Celebrities often see major changes in their lives once they find fame. One of the most common things is relocation to an area where it makes more sense to live for their careers.

Most celebrities make their home in Los Angeles, California for various important reasons. The obvious one is that Los Angeles is a beautiful place and seems like an ideal place to live if one can afford it. However, the business aspects of the job will usually make it more practical as well.

A large percentage of major movies and television shows are filmed in Hollywood. The ability to easily travel to the studios and filming locations makes it perfect for actors. Musicians get the same perks as well with most recording labels having their best studios in Los Angeles.

Not all famous folks will find joy at the lifestyle associated with Hollywood. There have been quite a few superstars to decide a different place was better for them. Some celebrities don’t like the busy lifestyle of Los Angeles along with always having to be the center of attention. That makes small-town locations the more ideal place to spend their time or raise their families.

A few familiar names might flat out just dislike the area and find more personal happiness elsewhere. We will look at those to ditch Los Angeles for a unique setting instead. These are twenty-five Hollywood stars that live as far away as possible.

25 Bill Murray (Charleston, South Carolina) - Owns a Minor League baseball team in the area

Bill Murray is one of the most beloved actors in the history of film. The amount of hit films featuring Murray would lead to the average fan assuming he resides in Los Angeles with the rest of actors getting such consistent work.

Murray, however, chooses to reside in Charleston, South Carolina. The location of Charleston makes it ideal for Murray as he owns the Charleston RiverDogs minor league baseball team and a bar in the area. Residents of Charleston get the perk of potentially running into Murray one day.

24 Chris Hemsworth (Byron's Bay, Australia) - Home is where Thor's heart is

Chris Hemsworth has become a household name in Hollywood thanks to his role as Thor. Many diehard fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would agree that Hemsworth’s portrayal as Thor makes him the MVP of the Avengers.

Hemsworth decided to ditch Hollywood to return to Australia. According to Domain, Hemsworth revealed that his call to reside in Byron’s Bay was a good decision. The career of Hemsworth is still thriving even though he has decided to spend his life in Australia.

23 Bruce Willis (Bedford, New York) - Always preferred a quiet life

The acting career of Bruce Willis has been thriving for many decades now. Willis has a plethora of hit roles that cemented him as a top name in the industry. Many high-profile stories have followed him throughout his career, but he prefers to live a quieter lifestyle.

Willis resides in Bedford, New York with his family today. His prior relationship with Demi Moore featured him living in Idaho. Willis clearly seems to enjoy residing in places not as busy as Los Angeles.

22 Elijah Wood (Austin, Texas) - Relaxation is most important

Elijah Wood has been an actor from a young age. The ease of living in Hollywood made him reside there for many years of his early acting career taking off. Wood, however, wanted to make a change in his home.

According to The Talko, Wood decided to move to Austin, Texas for a more relaxing lifestyle. A quieter lifestyle is often beneficial to actors as they get older. Austin is not deserted like other places on the list, but Wood finds serenity there.

21 Jake Gyllenhaal (New York City) - Find him on a local train

The career of Jake Gyllenhaal is already respected for the hit list of movies that have followed him. Gyllenhaal is very public about his residence of New York City. Many fans have spotted Gyllenhaal riding the Subway or walking around the city like any other person.

Gyllenhaal doesn’t mind the hustle and bustle of New York City, but Los Angeles isn’t the place for him. Many studios are starting to film more projects in NYC and this is likely the best news for Gyllenhaal.

20 Eminem (Detroit, Michigan) - Represents Detroit in music and in home

Eminem has become arguably the most popular rapper of all-time. The success of Eminem in music allowed him to branch out with a few acting roles among other platforms to showcase his skills.

Despite becoming rich and famous, Eminem still chooses to live in Detroit, Michigan. The pride of representing Detroit has been a huge part of his music. Eminem likes living there and is often found at Detroit Pistons NBA games. It remains unlikely he will ever leave Detroit after remaining based there through it all.

19 Sandra Bullock (New Orleans, Louisiana) - Ideal place to raise her family

There are few actresses as respected and credible as Sandra Bullock. The talented celebrity has been a fixture in the movie industry for a couple of decades now. Bullock decided that Hollywood wasn’t the place she wanted to continue living in.

New Orleans is the current home of Bullock and her family. According to The Talko, Bullock wants to spend her time with family outside of the spotlight in between filming. New Orleans is a perfect mix of a place with fun things to do but not as busy as Los Angeles.

18 Mark Ruffalo (Callicoon, New York) - He's more Bruce Banner than Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has become synonymous with the role as Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many of Ruffalo’s other roles have shown just how much talent he possesses. Ruffalo lives a relatively quiet outside of the acting work.

Callicoon, New York is the home of Ruffalo. The expensive living of Los Angeles was leading to Ruffalo taking jobs he did not have a passion for, according to The Talko. Ruffalo and his wife now have a simpler life in a lesser known part of New York.

17 Meryl Streep (Salisbury, Connecticut) - New England life is for Streep

Meryl Streep is among the most legendary actresses in the history of the industry. There are countless roles that have helped Streep become an iconic name. Despite being a fixture in Hollywood, Streep does not want to reside there.

Salisbury, Connecticut is the home of Streep. The beautiful New England town is the place Streep selected to raise her family in. Streep still lives in Salisbury and seems content to spend the rest of her life there given the happiness she’s found there.

