Traveling is a fulfilling experience, but with all the expenses involved from plane tickets down to your toilet roll, it can be a little extravagant for some. Finding a job that involves going from one place to another is more rewarding because it allows you to fulfill your passion while being subsidized for doing what you like.

For a lot of people, touring the world is only a dream, but many people are lucky enough to have it as part of their bread and butter. Roles in aviation, the hospitality industry, and many freelance jobs not only require a person to move from destination to destination, but also gain income in return.

If you have the itch to travel but cannot afford to get the funds for traveling, might as well look for a job that involves traveling. There are many professions in need of people who have the aptitude and motivation to trot the whole world.

Airline companies, feature news producers, government agencies, and even some private citizens require employees who can fulfill their employment responsibilities while having a travel career at the same time. Here are 25 of the most fulfilling jobs you can do while traveling the world.

25 25. Ocean Liner Crew

Cruise ships from around the world demand workers who can commit to traveling and working. Staff positions like cabin cleaner, chef, entertainer, and massage therapists abound. And anyone with the skills and experience can quickly get a job. An ocean liner employment will allow you to visit places depending on which part of the world the liner cruises travels to.

You get free accommodations and you can enjoy the amenities on your free time. Employment though might mean a long-term commitment and residency on the ship.

24 24. Pilot

An aviation career has got to be the highest paying employment a globetrotter can have. The median annual salary of a pilot averages to about $121,000 for a job with commercial airlines. Education though requires a rigorous amount of time and ground training needs to be completed before getting work. If you want to be an employed traveler, you might as well start with the education and skills as early as possible. Otherwise, your aviation career will just be wishful thinking to say the least.

23 23. Flight Attendant

Although salary grade depends on the airline carrier you are working with, a flight attendant gets to travel the world without incurring airfare expense. You don’t get to choose your destination, but it’s a good thing if you are daring and adventurous enough to travel to unexpected destinations. Flight attendants though have a much easier job than any aviation positions, but they undergo rigorous training. Employment as a flight attendant is for those who are willing to jump to several countries on a tight schedule but still enjoy their job.

22 22. Tour Guide

Tour guides are quite effective in herding confused tourists and telling those fascinating stories and insights about that specific destination. This means you have to be highly communicable and being able to speak a different language helps. Being a tour guide would allow you to travel places but this can be limited to places you are familiar with or at least have an idea about. Working for a touring agency will give you a better chance of hitching from one place to another while helping other travelers.

21 21. Travel Agent

What makes travel agents different from tour guides is that they are more focused in building itineraries for their guests, planning visa interviews, and organizing the overall tour package for group tours. But this doesn’t mean you will be confined to an office all the time.

A travel agent also has to have to experience with the site first hand before offering them exclusively to prospective clients. Most travel agencies would also let you experience the site first hand to get a good insight of what clients would expect.

20 20. Peace Corps Volunteer

The Peace Corps Volunteer Program provides technical and strategic assistance to people living outside the country. They are responsible for keeping innocent civilians free from harm when a country experiences political and social turmoil. Being a volunteer means you get to travel around the world especially places where violence tends to escalate rapidly. The Peace Corps also does not pay a hefty amount, but you get a bonus at the end of your service and a good chance of touring your deployment country.

19 19. Professional Chef

The world greatly needs professional chefs and they can get a fast and easy employment anywhere they want to. Being a professional chef also means high wage earnings especially from rich countries in Europe. They can work in luxury hotels, cruise ships, and high end restaurants. If you want to travel the world as a chef, celebrity chefs from famous television programs get to visit the place they like and not just experience the culture, but their food and tourist attractions.

18 18. Travel Nurse

A travel nurse gets to work in a specific location for a certain amount of time. Unlike hospital nurses, these professional healthcare providers can be assigned from country to country depending on where they are a great need for their services. A temporary assignment allows you time to visit many places within the country where you are deployed. A contract outside the country normally lasts for up to 2 years longer than contracts inside the country. Salary though is paid by the nursing agency and not directly by the employing hospital.

17 17. ESL Teacher

An ESL (English-as-Second Language) tutor has a bigger chance of traveling the country of his students depending on the employing company’s compensation and bonus packages. Most of these companies do allow an ESL teacher to travel to the country where their students reside as part of the meet and greet process. Cultural immersion is often an integral part of a company’s strategy to engage students in learning English, especially in non-English speaking countries. A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification or college degree is the prerequisites for teaching English to non-English speakers.

