cruising around with them? Like, lots of them? If you thought cruise ships were fun, full of music and lots of parties, not all of them.

It turns out, many older people are opting to retire at sea as it may even be cheaper than a retirement home.

MSN highlights that “a 2014 study pegged the monthly rent of an assisted living facility at $3,500, and this number can obviously go much higher depending on the location.

Budget-savvy cruisers know good deals can be found for a base price $100 per night on average, or $3,000 per month.”

13 Themed Cruises Are Not For Everybody

Themed cruises are not for everyone so this one on our list may either have many fans or haters…it could go either way. At the beginning of this article, we highlighted how many people are taking their families and enjoying cruise ship vacations these days. The numbers are climbing each year and the cruise ship companies certainly must pull out all the stops to attract passengers to their ships.

From the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise to the Disney Cruise, it seems like one can find a cruise with any theme these days.

If you’re a fan of themes, think about how you’ll feel during day 5 of the cruise and you’re listening to same music, with the same activities, the same games…yeah, it just seems too much.

12 7 Whole Days At Sea?

If you’re wondering how long the average cruise vacation length is, that’s 7 days. As in, a full week. Now, of course, there are longer cruise lengths and shorter ones, but this tends to be the number that most people go for when booking their cruise ship vacations. Not so sure about you, but when we’re on vacation, we like the idea of having fun in different places and exploring new activities each day so this fact on our list will make us seriously consider to just stay on land.

11 100 Days For A World Cruise

So, the previous point on our list highlighted how difficult it must be to be stuck at sea for a full week. Well, 7 days is nothing compared to 100! That’s right, these world cruises that you’ve probably heard or read about are generally around 100 days at sea. Uhm, sea-sickness anyone?

Not so sure about you, but we’d definitely get a little worried – staying in the same room for 100 days on vacation.

We also previously discussed how much carbon emissions cruise ships have on an average day. Multiply that by 100!

10 We Don't Want To Be Stranded

When cruise ships run into any type of technical malfunction that their onboard electricians or engineers cannot take care of, the captain will send out a call for help, however, sometimes this help may not come as quickly or urgently as you need it.

Listverse highlights that “in February 2013, the Carnival Triumph, a massive cruise ship bound for Mexico, suffered a fire in its engine room. It was extinguished without death or injury, but the ship lost power and was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico.”

9 Cruise Ships Are Really Slow!

There’s a reason why cruise ships take forever to reach their destinations. It’s because they are hardly moving! The speed of an average cruise ship is at 20 knots. What do 20 knots mean? Well, if you were on land, that’s 23 miles per hour. Now, of course, people who sign up for cruise ships enjoy the idea of cruising all day and night but for some people, that might get old about say, on day 3. You’ll be wondering – When on earth are we getting there? And the worst part? You can’t get off!

8 Titanic 2.0?

Now, many people fell in love with the movie Titanic and with the lead actors, Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. We were taken through a love story that ended tragically.

Well, since its release in 1997, there have been many talks about actually building a replica of the cruise liner and in 2012, Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire, announced that we would actually bring the Titanic back to life.

It would be called Titanic II. Who is brave enough to actually climb aboard? Well, only time will tell.

7 Cruise Fires Are Really Scary

With modern engineering, cruise ships do tend to be a lot safer than they used to be however, nothing is perfect and technical problems are bound to occur every now and then. Speaking of technical problems, there were a reported 79 fires on cruise ships from 1990 to 2011. The general causes of these unfortunate incidents are plumbing issues, fires, as well as the ship running aground. As soon as any malfunction is detected, the crew will signal a distress call but we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to be onboard when you notice a fire igniting.

6 Deserted Cruise Ships Give Us The Chills

We’re well into the digital age and have access to all sorts of pictures and videos online. We’re exposed to all sorts of content online so it takes a lot to unnerve many of us. Well, this deserted ship on the Solomon Islands is enough to give anyone the chills. It is the MS World Discoverer, well, the remains of it actually. It is a popular tourist attraction but what freaks us out about it is us thinking about how on earth that ship ended up in that state.