One of the major steps in planning a vacation is seeing where you will stay. Will you book an overly expensive hotel room? Perhaps there is an easier way to experience comfort while on vacation. Now there is and it is called Airbnb. Airbnb is a service that allows you to rent out other people's homes for a limited time while you are on vacation. While most places are simply condos or homes, some Airbnbs take things to the next level and add in a unique twist for guests.

The best part about these unique Airbnb is the fact that they are located near popular tourist spots. So next time you are planning a vacation and are looking for a place to stay you may want to check on Airbnb to see if they have any unique places to stay. Some of these places include smaller houses that give amazing views, and some are simply strangely designed like the Seashell House located in Mexico. Whatever you pick, it will definitely be better than staying in the same boring hotel room again. These places are all generally affordable with most being less than 200 dollars a night to stay in.

25 Restored Palazzo In Lazio, Italy

The most impressive part of this restored palazzo isn't the place you'll be laying your head down at night, but it is the fact that it is connected to a series of underground tunnels and even has a Roman water cistern. If that hasn't sold you yet then there is even a jacuzzi down in one of the caves. Not to mention that above ground you get to have marvelous views as you dine underneath a gazebo. While this place is a bit more on the expensive side at $360 a night it is definitely worth the price and can be a perfect place for a romantic getaway.

24 The Wild West In Morongo Valley, California

If you've ever wanted to experience the wild wild west this Airbnb may be the closest you will ever get to that dream. The Wild West Airbnb in Morongo Valley located in California is a small private room that is located above a barn. While that may not sound like the most comfortable stays, it does have a lot to offer. You have a perfect view of Mt. San Jacinto and if you go outside on a clear night you can see stars for miles and miles. At only $145 per night, this can be any western lovers dream vacation.

23 House Of Mirrors In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The House of Mirrors located in Pittsburgh is more for novelty and to say that you stayed in the house of mirrors, but other than that it is just a strange concept. The exterior of the property is completely covered in mirrors and the inside has walls lined with a different variation of mirrors. If you like seeing yourself a lot or if you like fun houses then this could be the perfect place to plan a vacation. At only 165 dollars a night you can stay in a unique art museum.

22 Cocoon Nests In Centre, France

The Cocoon Nests located in Centre, France are for those who love the outdoors and love laying in hammocks. In the Cocoon Nests Airbnb, you are suspended above a forest floor in a ball shaped tent. Don't worry, there is a safety net below you in case something happens to the constraints holding you up. You are only a few feet off the ground so it isn't that large a fall. There are a couple of cabins that can be used as bathrooms and a place to cook if at any point during your camping trip you need those things. At only 96 dollars a night you can live like a butterfly!

21 Dome House In Joshua Tree, California

This unique dome house is for nature lovers and is located in Joshua Tree, California. This is right next to Joshua Tree National Park which will give people a great opportunity to explore the wildlife there and explore the many hiking trails the National Park has to offer. The house was designed with the idea to escape the large city and become one with nature. The dome has a large bedroom and a fully functioning kitchen. The area also gives a great opportunity to go outside at night and stargaze. The dome is only 180 dollars a night and is a great excuse to get to the outdoors.

20 Outdoors Paradise In Atenas, Costa Rica

This large wooden house is more of a gazebo than a house because it doesn't have many walls covering the house. However, it is located on four acres of private land so you will get your much-needed privacy. The house is located in Atenas, Costa Rica which is a great place to put a house with minimal walls. This is because of the warm weather that Costa Rica is known for. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do on your trip as there is a lot of land to explore and even a lake on the property! If you want to escape civilization it will only cost you 125 dollars per night.

19 Frank Lloyd Wright House In Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd is a famous architect and there are several buildings in which people tour all across the world that was built by him. However, now the opportunity has arisen to actually stay in one of his houses. The house is located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and features a large house with a 63-foot living room and even a built-in library. There is a river down near the house and a large yard perfect for outdoor activities. The house is only 375 dollars a night which isn't a bad deal considering who its made by.

18 Bamboo Cottage In Ubud, Bali

This small bamboo cottage is located in Ubud in Bali. Similar to the house located in Costa Rica the Bamboo Cottage is mostly outdoors. If you want to feel the great weather that Bali has to offer then this is a great place to do that. You can chill out inside or take a stroll to the outdoor living area. If you aren't impressed yet, then you will be when you hear that the cottage offers free Balinese style food which is all prepared with fresh ingredients. All three meals a day and for only 65 dollars a night you can't go wrong here.

17 Houseboat In Copenhagen, Denmark

If you've ever wanted to stay on a houseboat but haven't wanted to take the dive into exclusively living on a house boat, then you should check out the Houseboat Airbnb in Copenhagen, Denmark. The house is very modernized from its color and its furniture within the house. Not to mention you get great views from within the house as well with its floor to ceiling windows. If you want to chill out by the water all you have to do is walk outside on the balcony. You can even use the balcony as a diving board! You can have all of this for only 150 dollars per night.

