When people think of their normal world, a lot of things can seem a little uninteresting. This is why we all escape to entertainment to take us away from the often boring world we find ourselves in. The question we have to ask our innermost self is if we're happy being here or would we rather be somewhere else? If we choose we would rather be another place, we could theoretically pick up our things and just go, up to a point.

However, that is not the case if the place we choose is a place that cannot be found on a normal map or possibly even this realm or universe. If we had the key to time and space, and we could choose to go anywhere, where would it be? Many of us would choose a place of fiction, right? Some might choose the place from their favorite TV show or movie. While others might choose a place from a comic book.

There are legendary places or amazing ones that we likely all thought about going to a few times in our lives. We may know this city is clearly not the best thing, considering a superhero is always trying to save it. Yet we'd risk going here because of this place, regardless of the crime, having something ideal to us...a fantasy. That is right, it gives us a fantasy of a world we all want to visit.

We may know the bad that goes on in each of these places, but we also know the cool stuff that goes on there too. Imagine your favorite comic book setting, now imagine stepping foot into that place. How cool would it be? That is what our list is focusing on today. We'll be covering major places from the comic book world that we're sure most would love to visit. We hope you enjoy.

25 Oa - Home Of The Green Lantern

Oa is most famous for being the main home of the Green Lantern Corps. Oa itself is a Green Lantern. It is a living planet, which brings us to an interesting situation. While other planets are living, such as our Earth, there is a difference with Oa. Earth is stuck in one spot. Unless pushed by various forces, it will not move. Happenstance is the only reason behind what happens here. Oa can do whatever Oa wants to the surface of its planet. To further add to the cool nature, it can move anywhere it wants.  We often hear terms like "Mother Earth." But the respect the Lanterns have for Oa is enormous. They try to take care of it as much as possible.

They made it a Lantern out of respect alone. Ancient people occupy Oa and still randomly are seen here outside the Lanterns. In fact, the Guardians of the Universe come from here. They had lived on the planet Maltus and relocated to Oa due to it being in the center of the universe. They are the ones who started the Green Lantern Corps and moved to Oa for it to be a hub for all Green Lanterns. No one comes into Oa without the planet knowing or allowing it. This is essential and another major reason for it to be so important.

Also, if Oa goes down...much of the Lanterns do too. It actually contains the Lanterns' central power battery. Getting here could be tough, as well as being accepted by Oa. But if we're to hitch a ride with a Lantern, it could happen. Anybody know one?

24 Hub City - The Question May Intrigue You

Likely one of the most important cities in all of DC Comics would be Hub City. While it does not rank as one of the most popular, a lot has happened here that is worthy of note. It ranks as a place that most would consider it to be a pass-through capital. By this we mean, people do not normally stop their cars in Hub City to stick around for a long period of time. However, if one knows anything about Hub City there is a key thing that makes it worthy of being seen. Despite what people might perceive, it is quite a beautiful city that has a ton of rich people within it who has made it out to be a nice place.

However, with many rich people comes corruption. Vic Sage is the man responsible for helping to take this down. Known as The Question in the comics, he is an investigative reporter who is a well-known conspiracy theorist. He often exposed what the rich and powerful have done and brings them down. Though despite it all, if you know the right person....you can enjoy all Hub City has to offer and take advantage of the corrupt system. Just watch your back, for The Question is always watching.

23 Nowhere - Well It's Actually Somewhere

When someone mentions that are going to Nowhere. The thought in your head might be that they're actually going nowhere. This isn't actually true, as Nowhere is indeed a place.

It happens to be that what creates this planet can be found inside the severed head of a celestial. The location might be sketchy to some, and it truly is when you consider what happens here. Nowhere is a big place to be. In the Marvel Universe, there is really no better trade spot than Nowhere. The Collector is often seen here, but more importantly, other major figures can be found here as well. People you may look to find will be involved in trade, but there are some huge opportunities here that come with that.

While trade in some places might have rules, Nowhere has none. This allows you to steal anything from anyone and trade it here with no real problem following it.

Nowhere also has no rules overall, which also means you'll need to watch your back. Without a police force or rules to maintain order, fights are abundant here. To top it off, theft obviously is a huge issue as well.

