Over the last 4.5 billion years, planet Earth has seen some major changes in its landscapes. From north to south, east to west, Mother Nature has worked her magic in every corner of the globe. As a result of her works, the world has had to adapt to various climates, ultimately shaping the cultures and traditions we see today. However, we are not here to talk about cultures or any nitty gritty stuff like that, this article will allow you to explore some of the best views in the world, where you can find them and how you can access them, all from the comfort of your home.

In fact, some views throughout the world are so surreal that they look like they’re straight out of Narnia, or some other fantasy land…but no. Thanks to Mother Nature, these views are 100% real and are worth spending extra time trying to find or spending an extra penny to get to. You won’t regret it, and these views make for some unforgettable memories….everyone is a winner.

So, with that being said, let me take you around the world as we visit 25 sites with the most breathtaking views in the world.

25 The meeting point of Namib Desert and Atlantic

It is not often that we see such natural beauty occur. Located in Southern Africa, the Namib Desert comes to a simply spectacular end where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Brightside has dubbed the view ‘magical’ and this is not far from the truth, with the golden sand of the desert coming to an end, and the blue, crashing waves of the Atlantic taking over. If I’m honest, the sand dunes look too tempting to grab a sand board or piece of cardboard and ride down to the bottom. Upon second thought, though, I think I will just admire such beauty from the top!

24 Mount Ararat, Turkey

The highest peak in Turkey, Mount Ararat is a dormant, or active volcano, so it would be wise to view from a distance, and what a view! The arid Turkish desert slowly rising to form 5000 meters of snow-capped beauty. Rough Guides says that famous author, Arthur George Davtyan dubbed this view his favorite in the world...it is easy to see why. He must have great taste in well, everything! That aside, the view also gives you a sense of separation from the not so great events that take place in Turkey on a much too regular basis, which I think is a fantasy in itself.

23 The peak of the Empire State Building

When we think of surreal views, we usually think of natural scenery, like open fields, mountains, and pristine beaches. How Stuff Works takes us to New York City. Let’s take the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building and discover one of the best views in the world…the NYC skyline. It may not be a natural beauty, but it is a commendation of what humans have achieved, given an already amazing geographical location. 360 degrees of panoramic views that will simply take your breath away.

22 Cappadocia, Turkey

CN Traveler takes us back to Turkey, this time in Cappadocia. Located in the desert, the region of Cappadocia comprises of many towns which have been carved in to rock. An example of how humans have used what Mother Nature gave them to make something truly incredible. If this isn’t enough, CN Traveler says that if you are fortunate enough to visit when there are hot air balloons floating about, it straight away becomes a fantasy land right in front of your eyes.

21 Vestrahorn, Iceland

Let’s be honest, the Arora, or Northern Lights, are on the majority of peoples’ bucket lists. They can be viewed from multiple countries, however perhaps none better than the town of Vestrahorn, Iceland. US News Travel points out that Vestrahorn is one of the most remote locations to view this natural phenomenon, so if you choose to travel here, you will want to walk a bit after driving, in order to get the best possible experience. Vestrahorn Mountain is perfectly located under the light-show and is commonly referred to as ‘Batman Mountain’ due to its contrast in colors.

20 Grand Canyon, USA

On everyone’s list, the Grand Canyon is the undoubtedly the world’s most remarkable natural feats. Rough Guides says over 5 million people visit this site per year, with every individual leaving with a deeper appreciation of Mother Nature. Stretching 277 miles in length, and 18 miles in width, the Canyon certainly cannot be captured in one image. I’ll let you in on a little secret…for the best experience, explore the northern side of the Canyon as you will encounter fewer tourists.

19 Socotra, Yemen

According to CN Traveler, Socotra makes you feel like you’re in a completely alternate universe. The combination of space-age shaped trees, arid desert mixed with green shrubbery, and the substantial drop of the canyon that splits the middle, is something you will not see anywhere else…in this world at least. To make things even more unique, Socotra is an island…so technically you’re kind of in a different world anyway, while being on Earth at the same time. What I’m saying is; if you have time to visit the island, do it…just do it.

18 Soufriere, St. Lucia

The Caribbean is already a spectacular view no matter where you are, but Soufriere is simply one step above its competitors. Its two peaks, The Pitons, are more than just dense jungle and amazing views. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and US News Travel says that there are fumaroles and natural mineral baths to enjoy as well! All this amongst the harmless wildlife going about their business…sounds like an absolute treat to me. If hot spring isn’t your thing, there are many beaches nearby, where you can stay cool in the crystal clear waters.

17 Moon Bridge, Taiwan

Asia is arguably the place on Earth with the most history behind it, and it certainly puts in a good case with Moon Bridge, Taiwan. Located specifically in Dahu Park in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, the bridge creates a perfect reflection of itself and everything around it thanks to the water beneath. Brightside recommends visiting the attraction at dusk, as this is when the reflection is at its finest. You can see in the picture, that they aren’t wrong, so make it part of your next Asian adventure!

