Urban exploration is a trend that has blown up in the past few years. Several people have taken to YouTube to upload their short documentaries on some of the abandoned places they've explored. While most of these videos are fun to watch just to see the old places and how empty they are sometimes these urban explorers capture something more than they bargained for. Sometimes this could be buried treasure or even something that could make them rich. Or perhaps it could be something much worse as in the paranormal. Most of the entries on this list come from actual footage while some come from stories told by people who have explored certain areas.

Urban exploration can present its fair share of dangers as you are exploring an abandoned place. If it isn't the law that will present dangers it is the fact that the place you are exploring could collapse under your feet at any moment. Not to mention the number of things you could breathe in while exploring. This is why it is important to know the safety equipment before you go urban exploring. Also, don't forget your permits!

25 Treasure Chest Surprise

Some urban explorers often begin their searches with metal detectors. These explorers used their metal detectors over a patch of dirt that seemed to have been recently dug up. What they found was a very large chest, just like a chest one would expect buried treasure to be found in. Once these explorers pulled it from the ground, they begin to pry it open. It was filled with seemingly random, common everyday items. There was also a set of instructions taped to the chest. It turned out the chest was a part of a worldwide event where people who find the chest must add an item to the chest and rebury it to be found and continue the cycle. Though not necessarily buried treasure, this was still an amazing surprise.

24 Abandoned Safe House

This urban exploration begins with them explaining that they were in a building in the industrial side of their town, mostly abandoned buildings in the area. They walked through a very dark hallway hidden behind a door that had to be pried opened. This dark hallway emptied into what seemed like an abandoned safe house. With working lights and running water, this safe house was filled with both provisions and rubbish. It seemed as if whoever was here had left in a hurry and grabbed as much as they can. Though no one knows who was here or why this is a find these urban explorers will never forget.

23 Prosthetic Leg

While diving in a river near the edge of a city, this urban explorer found himself face to face with what seemed like a prosthetic leg. A bit of a disturbing find, this model is one that has not been used for quite some time, suggesting that it has laid at the bottom of this river for a few decades. Unsure if this was lost by a swimmer or fell off a boat many years ago, the explorer decided to leave it be for the time. Interesting enough, when the explorer returned a few months later, they could not locate the prosthetic again. Perhaps an animal had taken it, or it was swept away in the currents of the river.

22 Buried War Tank

An urban explorer decided to travel through a nearby forest in search of something interesting. Turns out the explorer found something much more than he was expecting to find. The urban explorer ran across the barrel of an old war tank that was buried in the ground beneath the explorer's feet. Only the barrel of the tank was showing and the explorer assumed the rest of the tank was located underneath all of the dirt. The markings on the tank suggest that it was manufactured in the 1920's. Therefore the tank is very old and probably has been buried there a long time.

21 Abandoned Plane

An urban explorer decided to document their search for an abandoned airplane that they had been tipped off about. The explorer decided to go search for the plane and after searching for a while the explorer walked across the bridge to find an open field where the airplane was landed in almost perfect condition. The explorer decided to explore the inside of the plane but didn't find anything of interest or anything that told the story of how the plane ended up in the middle of that field. Nobody to this day knows why the plane is there and it still resides in that unknown open field.

20 Drifting Doll

A group of people filming their time hanging out at a nearby river swimming stumbled upon something strange. The camera person spotted a plastic cooler floating down the river towards them and asked someone to retrieve it. The cooler was duct taped shut and had to be cut to be opened. The person opening it was a little worried to find what was inside but checked anyway. Once the cooler was opened it revealed a small doll looking back at the group. Startled the person jumps back and the group comments on how creepy the find was. Nobody knows if this was just a prank or something much darker.

19 Hole In The Ground

An urban explorer was walking through the forest near their home when they found something while metal detecting. The explorer decided to pull out their camera to film their find. The explorer happened upon a hole in the ground that leads into what appeared to be a tunnel. After lifting the heavy grate that was hiding the secret tunnel the explorer peeked their head in to see if they could see anything of interest. After explaining to the viewers that the tunnel is too creepy to further any investigation the explorer left the scene for another time. It is assumed the mysterious tunnel is still there and we still don't know where it leads.

18 Sunken Truck

A few divers decided to film and document their findings at the bottom of a lake. What they found there was an old sunken truck that had been there for many years. Layers of algae caked the outside of the truck and the divers didn't spend much time investigating after concluding there was nothing in the truck. After the divers uploaded the video it became viral because of something people saw in the video. Many people believed to have seen a skull in the truck's driver seat. Curious the divers returned to the scene and found no such skull. Where could it have gone or was it even there in the first place?

17 A Hatch To A Mysterious Room

An urban explorer decided to film their investigation into something they had found sometime earlier. The explorer had found a large door in the side of a hill that they presumed led into a secret room. The door didn't easily budge and the explorer had to pry it open with a crowbar. Once inside the room was extremely dark and just appeared to be a room with a bunch of pipes. However, after exploring a bit more the room turned into many rooms with connecting narrow hallways. What this small bunker-like room was used for nobody knows but it was long abandoned before this explorer found it.

