Have you ever thought what important role bridges play in our lives? Imagine for a moment the world without bridges. In such a world, there would be no way to reach the places that we can reach right now.

We cross bridges all the time without even thinking about it. There are bridges over lakes, rivers, highways, gorges, and canyons but we don't notice most of them, just because we're used to them. Things get very different when you need to cross a tall suspension bridge over a canyon located hundreds of meters below, or when you're staring at the rope bridge which looks like it would collapse right under your feet.

Most of the big city dwellers (except for the ones living in China, which is famous for having the longest and most impressive bridges) rarely see such bridges, but there are dozens of blood-chilling constructions like this around the world and their look alone can cause trembling in those faint of heart.

In this article, we will take a look at the bridges that look both impossible to build and impossible to cross. Yet they have crossed on a daily basis no matter the hazards. Would you dare to cross one of them?

25 Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

This bridge is also known as 'the road to nowhere' and 'the drunken bridge'. In good weather, the road leading to this bridge can reveal you breathtaking scenery of Scandinavian western coast, but in bad weather, powerful winds and waves can easily get your car washed away. It took six years to construct this bridge and during this time workers were interrupted by 12 hurricanes.

The North Atlantic Road which leads to this bridge was mentioned in dozens of ads and lures many tourists from Norway and beyond.

24 Ai Petri Bridge, Ukraine

Crimean mountains located at the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine are truly staggering. They offer so many amazing views and landscapes that you would be surprised to know that all of them are located in one place.

One of them is the peak of Ai Petri mountain, which you can reach by crossing a fragile bridge hanging over the 1280 meter deep canyon. It's an ideal spot for thrill-seekers because even on a sunny day you can see the bridge swaying back and forth. Imagine what it takes to cross this bridge during windy and foggy weather.

23 Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA

The Seven Mile Bridge in Florida, USA is one of the longest bridges in the world (10.9 miles) and is also one of the most dangerous ones. The road itself is not that dangerous if you're not afraid to drive on a thin slice of asphalt 20 meters above the coral cay archipelago. What makes it really dangerous are horrible hurricanes which bother this area from time to time.

The modern bridge was built between 1978 and 1982, while the old bridge which stands beside, is opened for bike riders and hikers. Interestingly, the old bridge has a gap in the middle of the road which makes it impossible to reach the other side.

22 Aiguille du Midi Bridge, France

This bridge located in France is considered one of the most dangerous hanging bridges in the world. It's located in the Mont Blanc massif at the summit of Aiguille du Midi and it takes a 20-minute ride on a cable car to get there.

If you will look down while crossing the bridge it will certainly increase your heartbeat and for some people, it can even make it impossible to continue the crossing. However, in contrast with many outrageous bridges that we're about to see, this one is short in the distance so if you gather your will you can go through it pretty fast. Dare you try it?

21 Iya Valley Vine Bridge, Japan

Shikoku, Japan is home to three vine bridges, but we will take a closer look at the Iya Valley Vine Bridge because it's the most impressive one. The region where the bridge is situated is characterized by steep mountain slopes and deep rocky gorges united by vine bridges. The Iya Valley Vine Bridge is 45 meters long and 15 meters high and it is famous for being braided by a vine. Because of it, the bridge looks like an object from the old fairy-tales, namely those with dark thick forests and evil witches.

20 Danyang - Kunshan Grand Bridge, Shanghai, China

The first representative of China's longest bridges is Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in Shanghai. Since the transformation of its industrial capabilities in the early 2000s, this country started building impressive bridges of all shapes and sizes with great speed.

Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge is a railroad bridge which connects Shanghai with Nanjing and it has a staggering length of over 100 miles! The amount of materials and workforce used in this project is truly amazing. The bridge was constructed to withstand typhoons, magnitude-eight earthquakes, and impact from huge naval vessels. An impressive feat of engineering indeed.

19 Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Extremely beautiful and extremely blood-chilling. Considered to be one of the most dangerous suspension bridges in the world, The Capilano Suspension Bridge is situated in North Vancouver, British Columbia. This bridge is 137 meters long and 70 meters high. Standing on it you will feel like floating in the air, but it has it's price because the bridge is extremely shaky and narrow.

If you can overcome your fear, the beauty of the evergreen forest which surrounds the bridge will become your trophy. The road to this bridge is also full of marvelous landscapes featuring signature natural splendor of Canada.

18 Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA

It was once the highest bridge in the world, but after China has taken the lead in this area, the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, USA is now considered the highest suspension bridge in America. It's almost 400 hundred meters long and about 295 meters above sea level.

It was built in 1929, but it was only in 1982 when stabilizing wind cables were installed. Just imagine, how walking this bridge without these cables was. It's certainly not advised to visit it for those who are afraid of heights.

17 Pont de Singe Bridge, United Kingdom

Not your ordinary suspension bridge, isn't it? Created by the French artist Olivier Grossetête it hangs on three huge helium balloons which help to float it over a Tatton's Park lake.

This offbeat bridge can be found in the Japanese garden of the Tatton Park and both its ends are left to trail in the water which makes it really impossible to cross it without getting wet. Even you want to cross it, visitors are not allowed to do it so all you can do is just watch.