16 Donald Glover - Resides everywhere except L.A.

The talent of Donald Glover has seen him thrive in many different fields. Glover is a respected actor with movie roles like in Solo, a lead television role in Atlanta and a music career as popular rapper Childish Gambino.

The desire of Glover is to try to keep his life as private as possible. One thing we know about Glover is that he doesn’t live in Los Angeles. Glover is frequently spotted in places like New York City and his home state of Georgia. Before he had his first child, Glover was spotted with his partner in Hawaii. The only thing that’s certain is he won’t live in Los Angeles.

15 Daniel Day Lewis (Ireland) - Loves the recluse life

Daniel Day Lewis deserves consideration when objectively discussing the greatest actor in recent memory. Three Oscar wins for Best Actor makes it clear that Day Lewis knows exactly how to give his all to each role.

A little-known fact about Day Lewis is that he lives a reclusive lifestyle when out of the public spotlight, in a small village in Ireland. The home of Day Lewis is in Wicklow and he apparently finds more joy there than in Hollywood.

14 Julia Roberts (Taos, New Mexico) - Found the perfect place for family time

The career of Julia Roberts is still going following many years of incredible success. Roberts became the new “it star” in Hollywood during the 90s, but she still manages to possess strong star power to this day.

Despite Los Angeles seeming like the obvious fit for Roberts, she has decided to make Taos, New Mexico her home. Roberts owns multiple homes, but the one in New Mexico is where she raises her family. The mountains in Taos are exceptionally beautiful and a huge draw for anyone living there.

13 Harrison Ford (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) - Enjoys simple life with wife

Harrison Ford is another legendary acting name that has decided to live in a relatively quiet area. Roles in iconic franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones means that Ford’s legacy will exist forever as these movies will never be outdated.

Ford’s fame sees him opt to live in a more relaxed area. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the home of Ford these days. He lives with his wife Calista Flockhart in a beautiful home far away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

12 Olivia Wilde (New York City) - Part of celebrity NYC couple

The talented Olivia Wilde is currently a top actress with the chance to be a massive success in the industry for many more years. Wilde is another celebrity that seems to have zero desire to spend her life residing in Los Angeles.

Wilde and her husband Jason Sudeikis decided to make New York City their home due to him being a regular on Saturday Night Live at the time. They still reside there and are regularly seen at New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets games.

11 Usher (Atlanta, Georgia) - Recently sold one of his homes

Musician Usher has been in the public spotlight from a young age during the 90s. It was obvious to see he would become a huge star in the music industry. Usher is still a relevant singer and has been involved in many acting roles as well.

Despite his career booming, Usher decided to stay in Atlanta, Georgia over moving to Los Angeles. Various business projects in the area make Atlanta perfect for happiness and business. According to AJC, Usher recently sold one of his Georgia homes that came with a climate-controlled treehouse. He still resides in the area in another gorgeous house.

10 Dave Chappelle (Yellow Springs, South Carolina) - Received the key to the city

Dave Chappelle has been one of the top standup comedians for over the past two decades. His fame went to the next level upon the success of Chappelle Show on Comedy Central. Chappelle was taken aback with the fame and started traveling all over the world after quitting.

A small town is an ideal fit for Chappelle as he currently resides in Yellow Springs, South Carolina. According to The State, Chappelle even received a key to the city. Chappelle is a happier man these days with a quieter life.

9 Vera Farmiga (Woodstock, New York) - Found special hippie town

Vera Farmiga has been a great actress for a long time. The longevity of her career is something special that many talented performers dream of reaching. Farmiga loves living a quieter life outside of Hollywood.

Woodstock, New York is the home of Farmiga and is a respected area. Hollywood Reporter calls it a “hippie town” and “high-end getaway” for those that can afford it. Anne Hathaway, Willem Dafoe and other celebrities have homes there, but Farmiga is one that resides there.

8 Ted Danson (Little Rock, Arkansas) - A celeb actually lives in Arkansas

Ted Danson continues to add more great roles to his acting career. Television has been the home of Danson in different eras. Past success in Cheers and current success in The Good Place has Danson with fan bases of various audiences.

Danson is preferring a simpler lifestyle in his older age these days, calling Little Rock, Arkansas home. He lives there with his wife and fellow actress Mary Steenburgen. Danson recently spoke fondly of Arkansas during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

7 Adele (London) - Tried Los Angeles but got homesick

Adele has become one of the most popular singers in the world. The emotion and depth to her songs led to many fans connecting with her on a deeper level. Adele spent one year living in Los Angeles before deciding to move back to London.

According to The Sun, she was homesick and opted to find her way back to the place she is most comfortable. It seems like the smartest decision for a celebrity to return to the area they love over unhappy times in Los Angeles.

6 Nicole Kidman (Leipers Fork, Tennessee) - Enjoys being part of a small community

Nicole Kidman has been a fixture in Hollywood for a long time now. The current relationship with her husband and country music star Keith Urban led to the idea of a change coming. Kidman and Urban currently live in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.

According to Best Life Online, the town only has a population of 650 people. Kidman is frequently spotted out in the community with her husband and children. The small-town life apparently appeals to Kidman as she seems happier than ever in Leipers Fork.