Taking long road trips across the world can be as fun as the destination itself. You can see so much along the way that you wouldn't have been able to if you had simply flown somewhere. Road trips are easily one of the best ways to travel somewhere. However, along the way, you could run into parts where driving gets a little risky. Certain roads that are along cliffsides or perhaps a very tall bridge can make anyone freeze up at the wheel. Luckily, you most likely won't have to traverse some of the roads on this list. If you do then you may want to reconsider or look up another route.

These 25 roads are some of the most dangerous roads in the world and many factors contribute to this. Some of these factors include weather, where the road was built, and the drivers on the road. While not all of these roads are visibly daunting, you may still want to avoid them as they are some of the most accident-prone roads in the world. If you are considering driving through some of these roads it is recommended that you have a lot of experience driving and that you take the road slowly to ensure the safety of everyone in the car.

25 Apache Trail Scenic Drive – the United States

The Apache Trail Scenic Drive is still considered one of the most dangerous roads in the United States even though it has been improved massively in the past few years. With the addition of guardrails and road work, the road is as safe as it has ever been. However, that doesn't mean it still doesn't earn its title of one of the most dangerous roads in the United States. There are tons of turns and with the road being unpaved this causes a problem with some cars. If you are driving on this road make sure to drive slow and look out for other cars.

24 Eshima Ohashi Bridge – Japan

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge is by far the most dangerous looking road on this list as many people are afraid just from looking at pictures of the bridge. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge located in Japan is also known as the 'Rollercoaster Bridge' and we can see why. The bridge connects the cities of Sakaminato and Matsue and is a large incline or decline depending on which way you are going. You will need to have a good grip on your gas pedal to make it up this bridge!

23 Guoliang Tunnel – China

At first glance of many photos of the Guoliang Tunnel, it appears to just be a cliffside until you realize that there are small tunnels within the mountain and there are cars driving through those tunnels. We likely don't have to tell you what makes the Guoliang so dangerous but we will anyway. The lack of guardrails is a good start. Not to mention the immense height at which the tunnel is located. The Guoliang Tunnel is popular among tourists because it offers amazing sights if you are willing to make the trek up the road.

22 Halsema Highway – The Philippines

The Halsema Highway located in the Philippines is dangerous for a number of reasons. For starters, the area is prone to mudslides seeing as it is located on a steep cliff. Secondly, the tight corners that drivers have to make means that you will have to keep an eye out for other drivers on the road. Not only that but the road is immensely steep which isn't a good mix for tight corners. The road is now being better kept so it is less dangerous than it has been in the past, but you will still need to practice caution when driving on this highway.

21 Khardungla Pass – India

There are many reasons that traffic occurs, whether it is due to a road accident or weather. However, in the Khardungla Pass located in India the main cause of traffic backups is landslides. The Khardungla Pass is a less safe version of the previous entry and is much higher up, the highest point being 5,359 meters. The views off the side of the road are spectacular but we wouldn't recommend taking your eyes off of this dangerous road to try and look. The pass also has a large issue with falling rocks so you will want to be wary of things falling off the mountain.

20 Luxor-Al-Hurghada Road – Egypt

This road in Egypt doesn't see its danger from large cliffs or mudslides but rather the people on the road. The Luxor-Al-Hurghada Road located in Egypt is prone to roadside robberies. Not only that but the road is known to have drivers who rarely turn on their headlights even in the middle of the night. It is best to stay away from this road at all costs because if it won't end in you getting robbed it could end in an accident. The entire road takes around 4 hours to complete which is a lot of time for an accident to happen.

19 Manang Road – Nepal

The Manang Road is known to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world given the fact that it isn't kept well and the things along the road like waterfalls. The waterfalls are by far the most dangerous thing about this trek as some of them simply go right over the road and there isn't a bridge to help cross them. During heavy rains, parts of the road will be flooded or completely washed out creating even more problems. The road itself is extremely small and at times it can seem as if part of your car is hanging off the cliff.

18 Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road – Greece

Another large winding road that is located on the side of a large cliff. When will people realize that this isn't a safe or efficient way of travel? The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road is a large winding road in Greece that lacks guard rails on the most important parts of the road. The corners are tight and you will have to have a lot of concentration to make sure you aren't going to fast but still maintaining a speed that will allow you to get up the mountain safely.

17 R504 Kolyma Highway – Russia

The R504 Kolyma Highway is dangerous because of the amount of snow that surrounds it. Not only that but it is also dangerous in the summertime due to the road being completely mud. If you don't have a vehicle with a four-wheel drive then you shouldn't even attempt to travel on this road. The road is the only road in and out of Yakutsk City so has to be used by people traveling in and out for work. Sometimes after a rainstorm, the car backups can reach upwards of 100-km.