16 Legendary Junkyard

A YouTuber/urban explorer set out to prove an urban legend that had plagued their nearby town for years. There was said to be an old man who owned a junkyard that had miles and miles of old cars that some worked and some didn't. Many claimed it to be the largest junkyard for cars anyone has ever seen. After making it to the supposed location the urban explorer happened upon a junkyard. While it didn't have as many cars in it as the legend told there was much more than the explorer expected. They even found a few operable military vehicles.

15 Abandoned War Bunker

An urban explorer decided to share their findings to the world by documenting it and uploading it to the internet. They found an old WWII bunker but unlike other people who find bunkers this one still had running electricity. The bunker was mostly ransacked but it still had a bit of supply in there and a bunch of small treasures. The bunker was fairly large and was fully abandoned. The explorer commented that because of the working lights it may mean someone is living there and they left soon after that.

14 Collection Of Barn Dolls

A group of urban explorers was investigating an abandoned petting zoo when they came across something much more disturbing. After searching around the petting zoo for a bit they came across a barn that was slightly opened. Inside they would find dozens of baby dolls scattered about the barn. No one knows why this farmhouse was filled with these baby dolls. Perhaps the person who previously owned the petting zoo was collecting the baby dolls for whatever reason. The find was definitely creepy and made the explorers quickly turn around and head home.

13 The Lost Laboratory

An urban explorer was hinted at a secret laboratory located somewhere in London. After finding the exact spot located underneath an abandoned orphanage the explorer set out. The laboratory was filled to the brim with strange taxidermized creatures that included dragons and werewolves. The specimens were supposedly handed over to the Merrylin Cryptic Museum where they are now on display. The laboratory was suspected to have belonged to Thomas Theodore Merrylin who was a cryptozoologist in the 1800's. Thomas specialized in preserving the remains of strange creatures such as these.

12 Stranger In Abandoned House

A group of urban explorers is searching a nearby house that is presumed to be abandoned. Upon entering they notice that the house is vandalized and appears to be abandoned as they expected. After searching the house for a bit the person with the camera pans up to the attic area of the house. After a few seconds, a dark figure walks in front of the door leading to the attic. The camera person shouts and the group of explorers quickly bolt back out of the house. Many people say that it may have been someone inside the house or it could have even been a ghost haunting the abandoned house.

11 Psychiatric Facility

This psychiatric facility was known as West Park Hospital in England and was built in 1923. In 2003 most of the buildings in the facility were closed down and slowly became abandoned. As of 2010 many of the buildings have been torn down and the remaining ones are fully abandoned. An urban explorer decided that this place would be a great place to explore. Upon entering the facility the person got a general sense of uneasiness. However, they did stumble upon something mildly disturbing. In one of the abandoned rooms, there was a symbol on the floor of the room made out of over 50 fire extinguishers. Perhaps this was simply a prank or something more dark lingering in the hospital.

10 Abandoned Missile Silo

A Reddit user decides to share their strange encounters while giving a tour of an old abandoned missile silo in Colorado. While touring the silo the group ran across a door that appeared to have blood in the doorway. The blood was fresh as if someone was inside the silo with the group. However, that was impossible as the silo has been abandoned for many years. The group follows the blood trail for a while before realizing that whatever produced the blood may not be human and the group decides to turn around and head out of the silo and end the tour quickly.

9 Something In The Window

A group of urban explorers is driving down a long stretch of road when they stumble across an old abandoned looking house. Inside the house, they found graffiti and typical vandalism in an abandoned house. However, there was something unique about this house. Stapled to the walls of the house were small plastic bags each containing a single coin. There were upwards of a hundred plastic bags all with different coins in each. The group found this a bit strange and decided they didn't feel welcome in the home. Therefore they left and as they were about to drive away the camera person filmed the house and captured a figure staring back at them from the second story window.

8 Rags To Riches

A dumpster diver claimed to have found the jackpot when dumpster diving one evening. The poster told of an evening that they went dumpster diving as they usually do to find hidden treasures. The poster explains how they usually don't find much in the way of treasures and usually goes home empty-handed. However, this particular evening the poster explains that they had luck on their side as they found an old lottery ticket. For the fun of it, the poster decided to see if the ticket won and it ended up winning the poster over a million dollars. Looks like they won't have to go dumpster diving for a long time but with that luck why not look some more!

7 Ghost In The Woods

A group of friends were urban exploring in a forest one night and decided to head back as nothing interesting happened. On the way back one of the group members feels something touch their hand. He looks down to his hand and sees a small hand grabbed his. He assumes it is just one of the group members and shrugs it off. As they enter the light the person turns to see if the group member holding his hand is okay. He doesn't see anything and half of his group is several feet behind him. As he realizes this the pressure of the object holding his hand releases and floats away. The person tried to tell the rest of the group what happened but they never believed him.

6 Living In Darkness

A bridge inspector in California was working the late shift. The inspector happened upon one of the shafts of the bridge and noticed that the hatch was missing. When the inspector stuck their head in the hole they shined the flashlight in and saw about twenty people staring back at him. The inspector leaped out of the hole and got out of there in case of any danger. Later on, he says he remembers that the place was furnished with nice furniture. However, the weirdest thing he remembers is that the small area had no light coming in and it was just 20 people living in complete darkness.