While order is often kept by the people here in order to maintain trades be done without issue if there is a problem it will be settled without interference. That said, we suggest bringing some level of weaponry with you if you can manage to get it in there.

22 Astro City - Where Future Meets Past

It is lucky for fans of Astro City that they'll get a chance to see more of it soon. There has been a plan for some time to bring the world to a movie in some capacity, but now there is word of a television show will be coming within the next year. That said, this is big for Astro City. The question is, if you were going to visit it....what is here for you to enjoy or care about?

Astro City is a place that often finds itself trapped in the past in sort of a retro vibe while also being far ahead in the future too. Imagine a mix between the style of the 1950's with future materials you might see in 2050. This is Astro City.

The Astro area is one of the few comic book areas that can find itself making you care about supervillains, superheroes, as well as normal citizens without a connection to either. Usually, a hero or villain connects to someone that is spoken about in the comic, but this is not always the case here. This sets Astro City apart and allows us to experience the beautiful city through the eyes of various people from various walks of life. You'll be accepted here from the start, and you'll enjoy what could basically be described as a land that can be similar to what you see at the beginning of Fallout 4, the video game. The mix of the past and future is something you must see to truly appreciate.

21 The Microverse - Little Creatures, Giant Potential

One of the most important things known in Marvel Comics is that, like anything in life, there are limits. Hank Pym tells Ant-Man he can only shrink down so small before he ends up going too small to come back. There is a reasoning somewhat for this. Imagine the Dr. Seuss book and eventual movie Horton Hears a Who. Remember when Horton discovers a flower that has a small spec on it? On this spec lives a huge amount of people called The Who's. The object of the story is to teach children that, regardless of stature, you're important. The line "a person is a person, no matter how small" is a key thing to remember. In Marvel's microverse, this is certainly a huge thing to remember.

If Ant-Man were to shrink small enough, he would happen to end up in the microverse. It is a land that upon his shrinking he would come across and see multiple planets in its own little universe, quite literally. Some have the theory that we're all in a simulation or that someone might be bigger than us and we too might be in a microverse. We know, your brain went boom, right?

The microverse would be amazing for us to visit because we would have the chance to see a universe that is practically impossible to come across. Would they be like us? Would their languages be similar? Would they look like us? It's something we all want to explore.

20 Xander - An Intergalactic Refuge

Xander is known to be a high technology planet filled with people from all walks of life. People from all over the world come to Xander and appreciate it for its beauty and ability to bring amazing things to life. They are also the home of the Nova Corps Headquarters. The Nova help the galaxy they are in but also help people across the universe. Xander is in the amazing Andromeda Galaxy, which is the closest to our Milky Way Galaxy and often referred to as a possible home for human life if we must leave our galaxy. Though the thought is that it might take 30 years to get to it.

Like us, they have a star to give them heat and life. The star is known as M31V J00442326+412708. While it is a lot to recite, this binary eclipsing star is one of use and helps this galaxy more than our sun as multiple planets can use it in addition to Xander to sustain life. Due to Xander protecting so much and hosting the Nova Corps, people often come here as refugees from other places or due to the protection the Nova provides. Here, you'll be safe most of the time. The amazing tech and people here are worth your time in every single way.

19 Utopia - It's Not For Us 'Normal' Folk

While we may consider Utopia to mean many things, this Utopia may be a bit different than most. Magneto, one of the most powerful mutants of his time, wanted to give mutants a place to live that would allow them to not be persecuted or hated simply because of being different. They have accepted normal people at times, but usually, this Utopia is mutant-centered only. Magneto made a Utopia that fits for mutants very well. Imagine the place you and people like you would find to be appealing and ideal? That is Utopia for mutants too.

They simply need a place they can be themselves. They can use their powers here and they will never have to steal or be held back. They can move up just based on being good at what they do. Everyone eats and everyone is treated the same. Unlike on normal land when humans disrupted this and held a mutant back. If a human were to go here, such as yourself, you'll need to be careful.

We suggest learning a lot of magic before going, so you might pass for a mutant. Though, finding this Utopia might be tough. As it is purposely out by itself to avoid issue from humankind. Here you can see amazing creatures do amazing things. These people are special in a way where they can do things that would amaze us. This Utopia is worth going to for sure.

