Tom Brady is often hailed as the greatest football player to walk the earth currently, and perhaps the greatest footballer of all time. With good reason, we might add. Tom Brady is one of only two NFL players to win five Super Bowls, and the only NFL player to do with a single franchise. That isn't an accomplishment that anyone should take lightly.

Since there is thankfully a little bit of justice in the world, all of that talent amounts to the dollars that Brady deserves. Mr. Touchdown Tom gets paid $27 million a year, which makes him the highest paid player in the NFL right now.

Between the fame, glory, and the gorgeous payola, The Pharaoh has a net worth of $180 million. If our readers think that is a lot of money, then get a load of his wife Gisele  Bündchen, who has a net worth of $380 million. When we put their rich earnings together, they are nearly in the billions market, so that would mean that Tom Brady is practically a billionaire, if we're going by the "what's his is hers, and what's hers is his" rules of marriage.

Point is that in between being one of the best athletes on the planet, Brady also happens to be one of the richest as well. All of that cash has to go somewhere, and anyone curious as to where it goes can check below for some of the Brady Bunch's snazziest purchases.


Tom Brady took his family to Dohar, Qatar this past April for a family holiday, and arrived via a private jet courtesy of Qatar Airways. A highlight of the trip was when the world caught a glimpse of Tom and Gisele riding camels in an Instagram photo.

While his family was there for holiday, Tom couldn't help but get some work in while there. He attended a charity event from Best Buddies which is a nonprofit that exists to help people with mental and physical disabilities. He also visited some troops who were stationed in the country.


Everybody dreams about taking a trip to the Bahamas, and Tom Brady picked the perfect time to do so in November 2017 just as his native Boston stomping grounds was getting freezing, snowing cold.

When he and his family made the trip there, Brady didn't just confine himself to chilling in the sun on a hammock. He also played a game of pickup hoops with Michael Jordan of all people. Talk about having one heck of a dream vacation!


This past March, while the Patriots were in preseason training mode, Tom Brady took a few days off from practice to go party on a private yacht in Europe's sovereign city-state, Monaco. The reason was to catch the Formula One Grand Prix.

Brady boarded one of only two ships owned by the SeaDream Yacht Club. Other celebs who boarded the party ship were Bella Hadid and Daniel Ricciardo, who challenged Brady to test out his throwing arm by playing a brief game of football catch with the Formula 1 driver.


Last February, Super Bowl LII didn't quite go as planned for Tom Brady as his New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, who had a 41-33 lead. No matter how many Super Bowls Brady has won in the past, it never feels good to lose the biggest game of the year.

So, to blow off some much needed steam, he took his family on vacation to Costa Rica shortly after his Super Bowl loss. He must really love Costa Rica, seeing as he also went there on vacation in 2013. Must be his place of zen.

21 AUDI R8 2009

Considering that most of the purchases on this list are Audis, we think Tom Brady might have an unhealthy obsession with the car model. There's loving a single brand of car, and then there's Brady, who has bought and collected dozens upon dozens upon dozens of different Audis over the years.

Another model with Brady has added to his collection was the 2009 Audi R8, which would have ran him up for $165,000. We imagine Gisele is struggling to keep her husband's Audi obsession in check. Trying to stop him from buying every Audi in the country must be a tough task for her.


Following their big wedding in 2009, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady decided to celebrate the occasion with a big purchase on a big house. Apparently, everything's bigger in Texas and Tom Brady's bank account.

They bought a 14 square foot mile Brentwood mansion in Southern California for $11 million. After spending extra expenses to design the house from scratch, they wound up selling it four years later to Dr. Dre for $40 million. It's worth noting the couple finished designing the place in 2013, and sold it a year later.


Tom Brady and his wife showed up to the 2018 annual Met Gala wearing custom made attire. Brady opted to wear a simple black turtle neck with a matching suit jacket, with a golden design along the collar.

His suit did not receive the glowing reviews that he might have hoped for, and his costume was meme'd to no end across social media. Several critics poked fun of Brady for his costume looking like a cross between a James Bond villain and a Las Vegas magician.


Just when everybody thought that chivalry was dead, Tom Brady had to go and pull a gesture like this for his lover. Sometime last year, Gisele posted this photo to her IG page revealing that her beau had sent her an entire vase of flowers.

Mind you, the vase is big enough that there had to have been enough flowers in there to plant a brand new garden. Stuff like this makes us guys want to step up our game for our lady friends. Not because we want to, but because if we don't, Tom Brady just makes us look bad by outshining boyfriends around the world with stuff like this.


Tom Brady is notorious for spending money on private jets to travel all around the world. Speaking of, perhaps the most notorious story of Tom Brady going on a private jet ride was when he took Ben Affleck and his then nanny Christine Ouzounian on a ride onto one of his jets.

