If you think you know Las Vegas, you may want to think again - There is much more to the city than first meets the eye. Forget gambling and concerts, and try to turn your attention to the subtle, yet spectacularly hidden treats Las Vegas has to offer. Regardless of how frequent a visitor you are to this amazing city, it always has something new to throw at you every single time. Sometimes these events will not find you, but instead, you must explore and carefully analyze each and every corner of the city, as to not miss a beat.

There are many hidden gems in Vegas that locals are trying their best to keep a secret, however, us being nosy travelers, we will spoil their fun. As travelers, we also know that some of the most amazing and breathtaking attractions require us to go off-the-beaten-track. The following list comprises of 25 secret spots that locals in Vegas are trying their best to keep on the down-low….but we’re going to try and spoil the party. From culture trips to food and bars, we take you inside Sin City and reveal a different side of the city that most are not aware of.

25 Light Show @ Louis Vuitton

Las Vegas if full of light shows everywhere you look, that is why this particular light show, as recommended by Forbes and Jessica Galindo (artist and leather clothing designer), is a must-see.

Dubbed ‘Akhob’, the light show by James Turrell is located inside the Louis Vuitton store and is so spectacular you will need a reservation! You will also need to take off your shoes and share the room with only a few other people, it really is an intimate experience.

You are personally taken into the room, where what you are about to witness is briefly explained. Then, you are left with your own thoughts, the show begins and you are taken into a whole new world. It truly is a unique experience given the show AND its location. Insider tip thanks to Forbes, it is recommended to make a reservation one month in advance.

24 Hidden Greenery

The lights, noise, and hustle and bustle of Las Vegas can sometimes catch tourists out and unfortunately distract them from some of the other wonders that can be found here. At first glance, one would not think of the City of Lights to bestow some relaxing, green spaces amid all of the action, however, if you know where to go, there are actually some exquisite gardens to sit and be with your thoughts.

According to The Guardian, what makes these spaces to unique and special, is that they each have their own distinct twist on the average park. For example, ‘The Mirage’ comprises a dome filled with trees, white tigers, dolphins, and lions.

The ‘Bellagio’ even has its own greenhouse and gardens which change with the seasons. There are many more green spaces within the city, but these are just some of the places which, unless you have some insider knowledge, you will otherwise not find.

23 Rooftop Golf

8 News Now presenter, Denise Valdez, has told Forbes Topgolf is a must while in the city. It is a four-level sporting and entertainment building located at the MGM Grand. There is something here to keep the whole family happy. Oh, almost forgot, which sports fan has never dreamt of relaxing in a pool, with breathtaking views of an amazing city while watching their favorite team (hopefully win), on hundreds of flat-screens? The kids will be kept occupied by the automated golf equipment and arcade gaming machines. All you have to do is turn up and let your passion for doing absolutely nothing take-over.

22 Gabi Café

Located on Spring Mountain, Gabi Coffee and Bakery has come into its own, labeling the dining experience as ‘elegant, intimate and sophisticated’. The reason why this café is so unique is that it comprises of its very own greenhouse, where the coffee is made, per Foursquare.

Korea may not be the first place you think of when it comes to coffee, however, Gabi will take you to the early 1900’s Korea as soon as you walk through the large, old-fashioned door.

Korea and coffee for most people do not mix, but this is why Gabi is a well-kept secret. Next time you are in the city, check it out and you will regret not discovering it sooner.

21 The Silverton

Las Vegas is the city where you can find some obscure, yet eye-opening things on every corner. The Silverton is no different, and according to The Guardian, you can find Mermaids in walls! Wait, what!? Yep, that’s right, just as shark tanks can be found at The Golden Nugget and Mandalay Hotel, The Silverton has topped both hotels with a 140,000-gallon aquarium filled with over 4,000 tropical fish and Mermaids fluttering about as you sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink.

20 Mother Nature

Let’s be honest, Las Vegas is not known for its natural beauty, but only a short drive out of town will see you in some of the most spectacular landscapes in the US.

If you have experienced all of what Las Vegas has to offer (unlikely, but possible), Forbes and Dorit Schwartz (Artist), recommends taking a drive, roughly about 40 minutes, to the Valley of Fire.

Here, you will see many amazing landscapes compiled into one, but perhaps none better than White Domes. Dorit Schwartz says that White Dome is filled with bright red rocks and limestone with color formations that will knock your socks off. People come here for the amazing sights, but also for spiritual purposes, to meditate and practice yoga.

19 Verbena @ Level 1 ½ - Chandelier Bar

According to Tripsavvy, between cocktails and Las Vegas, there are no secrets, but for those looking to stimulate your sensors (pun intended), get ready for perfection. Chandelier Bar is located at level 1 ½ of the luxury Cosmopolitan Hotel, so it’s no wonder why people simply walk right by. Next time you are in the area, look carefully at the elevator buttons, press on level 1 ½ and prepare for greatness. Here, the Verbena cocktail is a must and is the signature best-seller of the Chandelier.

18 The Mob Museum

It is no secret that in its early days, Las Vegas was troubled with organized crime. Don’t worry though, this is no longer the case, and the ‘Mob’ Museum was created in 2012 to show what once was, and spans across multiple floors.

While this attraction may not be for everyone, The Guardian says it certainly gives tourists a deep insight into what went on back in the day.

There are some very interesting pieces exhibited within the museum walls, but we’ll let you discover them for yourself, don’t want to take all fun out of it.

17 The Underground @ The Mob Museum

Directly underneath The Mob Museum is ‘The Underground’, Eater Las Vegas tells of a secret and intimate bar filled with 1920’s design, functional distillery, and artifacts from the early 900’s, that only a few have the privilege to access and experience. All we can tell you is that you’ll need to ring a bell and provide a password (of course we would tell you the password if we knew!). Once inside, you can enjoy an extensive drinks menu, live jazz and good times.

