You don't have to be a culinary master to see why these foods are ridiculous. What makes a food combination distasteful? Particular flavors tend to blend well with certain foods. A food combo is a recipe that contains only a few ingredients. While chefs can be made famous for creating delicious food combos or recipes, they can also be criticized for meal combos that missed the mark.

Chocolate and milk are an example of a combo that blends well. Eating chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, or most other types of chocolate seems to have a pleasant taste with milk. Combining chocolate with spicy sauces or fish is unpalatable. The combo mixing chocolate with peanut butter was a phenomenal discovery. It revolutionized the way we look at chocolate bars. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is one of the top-selling chocolate products in the world! You could be the world's next master chef by discovering a new delicious food combo.

Although some will disagree, there is without a doubt something unusual about these combinations, and they should be avoided. Warning, these foods may cause feelings of nausea and loss of appetite. These are 25 food combos we wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

25 Ham And Pineapple Pizza

Invented in Ontario, Canada, ham and pineapple pizza (also known as a Hawaiian pizza) is a pizza topped with pineapple, cheese, and ham or bacon. We've seen some strange variants of pizza, but placing fruit on pizza is just wrong! A pizza should not be sweet.

Also, it's strange that it has the name "Hawaiian pizza" since it wasn't invented in Hawaii.

Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel criticized the pizza proclaiming that the only thing that could be worse is dunking ham and pineapple pizza into milk. Even Canadians have issues with this recipe. An Abacus Data survey found that "25% of Canadians believe it is blasphemy" to put pineapple on pizza. If this hasn't made you queasy yet, what will?

24 Creamed Cod Ice Cream

If there weren't already enough ice cream flavors, a chef from George's Portobello Fish Bar in London concluded that ice cream fries and creamed cod is a suitable mix. Ice cream should come in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, mint, strawberry, cookie dough, cotton candy, and many more.

We can draw the line at creamed cod ice cream.

Please, take this idea and send it home. We are not looking forward to creamed cod ice cream being introduced to other countries. Furthermore, the dish is served with lemon. This concoction wins an award for being the most absurd item on this list.

23 Potato Chips In A Sandwich

Sandwich restaurants such as Subway and Quiznos provide customers with the option of purchasing a combo, which can contain a chip bag.

Eating chips with a sandwich is a worthy combination. Sticking chips inside a sandwich, however, is not something we want to try.

Potato chips are baked with a ton of oil and are not required to be added to a sandwich. The sandwich in the above photo would be far tastier without the addition of chips. It might be a ham or roast beef sandwich. Either way, chips have no place in this sandwich. Add a slice of swiss cheese instead.

22 Maple Syrup And Eggs

Yuck. Make french toast with syrup, but without the presence of carbohydrates such as bread or waffles, the syrup should not be served with eggs. Eggs, whether they are sunny side up, scrambled, boiled, or any other type, they should not be combined with a condiment that has such a high sugar content.

Could one cook eggs once it's been combined with syrup?

The person pouring syrup in this photo exercised little thought toward trying to make a splendid dish. Eggs that are cooked should also not be served with syrup. Use ketchup, soy sauce, mustard, or salt and pepper.

21 Ice Cubes In Cereal

Twitter user "Cee" tweeted, "Am I the only one that can't eat cereal without ice cubes?!!" You can't knock it until you try it, but why would someone want to add more water to food that gets soggy with ease?

The amount of time one would have to eat a bowl of cereal is shortened when ice cubes are added. Alternatively, maybe, is it the reverse effect? Could ice cubes chill the cereal, hardening the grains and making it less soggy? Adding ice cubes to cereal will surely make it colder. You might be nuts if you put ice cubes in cereal.

20 Wasabi Ketchup

On the other hand, this is one of the least repugnant combinations contained on this listicle. Adding ketchup to a burger is typical, so a little spice shouldn't hurt so much. We can observe and surmise whether wasabi ketchup is an appetizing combination, but only those who are daring will know for sure if wasabi ketchup on a burger is a savory flavor.

