A newlywed husband and wife, or newlywed couples, have a bubble around them while on honeymoon. They are both so happy, so excited, and so in love that they do not care about what they are doing in their surroundings. Some of these actions are fine for outsiders, but there are some that could be embarrassing. Awkward for onlookers and awkward for the couple, as soon as they realize what it is they were doing and how it must have looked from other people’s perspectives.

As someone out of the bubble, we tend to understand and be happy for the new couple and the start of their new journey and new life together. But there are some things that people cannot avoid feeling embarrassed about, even the newlyweds would feel the same way after they’ve done it, or after figuring out how embarrassing it really was that thing they’ve been doing all along. Some of these things are really sweet and really unavoidable given their situation. Some are quite normal when seen once or twice, but there are others that are kind of uncomfortable and might even make someone red-faced. And it is fun to list them here in this article.

25 24. PDA to the Extreme

Yes, they are in love. They are floating in total bliss and are crazy for each other. Restraint on their part in public is out of the question. They cannot keep their hands off each other, they can’t stop kissing and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. And then there’s that other table, who cannot avoid looking at them. They don’t want to say anything because it might embarrass the happy couple on their honeymoon, but this is at the risk of getting embarrassed themselves with the public display of attention they are witnessing at the moment. Oh, what a dilemma.

24 17. Getting Upgraded to First-Class

Announcing that you are on your honeymoon has its certain benefits. Establishments give perks and freebies to couples who chose their business as a venue for their most cherished celebration. Lucky couples get upgraded to first class by a generous airline, that’s a wedding gift that would put an already happy couple over the moon. More often than not, the lucky streak would not end there. There are other destinations where it is a very nice and memorable gesture if the honeymooning couple gets upgraded to what they booked for no additional charge. Although wonderful, all the attention may be a bit embarrassing.

23 22. That First Couple Fight

Couples at the height of their love for each other cannot seem to say anything wrong to each other, and while on their honeymoon, they cannot seem to do anything wrong together as well. But once in a while, and it is really embarrassing for us if we witness it, there are those honeymooners who are exactly the opposite. You are witnessing their first fight. And of all the firsts, this is epic. Things flying, harsh words were spoken, one storming out and the other left there sobbing and quite embarrassed with the scene they just caused.

22 20. Misplacing the Wedding Ring

This issue is not like the countless times we can’t find the TV remote, but think about how annoying it is when we cannot find the TV’s remote control. This is even worse than losing or misplacing your keys because they are much smaller than keys and much more expensive. There could be nothing more annoying and embarrassing than misplacing your wedding ring on your honeymoon. Instead of enjoying their honeymoon, the couple is frantic and down on all fours desperately searching for that ring.

21 13. That Inconsiderate Weather

Mother nature is unforgiving, it’s force unstoppable and really unpredictable. It is the biggest problem couples face in a garden wedding, but if you’ve dodged that bullet, wait until the honeymoon. There is nothing that would bum you out more on your honeymoon than incessant raining all day. If you’re out of luck, you’d get a thunderstorm or a typhoon, that would really get you pinned inside your hotel room. It even kills the view that the upgraded Honeymoon Suite offers.

20 12. Food Not Settling Well

The sad possibility of getting stuck in your hotel room is not just because of the weather. It is easy to enjoy yourselves and forget about what kind of food you’re eating together. Unfortunately, this might lead to an upset tummy or even a case of mild food poisoning if we’re not careful. A nice honeymoon enjoying the view or the beach outside is replaced with several sprints to the bathroom with cable TV as entertainment while nursing a bad stomach in bed.

19 11. Getting in an Accident

We all know that honeymoons are joyous occasions and most couples go about celebrating it without a care in the world. It is in these moments that we should turn on our “spider-sense”, so to speak. There is nothing more ruining than a mishap, even a mild accident while on that honeymoon. We don’t want to spend the rest of our honeymoon weekend in the hospital emergency room because we slipped and sprained our ankle while dancing wildly with our new partner.

18 16. Taking Too Many Pictures

It is very easy to take pictures today compared to about 15-years ago. You’d need a different device then, a digital camera, for taking photos and saving them on your laptop or a memory card. Today, it is as easy to take pictures as it is to post and share them with everyone. The magic of the smartphone is unprecedented, it gives power to people and their most photographed events. The already large number of photos taken during your honeymoon will be doubled, even tripled, with a smartphone in hand by both couples, honeymoon selfies!

17 15. When the Family Tags Along

Having a family is complicated, we don’t want them in our honeymoon suite, but we want them to be there and share our happiest moments together. There is a thin line between these two very different relationships, the new couple and their respective families. With some people, that line becomes a blur when it comes to their own families, even on their honeymoon. Start getting comfortable with your in-laws if your partner has a close relationship with them. That honeymoon/family outing is the first sign.

