Is it that people are getting bored with their tourist attraction sites, or they've visited all of them? To my understanding, every country has a gem, a place that is so attractive that you can't get enough of it. Some people haven't even visited every corner of their country but are so busy flocking in other countries as tourists.

Don't get it twisted; I also love traveling away from home, it brings some sense of satisfaction that can never be found in my area. It is through this constant quest to explore the world that we find ourselves over flocking in some beautiful countries, at times going overboard and outnumbering the locals.

This is only good for the governments of such countries, and the investors. The locals are not pleased with this at all and are beginning to fight back. They don’t want visitors anymore. There have been protests, and wall graffiti across Europe saying no to tourists. Some of these countries have up to 1:15 local to tourist ratio. That is just too much.

It is not just a threat to the peace of the locals, but also their well-preserved culture, and practices, and the environment as well. And it doesn’t mean that you’re not welcome, but you should adjust your conduct while there. Don’t be a nuisance.

Just in case you want to avoid this kind of places, where the locals are totally over the tourists, here are 25 of such countries.

24 Japan

The popularity of Japan has in the recent past become a magnet, highly attractive to tourists. For example, the ‘Miyabi' of the Kyoto city, a gentle and highly refined atmosphere that makes the Kyoto residents so proud, is now dying slowly under the feet of the many tourists flocking in the former capital of Japan. Japanese love their local foods, and the tourists are driving them out of their favorite joints. The restaurants give priority to visitors.

23 Iceland

So this country is becoming an adult Disneyland. There are various factors leading to over tourism in this island, and one of them is the popularity it received from Game of Thrones. It has also offered travelers a free stopover en route to the USA. This may be good news to the tourism sector, but to the locals, their peace diminishes with the increase of these visitors. Too much visitors are a threat not only to the locals, but also to the environment, and the attraction sites.

22 Uruguay

Uruguay is sandwiched between two famous tourists' destinations; Brazil, and Argentina. And while you want to ask what it's doing in this list, Uruguay has so much to offer to visitors, and the visitors have realized that already. It is a perfect picturesque, and among the few countries that have legalized cannabis. The weird Fray Bentos meat packing facility is one tourist attraction that has led to the country witnessing over 4 million visitors by the end of 2017. Uruguay has a population of only 3.5 million people.

21 Italy

Italy is a perfect romance and charm destination thanks to the city of Venice. The town has greatly suffered due to overtourism, with half of the permanent residents leaving the city altogether. Venice has banned new fast food joints and introduced measures to control crowds in major landmarks. There are also some plans to charge day trippers an entry fee to the city, to reduce overcrowding. The locals hate the way the tourists amass in one spot, making it hard for them to conduct their daily affairs.

20 Croatia

This is not a surprise. There are all the right reasons for this country to be in this list, start with the many Game of Thrones filming locations, the old town of Dubrovnik, and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. In the City of Dubrovnik, for example, there's a record of daily visitors that raised to 10,000 people per day. Paying to walk the walls of the city. Overtourism has reduced permanent residents from 5000 in 1991 to 1157 in 2018.

19 France

People from all over the world tour of France because of art, before going to fashion and food. The country's capital, Paris, is one of the primary casualties of overtourism. And it hasn't started today. This is a trendy city from a long time ago. The locals of France have only one thing against the tourists, and it's a bizarre reason. They want you to speak in French, and they don't believe that it is so difficult to talk in French.

18 Denmark

The number of tourists visiting Denmark every year, especially in Copenhagen, is almost double the locals. If you take Copenhagen, for example, has a population of only 600,000 people, but the total number of tourists is 1.6 million. One thing about Danes is that they follow laws to the letter, and they hate it when the flocking tourists carelessly break the laws. They’ll even frown upon you for disregarding the traffic rules and roaming. ThereThere has been regulation on new bars and hotels to help to manage overtourism.

17 Germany

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of true freedom? Your next flight should be headed to Germany. And this is the primary reason for overtourism in Germany’s capital, Berlin. Here you can explore the gritty suburbs of the ancient east, party wild without anyone interfering with your affairs, and do right about other a hundred activities. However, this growth is not received positively by the locals. Rents and different prices have been on the rise because of the visitors.

16 Netherlands

The Netherlands is so full of life, and you will not think twice about visiting this beautiful country. And neither will other people like you who are already flocking in to explore the storybook houses and canals in the city of Amsterdam. The nation’s capital, Amsterdam has a population of less than a million, but in a year it records over 15 million visitors. Too many for such a small city and the locals hate it when the visitors behave as if the whole town is a party hall.

