Just over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans have 96.5% of the Earth’s water. These figures highlight how much ocean water there is and understandably, how much there is still to explore. It comes as no surprise then when we hear on the news that scientists, researchers, or explorers have discovered something new in our oceans.

Considering the fact that only around 5% of the ocean’s surface has been explored, new discoveries should not only be interesting but expected. What this list will show is the wide variety of things that have been found. From man-made statues to trains, shipwrecks, treasure, and even an ancient Greek computer…the findings have been remarkable.

The best part about living in this day and age is the fact that we have access to all this information. Can you imagine being alive just a century or two ago and sailing the seas without even knowing what’s beneath the waters? Well, luckily, you don’t have to imagine this because we’re well into the digital age that has gifted us with an abundance of information. Scroll below as we take you through all the interesting things that have been found buried under our oceans.

22 Apollo Moon Mission Rocket Remains

If you’re into astrology, then you’ll most probably consider this one on our list the coolest discovery found buried in the ocean. So, we all know about the most famous space craft ever – the Apollo craft that helped Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong land safely on the moon in 1969. Well, engine parts of the incredible craft were found buried deep in the Atlantic Ocean in 2013. You can now find these pieces at Seattle’s Museum of Flight as they were given as a gift.

21 Possibly The World's Oldest City

So, we know that humans need air to live. The discovery of a city at the bottom of the ocean is, therefore, one of the oddest things that could ever be found. How on earth is there an entire city at the bottom of the Ocean? The remains of this city were found in 2001 in Gulf of Cambay off the coast of India.

History explains that “artifacts found have included pieces of sculpture, human remains, artwork, and even wooden furniture…and a piece of wood examined is estimated to be at least 9,500 years old.”

20 Volcanic Underwater Activity

Number 22 on our list is yet another unexpected one to be found in an ocean. How on earth is there volcanic activity under the sea? Well, scientists are still trying to figure this one out but one thing’s for sure – it truly is a natural phenomenon. This volcanic underwater activity was found at Loki’s Castle, in the Arctic Ocean. This was found by researchers from the University of Bergen, in Norway. Research is still ongoing to better understand this part of the Arctic Ocean which is largely still under-explored.

19 The Coelacanth Fish

Have you heard about the Lazarus Fish before? This interesting looking fish once roamed the seas a long time ago. The fish went into extinction around 65 million years ago so discovering anything related to it is understandably exciting.

Oddee highlights that “a living specimen of the coelacanth was discovered in 1938 while a marine biologist trawled through a local fisherman’s catch off the coast of Africa.” A few years later, the second species was found, but this time, in Indonesian waters." This just highlights how our ocean waters still have so much for us to explore.

18 Military Battleships

Number 20 on our list is a result of the World War II battle that occurred in 1944 and saw hundreds of air crafts, military battleships, as well as submarines, sinking deep into the South Pacific. This was a surprise attack on the Japanese and the popular phrase, “Japan’s Pearl Harbor” is often used to describe this historic event. Naturally, thousands of soldiers lost their lives during the attacks. These military battleships remained undiscovered until in the 1960s when Jacques Cousteau explored the waters and found the remnants of the war. The site is now a tourist attraction.

17 Emerald Treasure

So, we’re well aware that traditional treasure hunting stories usually focus on treasure hunters finding a significant amount of either gold or diamonds. Well, at number 18 on our list, let’s add “emerald” to that list. Jay Miscovich, who was actually only an amateur treasure hunter, made the discovery of a lifetime when he found over 10,000 emeralds off the coast of Key West in Florida. The discovery was in 2010 and the emeralds were estimated to be worth half a million dollars.

16 Underwater Pyramid

Did you know that researchers and scientists have only actually explored 3 to 5% of the ocean floor? What does that tell you? Well, it clearly means that in 5 to 10 years, this list would need to be updated as there would be more discoveries made. It also highlights how vast Mother Nature is and as much as we try to understand her, there’s a very good chance that we may never be able to fully comprehend all that she is. This underwater pyramid was discovered between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira.

15 Jurassic Era Microbes

So, previously on this list, we mentioned the coelacanth, a fish related to the Lazarus Fish that got extinct more than 65 million years ago. Of course, Mother Nature loves one-upping herself and so it was only a matter of time until more species from ancient times were discovered.

Oddee highlights that “In 2012, microbes from the Jurassic era were discovered in deep sea water. They were barely alive. With nothing to eat for 86 million years, and barely enough oxygen to sustain metabolism, it’s hard to believe that these could still be alive”. Although they were “barely” alive, that was enough to identify these microbes as the oldest living organisms on our planet.

14 A 60,000 Ton Stone Structure

A cone-shaped stone structure was discovered in 2003, in the Sea of Galilee. This particular structure is one of the few findings on this list that have both archeologists and scientists not only disagreeing about its origins but also baffled. At the moment, there are many theories about where it comes from and what it was made for, however, the theories are yet to be proven. All that is certain is that it was man-made, by seemingly a well-organized society and that it must date back to around 12,000 years.

