Planning a vacation to a foreign country with your significant other sounds like a blast, but many couples make far too many common mistakes that can ultimately ruin a trip. These frequent mishaps that couples make can be as small as forgetting to pack an essential item or as big as dressing too provocatively in areas where it's best to dress modestly and show respect for another country's culture. We are all human and we all make mistakes, however, it doesn't hurt to read up about the place you are traveling too and how to not stick out too much like a tourist.

Couples can easily avoid cheesy mistakes before leaving for vacation. Making a list of necessary items to pack is a must and depending on how long you'll be on vacation, whether for a week or two, it might make sense to create an itinerary of the places both of you would want to explore.

Minor mistakes like taking too many photos or selfies throughout the trip and not really taking in the scenery, the people and culture can also be damaging. Exposing valuables, carrying only large bills and even little things like not exploring your own hotel can ruin a trip.

We made a list of 25 cheesy mistakes couples make when visiting a foreign country to make sure they get it right the first time before getting to their destination. Check out this list and make sure you aren't making these way too often errors when traveling.

25 Taking Too Many Selfies

It's great to capture photographic moments with your significant other during a trip and look through them every now and then on your phone or camera, however, you shouldn't take photos constantly, missing important parts of your trip. Couples take too many photos and forget to explore the area around them. Selfies are probably one of the worst photos to capture because while you might show how happy you are, wherever you are, wouldn’t you rather photograph the remarkable location you traveled too? If you’re going on a safari or museum, your focus should be on the amazing sights you see, not just constant photos of yourself and your significant other.

24 Holding Hands

You're in love and while it's very sweet to hold hands while on vacation to show everyone how affectionate you and you’re significant other is, remember that some nations take offense to it. If you are taking a vacation to Dubai, there are a number of social rules you should definitely read up on before traveling there. One very important social rule in Dubai is to not show any public displays of affection, which includes holding hands. While this rule may sound absurd to people who don't live in the nation, it's best that you respect the culture because you may even wind up arrested!

23 Showing Affection

As we've mentioned above, there are important social rules you should follow, especially if you are visiting a Muslim nation. Showing affection to one another, like kissing, holding hands, and showing just too much PDA is not okay. Couples have to keep in mind that they are in a country where local laws reflect the fact that Islamic practices are still in effect and should be highly respected. Even some hotels may require couples to show proof of a marriage since couples who aren't married are usually not allowed to stay in a hotel room together!

22 Expecting Everyone To Know English

If you are traveling to a foreign country, you should not expect everyone in that country to know English. In fact, if you have a trip planned for the future, you and your significant other should try and learn a few words or phrases, which can also turn into a fun bonding experience for both people! While most people may speak English in major cities, don't expect everyone to understand what you are saying, and don't get frustrated by it either. You are you're significant other is vacationing somewhere foreign, so grab a book or go online and start learning their native tongue!

21 Disrespecting A Country's Culture

This is a major mistake many couple's makes while traveling to a foreign nation. Every country has a certain unique culture and couple's should really take the time to read about them. Wherever your travel destinations may be, learn the basic cultural mannerisms and etiquette. While it can be tough to know everything about a country's culture, learn the basics about eating or tipping, transportation, what you should wear in different areas, where you can and cannot take photos, and punctuality. Even try asking a local for some advice because they are the experts of course!

20 Not Doing Enough Research On The Area

You'll save a lot of time and energy if you and your significant another plan ahead before going to a foreign country. It can be quite scary if you end up getting lost in a foreign nation so make sure to do your homework and research the area you are going to be checking out. Couples can easily get into an argument about who is right and who is wrong about where to go and it can ruin the entire trip. Also, fighting in public in a foreign country can be awkward, so make sure you do your research ahead of time to avoid this mistake.

19 Only Carrying Large Bills

Carrying large bills is a big mistake couple make when vacationing somewhere foreign. Think about the places you'll visit while on vacation. Will you check out a small town, city or island that not a lot of travelers know about? If so, you may want to carry some smaller bills with you because local small shops may not be able to give you change for that 100-euro. Also, there is such thing as pickpocketing in some foreign nations, so to be on the safe side, don't carry all of your traveling money in your purse or wallet. There is always a risk of losing your wallet, so be smart with your money.

18 Not Knowing The Tipping Etiquette

In the U.S. tipping varies between 15% and 20% and also largely depends if the service you received was satisfactory. However, in other countries, tipping can be looked down upon and even viewed as an insult. According to Insider, in Turkey, tips are only accepted in cash and in Brazil, tipping in dollars can be considered rude. In other countries, like China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and Australia, tipping isn't necessary. In Japan, tipping might actually seem very rude because "good service is standard and expected," reports Business Insider.

17 Wearing Revealing Clothing

If you and your significant other are traveling somewhere warm and tropical, the first things you are packing are your beach necessities like swimsuits, swim trunks and a few cover-ups. But in some nations, even dressing in shorts and skirts for women are seen as totally inappropriate. According to Trip Savvy, when vacationing in a Muslim country, "covering your arms and legs with loose clothing is always advised when you are in public. If you are staying in a large hotel with many westerners it will be acceptable to wear your ordinary clothes there." So make sure you both read up on the appropriate ways to dress if you are going to Islamic countries.