18 Ego - A Living Planet That Can Become anything 

Ego is known for a number of things. It is often called "the living planet" for a very good reason. The celestial known simply as Ego made the planet to keep himself powered as well as have a place where people could be and enjoy life. At least, that was the mission we "thought" Ego was going for. Ego planted his seed all over the universe so that he would have the chance to eventually rule it all. His planet helps to power all he does, and without it...there is no celestial.

The living planet can manipulate itself into any paradise one could ask for. Ultimately, it would be an ideal place to be for any person to go.

If Ego made the planet for beings like you and me and did not try to give a vision of falsehood, he'd likely have people living on the planet that he could develop and rule. Yet that isn't the case. He wanted more, and thus the planet and the God are now gone.

Thanks to the time stone, however, we could go back in time and find an era to go to the planet and enjoy what it could provide for us. However, this is a bit harder. That said, it isn't in our top ten for a reason. If it was still around, it surely would be. A living planet? Come on, how cool would that be to visit?

17 Latveria, In Particular, Doomstadt - Make sure you have a good escape plan

Dr. Doom is quite an interesting guy. Like the Fantastic Four, he developed amazing power that he could use to do whatever he wanted. The problem with this is that while the others chose to use their powers for good, Doom chose to use his for evil purposes. Though we have to hand it to him, he is quite intelligent. He found a way to get out of a lot of issues. Due to international laws, he could not be affected in many nations. While in Latverian at one point, Doom decided to essentially become the region's ruler. He would make a new capital called Doomstadt and live there. As the ruler, he made all the laws that people had to follow. He would also take care of them.

Weirdly, Doom is usually great to his people and helped to (pretty much) keep them happy. In any case, thanks to being the ruler he could violate laws in another land but due to extradition laws, he could flee to his home nation and could not be taken in. He would simply choose to not extradite himself. Clever, huh?

While if one follows all the laws Doom asks them to follow, he will make sure they are taken care of - he is the law completely. He is judge, jury, and executioner. If you make him angry, your life is over. He has cameras around the nation to make sure no one comes in or out without his permission. That said, we recommend going here but only if you have a good escape plan.

16 Coast City - The L.A. Of The Comic World

It seems everyone loves Coast City in the DC Comics universe. Seriously, everyone seems to go here to escape other places because of the beauty the area provides.

It is the home of the Ferris Aircraft business, which is one of the largest employers in the city. We've heard they do a lot of flights here as well as some "secret" stuff if you know what we mean.

Coast City can be compared to a Los Angeles type of area. It is beautiful, sunny, and usually always pleasant. The city is consistently spoken about as a place people go to for a vacation or even to live.

To be so popular that people will pick up and move to you from where they are must be a good thing. Though we're not entirely sure how it all works, it seems that the city boasts a great economy and the people here seem so happy and welcoming. There is a number of people who have come through or lived in the area. There is a nice guy and famous pilot named Hal Jordan who tends to pop up in the area. We've heard he might know something about those secrets at Ferris Aircraft. But you didn't hear that from us, okay? Keep it on the DL!

15 Neo-Tokyo - A Future In The Setting Of Today

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most impressive cities in the world today. Japan is usually ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology. Seriously, they have a lot of amazing stuff here that the people of this country bring to the table often.

That said, imagine if Tokyo was like, 30 years into the future. What you might find to be so interesting is that it was written years ago. It can be considered similar to something like Back to the Future. We've now passed the day where Marty McFly and Doc went to in the future.

When it comes to New-Tokyo, they're set in 2019. That said, the writers couldn't know the future when they first began to design the world out. However, their world is far different than ours. With that being known, going to this world in their version of Tokyo would be pretty interesting. The thought is that, while real-life has not caught up to the comic books yet and won't be within a year from now, Neo-Tokyo is its own place isolated from time. Going to a futuristic sort of place would be really amazing. Could you imagine visiting a place that feels futuristic, the type that we all think about? It could be awesome.

14 Kree-Lar, Hala - More Weaponry Than You Can Imagine

Located in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy with the star system of Puma keeping it afloat. The Kree are obviously the people who live on this planet and have for many years. The Kree are most known for their massive supply of weaponry and overall control among various other galaxies. They have been exploring and dominating the universe for several years. The Kree's main focus has been world domination on other areas for years, which is why they could often be seen running through various areas. Ronan The Accuser is often used by the Kree as their main man when attempting to conquer planets.