15 Morocco

In 2008, just ten years ago, Morocco recorded 3 million tourists. This number has since increased to 11 million visitors today. And most of these tourists enter the country through Marrakech. At first, the locals embraced the influx, before realizing it was doing them more harm than good. The locals complain of increased prices in rents and other essential commodities. The salaries from jobs created by the influx of tourists have remained stagnant, despite the rising cost of living.

14 Spain

Spain has a million and one attraction sites that everyone will fall in love with on first sight. If we focus on the city of Barcelona specifically, this city has only 1.6 million locals, but it is flocking with over 30 million tourists every year. The locals don't love this at all. The visitors are messing up with their cultures, and their way of life in general. What saddens them the most is the fact that the visitors stay in illegal apartments, leading to price hiking, driving them out of the city eventually.

13 Mauritius

At only 790 square miles, Mauritius is one of the densely populated countries in the world. It is located 1200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean with a population of 1.3 million people. It has a record of over 1 million visitors every year. Driving through the country, you'd feel like you're in one tiny and highly populated town. The Black Forest National Park is densely populated with day trippers.

12 Indonesia

Indonesia's Bali was once a very peaceful travel destination. You would go here to escape the craze of the outside world. The locals were friendly, and interacted with visitors and shared their traditions with them. Today, it is all a different story. What once used to be a beautiful, tropical paradise has been ruined by overtourism. Hotels and shopping malls have replaced the nature from the land, and the culture and all those beautiful things are fading away slowly.

11 Egypt

Egypt has some of the oldest tourist attraction sites in the world. And great pyramids of Giza is one such site. You can pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum and have a look at the famous burial mask of King Tut. There is too much congestion on tourists’ hotspots like around the plateau of Giza, and Khan El Khalili. Overtourism in the city of Cairo has led to massive work and fiscal imbalance, and all this weight is on the locals.

10 Myanmar

Even though mainstream tourism is quite new in the country, the locals are already getting fed up by disrespectful tourists touring the Valley of Temples in Pagan. The once 4,000 pagodas standing on the valley of temples have been reduced to half in the recent past. Some by earthquakes, others by erosion, and the rest by visitors. Tourist climb on top of the pagodas in the morning to watch hot air balloons. The locals are often insulted by tourists who climb to the tips of the ancient brick formation leading to their crumbling.

9 Vietnam

In Vietnam, there’s one very famous UNESCO world heritage site, the Halong Bay. It is the most visited in the country, with over 3 million tourists cruising its waters a year. There are hundreds of junk boats sailing on the sea on a daily basis. The uncontrolled influx by tourists on this island has led to the rise of inexperienced tour guides and boat operators. They don't care much about the effects of tourism on the environment, or the lives of the tourists, but about the money they make.

8 Thailand

There is nothing as disgusting as a crowd of drunkards wandering in the beach leaving a trail of litter everywhere they pass. This is the case in Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi, on the Maya Bay. The Bay became famous after Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, The Beach in 2000. A big part of the film was shot here, and it seems like everyone who watched it decided to visit. The many tourists flocking into the bay have destroyed its local beauty, and it’s no longer a paradise.

7 Philippines

Islands are just like a country inside a country. In the Philippines, we look at Palawan Island. A beautiful island with a local population of only 36,000 people. Surprisingly, this place is flocking with over 200,000 visitors. Don't ask where they sleep or stay; even the local food is not enough. What used to be farmlands have been converted into resorts and hotels. Visitors ran here to explore the untouched nature of the island; now they only come here to island-hop in El Nido’s archipelago, and to sunbathe.

6 Colombia

It's not easy to notice tourists influx in Colombia. But the locals are totally over the tourists. The result of the development strategies following the recent tourism influx is what gets the locals mad. On Colombia’s Caribbean tourism capital, Cartagena, the developments are being funded by foreign developers, and they're only concerned with the profits they receive from tourism. They don't care about the impact on the locals who live there. And this saddens the locals.

5 Czech Republic

Development is good, for the money part, and bad for the environment. Every new structure slices a piece from the natural formation. And this is what's happening in the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. Tourism has changed the once a magical destination into a nightmare in the day. The place has become overly expensive to live in, and this severely affects the locals. Tourists are arriving in mass irrespective of the season. You can see the crowds on Charles Bridge.