Trying to lure tourists into your tourist trap can be a hard thing. What intrigues people to travel to certain places? A lot of things go into planning when someone travels. If the person likes history then the place must be historical in some aspect. That is just one example, but there are a lot of people who love historical locations. This mostly includes museums and monuments. Monuments are big with tourists as they usually tell the history of a place with a tour through the actual monument itself. Unlike museums where most everything is presented behind glass, a monument will let you see it up close and personal and sometimes even walk through it.

There are some amazing monuments in the world. A few that come to mind include Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple of Artemis, and while these monuments are great there are some monuments in the world that weren't even ever finished. These monuments all share the same characteristic of wondering what they could have been if they were finished. Something usually happens during the process of building the monument that makes the people building it stop whether it be the budget or other reasons. Whatever the case, now we have several dozen monuments in the world that were never finished.

25 Quinta De Regaleira, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira Palace is part of the Palaces of Sintra and it is the first stop among many people's journey through this enchanting trip. The Quinta da Regaleira Palace has distinct Gothic, Renaissance, Egyptian and Moorish influence in its architecture. The best part of the monument is the fact that part of it is built as a well and the pathway down the well is built into the walls. People can look down to the bottom as they are walking down the steps. There are many underground caves that are connected to the monument, but nothing substantial remains. It seems like whoever was building this monument had big plans for it.

24 Unfinished Church, St. George's, Bermuda

This gothic church remains abandoned and goes by the nickname "unfinished church". It is located in the town of St.George, Bermuda. The spot is popular among tourists to visit and it is even used most often as a wedding venue. This is likely due to the unique architecture that makes up the church. The construction of the church began in 1870 and it was to replace St.Peter’s Church after it had been damaged by a storm. However, arguments over whether they should finish the new church or repair the old one arose and the builders decided to just repair St.Peter’s Church instead of finishing this project.

23 The National Monument, Scotland

The original purpose of the National Monument of Scotland was to honor the lives of the sailors and soldiers who fought during the Napoleonic Wars. However, it was never finished and quickly garnered a strange place amongst the locals. The monument was taking direct inspiration from architecture in Greece and was to be built even though it didn't have enough funds to finish. What did they think was going to happen? Now a half-built monument sits in Scotland and it gets many people still visiting it to this day, so it kind of worked out in the end.

22 Pyramid Of Neferefre, Egypt

Egypt is known for having impressive monuments if the great pyramids are anything to go by. The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are great examples of what the Egyptian people were able to pull off. However, there is one monument that doesn't get the same recognition as the others because it was never finished. This monument is known as the Pyramid of Neferefre and was never finished due to the king of the tomb passing away way before construction was supposed to be done on the monument.

21 Boldt Castle, New York, USA

This half-finished castle lies on Heart Island in upstate New York. The castle began construction in 1900 and was being built by a man by the name of Sir George Boldt in honor of his wife Louise. However, only four years after construction began, Louise passed away and Sir George Boldt left the project as a distant memory. The castle was left to rot until 1977 where the castle and the land it sat on was bought to make it a tourist location. Now you can visit with an impressive 6 different structures on the property including the mansion that was to be finished but never was.

20 Deutsches Stadion, Germany

In late 1937 construction began on a stadium that was going to rival all other stadiums in the world and take the crown of being the largest stadium in the world. However, as you probably guessed it didn't achieve that goal. The stadium was to be built in Nuremberg and was to be called ‘Deutsches Stadion’. The stadium was aimed for completion in 1945 but due to WWII the funds for the stadium were cut and now an empty shell of ambitions remains. The stadium was expected to be fully equipped with state of the art technology like elevators and VIP rooms.

19 Sathorn Unique Tower, Thailand

Upon first glance, the Sathorn Unique Tower looks like it is completely finished. However, if you look closely you can see that floors are missing within the monument and the place is overall pretty empty. The most appealing part of this monument has to be the hundreds of balconies that litter each floor and look off into the surrounding city. The building's construction began in 1990 and quickly ended after the Thailand economy tanked. Since then, the building has slowly begun to decay making it dangerous to travel in some of the higher floors of the building.

18 Ta Keo, Cambodia

There are a total of 5 monuments in the city of Angkor. The monument that is shaped like a pyramid was made to represent the Meru Mountain. The Meru Mountain was considered very holy in Hindu. The sanctuary was originally being built under the reign of King Jayavarman V, except it would never be finished due to reasons no one knows. Several theories suggest that it had something to do with the death of King Jayavarman V. Others say that the temple was struck by lightning during construction which is a sign of bad luck and they halted all progress.

17 Hassan Tower, Morocco

The Hassan Tower is located in the city of  Rabat, in Morroco. The tower is guarded and was said to have planned to be the largest mosque in the world. Even though progress on the mosque was ceased, it still stands tall and is still a fan favorite among tourists visiting Morocco. Construction began when Yacoub al Mansur started building it in 1195 but was quickly ceased years later due to the death of Yacoub al Mansure. That and the fact that the area was hit by several earthquakes during the construction that would make it too expensive to repair.

