There are so many places to travel in the world and so many places to see. Choosing what places to see due to time constraints and money budgets can be difficult especially when there is so much to choose from. Chances are there are some breathtaking places around where you live, so that could be a good start. However, nobody wants to just stick around home, people want to travel. If you want to see what the world and mother nature has to truly offer then it's time to pack your bags!

While man-made things can be an amazing thing, mother nature takes the cake for being awe-inspiring. How on Earth does a place like Vaadhoo Island exist where the water turns a bright blue at night? These things can be answered with science, but it is much more impressive to visit them yourself. While we have narrowed down 25 great places there is so much more to explore, some things that haven't even seen the light of day yet. Here is a good start if you are looking for somewhere to escape your day to day life and travel a bit.

25 Darvaza, the Karakum Desert

This natural phenomenon known as Darvaza occurs in the middle of the Karakum Desert. It is just outside a village by the name of Derweze in the country of Turkmenistan. Darvaza is a large crater in the ground that is constantly burning due to it being a gas crater. It has a diameter of 230 feet and it stands to be one of the largest gas craters in the world. What makes Darvaza so unique from the rest of the gas craters is the constant burning within it illuminating the desert skyline at night.

24 Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Due to the Antelope Canyon being located on Navajo which is a protected area, the Antelope Canyon can only be seen by guided tour. This means that you won't have a chance to freely explore the canyon but a guided tour isn't bad. The thing that makes this canyon stand out from just about every other canyon ever is the smooth shape the rocks have. They almost seem like they aren't rocks and resemble waves in the ocean. The Antelope Canyon is a great place for photographers as if you get to the canyon at the right time of day the sun can reach down into the canyon providing a great picture.

23 Vaadhoo Island, the Maldives

The Maldives is a popular set of islands for tourists. They make for a great tropical getaway and the experience there is like no other. One of these reasons is the island known as Vaadhoo Island. Vaadhoo Island is known for an attraction that is known as "the Sea of Stars". This is a phenomenon that occurs with the beaches of Vaadhoo Island. A luminescent blue light comes from the water on the Vaadhoo Islands at night. It is a beautiful sight to see and is definitely worth the visit to the Maldives.

22 Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is known to be the home of the natural hot springs and geysers in the United States. It can also be considered to have the largest geysers in the world. One of the geysers/springs is known as the Grand Prismatic Spring which is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The hot spring is colored as if it were a Bob Ross painting. The Grand Prismatic Spring is the third largest spring in the world and stretches to a diameter of 370 feet. The main thing that attracts tourist to the area isn't the size but the color of the hot spring.

21 Lake Baikal, Russia

This stunning frozen lake can be found in Siberia located in Russia. Baikal is the seventh largest lake in the world and it is even the largest freshwater lake in the world. It contains a quarter of all of the world's freshwater. That is a lot of achievements, but it doesn't stop there as it has also been around for 30 million years so it is one of the oldest lakes in the world. Don't worry, the lake is only frozen over for half the year and the other half it is melted so you can visit either by walking on it or swimming in it (but we don't recommend either).

20 Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni is known as the largest natural formed mirror. Salar de Uyuni is a large salt flat that, when the weather is right, the salt flats will flood creating the illusion of a mirror. Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat and stretches to be over 4,000 miles long. Many of the images taken of the salt flat were taken during a time of rain creating the perfect image for the salt flats to represent a mirror. While it is impressive to look at as a mirror without the water there it just looks like a giant desert covered in snow.

19 Melissani Cave, Greece

The Melissani Cave is located on the island of Kefalonia in Greece. It has quickly gained popularity in the past years and has become a favorite among many tourists who frequent Greece. The cave has a large lake in the middle and is surrounded by large rock formations. There is a hole in the rock formation that lets light into the cave creating a magical experience. The most popular way to see the caves is by a boat tour that will show you all the amazing things within the Melissani Cave.

18 Dos Ojos Cave, Mexico

The Dos Ojos Cave probably isn't for people who are claustrophobic as it is a completely underwater cave. However, if it is your thing then you can find the Dos Ojos Cave in the Yucatan Peninsula. Dos Ojos translates into "two eyes" and it is one of the largest underwater caves in the world. The length of the caves reaches to be about 50 miles and the caves can go as deep as a hundred feet. The cave is so large that all of it still hasn't been explored. From what has been discovered already, people can't wait to explore all of the cave one day.

17 Lake Schlegeis, Austria

The lake known as Lake Schlegeis is known to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is situated between the Olperer Mountain Range in Austria. The lake is perfectly positioned to offer astounding views from above. There are footpaths that visitors can hike to reach a great view of the lake. Looking down upon Lake Schlegeis and seeing the mountains in the backdrop almost seems like it is unreal. You will be hard pressed to find an image of the lake that doesn't have a pure blue tint to it and the mountains in the back being snowcapped.