To be safe, remove wasabi from the burger and add ketchup. Wasabi belongs with sushi and certainly not a burger no matter how juicy. Seared with near-perfect grill marks, this burger looks appetizing.

19 Peanut Butter, Bacon, And Banana Sandwich

Yum, you had me at bacon. The previous statement usually fits, but not in this case. Peanut butter and banana is a healthy and popular combination served throughout the world.

Why would such a healthy and delicious snack require the addition of bacon?

Bacon makes the meal greasy and no longer healthy. Bacon also seems like an odd addition. Adding bacon takes the comfort out of what was already a top comfort food. Also, one has to consider the work needed to prepare the meal. A peanut butter and banana sandwich can be made in under a minute. Leave bacon out of this sandwich, please!

18 Peanut Butter And Siracha On Toast

Peanut butter on toast can be combined with other toppings such as peanuts, bananas, jam, Nutella, or fruit, but please, do not add Siracha and parsley to a slice of toast covered in peanut butter. The thought of a spicy taste combined with a creamy peanut butter spread is unfitting.

Siracha may be combined with soups and fish, yet someone in this photo decided to top a slice of toast with Siracha and parsley. Certain combinations do not fit and should not be mentioned. Gordon Ramsay would take a plate of this outlandish combination and smash it into the floor if a chef prepared it inside his restaurant.

17 Ketchup On Tacos

Salsa overtook ketchup as America's number one condiment, so for someone to have decided to pour ketchup on a taco seems against the trend. Ketchup is made with basic ingredients such as vinegar, salt, onion, tomato, and sometimes garlic.

Ketchup is used in combination with many foods such as french fries, french toast, burgers, and hot dogs.

Tacos can include tomatoes. There doesn't seem to be a need for a condiment like ketchup in tacos since it would detract from the Mexican flavor present in salsa. Is ketchup due for a comeback? It hasn't gone anywhere, so probably not.

16 Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich

It's like the Big Mac of peanut butter sandwiches except the secret ingredient is pickles. Okay, not everyone is a fan of McDonald's, but it is possible McDonald's will regain the approval of customers after they witness this triple-stacked peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

Pickles do not belong in peanut butter sandwiches.

Peanut butter tastes good when combined with sweet foods. The rich texture of peanut butter works well with a crunch. However, to suggest that a sour pickle should be used in a peanut butter and pickle sandwich is unsettling. Swap the pickle with a banana or raspberries.

15 Chicken And Waffles

The meal of chicken and waffles has existed for at least a century. We don't have enough history to pinpoint precisely when and where this combo formed, but we do know it was popularized in recent years in the Southern part of the United States.

Although this meal has existed for quite some time, that doesn't mean it's scrumptious.

Chicken and waffles are two very different foods that are served at different times of the day. With the addition of syrup on chicken and on waffles, some would prefer to have their chicken and waffles separated. Nevertheless, the meal shouldn't be dismissed until tasted.

14 Bubble Gum Squash McFlurry

McDonald's is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world with more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide. Since McDonald's appears in at least 119 countries, they have adapted their menu to cater to each country. We've tasted delicious meal items from McDonald's around the world.

The Prosperity burger, which contains a rib patty and resembles the McRib, is found in Malaysia and is a tasty example of an international menu item. The Bubble Gum Squash McFlurry, however, is a strange version of a McFlurry. Why would a vegetable like a squash belong in a McFlurry? The combination of bubblegum and squash is not fitting.

13 Oreos And Orange Juice

When a dynamic pair like Oreos and milk is discovered, please, do not attempt to find new combinations such as Oreos and orange juice. We already know that Oreo is a chocolate cookie, which is why it combines well with milk. Orange juice works well with breakfast foods like egg, toast, hashbrowns, and pancakes.

There isn't a single instance when orange juice combines well with a chocolate-y food.