16 Overpacking

While women would agree that it's better to overpack than under pack, you should really take the time to plan out outfits for not only you but your significant other as well. Planning out what you'll wear each day can save you loads of time when you're getting ready because you don't want to waste any time staying in your hotel all night because you couldn't figure out what to wear. Also, if you overpack, where will you find room to put all the goodies you'll be bringing back home for you and your loved ones! You can also make more room by filling up travel size containers with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

15 Underpacking

You definitely don't want to under pack if you are traveling for a long period of time. Some hotels don't offer laundry services and you don't want to be wearing undergarments you've already worn. If you know how many days you'll be on vacation for, plan your outfits accordingly. Will you be walking around for quite some time? If so, maybe pack comfortable shoes. Will you and your significant other have dinner at a fancy restaurant? If you are, make sure to pack something nice. It's also important to make a list of important items you need for every day, which can include medicines, deodorants, toothbrushes and so on. It doesn't hurt to spend some time on packing.

14 Leaving Without Informing Your Credit Card Company

Your travels will go a lot smoother if you remember to simply call up your credit card company to let them know you'll be traveling and will possibly be using your card. According to, "the whole point of notifying card companies of travel is so they don't shut the card down when you are gone. With new advances in chip-and-PIN technology, credit cards are inherently more secure. And as credit card companies develop more robust fraud detection systems, consumers have even less to be concerned about." Still, it wouldn't hurt to call up your credit card company just to be on the safe side.

13 Only Following A Guidebook

It might make sense to follow guidebooks to wherever you are traveling too, however, you can make your trip that much more memorable by asking locals about places to check out. While on vacation, it doesn't hurt to make friends and even ask locals, since they are the experts, about cool restaurants or places that aren't wildly crowded with tourists. Couples will have a blast going off the map, even if it's just for a few hours to see new sights and be able to go back home and tell every one of the new destinations you both found. It'll make your vacation that much more thrilling and one that you'll both always remember.

12 Exposing Valuables

This is a mistake done by couples that can easily be avoided. There are countless bags and safes you can purchase to keep your valuables safe. You'll need to carry cash with you while going out so instead of carrying all of it, leave some hidden somewhere safe in your hotel so you don't accidentally lose it all and ruin your entire trip. Also, rethink if you really need to take certain jewelry with you or any expensive items that may become lost. Exposing your valuable makes you an easy target and there are such things as pickpocketing in many countries, so always keep an eye out for one another.

11 Freaking Out Over Little Things

Whether you booked a vacation to a foreign country to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or just want to take a little trip away from home, you and your significant other should not freak out over little things. You both wanted to go on this trip to relax, have fun and learn about new cultures, so freaking out about stuff that you'll regret later is something you should avoid. Arguing about which places to go to or something minor like forgetting your favorite perfume is something you shouldn't let ruin your trip. Not everyone has the luxury to take a vacation to a foreign country, so make the most of your trip and have as much fun as you can!

10 Forgetting A Budget

Traveling together as a couple is loads of fun, you and your significant other get to see a different part of the world together and experience new things for the first time. While you both are in love and happily seeing the sights, don't forget your budget, if you did have one in mind. Your trip can go all wrong if you end up spending too much and go back home totally broke. Also, it's no shock that couples can end up getting into an argument about money and spending and you definitely don't want to do that while in a foreign country and vacationing. So, before you travel, set up a reasonable budget that both of you can agree on.

9 Sticking To The Tourist-y Spots

If it's your first time in Paris, France, you'll want to see the Eiffel Tower and if you're traveling to London, England, you'll probably want to see Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace. However, don't waste your entire day standing around these tourist hotspots and not getting the chance to see some other cool things in the area. You'll also love avoiding all the tourists snapping pictures and bunch of crowds if you and you're signing another check out some not-so-popular destinations that are just as awesome. Don’t be afraid to ask a local about places to check out too. Locals want people visiting their native home to have a good time, so ask more than one person for their favorite spots!

8 Not Drinking In Moderation

While drinking alcoholic beverages is something couples do while on vacation, drinking too much can lead to a terrible hangover, which means sleeping in and wasting away an entire day. There aren't many benefits if you over-drink while on vacation and your significant other might not enjoy talking to you if you aren't coherent. All inclusive resorts where you can enjoy bottomless drinks sound really fun, just make sure to drink in moderation and you'll end up having an amazing time for the entire day and not wake up with that hangover.

7 Allowing The Weather To Ruin Your Trip

We all know that weather can be unpredictable and you'll want to prepare for anything and everything, especially if you're going to a nation that isn't known for it's all day sunshine and warm weather during the summer months. Don't let a little rain ruin your trip. Couples make the silly mistake of staying indoors and in their hotel rooms when the weather is lousy. Instead, take advantage of the fact that they'll be fewer people walking around so you and your significant other can freely enjoy the sights without crowds and just a little rain.

6 Forgetting To Explore The Hotel

While you'll be using your hotel room to sleep and get ready in, why not check out if the hotel has any bars or restaurants that you can check out before going out? Plenty of high-end hotels have cool bars where you can grab a quick drink while you wait for your cab. Many hotels even have boutiques to shop in and lounges to hang out. Also, check to see if your hotel has a pool you and you're significant other can take a dip in if you both feel like just relaxing for a period of time during your stay.