16 Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is very popular among divers mainly because it is the largest coral reef system in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is 1,400 miles long and is made up of around a thousand different islands. Once you take a dive underwater you will find countless amounts of reefs to be explored. The Great Barrier Reef should be on every divers bucket list as it has so many beautiful spots within it. The Great Barrier Reef is so large in fact that it can be seen from space. If you are an avid diver you should add this destination to your list.

15 Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania

Bigar Cascade Falls isn't known to many but it is loved by the residents of the nearby towns. The Bigar Cascade Falls are located in Romania built inside the Anina Mountains. However, unlike other waterfalls on this list, the Bigar Cascade Falls have a very different characteristic. A giant rock that juts out from the mountain is covered in moss and creates a beautiful site when water runs down the sides of it. Many people compare its beauty to a veil on a bride during her wedding day. There are many ways to see the waterfall as there are many paths that lead right by it.

14 Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most popular rainforests on the planet and it is crowned as being the largest. The Amazon Rainforest is located in Brazil and in total it reaches to be 3 million square miles. There is so much to see in the Amazon Rainforest and much of it has yet to be discovered. It is almost impossible to see most of the Amazon Rainforest as the jungle parts of the rainforest get so dense that it isn't possible to get past it. There are many creatures that call the Amazon Rainforest home and it is possible to see a lot of them when you take a boat ride of the forest.

13 Grand Canyon, Arizona

In a list about mother nature's creations, how could you not include the Grand Canyon on the list? The Grand Canyon is one of the largest mysteries of the world and has been since it was discovered. The Grand Canyon has raised in popularity and may be one of the most popular places in the world to visit. This is spoken through the number of tourists it receives every year which is around six million. The Grand Canyon is huge, stretching over 300 miles. Looking down into the canyon is an experience like no other.

12 Mount Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji is one of the most popular destinations in Japan. It can be seen the best from one of Japan's most popular cities, Tokyo. Mt. Fuji constantly lay in the background of most pictures taken in Japan. If you are lucky you will visit Japan on a clear day and be able to see Mt. Fuji from just about anywhere. Mt. Fuji is more of a volcano than a mountain as it is still considered an active volcano. You will be hard pressed to find a picture where the top of Mt. Fuji isn't covered in snow.

11 Angel Falls, Venezuela

Once again the beautiful country of Venezuela is making an appearance. This time we take you to Angel Falls which is by far the largest waterfall in Venezuela and it is considered the highest uninterrupted waterfall. Angel Falls reaches 3,200 feet off the ground so you will likely have to crane your neck to see the top wherever you are in Venezuela. The mountain that the waterfall comes off of is known as Mount Auyantepui and the whole scene put together served as one of the main inspirations for Paradise Falls in Pixar's film Up

10 Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia is a large desert located in Africa that stretches very long. A formation in the Namibia desert known as Sossusvlei is a large clay formation that is surrounded by the dunes of the Namibia desert. However, the dunes of Sossusvlei are the main thing to see when visiting Namibia. The very saturated reds you will see upon the dunes when the sun sets just right will astonish you. If you do plan on visiting the Namibia desert make sure to plan accordingly because the temperatures can fluctuate unpredictably. The best time to visit is the months May through September.

9 Plitvice Lake, Croatia

Plitvice Lake National Park is one of the largest national parks in Croatia and it receives over a million tourists every year. There are many attractions at the national park that draw people in but by far the best is the Plitvice Lake. This is the largest lake in the national park and it presents beautiful blue waters and even a waterfall! The best part about the lake is the fact that there is a large natural formation of land that cuts through the lake. This gives the visitors of the national park a great view of the lake and a view that many other lakes can't offer.

8 Yellow Canola Fields, China

Canola flowers are native to certain parts of China and they can especially be found in Yunnan County. The flowers are a very saturated yellow and they can be spotted from just about anywhere. The flower's name comes from the fact that the seeds of the flower are used in some cooking oils. The above image showcases the large fields of the yellow canola flowers. They can stretch to be as far as the eye can see and you can even take boat tours through the flower fields to get up close and personal with them.

7 Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls, Iceland

The Selfjalandsfoss Waterfalls only stand to be 200 feet but that doesn't take away from the beauty of them. The Selfjalandsfoss Waterfalls is one of the only waterfalls in the world in which you can see all sides of the actual waterfall itself. If you go on a nice day the sun can reflect through the waterfall creating an amazing image. At the bottom of the waterfall is a small pool of water that is nice and calm for being at the bottom of a waterfall. If you are in Iceland and you are looking for a nice waterfall to visit look no further than Selfjalandsfoss Waterfalls.

6 The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

One of the things we have missed while talking about Europe in this list was the Swiss Alps. According to tripzilla, the Swiss Alps cover 65% of Switzerland’s total surface area. The Swiss Alps have been around for nearly 45 million years and they look just as beautiful as when they were first formed. The area is great for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. This will also give you an amazing view of the actual Swiss Alps from somewhere a bit warmer!