16 Machu Picchu, Peru

Aside from the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu is up there with the most famous natural wonders in the world, and the view speaks for itself. Looking down upon hundreds of years of history and dense forest covering the Andes, this is the perfect location for some relaxation…if there weren’t as many tourists, that is. How Stuff Works outlines some theories of why the Inca People (ex-residents of Machu Picchu) built what they did, including for religious reasons or space study, however, no one knows for sure. Nevertheless, the trip up here is half the fun, and when you arrive, you won’t want to leave, trust me.

15 Boracay, Philippines

Voted one of the best islands in the world, Boracay Island in the Philippines is one of the most visited islands worldwide, by per square mile. Telegraph UK says there were so many visitors, in fact, that the government had to shut the island down earlier this year to clean it up from the tourist pollution. It has since been reopened and no matter where you look from, the views are absolutely unforgettable. Fire-red skies, pristine waters, and greenery surround the island, making for a perfect and peaceful getaway.

14 Troll’s Tongue, Norway

It is no secret that the Scandinavian countries are among the world’s most notable natural wonders. Troll’s Tongue is a small rock which sticks out from the steep mountain, and hangs, with no support mind you, an amazing 350 meters above ground. Brightside breaks the news that in order to make it to this point, you first need to hike 12 kilometers along a rugged trail. Even looking at a picture of this dare-devils dream makes my feet tingle!

13 Angor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Asia is chock full of temples and religious centers, both ceased and active. No one likes being heckled by tourists everywhere they go, either a risk of getting robbed, contracting a sickness or just pure annoyance. Angor Wat – Siem Reap in Cambodia is worth all of these risks, because CN Traveler guarantees this will be one of the ‘grandest’ temples you will ever come across. Aside from this, their scenery will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a fantasy movie!

12 Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

A beach-goers dream, Ninety Mile Beach is, yep, you guessed it…ninety miles of beach. Lining Australia’s Southern Victorian coast, it is the perfect place to go if you want to be with your own thoughts. This stretch doesn’t just look amazing, there are also various water-based activities available, as well as the Victorian bushland to explore. World Atlas says there is also birdwatching and camping available to tourists, ticking all the boxes. Relaxing, full of activities and many landscapes in the one place, makes it perfect for anyone.

11 Luberon Regional Nature Park – Menerbes, France

There is nothing more relaxing than the sight of open fields lined with vibrant, colorful flowers swaying in wind. US News Travel brings about the Provence Region of France, full of different landscapes under a similar climate, one of the most notable wonders is the lavender fields. Used for medicine, perfumes and many other things, lavender is what makes the Luberon Nature Park so unique. With hills and mountains in the background and bright purple lavender in the forefront, it truly is a sight to behold.

10 Melissani Cave, Greece

Almost 4 kilometers in length and 36 meters deep, Melissani Cave has the perfect mix of peacefulness and adventure all in the one place. Visit Greece says the ‘underground lake’ was first discovered in 1951 and has since become more and more popular with tourists. The inside of the cave is not just eroded rocks, but figures carved to depict a little community below the surface of the earth. The hole which exposes the cave allows just the right amount of sunlight in, making the unspoiled waters below glow.

9 Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Switzerland has to be included in this list at least once, as everywhere you look is just jaw-droppingly beautiful. Set in the absolute perfect location, Villa Honegg could possibly be the best view in the world. Even though this view is from a hotel, and an expensive one, it is what everyone dreams of…looking out to the snow-capped Swiss Alps with no obstructions, but staying warm whilst doing so. The hotel provides an infinity pool/warm spa that overlooks exactly that, and the fact that the building is a village cottage built in the early 1900s adds that extra wow factor.

8 Keukenhof Park, Holland

What is more surreal than a field full of colorful flowers, with lush green fields in the background and a traditional Dutch windmill to cap it all off? Visiting Keukenhof Park is kind of like having that calm, relaxing dream where you never want to wake up. According to CN Traveler, the park is world-renowned for its millions upon millions of rainbow colored tulips. CN Traveler recommends visiting in the month of April to get the best experience.

7 Dachstein Glacier Skywalk, Austria

It seems Switzerland and surrounding countries have some of the most dreamlike views in the world. Visit Dachstein says overlooking Dachstein Glacier in Austria is the famous suspension bridge and skywalk, which rewards adventures, and yes I said adventurers, because this isn’t for the faint-hearted, with panoramic views of the spectacular Alps region. At 2,700 meters, this is one of the highest viewpoints in the world, getting up there requires a gondola ride and boy, what a view!

6 Three Gorges, China

Set amongst the Yangtze River in China is the Three Gorges Dam. According to International Rivers, it is the largest hydroelectric gravity dam on the planet, and although has had its setbacks during construction, taking a cruise down the river and through the dam is like being in a quaint movie set. The ‘Three Gorges’ gets its name from the surrounding ‘Qutang’, ‘Wu’ and ‘Xiling’ Gorges which see the Yangtze split the middle. What’s more, the climate of the region has preserved the plants and another shrubbery on the gorges, making for a deep green color, which magnificently contrasts with the water below.