16 Sidu River Bridge, China

The second impressive, yet frightening to cross the bridge in China is the Sidu River Bridge. It connects two mountaintops while hanging 490 meters above a canyon floor. Opened in 2009, Sidu River Bridge became another impressive addition to the ever-expanding highway system of China.

The length of the bridge (1524 meters) is supported by two massive, H-shaped towers. Although Sidu River Bridge was built to hold any amount of vehicles that it can fit at once, I'm sure there are drivers who are frightened by just one look of this majestic construction.

15 Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

I'm sure you have seen this bridge both on the Internet and on our website numerous times, but not including it in this list would be an act of great injustice because it's a unique addition to the list of impossible bridges.

Looking more like a mixture of the road and roller-coaster or a road to the outer space, it's quite scary to drive through it, but it was constructed like this so that ships could pass underneath it. This bridge links Masque and Sakaiminato cities, so if you need to travel to any of these you will face the need to cross Eshima Ohashi bridge.

14 Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

We've already seen an extreme Aiguille du Midi Bridge in France, but we need to get back to this country once more to take a look at another fascinating construction, namely Millau Viaduct bridge which connects Paris to Montpellier.

Although the Eiffel Tower is considered to be the symbol of France, I think that this bridge has much more reasons to be admired. First things first, it's taller than the Eiffel tower and secondly, it's considered one of the world's most outstanding engineering achievements in the history of mankind. In foggy days, driving through this bridge feels more like crossing heavens.

13 Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

I'm sure that by looking at this picture you can easily agree that this bridge is one of the most dangerous suspension bridges not just in Switzerland, but in the whole world. Trift Suspension Bridge is located in the Swiss Alps, near the town of Gadmen at Trift Glacier. It's 170 meters long and is about 100 meters above sea levels.

This suspension bridge was completed in 2004 and in 2009 stabilizing cables were installed in order to prevent strong swinging from merciless winds. With stabilizing cables or without them, it's still a bridge not for the faint of heart.

12 Root Bridges, India

There's only one bridge like this on the list because it wasn't constructed by a human being, but by nature. The materials for this bridge are the roots of the Ficus elastica tree, a rubber tree with extraordinarily long and strong roots.

And it's not just one bridge like this which you can find in Meghalaya, there are plenty of them and their length sometimes reaches 30 meters. It takes about 10-15 years for the roots to form a bridge but once it's formed it becomes very difficult to destroy it. Living bridges like this can support the weight of 50 or more people at once.

11 Langkawi Sky Bridge, Kedah, Malaysia

Just like Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canda, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia was built to give us an opportunity to enjoy nature. Provided we have the courage to step on it.

This bridge is very unusual because instead of being straight it curves around the mountain giving its visitors unique views on surrounding marvels of nature. It's 130-meters high, has several observation decks and uses only one long pylon to support it. If that doesn't frighten you, go ahead and explore it!

10 Deception Pass Bridge, Washington

This spectacular bridge which grows out of the fog is located in Deception Pass State Park in Washington (the most visited park in Washington), USA. The park is located on two islands and is connected by a Deception Pass Bridge. The views that you can get on this bridge are jaw-dropping, especially if you are lucky enough to visit this place on a foggy (but not too foggy) day.

In addition to this impressive bride, Deception State Park has a lot to offer, including rich wildlife, boat rides and serenity of pristine nature.

9 Mekong River Crossing, China

The Mekong river flows through six countries including Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and China. The water conditions are not always so extreme as it's captured on the picture above, but when they become like this, crossing the Mekong river transforms into an act of supreme courage.

Especially when you don't even have a normal bridge to cross it. The man you see on the photo is crossing the river by holding thin wires and if he wasn't an excellent slack-liner, it would be completely impossible to cross this so-called 'bridge'.

8 Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

Although crossing Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand is not for the faint of heart, some people manage to have a lot of fun on it. Located in Queenston, it hangs 43 meters above Kawarau River and offers magnificent views. It is best known as a great place to bungee jump.

One remarkable thing about this bridge is not that it offers bungee jumping, but that it's actually the home of bungee because the first bungee jumps were performed exactly on this bridge. Whether you want to cross this bridge or make a bungee jump, you're bound to get carried away by surrounding beauty.

7 Montenegro Rain Forest Bridge, Costa Rica

It's a jungle-lover's dream! Located in one of the most beautiful and diverse rainforests in the world, Montenegro Rain Forest Bridge is a great way to gaze into the rich beauty of the green wilderness. Taking a bird's-eye view on the Montenegro rainforest will leave the impression that you will keep in your memory for a lifetime. But only if you dare to cross it. Visitors report that it has missing floorboards and limited handholds which makes going through it an extreme endeavor.

Considering the fact that it's getting more and more damaged every year, I wouldn't advise you to cross it.

6 Longjiang Suspension Bridge, China

As you may have already understood, China is home to the longest bridges in the world and The Longjiang Suspension Bridge is one of them. It was designed to get across the 300-meter deep river gorge and at the time of its construction, it was the longest span high bridge on Earth. However, last month this title was taken by Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, also built in China.

The tallest tower on Longjiang crossing measures 167 meters in height. This bridge is also remarkable for having a steel box deck.