13 Lost Kingdom of Cleopatra

We’re definitely a little shocked to have another underwater city on our list. This time, we have the city of Thonis-Heracleion (you might know its more popular name – the Lost Kingdom of Cleopatra). This special city can be found in Egypt’s Aboukir Bay, which is situated near Alexandria. Message To Eagle highlights that “why the city sank remains a mystery, but it was swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and has been buried in sand and mud for more than 1,200 years.

12 Third Reich Lost Silver

If there’s one place on earth to find a whole lot of treasure, it has to be deep under the ocean. There have been numerous books, movies, and fables told of all the wonders and treasures that ocean waters have so this one on our list is hardly a surprise. This silver treasure was on the British SS Gairsoppa that sank in 1941 in the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel carried with it over 61 tons of silver, that was estimated to be worth $36 million. This discovery was made by Odyssey Marine Exploration of Tampa in 2012.

11 Largest Underwater Statue

Statues are normally made for us all to appreciate a particular person, place or thing. They are also put in museums, galleries, malls, in front of buildings, or anywhere else where they are front and center and can demand attention. Putting a large statue underwater is, therefore, something interesting but it has been done for a few years, by artists who want to draw attention to some ocean-related concerns. This statue can be found in the Bahamas. It is a 60-ton and 18-foot tall girl and represents the desperate need for ocean conservation.

10 Living Spiders

How on earth can spiders survive under the water? How do they breathe? These were the questions asked when an argyroneta aquatic was first discovered under the water and it seems as though biologists have been able to understand it. Reader’s Digest explains how the creatures manage to survive. “The Argyroneta aquatic captures a bubble from the surface of the water, trapping the air in its web, and simply breathes it in. This makeshift ‘gil’ can keep the spider alive indefinitely with only occasional visits to the surface.”

9 Underwater Graveyard

There are very few things on earth that can give us goosebumps like a graveyard. Well, consider a graveyard that’s underwater. In 1942, a British Game Reserve Ranger discovered hundreds of ancient human skeletons in Lake Roopkund, in India. The skeletons are so ancient that it’s estimated that they are around 1,200 years old. What has baffled scientists and archeologists about this find is the fact that the bones were found very far and isolated from human settlement. Some believe that a natural disaster must have been the cause, while others are still searching to further understand how those bones came to be.

8 Bizarre Underwater Circles

One look at this one on our list and you’d be convinced that it was created by aliens. How else can you possibly explain this odd and yet fascinating circle structure found at the bottom of the sea? These peculiar patterns found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean 5 years ago were discovered by Yoji Ookata, a scuba diver. Message To Eagle explains that “Aliens are not responsible for the creation of these remarkable underwater circles…the unknown creator of these advanced circular patterns is, in fact, a small and very intelligent fish!”

7 The Kraken?

If you’re into pirate stories, sea exploration, or you’ve simply picked up a book or two about ocean creatures, you’ve probably come across legends of “The Kraken”. For centuries, people have told stories of this enormous and dangerous squid that takes no prisoners. Although there have certainly been skeptics to this idea, the fact that there is now footage of such a creature is undeniable. Oddee explains that “The first observation of a living specimen of the giant squid was made in 2001 with a larval specimen. Footage of a living adult wouldn’t be achieved until 2012, showcased on the Discovery Channel’s ‘Chasing Giants: On the Trail of the Giant Squid.’”

6 Christ of The Abyss Statue

So, earlier on, we mentioned the largest statue placed underwater, which is located in the Bahamas. Now, we bring you another statue and this time, the statue is of Christ. Christianity is the largest and most popular religion on earth with billions of people following its teachings. It is no surprise then to find statues of Christ not only on land but under the sea. One of the statues is this Christ of the Abyss statue, found off the Italian Riviera, Portofino and it was created by an Italian sculptor, Guido Galletti.

5 Shallow Shipwrecks in Canada

Shallow shipwrecks can be quite eerie. Not only do they remind us of the lives that once were on these ships, but the fact that we don’t have to go deep in the ocean to witness them can give anyone goosebumps. In Tobermory, Ontario is where visitors can see these shipwrecks, and even snorkel to explore them. The City of Grand Rapids, the Newago, and the Minch are all shipwrecks that are around 100 years old can be found buried around 15 feet below water.

4 A 1,800 Pound Crucifix

This one on our list is definitely a noteworthy find for all the religious readers out there. The crucifix is a significant symbol in the Christian community but most of the crucifixes are nowhere near 1,800 pounds! This giant crucifix lies at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Reader’s Digest highlights that the “Italian marble is a sculpture of Jesus crucified on the cross, and tourists are invited to view it from boats on the surface…it was submerged in the lake in 1962 and declared a memorial for deceased divers.”

3 Underwater Rivers

Yep, explorers have discovered rivers under the ocean. They’ve even discovered waterfalls, trees, and leaves. Number 3 on our list clearly proves that our oceans still have a whole of mysteries for us to solve and without a doubt, having an underwater river is one of them. Message To Eagle explains that “scientists have discovered a massive underwater river flowing along the bottom of the Black Sea. This amazing undersea river is complete with trees and leaves flowing on the seabed, and even waterfalls!”