16 Mingun Pahtodawgyi, Myanmar

King Bodawpaya wanted to create the world's largest pagoda, which is a Hindu and Buddhist temple. It was to be built in the small town of Mingun and the construction quickly started to dip into the town's money. Soon locals were worried that the pagoda would use all of the town's funds and this worried King Bodawpaya. He quickly became worried that the temple upon completion would lead to his early demise. In haste, he quickly ordered the pagoda to stop being constructed. Now all that remains is what little was built of the pagoda in Myanmar.

15 Palace Of The Soviets, Russia

The Palace of The Soviets was to be completed right next to the city of Kremlin in Russia. The construction of the palace was to begin in 1937 and if it were to be completed it would have been the largest building in the world. It was set to open in 1942, however, the materials the building was made out of was reused to fortify for WWII. The steel that made up the building was reused to build bridges. The Palace of The Soviets quickly became one of the most popular unfinished monuments in the world.

14 Lyveden New Bield, England

This large manor was being built by Sir Thomas Tresham and was to be a summer home for him and his family. The construction began sometime in the early 1600s and with the passing of Sir Thomas Tresham, the project became a little more difficult. The manor was then passed on to Tresham's son and he didn't leave his son much money to work on the manor. From what was finished in the manor it is a fairly impressive building, even though it is completely missing a roof. Many people have picnics out on the lawn and there have even been some weddings hosted in the shell of the manor.

13 Bara Kaman, India

The monument known as the Bara Kaman is located in Bijapur in India. Ali Adil Shah II of the Adil Shah dynasty was the head of the project and it was being created as a mausoleum to recognize his ruling over the land. He was going to create the mausoleum to be one of the biggest and greatest in the world. The passing of the young king halted progress and it never began construction again in fear of taking the glory away from a mausoleum that was being built for Gol Gumbaz, which was completed in 1656. The monument is beautiful even though it is unfinished and upon entering you can see the beautiful design of the archways.

12 Nakheel Tower, Dubai

No one would have ever expected Dubai to have unfinished projects. Usually, Dubai is a place that is ambitious in their architecture and finishes their projects topping records around the world. However, with the addition of the Nakheel Tower into the equation, Dubai becomes another city with an abandoned tower in it. The Tower was meant to be part of a bigger project in creating the Nakheel Harbour. However, due to the financial crisis in 2008 the project with halted and now there is a giant empty building in Dubai's skyline.

11 Villa Trissino, Sarego Italy

The creator of the Villa Trissino was known as Andrea Palladio who pioneered the Palladian style of architecture. This unfinished monument was protected and preserved for many years and is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site being preserved is likely to honor Andrea Palladio as he inspired much of the modern architecture techniques in this day and age. While the Villa Trissino is unfinished, it is still a completed building that has a beautiful architecture along the outside walls and it is a great addition in the Italian skyline.

10 Tower Of David, Venezuela

The remnants of the Tower of David stand tall in the middle of Caracas in Venezuela. The large building was meant to be a bank and its goal was to transform the surrounding area into a type of wall street. The building was named after David Brillembourg a famous businessman and continuing with the trend of making Caracas into a financial district. The building ceased construction in 1994 due to economic collapse in Caracas. Now the building stands tall, becoming even more decayed as the days pass.

9 Westminster Cathedral, England

Chances are you have heard of Westminster Abbey as it is one of the most beautiful churches in all of England. However, Westminster Abbey isn't the first of its kind as there was another Westminster church being built titled the Westminster Cathedral. Work on the cathedral began in 1895 and the outside was actually finished. However, the costs were too much and the inside was never decorated. Therefore, the Westminster Cathedral is just a beautiful church on the outside and a large empty building on the inside. There have been talks of adding to the church's inside but nothing has been confirmed.

8 Super Power Building, Florida, USA

The Super Power Building was supposed to be the Vatican equivalent to the religion known as Scientology. Work on the building began in 1999 in Florida, but work on the building was quickly ceased in 2003 due to the construction leaders wanted to re-do the floor plans for the interior. Plus they wanted to collect more money from their supporters in the meantime. This went on for six years until 2009 when work started up again. However, since then the building has yet to open. This has led many to leave the religion after sinking so much money into the building.

7 Ajuda National Palace, Portugal

The Ajuda National Palace was built to be the home of the Portuguese royal family. You would expect that the builders on the palace would want to complete the project efficiently and quickly, right? What was started on the construction in 1796 would never be completed due to costs and oncoming wars. The palace would resume construction until the Portuguese revolution which removed the monarchy. Now all that remains is a half completed palace that you can visit and tour the inside of.

6 Woodchester Mansion, England

The Woodchester Mansion is quite famous among people in the paranormal field as the mansion is thought of to be haunted. It has even been featured on some ghost hunting TV shows. This is strange considering that no one ever lived on the property. There were soldiers stationed at the abandoned mansion in WWII but nonetheless, it probably isn't haunted. William Leigh the mansion's original owner wanted the mansion to be perfect, but he didn't have enough money to make the mansion perfect resulting in only have the mansion being completed.