Take this meal combo and discard it. The user made a wise choice by purchasing Tropicana orange juice and Oreos, but together they are nauseating. The only reason why an Oreo should be in orange juice is that it was dropped accidentally.

12 Apple Slices On A Grill Cheese

The dish isn't a disaster because the chef decided to cover the sandwich in an excessive amount of apples, or that they decided to put apples on the outside and inside of the sandwich, or that they used a ton of cheese.

What makes this dish a failure is the combination of apples and cheese in the same sandwich.

Apple slices do not belong on a grilled cheese sandwich. An apple should be eaten as a side dish along with a grilled cheese sandwich. At least peel the skin off if apples are going inside. Picky eaters will agree that this sandwich is absurd.

11 Ketchup On Rice

Take some rice and put some ketchup on it. "Ketchup on rice is one of the most simple and delicious meals" is what would have been said if it were true. There are many tasteful ingredients to put on rice. Soy sauce and Siracha combine well with rice, but not condiments like ketchup or mustard.

It's a letdown for someone to have made an effort to cook tasty white long grain rice and then to have covered it in an excessive amount of ketchup. We wouldn't touch this meal with a ten-foot pole. Let's move on to the next combination!

10 Yogurt Pepsi (For Real?)

Among the few drinks that should contain yogurt are the flavored fruit ones. To put vanilla in Coca-Cola and Pepsi is a stretch, but somehow it became one of the most beloved versions of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola vanilla was discontinued until it came back due to popular demand.

It may not be at your local grocery store, but it could be at a nearby corner store.

I would take a Pepsi without yogurt, yet the addition of yogurt into Pepsi seems displeasing. Vanilla can be substituted for sugars and can be a sweetener in some cases. It's natural that vanilla would be added to Pepsi, however, yogurt does not belong in Pepsi or any soft drink.

9 Wasabi Kit Kat

Please tell us that Nestlé did not decide to package and sell a wasabi flavoured Kit Kat. Chocolate does not need to be spicy. Even if the bar doesn't contain spice, what purpose would adding wasabi flavoring provide?

Wasabi is a smart combination with fish dishes that should not be combined with something like a wafer chocolate. Someone could mistake this Kit Kat for a mint flavored bar and be faced with a spicy surprise. Wasabi Kit Kat was invented in Japan and is sold throughout the world. Give me a break of that Kit Kat bar—not this one!

8 Noodle Dog

Forget the ten-foot pole; we wouldn't touch this meal with a 30-foot pole! The chef behind this creation could have at least sliced the hot dog into pieces. How would one eat a wiener with ramen noodles with a hot dog as a whole? Eating it by hand would not work, so this person must be ready to transfer the meal to a plate where it can be eaten with a fork and knife.

Perhaps the creator had no buns but needed to maintain their high-carb diet. 

Hot dogs can be eaten without buns. These are two excellent foods which lost their appeal after being combined.

7 Peanut Butter And Onion Sandwich

Apples alongside a peanut butter sandwich is a delicious duo. Since onions taste like apples when you hold your breath, does it make sense to combine onions with peanut butter?

The thought of combining onions and peanut butter, and placing them in a sandwich is displeasing.

Take this idea and send it home. A peanut butter and onion sandwich is a monstrous creation that should never see the light of day. The fact they chose to use a multi-grain bread in this photo is repugnant. Those who are looking to add sweetness to their sandwich can use apricot or blueberry jam.

6 Strawberry Nutella Pizza

We've already mentioned how fruit on pizza is an odd combination, but how about adding the palm oil hazelnut and cocoa spread known as Nutella? There are also recipes containing shaved nuts on the top of a strawberry Nutella pizza.

Nutella is a delicious spread that works in combination with just about anything. This includes bread, crackers, pretzels, by spoon, on ice cream, on a cake, on a bagel, on a donut, with cereal, and on a cupcake. We have to put an end to spreading Nutella on everything. Tomato sauce belongs on pizza and not chocolate. An abundance of options for spreading Nutella already exists.