We hear about Tom Brady kicking it on private jets so often that we would assume that if someone were to accumulate together the costs of all of these rides, Brady would have spent millions of dollars on private jet rides.


Most athletes have a tendency to treat themselves to something special after winning the last big game of the season, and usually, that special treat tends to be a car. Because guys love their cars for some reason. We don't quite understand why. It's a guy thing, apparently.

Tom Brady is no different, given that upon earning his second Super Bowl MVP following the Patriots win over the Carolina Panthers, he believed that the treat he deserved was a 2004 Cadillac Escalade ESV, which at the time cost about $70,000 to own.

15 AUDI S5 2010

Tom Brady has been vocal about his love for Audis, and about a decade ago, he had the Audi S5, a 2010 model. At the time, the car was $50,000, which isn't much compared to Brady's net worth, but he loved it as if it was any other million dollar car.

Unfortunately, he didn't have it long as he crashed the car on the way to practice when a guy in a mini van hit him after running a red light. Keeping a bright outlook as he so often does, Brady joked afterwards that he only crashed his 2010 car "so I could get the 2011."


In 2005, Tom Brady decided to establish his own private charity foundation. He would call it the Change the World Foundation. Their first contributions would be just under $500,000, with $10,000 of those dollars coming from Brady's own pockets.

Since then, his foundation has partnered up with the Best Buddies charity foundation, and Brady's organization in that time has helped raise $46 million to the Best Buddies. His charity has been known to be funded by other charitable organizations, which has stirred some controversy among critics.


A man of Tom Brady's elite status does not indulge in cuisine from any old local food mart. A man who's got money like Tom Brady doesn't even have to cook. Instead, he hires somebody else to cook his food.

That somebody happens to be one Allen Campbell, who is hired by Brady to fix strictly organic meals for him and his whole family, and both flour and sugar are two ingredients that are banned from the Brady household.


Tom Brady usually saves most of his money and therefore doesn't have a reputation for spending huge loads of money unless it's on a house. However, his biggest and most notorious purchase came from when he bought himself a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is as expensive as it is fast. As far as speed is concerned, this thing can hit the road at 60 miles per hour within 2.5 seconds max, and when it comes to the price tag, Brady spent $1.7 million to ride this bad boy around town.


We don't think anybody in the world loves UGG boots quite as much as Tom Brady does. In 2015, he tried to spread that love by buying a pair of UGGs for all 52 of his teammates.

Taking his love for UGG boots a step further, Brady currently has an endorsement deal with UGG. Considering that he bought those UGGs for his teammates a whole year before he partnered up with UGG, we don't think Brady is going hard for UGG just for the money. He just has a legitimate love - or unhealthy obsession - with UGGs for men.

10 2015 FERRARI M458-T

At $230,000, the Ferrari M458-T is one of the most expensive cars that can be found in the US of A, and with good reason. This isn't just any ol' fast car, and can be deadly in the wrong hands. This Ferrari can hit 60 miles per hour in only three seconds. A thing like that can't be left in the hands of any old schmuck.

So it usually gets put in the hands of a rich schmuck like Tom Brady who are part of a rare upper echelon. The select few people who have the strength, prowess, and of course, the big bucks to handle a bad boy like this.


In the last few years, we have seen Tom Brady and his beloved partner stroll around town in this 2011 Land Range Rover, and if we're being honest, this whip doesn't look too shabby. Not too shabby one bit.

Of course, when it costs at least $86K to buy one of these things, it needs to look in top shape. The features are worth the price as well, as the car comes equipped with a 14 speaker sound system, a reverse camera, and top notch navigation.


In 2007, the New England Patriots became only the second ever football team in NFL history to finish the season with an undefeated 16-0 lead. Needless to say, Tom Brady was proud and grateful for all of the men on his team, particularly with his offensive linemen.

To show his O-Line just how much he loved and appreciated them, he gifted every single one of them with an Audi Q7 SUV. Brady's generous gifts cost him a price of $42,500 per teammate.


In 2014, Tom Brady and his better half Gisele Bündchen purchased an apartment room on the 47th floor of New York's One Madison condo building located in the Flatiron District. The room cost the couple $11.7 million, and they spent $40,000 a month just to rent it out.

Money like that is basically loose chump change compared to the net worth of the Bradys, but they were able to lift the monetary burden of this pad when they decided to dump it for something better. They sold this spot in 2018 for $13.95 million.


Usually, when someone has kids, they opt to get a car that's safe, good on gas, and maybe drives a little slower, as opposed to revving up an ultrafast death-machine. Not Tom Brady. He went the opposite route.

Of course Tom Brady loves his kids, but that's not gonna stop him from getting a fast car to ride them around in style. So he got the Rolls Royce Ghost, which he bought for $355,600.

Judging by some paparazzi pics we've seen of the family in the car, the kids love riding backseat in the Rolls Royce.