This general (Ronan) was also used by Thanos when he decided to start dominating the universe himself. The Kree are a loyal group, and unlike anything we've ever seen. Their tech is lightyears ahead of anything we've even considered. They have a being on their planet that decides the fate of all called "The Supreme Intelligence." This being can be a judge and jury, as well as decide what the Kree does next. Yet it amounts to a machine truthfully.

The Kree were once considered to be a peaceful race, but their alliances and hunger for power have seen them become cruel and that has cost them. Today their planet is under rule by the Annihilation Wave Forces, and now the shoe is on the other foot. The cosmic being Annihilus is now gaining control, and though the Kree fought hard, Annihilus rarely loses.

13 Coral City - The Most Progressive Comic City

Coral City is quite an interesting place within the DC Universe. They have not been around in the DC world for a long period of time, especially compared to the others on this list. They made their debut in a story called The Movement. This area of the DCU is interesting due to the fact that is has become the center of the world for movements starting. These movements can include major topics of the day, such as the time they did their own version of Occupy Wall Street or their material on Gay Rights. Obviously, with a place like this, it makes sense to go for as long as they possibly can.

Some would call them the most "woke" place to be in the DCU. It would not be far off. Coral City has found itself where it is now because of the mere fact that it knows how to hit close to home. It knows what you want to talk about and what you need to hear. Sometimes the topics may not be as important in this area of DC. However, there is no doubt that if you were ever going to feel unaccepted, Coral City would accept you with open arms. That has led to many feeling that Coral City might become a premier destination for all kinds of people in the future.

12 Central City - Home Of The Flash

Home of the great superhero known as The Flash, Coast City boasts its excellent economy and both day and nightlife that few can compare to. Unlike other darker places in the DC Universe, Central City is usually the lighter place to be. It's usually seen as a highly colored place with sun and multiple things popping off the page. It is also quite a unique place to be. While The Flash helps to take down much of the bad guys here, there are various that show up on a weekly basis.

This has been the land of many changes. We've seen villains take over the city and we've seen Flash save it many times as well. He once stopped a tidal wave from hitting the city, making him a huge asset. But there is a lot of acceptance here. Many people move to Central City to start over and try to make a better life for themselves. People would never do this if the city was not a great place to be. People do tend to enjoy it, despite the crazy people who seem to frequent the city. The place has had great science back it to bring bills down, and they have been ahead of the game on many other green and energy-saving operations. It's kind of ironic, considering their speedster expends a lot of said energy.

11 Gotham City - Wouldn't It Be Cool To Work For Bruce Wayne?

This darker area of the DCU ranks among many places you'll want to visit quite frankly due to the legend surrounding it. To be fair to Gotham, they are very amazing with what they have simply done for their people. They built a railway to better get people to work both on time and in an orderly fashion. This works as they commute home as well. They're also well taken care of due to local billionaire Bruce Wayne who happens to own a lot of businesses and invests in many within Gotham. His humanitarian efforts are also of note, as various charities and foster homes have seen a lot given to them over the years.

The city may have some issues with crime, but the Batman happens to watch over this city. While Batman can be considered a bit rough around the edges, the Gotham PD swears by him and despite breaking the law as a vigilante, he's the only man who can stop some of the bad guys. Due to Wayne, we've seen great tech come through to the people of Gotham as well. While Wayne Enterprises may not control the city, they're surely the ones who keep it alive. They are also the city's prime employer and they're always needing new people. So it could be a new home for someone looking for a key job.

10 Riverdale - A Teen-Focused City Of Many Environments

Ah yes, Riverdale. A place stuck back in one time period but still seems to have the ability to be in present day. Some call this place a drama-filled teen laboratory, which might be fair. We often see them more than the adults, which is a bit odd right? What seems to be so odd about Riverdale is that their environment has changed throughout the years. In most cities within the comic universe, they're in a certain area and the climate of that area is well-known. For example, it's rarely snowing in Coast City but it'll snow in Gotham quite a lot. In contrast, Riverdale is not one of those places, rather an amalgamation of multiple environments.