16 Container Home In Palma de Mallorca, Spain

This unique type of home is loacated in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and features a storage unit type design for a house. While this may seem unappealing at first the location and design of the house make it a great stay. The container house is located near everything and is only a 15-minute walk to one of the most historic districts in Spain. There is even a small terrace in which you can walk out on and enjoy the sun or have a barbeque. It only costs $102 per night for this luxury.

15 Pyramid House In Laugarvatn, Iceland

These strange pyramid-shaped houses are located in Laugarvatn, Iceland and feature large glass windows that let plenty of light indoors. They also give you a great view of Iceland's landscape from just about anywhere in the house. This house has everything you need: two bedrooms, queen beds, and (of course) a bathroom. The house is also located near a small village that will complete all of your shopping needs. The best part is the price which is only 350 dollars a night. For a price like this, you can get out and see Iceland's landscape without breaking the bank.

14 Earthship In Taos, New Mexico

This Airbnb located in Taos, New Mexico is literally called an Earthship. It garners this nickname from the fact that it can produce its own electricity by way of catching rainwater. This Airbnb is certainly in the middle of nowhere so you will have to travel far to get to civilization. However, fear not because the Earthship has every modern commodity you will need, including everything from a large flat screen tv to state of the art washing machines. If you want a great escape from civilization, the Earthship is a great idea standing at only 125 dollars a night.

13 Shipping Container In Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Staying in a shipping container may sound like the least appealing place to stay in the world. However, this shipping container Airbnb also seconds as an art museum. Therefore, during your stay, you will be surrounded by beautiful art, plus you can finally say you spent a night at the museum. The shipping container is located in  Eindhoven, Netherlands and it is located close to most major transportation so it won't be hard to get to and from places. This place is great for budget vacations at only 58 dollars a night.

12 Fisherman's Cave In Oia Village, Greece

This restored cave is located in Caldera cliff in Oia Village. Being an old fisherman's cave, it doesn't sound like there is much to expect here. However, this spot is very luxurious and it should be with a cost like 342 dollars a night. The cave features a jacuzzi that overlooks the lake and will give amazing sunset views. With a luxurious Airbnb like this it is unlikely that you will want to leave it, but if you do everything is within walking distance.

11 Windmill In Kent, England

If you want to take to the country and enjoy the great outdoors, then this converted windmill Airbnb may be the perfect opportunity. Located in Kent, England this windmill has oak interiors and brick exteriors making you feel like you are really staying in a farmhouse of sorts. An official quote from the owner of the windmill says, "Guests have said how hard it is to tear themselves away". We can see how this statement came about especially considering that it only costs $232 a night to stay here.

10 Glass Treehouse In Florence, Italy

If you have ever wanted to feel like a kid again, this Glass Treehouse located in Florence, Italy can be perfect. Trust us, this is better than any treehouse your dad could have ever built. The treehouse is built on large stuilts with a picnic area featured beneath the treehouse. The actual place itself has windows on all fours sides of it giving breathtaking views no matter where you are in the house. There are even a tennis court and swimming pool on the property, making it hard to find a reason to leave the property during your stay. At $290 per night, you can't go wrong here.

9 Indoor Forest In Melbourne, Australia

If you want to be one with nature but you don't want to give up any of the modern amenities that come with living in a home, then this apartment/flat in Melbourne, Australia is perfect! The apartment is made to look like a forest. Everything from hanging vines to the walls being painted to look like a forest this screams outdoors. There is even unique furniture like the hanging egg chair that will make you feel like your in a hammock outdoors. The best part is it only $144 per night so you won't have to spend a lot to be one with nature.

8 Glass House In New Delhi, India

Many people want to travel to India to see all of the beautiful destinations and with this Airbnb, you can do just that. It is named the glasshouse due to how many windows are in the house. You can see beautiful views of the wilderness while having the convenience of being in the middle of the city of New Delhi. You can't go wrong with this spot if you are planning a trip to India, especially since it only costs around 60 dollars a night. It even comes with free breakfast!

7 Ancient Trullo In Ostuni, Italy

Viewing the countryside of Italy has never been better than staying in an ancient trullo in Ostuni. The trullo has a lot around the residence that will make you feel like you are experiencing a unique Italian life and it even adds in its own uniqueness to the equation. Like the fact that the entire property is run off of solar power. There are orchards right out the back door and you are free to pick at the trees and eat straight from the branch! All of this for only $102 per night you can't go wrong.

6 Cabana Floripa In Santa Catarina, Brazil

This Airbnb will shock you with its many different colors and the fact that you get mountain views no matter which way you turn in the house. The owner has been quoted as saying, "This place is full of magic. If you are interested in recycling, nature, and art, this is the right house for you". If you want an outdoors experience this is the perfect place because it is located in the middle of three different beaches and the fact that you can see several mountains in the distance. It is only 35 dollars a night which is a steal for this view.