Honeymoons don't have to be out-of-the-box or in unfamiliar sites; a couple could celebrate their wedding without leaving their country. A romantic trip to Sonoma, California to visit the wine country while staying in a barn suite would be the perfect setting for the beginning of a long marriage. However, for those who are more adventurous and are looking for an unforgettable experience, traveling to exotic or outlandish destinations is sublime.

Could anyone disagree that Hawaii is an appropriate honeymoon destination? If you do, chances are you aren't a fan of warm weather. Although Hawaii can be sunny, there are places on Earth, which are contained in this article, where one could cook an egg based on their extreme climate—we aren't kidding.

Most importantly, it's not about where honeymooners visit, but that they are together. A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some individuals, so it has to count. Love will transcend any mishaps that arise on a honeymoon vacation.

Including an ice hotel and a "fake Disneyland," these locations are found throughout the world and are places that people regularly visit even when they shouldn't. These are 25 honeymoon destinations that were not worth the price.

25 Shijingshan, China (Fake Disney)

Welcome to the second most magical place on Earth. It is known as the Shijingshan amusement park and is a place that honeymooners visit. Contrary to common belief that Disney is part-owner of Shijinhshan, Shijinhshan is only associated with Disney by name. One of the least attractive amusement parks in the world is filled with kids, making it one of the least appealing destinations for honeymooners.

Shijingshan amusement park is also referred to as "fake Disney."

Disney couples should visit Disney World since "fake Disney" amusement park is misleading and most tourists will leave perplexed by the park's duplicity. Sometimes it feels like a ghost town judging by how few people visit.

24 Las Vegas

Forget a wedding or a honeymoon in Las Vegas. A honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada is not as glamorous as it seems. You could attend shows or go gambling at the casino, but the city itself is a huge distraction. Couples are meant to spend time with each other during honeymoons and should be able to converse.

Vegas is far too crowded and much too noisy for a honeymoon.

One could find themselves with regrets after getting married during a potentially life-changing trip at Vegas. Opt for a vacation such as Mexico, Hawaii, or the Cayman Islands. Lie by the beach with your bride and do not bring her to a casino!

23 Ice Hotel In Sweden

Ideally, honeymooners would want to snag a deal for a world-class hotel. The Icehotel in Sweden is neither cheap nor does it provide a thrilling visit.

The last place someone would want to be freezing is while lying in bed.

Couples who are on their honeymoon may book a hotel with the intention of relaxing and not to be frozen alive. Is ice in the Icehotel of Sweden adequately chilled? It would be asinine to see water dripping from the ceiling or worse, falling ice. The Icehotel could be a thrilling one-night stay, but probably not for a honeymoon. Evidently, there is no furniture or amenities in these rooms.

22 Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China spans 21,196.18 km (13,170 mi). Using ancient tools, the Chinese began construction of the wall more than 2,000 years ago. Even by using modern equipment, building a wall of this size would be a seemingly insurmountable task.

The Great Wall of China is colossal in size, but it is a wall that receives more than 10 million visitors per year.

Because the wall is quite narrow and is as crowded as it is, it is not the ideal location for couples to take their honeymoon. Visit it some other time, but not on a honeymoon.

21 Aziziyah, Libya

Aziziyah, Libya is scorching. Is there any reason to visit this vast desert which contains little water and lots of camels? Camels are used for transportation in Aziziyah, Libya since they can survive without water for seven days. Camels retain water in their humps and can save the lives of desert crossers.

Going to a warm destination is one thing, but taking a trip to Aziziyah, Libya is to visit a place with extreme weather is a whole other scorching adventure.

If honeymooners want to have an experience reminiscent of Indiana Jones, they could go to Aziziyah, Libya, but how romantic could it be to wander in a remote desert?

20 Sailing To Greenland

Honeymooners could sail around the world after being wed. Many people's bucket list includes the plan of sailing around the world. However, are the benefits worth risking you and your bride's lives? Regardless if you're an adept sailor or have purchased the most durable boat, avoid the icy waters of Greenland.