16 National Atomic Testing Museum

Further to the Mob Museum, the National Atomic Testing Museum celebrates a part of history that we are glad to have finished, yet still find it interesting. The Museum is located east of ‘The Strip’ The Guardian claims there are 12,000 articles to discover. These artifacts range from personal weapons of atomic destruction, such as the ‘Backpack Nuke’, to larger, more sophisticated nuclear weapons and even a simulator that sees you in the middle of an atomic explosion.

15 Did someone say Vintage Clothing?

Andrea Bennett, editor of Vegas and Wynn Magazines has told Forbes that you are crazy if you surpass vintage clothes shopping whilst in Vegas. She recommends taking a look inside ‘Patina Décor’, where you will find some of the best-hidden gems (perhaps literally) in the city.

The owner's source only the finest vintage items to sell, ranging from clothing to home décor and accessories.

This is a mid to high-end store, so the prices may not be affordable for everyone, but it is worth a look because you never know what will inspire your next look or personal project.

14 Walking on water

‘If you can stand, you can fly’, the saying that has captured the world’s attention, because who doesn’t want to fly? Buzzfeed has presented Flyboard Las Vegas as a secret Las Vegas attraction and it is easy to see why. Not many people think of the city place for water activities, however, this is where many people are wrong. Only 30 minutes away from ‘The Strip’, you can find yourself flying a massive 12 feet above water level and is a perfect way to cool off during the summer months. There are also shops and eateries surrounding the complex, so make it a day-trip to really enjoy every aspect the park has to offer.

13 The Cromwell Hotel

This attraction is more suited to couples or individuals, whatever tickles your fancy. The Cromwell Hotel is comprised of a select number of chic or boutique rooms which allow the mind to fully open up. According to Tripsavvy, the select rooms contain a full-sized mirror placed - in a very smart place, might I add – right in front of the shower. The perfect spot for a romantic getaway, or if you just need some time for self-reflection.

12 VooDoo Lounge Rooftop Club

Most people are completely oblivious to this one, and it is only a secret mostly the locals are familiar with…until now. These days, entry fees to most nightclubs are enough to turn people away, however, The Guardian says that if you indulge in a superb meal at the VooDoo steak restaurant, located on floor 50 at the Rio, you are granted free entry to the nightclub upstairs at no extra cost. When you throw a delicious meal into the equation, people listen. The Guardian has also made strong but fair claim that the rooftop view is one of the best views of the City of Lights you will find.

11 Desert Art

Las Vegas is in the perfect location if you want to explore some of America’s most spectacular desert landscape, while still having limitless activities in the city. Furthermore, a well-known and highly-regarded restaurateur throughout Vegas, Elizabeth Blau has told Forbes one of her recommendations is Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains.

It is no lie that most people don’t leave the city, seeing as there is so much to do and see, but even 20 minutes in a car off ‘The Strip’ will see you at some amazing structures, both artificial and natural.

The Seven Magic Mountains are 7 neon rocks, reaching between 30-35 feet into the sensational Las Vegas sky. The recommended times to view this work-of-art is either at sundown or sun-up.

10 Sweat 60 Workout Room @ Cosmopolitan Hotel

Most people don’t know this room even exists, and it is probably easy to see why. Most people embark on a holiday to relax and enjoy themselves, so a workout isn’t really on the cards. Paired with the fact that the Sweat 60 Workout Room is located in a hotel, it is not readily available to the majority of travelers. Tripsavvy is urging travelers to take advantage of this amazing facility before it becomes more popular, and even if a workout isn’t part of your busy schedule, try it once and see how much of a difference it will make for your day.

9 Dining With An Acrobatic Twist 

When traveling to Vegas, you just have to expect something out of the ordinary...anything. Suppose you have been out all day and are sitting in a hotel bar. Now imagine looking at the wine list and selecting one, placing your order with the lovely host or hostess, only for them to disappear and come back with any glass of wine. NO! None of this please, we want something different. According to The Guardian, this is most definitely not the case at The Mandalay Bay Hotel. It is a well-known secret that at Aureole, the wine rack is readily available smack bang in the middle the bar, a gigantic 13 meters in height. No disappearing waiters or random wines this time, you get just what you orders, and what’s more, there are ‘wine angels’ who frolic up and down the rack to retrieve your bottle.

8 The Landry Room

Hidden in the back room of Commonwealth Cocktail Bar is another bar called ‘The Laundry Room’. Thanks to Buzzfeed, the secret is now out, but just know there are only 28 seats in the secret room. Before you even think about seating arrangements, you must first acquire a secret number, to which you will send a text message. Upon arrival, you will be told where to meet. While the drinks list is quite extensive, there are specially trained mixologists who are more than willing to whip you up a drink of your preference, even if it is not on the menu.

7 Snow…?

Las Vegas is not a place commonly known for easy access to snow, but businesswoman Amy Rossetti put her story to Forbes. She says Las Vegas is full of surprises, we all know that, but she goes on to say that not many people think of snow and Vegas in the same sentence. Less than 1 hour from the center, you will find yourself at Mount Charleston, full of snow in the winter months. You can even stay on or near the mountain if you are after something different than the hustle of the main city.

6 Lago’s Pizzette

Pizza can be found on almost every corner in America, but Tripsavvy claims that there is none better than the Pizzette at The Bellagio Hotel’s, Lago restaurant. This product needs more public attention because it is just THAT good. Puffy crust, simple yet superb toppings, it may not be a full pizza, but it will for sure be enough to leave a lasting impression and perhaps maybe even one of the best pizzas you will ever put in your mouth.