16 16. Language Interpreter

Language interpreters especially those who work for the United Nations get a chance to live or visit many countries for their language expertise for various reasons. Sometimes they are assigned for humanitarian work, peace keeping, or research work intended for UN purposes. Working as a freelance translator can also be a good way of traveling around the world employed for a tour company selling tour packages to foreign visitors. Fluent second-language speakers are also in demand online for translation services among many other language-related works.

15 15. Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian works especially when you are working with an international agency gives you a better chance of traveling from one destination to another. Although salary may not be as high as a private institution, non-profit organizations do provide the basic necessities required for your stay in the country. Work though involves a great deal of patience and sacrifice as cultural gaps and communication barriers tend to be the leading hindrance for attaining much of your objectives. Also understand there are agencies that put exorbitant placement fees for volunteer work outside the country.

14 14. WWOOFing

The Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farming is a growing body of volunteers and farmers around the world working to create a global village where organic farming is fostered. There are no significant requirements except your will to provide your services in exchange for a boarding space. Several countries support this global initiative including Australia, Argentina, Korea, Kenya, Israel, Iceland and many more. There are a total of 100 countries to choose from and all you need to pass is the Visa requirement for the country you intend to work with.

13 13. Travel Vlogger

A travel vlogger has a unique way of presenting the world with videos that showcase the best and the worst of a country. It can be a fun and rewarding experience especially if you are tied with a television company who pays for most of your expense. Travel vloggers can go anywhere in the world and can be an ideal way of earning money while being a globetrotter. It is an exciting and adventurous profession, but you have to make every episode as interesting as possible or you will lose your audience share.

12 12. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers get much needed time to travel because they have enough time at hand and they can set their own schedules. Being a freelance writer also allows you to work at your own leisure and not have someone dictate what you need to do and when you need to do it. Freelance writers who find work in the journalism sector often gets associated with the agency without a full time position and can often be assigned to specific areas that need to be reported on.

11 11. Freelance Photographer

Just like freelance writers, freelance photographers have the availability of time to do other tasks aside from taking pictures. They can be employed either as a full-time or contractual employee of a company that needs the steady services of photographers. Freelance photography though is a hard business to get into because you need to have the skills and perseverance to hone your craft and build a solid portfolio. Traveling with major companies as National Geographic is quite possible if you are backed with experience and skills.

10 10. Au Pair

An au pair is typically a foreign female national who works to take care of the native family’s kids. They are normally hired in Europe, but countries like the United States and Canada also have a need for them. If you work as an au pair, you are expected to do light housework and sometimes have to travel with the whole family when they go some other place for a vacation. Travel expenses are free and you get to live with your employer as part of the family.

9 9. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants have the luxury of traveling with their employers whenever they go. Celebrities and high profile bigwigs always need assistance because of their busy schedules and personal assistants come in handy. PA’s for well-known Hollywood actors and actresses or VIPs undergo rigorous screening prior to their employment. But the perks of becoming one include being able to travel with them anywhere in the world and enjoying the luxuries they are provided with. You need to be highly organized though and be ready whenever they need help.

8 8. Summer Camp Counselor

If you love spending time with kids, earn money, and be able to travel elsewhere, a summer camp counselor position can be highly rewarding. Work as summer camp counselor revolves around teaching campers survival techniques in the wild and keeping all the scheduled activities on track. Work can be round-the-clock, but is highly enjoyable especially when you get to go from one place to another with the kids in tow or spending time with them camping in the wild and lead camp activities.

7 7. Busking

People who love performance art can always showcase their talent in crowded places. If you can play drums, can work the violin or are good in dancing, performing in front of a busy tourist spot can get you some extra allowance for your own vacation. Beachfront pathways, city center shopping aisles, or anywhere where there is a crowd maximizes your chance of getting enough tips. Make sure though you do your busking in a legal place or you will run amok with local violations.

6 6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the new buzzword for third party sellers who directly market products from various sources on their website. Usually selling products in the European and American market, these goods mostly come from cheap manufacturers from China and several other Asian countries. Dropshipping is an e-commerce model that allows you to start with a low startup capital but provide a wide selection of products. It is a good online venture with low risks, and high scalable outcome you can take with you anywhere.