Greenland's name contrasts from its climate—the country is not that green!

Sail to a nearby island, the country of Thailand, or choose some other location. Just don't sail to Greenland—there is far too much ice. Ice can make contact with your ship and leave you stranded in icy waters.

19 Somalia (Beware Of Pirates)

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places that couples could take their vacation. There are few places to find safety since the country lives in an almost constant state of chaos. Ships such as the one shown in this photo stay washed ashore for years before they are removed.

The ship in the above photograph was possibly taken by Somalia pirates.

Somalia pirates are well-known to locals as pirates armed with guns who will attempt to rob tourists and other ships. Steps are being put towards making Somalia a safer destination, but for now, it is one of the last places newlyweds would want to honeymoon.

18 Niagara Falls

Despite a common belief that Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions, its amazement is overrated due to how many people visit the place on a regular basis. Especially for couples enjoying a honeymoon, Niagara Falls is lackluster since it provides little privacy and it can be challenging to get a view of the falls.

Niagara Falls is part of the Niagara River located in Ontario, Canada. Visit Ontario, Canada to see the CN Tower in Toronto, but not for Niagara Falls. Steadfast couples who are willing to trek in the snow could visit Niagara Falls in the winter as there are fewer people at that time.

17 Costa Cruises

Another unfavorable option for a honeymoon trip is choosing to ride with Costa Cruises. Some may remember the Costa Concordia disaster which occurred in 2012. The Costa Cruise ship struck an underwater rock which led to its sinking. Many people are disappointed in how Costa Cruise conducted that cruise.

Costa has some very bad reviews that make it very hard for us to recommend this to anyone, let alone honeymooners.

Some passengers say that the manner in which Costa Cruises boarded passengers was incorrect. Reviews also said Costa Cruises does not provide toiletries aside from soap. Also, cruise passengers who paid for the all-inclusive beverage package were limited to a select few drinks. Not every vacation is perfect, but despite a sizeable boarding fee, Costa Cruises falls short of expectations.

16 Amazon Rainforest

Although certain parts of the Amazon Rainforest, mostly on the exterior of the forest, are attractive destinations, honeymooners should stay away from the forest's interior for its dangers. Animal attacks, sickness, and heavy rainfall deter honeymooners.

What newlywed couple would want to risk the life of their significant other?

Among the most dangerous Amazon Rainforest animals are poison dart frogs, green anacondas, jaguars, red-bellied piranhas, rattlesnakes, wandering spiders, and the bullet ant. Many destinations contain dangerous animals, but the Amazon Forest is something else. To be fair, most animals in the forest don't attack unless in self-defense, but regardless, one wouldn't want to venture far into the forest even with a tour guide.

15 Hiking In Wakhan, Afghanistan

There are many revered hiking routes throughout the world which provide exercise and have a gorgeous view at its end. To go hiking in Wakhan, Afghanistan is not like hikes you've ventured in your local area. Wakhan, Afghanistan contains trails that changes in weather throughout the year.

One day, it could be sunny and warm, and other days a snowy landscape makes the hike problematic.

One has to cross vast plains before reaching the mountains of Wakhan, Afghanistan. Without a guide, one could be lost for days. You may even need a camel or horse to travel alone in this area. One will likely encounter mountain goats who can climb steep hills in Wakhan, Afghanistan with ease.

14 Seaworld

Every couple is different, and individuals have varying preferences. Taking a trip to Seaworld is only attractive for those who adore amusement parks. For couples who merely like amusement parks and are not obsessive, they may want to visit a beach resort or some other destination.

Amusement parks can be off-putting for honeymooners based on how noisy and crowded with children they are.

Amusement parks are jam-packed and loud, and sometimes not fun. Seaworld is a fun place to visit for just about any occasion. Do not, however, choose to visit Seaworld during your honeymoon. It's a trip that could leave unforgettable memories; just not the right kind.