16 14. Getting Lost

The whole celebration, planning, the day of, and honeymoon preparations are tasks and a burden no couple can really pull of perfectly. You might forget one little thing here and there or some important thing that could lead to the first couple fight, or a simple map while traveling to your honeymoon destination. It is a little embarrassing to come up to a local and ask for directions and say that you are on your honeymoon, isn’t it? So prepare an app or get a map before heading out.

15 10. Drawing Love Notes in the Sand

Writing our names in the sand, and at times, putting our wedding bands in the middle is a very cheesy thing to do. But this is something that almost all couples do when their honeymoon destination is at a nice beach resort. It’s not enough to hold hands and take pictures of each of your hands making a heart shape, we also have to draw our names in the sand inside a big heart, with a little note at the end.

14 9. Getting Upgraded to the Honeymoon Suite

This is that other establishment that upgrades a cute couple on their honeymoon, exactly like what some airlines are doing for couples flying on their honeymoon. Hotels give out this amazing free upgrade to couples checking in and have chosen their establishment to spend a romantic night or weekend together. It is kind of embarrassing to tell the front desk that you’re on your honeymoon and then wait for them to upgrade you to first class, but they don’t say it.

13 8. Forgetting Room Service Attendants

It is quite easy to forget where you are and the things around you when you are busy with something else. Couples on their honeymoon tend to get busy, much busier than the regular hotel guests, that there are moments that they forget to do one simple thing before they get busy. Neglecting to put up that do not disturb sign outside the room’s door makes for a really embarrassing moment with the room service attendant and the couple as well.

12 7. Watching that Weird Fertility Dance

Sometimes, when you pick a honeymoon destination, and if it’s an exotic enough place, you and your partner will be in for a treat. There are traditions in some countries where the locals dance in front of their newlyweds as a means to help them bear children. This is the well-known fertility dance, but if you and your partner are not expecting it, it could turn into a really embarrassing scene. Try not to get red-faced too much, and just smile through the traditional fertility dance, it’s not that long anyway.

11 6. Falling Right to Sleep

Couples often choose to schedule and book their honeymoon right after the wedding celebration. Imagine all the things they had to do to pull off their dream wedding, all those minute and delicate details, tasks, and intricacies that had to be done perfectly. What a relief that it’s finally over, and a roaring success, and now it’s time to breathe, unclench, and relax. Most couples check into their room, lie on the bed, and then just fall right to sleep, no action tonight, they’re both exhausted!

10 5. Posting Too Many Honeymoon Pics

We are always happy to see our friends tying the knot and having a memorable honeymoon in a romantic location. We know where they are, what they are doing, and what they are wearing. Yes, because they post every picture they take while there. How embarrassing it would be once they realize the volume of posts they made and how silly some of the pictures are. We understand you are both enjoying the moment, 50 notifications in the last hour is no big deal.

9 4. Forgetting to Pack Some Essential Things

If you and your husband, or wife, are set to have a wonderful honeymoon on a remote island in the middle of the ocean, it’s best to remember that particular fact. Be sure to pack everything that you need based on your honeymoon destination. It is embarrassing enough to tell everyone in the island that you are on your honeymoon, don’t ask for some basic essentials from the hotel or resort staff everytime you realize that you forgot to pack them, too.

8 3. That Sunset Newlywed Shot

This very popular picture happens on honeymoons at beach destinations. Surely, you’ve seen a friend or relative post these kinds of photos in social media. There is something kind of magnetic and appealing to a sunset view at the beach, especially to a honeymooning couple. They take a walk at the seashore, with a smartphone in hand, and wait for that perfect sunset right where the sun touches the horizon. With the right angle, they pose and take that famous honeymoon couple picture. How cliche’!

7 2. That Honeymoon Dessert Special

Now that we think about it, freebies given to honeymooning couples are great. From those upgrades to first class airplane tickets, to the bump up to the honeymoon suite, there are also restaurants and resorts give out to their honeymooning guests that provide a complimentary sweet. But sometimes, these free things come with an embarrassing moment. Imagine a free dessert given to you at dinner, then some staff comes up and announces, or worse, sings a song right there at your table. It’s really very cheesy!

6 1. Running Out of Money

Once you’ve settled and unpacked and are ready to relax and check your itinerary, it’s prudent to check the cash and cards you brought with you. If the cash you brought with you is not that much, check right away if the resort accepts credit cards. Some remote and isolated islands may not so call ahead if you’ve booked one. But if not, just make sure you have enough pocket money while you roam around the area. It’s kind of embarrassing if you’re being sweet to your partner by buying a flower in the street and finding out you don’t have enough cash to pay the lady selling it.