Celebs are lucky. They do what they love for a living, make a boatload (or several boatloads) of dough, and get to travel the world. As for actress Jennifer Aniston, her success on both the small and silver screen has given her the opportunity to jet-set all over the globe.

We often see photos of the California cutie sunning herself on sandy beaches or shopping and dining out in big cities while on vacation over the years. She visits some of the most exclusive and expensive places most people will never get to see unless they’re looking at pics of Aniston having the time of her life. Living vicariously is a far cheaper way to travel.

While Aniston is jet-setting the world, we’re at home watching reruns of Friends. Not that we’re jealous or anything…but maybe “Ross” would be a tad envious of “Rachel’s” rendezvous.

Scroll through and see all the amazing places Aniston has traveled to since she has been famous. Some spots are in The States and the rest are around the globe. Naturally, she looks gorgeous in every shot and seems like she’s having a great time. Wouldn’t you be too?

25 Trio in Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The weather is wonderful. The beaches are breathtaking. And the water’s surely just fine. It is no wonder why Aniston vacationed here and took a couple of girlfriends with her. Everyone is smiling and seemingly having a great time. It’s sunny and the water behind them couldn’t be bluer. The ladies look laid-back and relaxed as they spend their time in Tahiti wearing their designer shades and cotton shirts. If the looks on these ladies’ faces don’t make you want to travel to Tahiti, nothing will.

24 Aniston in the Big Apple

It looks like Aniston has a bodyguard watching her back, but that won’t stop the actress from spending time in Manhattan. Her photo is being snapped by the paparazzi, but she has gotten used to this sort of attention by now. There’s a food cart vendor on the street behind her, but it is hard to imagine Aniston biting into a NYC hot dog. She can try to hide behind her sunglasses and underneath her baseball cap, but everyone can spot the stunner on the street. The Big Apple is always bustling, so it’s a high-energy place to visit.

23 Coming Home from Cabo

A trip to Cabo may be on your bucket list, but Aniston checked that one off hers as she returns from vacationing there. With a bronze tan and a smile, Aniston gets a special chaperone to take her to her ride from the airport. She’s dressed casually and looks like she got plenty of R&R while away. She probably spent lots of time suntanning and swimming, laying by the pool and sipping on frosty drinks. It seems like Aniston likes to visit sunny places where she can relax under the sun’s rays and reflect on her life of luxury.

22 Italian Garden Walk

A trip to Italy with a couple of friends is a fine way to spend a vacation. As the three pals walk through the beautiful Italian gardens, they soak up the sun and get some fresh air. Perhaps they are headed to lunch or back to their hotel, which is surely a five-star resort. It appears that Aniston isn’t aware that she is being photographed, but as a famous face, she knows she gets recognized, even in Italy. But with all the beauty surrounding her, a few photos won’t spoil her day.

21 Beach Time with Brad

Ah, the good old days when Aniston and Brad Pitt were happy and in love. Or at least we thought they were. They look young and carefree, walking along the shoreline smiling and feeling the sun warm their skin. Pitt looks super cool in his crisp white shirt and Aniston is showing off her toned physique in a strappy tank and shorts. Little did these two know that they wouldn’t be vacationing together forever. But when they were in a good place, they had lots of fun frolicking and focusing on their relationship.

20 Lovely in Lake Como

You may have heard of Lake Como thanks to actor George Clooney’s place, but lots of rich celebs visit the region to vacation in style. Aniston looks great with a broad smile in her cute black outfit. Her windblown hair and casual demeanor show that she is ready for a good time. And why shouldn’t she be? She’s at Lake Como, one of the most exclusive spots a celeb can get to. She’s so lucky to be able to travel the world and she knows it. We may never get to Lake Como, but at least we have a “Friend” who has been there!

19 Hand-in-Hand on Holiday in NYC

Aniston and Justin Theroux are no longer together, but while they were an item, they traveled to many different parts of the world. Here we see them in NYC, where it appears they are getting ready to head into a dining establishment. Looks like their bodyguard is on call to make sure nobody gets too close to the famous pair. While being a celeb has its perks, it must be a nuisance to try to go out to eat without causing a scene. That’s the price they pay for fame and fortune, but it seems like the pros far outweigh the cons.

18 Better Times with Brad

Here’s another vacation shot of Aniston with Pitt. They look as laid-back as ever and California cool. Pitt is sporting far more than a little scruff, and Aniston is doing the beachy thing like she’s a mermaid. These two sure had some good times, but we all know how their relationship turned out. Maybe if they hadn’t vacationed so much, they would have had more time to talk about their troubles and work on their marriage. Even so, once Angelina Jolie came into the picture, even the most fabulous of vacations wouldn’t put a smile on Aniston’s face.

17 Hats and Helicopters

Hold onto your hat, Jen! Here she is getting onto her helicopter for a private ride to someplace special. Celebs like Aniston surely do not fly coach, so hopping up into a helicopter is a fabulous way to travel someplace remote. She is more than ready for the ride, even if it’s not first-class accommodations. Perhaps Aniston is headed to an exclusive island or a five-star resort. She surely looks excited about her journey, so the destination must be divine. Then again, aren’t all of her vacations top-notch?