13 Cuba

Since the island nation of Cuba is bordered by water, there are a number of eye-catching beaches that honeymooners visit. To say that anywhere in Cuba is a disappointing honeymoon is untrue. There are several resorts such as Iberostar Mojito and Hotel Pelicano which have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Visiting the inner-cities of Cuba for honeymooners can be another story.

Also, any resort in Varadero should be avoided. Varadero resorts claim to be all-inclusive, but honeymooners can find themselves limited to the pool since guards have restricted beaches. Resorts in Cuba can be uneventful, so maybe choose the Cayman Islands instead.

12 Iceland

Iceland is one of the closest countries to the North Pole. It receives little snowfall and is more green than icy. There are only a few things wrong with visiting Iceland since it is a safe country to visit and doesn't have extreme weather, but overall, the atmosphere of Iceland is bland.

Couples who aren't looking for excitement and are only looking to visit bars or movie theatres could visit Iceland. They don't have too many landmarks besides natural ones like the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen during dark skies from April to August. It is a rare sight so chances are, couples won't see The Northern Lights during a stay in Iceland.

11 Pyongyang, North Korea

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea and is the city where the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un's Central Luxury Mansion is located. Pyongyang is a developed city with a number of high-rises, but visitors might be surprised by how empty the city feels. It is possible that the emptiness is related to standardized work hours and a lack of tourism for the nation.

For those who are not Korean citizens, a visit to North Korea could mean trouble.

Tourists must visit the country with a tour guide to avoid peril, so honeymooners would surely not want to visit Pyongyang, North Korea.

10 Mali

The risk of being taken by people in Mali is at a high. Disappearances are frequent in Mali, so it is not a place one would want to bring their spouse. Choose an adventure built for a couple and one that will provide thrills remembered forever.

If a newlywed couple decides to venture to a distant land, choose one with a low crime rate.

Most couples only get one honeymoon, so it would have to count. Mali in West Africa is an unfavorable honeymoon destination but could be suited for those keen to explore the eighth-largest country in Africa. Nevertheless, each couple has different interests, so some will visit Mali despite its flaws.

9 Chad

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises tourists to stay away from the African country of Chad. They labeled it as a red zone in a map where red is the most dangerous. They advise tourists to stay away from Chad in any case. They also marked countries in yellow, which means tourists should stay away from them unless necessary.

Since the Foreign and Commonwealth Office decided to go a step further and label Chad as a red, honeymooners should stay away from Chad.

Egypt is a safer African destination and is far more rewarding for honeymooners. Certainly, stay clear of the dangerous and forbidden deserts of Chad.

8  India (During The Summer)

Western honeymooners who are accustomed to a moderate climate may find themselves in for a surprise when visiting India during the summer. The atmosphere of India is warm year-round, which is why visiting in the winter season is recommended. In the winter season, India is 20-25 degrees Celsius near the equator, the temperature of many other countries in the summertime!

To avoid temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, one would want to visit India in the winter or find somewhere else to spend their honeymoon. Visiting sites like the Golden Temple and Taj Mahal is worthwhile, so honeymoon trips must be planned accordingly.

7 Loch Ness

Eyewitness accounts and a series of inconclusive photographs suggest that a mythical creature is lying in Scotland's Loch Ness lake. It is not a bad place to visit for those looking to see sights or visit the cities of Scotland. However, to visit for the sole purpose of witnessing the Loch Ness monster is a trip wasted—probably.

There is not much to see from the lake and there are several more attractive lakes to visit in the world. It is perhaps more ideal to visit warm locations elsewhere. If a mythical creature exists in Loch Ness remains a mystery, however, whether visiting Loch Ness for a honeymoon is a reasonable idea is not a mystery.

6 Northern Russia (During The Winter)

Honeymooners should stay away from the northern regions of Russia to avoid their cold conditions, especially during the winter. Russia is a vast country, and for this reason, Russia can be frozen in the northern regions and warm in southern and eastern areas. Russia is located at the top of Asia and is near the North Pole.

Norilsk is an example of a snowy city that sees tourists. It is located in what is called the "continuous permafrost zone," meaning average ground temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius. In the winter, the city makes walking a near impossible task.