They have beaches, deserts, farmland, woodland, and even mountains. There are very few cities in the world that boast all of these. Usually, it is only a few of them or one that you might see, not all. They are known mostly for their high school and the crazy things that go on around town. Obviously, they have some great places to stop at, such as Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe and Pickens Park. It truly is a great place to check out, but beware of the things that might come along with it. They're not TNT in Riverdale, but they surely know drama well here.

9 Metropolis - Home Of Superman, where You'll never be bored

The city of Superman, that is often what Metropolis is known as. His cousin happens to be a protector for National City and this area of the DC world is pretty nice. Yet National City is like a little sister to Metropolis. There is a reason the name has become a symbol for what we call a place when it reaches a certain level. The city of Metropolis is known for it's amazing skyscrapers and flourishing economy. Lex Luthor happens to employ many people in the area and has even been a nice leader for the city as well as the entire Luthor family. Though he and Superman do not seem to get along.

The question is, what can people experience in Metropolis that they cannot see anywhere else?

The historic Wireless City Movie Theater, as well as the amazing shopping places like Spiffany's Jewelry Store, Lacey's Department Store, and even Stacey's Department Store. They also have a nice hotel called the Halldorf for guests. The beautiful Centennial Park is also worthy of a visit for people wanting to experience a huge part of Metropolis. There are of course towns outside the city of Metropolis like Smallville for people who do not like the hustle and bustle of Metropolis, but it is pretty well known that there is always something going on here. That said, you'll never be bored.

8 Krypton - It was lovely, before it exploded

Before the planet exploded into a billion pieces, Krypton was a beautiful planet that has finally figured out how the world of science worked to such a degree that they masted so much. Their science became so great, so quickly, that by the time their planet went down. they had mastered how to have children in a lab setting and not in a natural way. They were also able to handle sicknesses easier by finding medication to help them get past many diseases.

In fact, people were expected to live very long lives. The Kryptonians figured out how to properly develop a species of people who were able to hack life. This is clearly incredible, but the fact that their tech on just the human system alone was brilliant. They're clearly worth checking out. This is in addition to other amazing things they have to show for themselves. Though they often get around a bit different than you or I, the planet is known for being kind to its neighbor. While we as Earthlings might have trouble staying here for long periods of time, it appears that Kryptonians love our environment and sun very much.

7 New Genesis - A Land Of New Gods

New Genesis is kind of what it sounds like. Think of the word Genesis. It often means the beginning of something. But if it has been done before, it could be referred to as a "New" Genesis. Makes sense right?

The place is occupied by the New Gods. They found a way to destroy the Old Gods and have terrorized the universe ever since. They can only come through the universe through things called a Mother Box that has to be used to access this area of the universe. The New Gods are in a pocket dimension and can shut anyone off from coming in that they choose.

While not exactly heaven, New Genesis offers a lot to the average person. A popular mistake is relating New Genesis to Apokolips. They could not be more different from each other if they tried.

New Genesis provides great forests as well as grasslands filled with wildlife. Supertown is where the Primitives live and often make their home. It certainly interesting to be here, as it seems to be the land of Gods. Can we really be upset with that?

You could be, but there are far fewer issues on New Genesis than on many other places. To top it off, they have alien tech that could also be considered amazing as well as celestial in some aspects, due to who is holding the weapon it appears.

6 Mount Olympus - Home Of The Old Gods

When we speak of the New Gods, we also have to speak of the Old Gods. Mount Olympus is a well-known area within mythology, but it is hardly explored due to the fact that it states only Gods can enter Mount Olympus. The King of them, Zeus (referred to as Jupiter in Roman Mythos) is the main fixture for the Old Gods in all mythology as well as in the comics.

While the story of how these Gods are used can vary, the usual time we come in contact with them is within the Wonder Woman universe. She is a demi-God, of course. The Mount is an incredible place that is basically what most religious people can think of as Heaven.

While "normals" cannot enter this place, it is always something that is aspired to. There have been cases of normal people being bestowed God-like power, but it is simply not a mainstream route. With that said, the land of the passed is the only other place one can go after they pass into the afterlife. If you could choose which place to be, wouldn't Olympus be the better of the two?

To top it off, you'll be able to be in what amounts to a paradise where you'll get what you want, when you want it. If we could actually go here, would you really turn down such an opportunity?