16 Why Not Yacht?

It’s not every day that someone boards a yacht while on vacation. Yachts are very expensive and exclusive, so only the rich and famous get to experience such luxury. Aniston is one of these lucky ones, and she’s smiling as she hops on and gets ready to set to sea. With a helping hand from a more than willing gentleman, she steps carefully and gets ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Looking lovely in a floral sundress and a matching purse, Aniston is looking forward to her next destination.

15 Arriving at the Airport

Who other than Aniston arrives at the airport looking so cool? She looks like a seasoned traveler (which she is) in her chic scarf, dark shades, and timeless blazer. She is ready for another vacation, be in in the U.S. or abroad. She won’t let the pesky paparazzi ruin her trip, so she stares straight ahead and prepares for another posh trip. Maybe she’s headed to an island or the countryside, but when she’s away, she loves to relax and unwind. Surely she’ll be sitting comfortably in first class, so she’ll be sipping some bubbly well before takeoff.

14 Atlantic City Cycling

Some people go to Atlantic City to gamble. Others for the beautiful beaches and expansive boardwalk. But Aniston had a different idea about how to spend her time in New Jersey. She’s pedaling her way through Atlantic City, staying fit and looking fine. Usually, we’d expect to see her sitting in the back being pulled along by someone else, but Aniston is taking matters into her own hands and moving and grooving at her own pace. It’s not like she needs to win any money in the casino, so why not enjoy the great outdoors while the sun is out?

13 Cool with Her Carryon

Aniston is heading into her hotel with her carryon bag and a grin. Surely someone else took care of the rest of her luggage, so her hands are free and she can swiftly get inside before she’s mobbed by the masses. She must have her travel routine down pat since she seems to spend as much time away as she does at home, so she knows the drill. Her limo drops her off, she scurries inside, and her belongings await her arrival in the hotel room. The hotel staff is waiting to greet the A-lister with the finest of accommodations, and she can flop in her bed and begin her time off. Perks galore…and then some.

12 Boarding with her (Ex) Beloved

All aboard! Again, Aniston is with her ex and they are off on a trip to someplace that must be special. They did travel a good deal while they were still together, so even though the relationship ran its course, they still have memories of better times. Perhaps this is a private plane and they had the aircraft to themselves. Being a well-to-do celeb means traveling unlike the rest of us who are cramped in coach. They both look comfy, but not entirely happy. Maybe this was the last vacation they took as a couple before calling it quits.

11 Tanning with Her Toes Out

Aniston looks like she’s exactly where she is supposed to be. Lounging and looking lovely, the blonde beauty is bronzed from head to toe and smiling brightly. The wooden deck is long, the grass is green, and the weather looks just perfect. Aniston can dip her toes in the water or lie on the lawn and catch some rays. The setting looks serene and the foliage seems lush and well taken care of. This spot seems like paradise, and Aniston is loving every moment of her vacation. If we only knew where she was, we’d want to book a trip there in a heartbeat.

10 Boating Beauty

Boating is tons of fun and Aniston is having a blast. She’s dressed in a nautical theme, wearing different shades of navy blue and showing off her natural beauty. Her baby blue eyes are sparkling just like the water surrounding her. In her cozy sweater, she keeps the chill at bay so she can enjoy her boating excursion as much as possible. Aniston seems to love the water, so being on a boat is a blessing. She may not know how to operate the boat, but she sure knows how to enjoy the ride. Ahoy!

9 Out with a “Friend”

Here we see Aniston and her good friend and former co-star Courtney Cox getting out of their car and heading into a hotel. It’s fun to see these two ladies together, proving that true friendships can last a lifetime. They both look great and are certainly looking forward to some girl time away from home. Aniston is looking summery in her white and red slip dress and Cox is more conservative in a simple white suit. If only the rest of the Friends co-stars were there for a reunion. The other guests at the hotel would do a collective double take.

8 With the Crew in Cabo

Cabo seems to be a favorite vacation spot for Aniston. Here, she’s with a group, including her ex, Theroux. It seems like the weather isn’t too warm, considering their outfits, but perhaps they just got there and need to change into something more Cabo-appropriate. Aniston loves bathing in the sun, so for her sake, hopefully, the sun came out so she could slip into her bathing suit and bake. With all the vacationing Aniston does, one day of clouds won’t be too much of a bummer though. The sun will come out tomorrow…as they say.

7 Barking on the Beach

Lucky dogs! These three adorable pooches are living the good life as they get to go on vacation with their “mom.” Playing in the sand must be a real treat for these canines, and Aniston looks like she is having an equally exciting time. She’s not only enjoying the great outdoors, but she’s staying in shape by running around with her favorite furry friends. Fun in the sun has never been more meaningful when the time is spent with such special creatures. Bark if you love the beach!

6  Sun in the City

NYC in the summertime can get hot, but Aniston keeps her cool by wearing her stylish shades and lets a sliver of midriff peek its way out. With her flip-flops and her tousled hair, she’s keeping is casual while vacationing in NYC. A city is a place where she can get lost in the crowd and keep to herself (at least for a little while). But a celeb like Aniston is sure to run into admirers, all looking for a selfie or an autograph. Perhaps her security keeps these strangers at bay, but Aniston seems friendly enough to pose for a few pics.