16 Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is nicknamed the 'roof of the world' and stretches to be  2,142 km long. This is by far one of the largest stretches of highway in the world and is said to take upwards of fifteen days to complete the trip. Landslides are common due to how high up some parts of the highway are. The road is also not kept up very well so you will run into your fair share of potholes. There are sharp corners and one car wide roads along the highway so it is extremely important to watch out for other cars on the highway.

15 Cotopaxi Volcano Road – Ecuador

The main reason you would drive on the Cotopaxi Volcano Road is to enter the Cotopaxi Volcan National Park. There are small dangers presented along the way like small potholes and slopes that are prone to cars slipping off of them. However, by far the most dangerous part of the road is the small stream that runs through it. This may not sound all that dangerous at first but with even a little rain the stream can become much more of a danger. The worst part is there isn't a bridge to cross it!

14 Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand

The Skippers Canyon Road located in New Zealand is one of the thinnest roads in the world and it will barely allow one vehicle on it at one time. However, there is no way to coordinate if another car will be coming the other way or not so you just have to hope that nobody is coming the other way when you are on the smallest part of the road. The road offers amazing views given that it is so far up but if you have a fear of heights it is likely that you won't be looking anywhere but straight ahead.

13 Stelvio Pass Road – Italy

Another switchback road (a road that zigzags up a side of a mountain rather than simply going straight up one). The Stelvio Pass Road located in Italy is dangerous for similar reasons of other switchback roads on the list. The constant turning can make anyone dizzy and the sharp turns will force drivers to take things very slow. Combine that with the risk of landslides the area is prone to danger. However, if you can overcome this fear the Stelvio Pass Road offers some of the most beautiful views.

12 Taroko Gorge Road – Taiwan

The Taroko Gorge is by far one of the most beautiful attractions in Taiwan, however, to get there you will need to drive through the Taroko Gorge Road. The main danger that the Taroko Gorge Road presents is the fact that there are so many different forms of vehicles all trying to get to the Gorge that it creates major backups and danger for people not in cars. Combine that with the narrow roads and the Taroko Gorge Road is one of the most dangerous roads in Taiwan. The road is also known to have debris scattered across it during bad storms.

11 The Himalayan Roads – Himalayans

We can't pick a single road in the Himalayans that are more dangerous than the others because they all present a significant danger. The road isn't very well kept can is high up on the mountain. You can see several overturned vehicles on your way up the mountains creating a certain dread in most drivers that are trying to make it to the top. It is recommended to not travel on this road in the winter as it increases the danger level ten fold. The sights are almost worth the concerning danger along the road.

10 James Dalton Highway – Alaska

Known as the “Loneliest Road on the Planet", the James Dalton Highway located in Alaska is one of the most isolated roads in the world. Earning its nickname the road is 414-miles long and it doesn't see many people on it at all. If you are planning to travel on the road you will want to ensure that you have enough supplies in case you break down because there won't be anyone to help out in the snowy tundra. The road is very icy and is prone to having a lot of covered potholes.

9 The Way To Fairy Meadows – Pakistan

Fairy Meadows sounds like a wonderful place but the path to get there isn't so pleasant. Located in Pakistan the road that leads to Fairy Meadows is known to be dangerous for several reasons. For starters, the road isn't even paved and features gravel roads. There are no guardrails present even though the road is very high up. The road is very narrow only allowing for one car and not even for the whole time. At the end of the road, you have to travel on foot due to it being too narrow for even the smallest vehicles.

8 Yungas Road – Bolivia

The Yungas Road located in Bolivia is nicknamed 'Death Road' which will make some people already turn away from it. If you aren't convinced yet then it may be worth knowing that the road is prone to heavy rains, fog, mudslides, falling rocks, and waterfalls. You will have to drive extremely slow and look out for other people on the road if you are attempting to drive down the road. Due to the steep nature of the road one wrong move and you will be tumbling down the cliff.

7 Commonwealth Avenue – The Philippines

Most of the roads mentioned so far have been dangerous for reasons like being high up or being prone to things like landslides. However, this road known as Commonwealth Avenue located in the Philippines is dangerous because of traffic jams and congestions. With the sheer amount of people trying to travel down the road, it creates traffic most parts of the day. There are very few regulations in place for the road and you would probably be better off simply taking a taxi. Forget about traffic lights or stop signs as every driver on this road does whatever they want creating real chaos.

6 Johannesburg – South Africa

The road leading to Johannesburg located in South Africa is one of the most dangerous roads for reasons other than weather and natural causes. The people on this road are ruthless and will take any opportunity they can to carjack you. Many people have stated that they simply ignore the red lights on the road because it presents an opportunity for you to get carjacked. You are even encouraged to not pull off on the side of the road if you are experiencing car problems. There have even been reports of police being fake.