25 Celeb Kids With More Travel Destinations In Their Passport Than Us

Being a celebrity means traveling for work, a lot. The requirements can be demanding and tiresome. The ante is upped when you bring a child into the world and you try your hand at a being a working parent. No matter who you are and what kind of job you have it never goes easy. Luckily for celebrities, they normally have the means to bring their kids on the road with them. They have a squad of people who are there to help them and assist in any way they are asked to. Because of the demands of celebrity life, the offsprings get to travel the world and make everyone jealous.

There are some celeb kids that are seasoned travelers by the age of one and their escapades are splashed are all over social media for the world to gawk at and fantasize about. While we assume it must be extremely hard to travel at such a young age and always be on the road with mommy and/or daddy, there is an air of mystery to it that fans will never know. Fans will never truly know what happens when the work day is done and these celebrities have to be real parents. Parents to kids whose ears are popping because of the high altitude. Parents to kids who are just having a bad day and don’t want to keep up with their parent’s lifestyle. Yet, we can’t help but wonder why in the world we couldn’t be born into a celebrity family and spend the best days of our lives getting our passport stamped.

25 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Daughters

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Keith Urban is a musician and Nicole Kidman is an actress. Both have very active careers but also love spending time with their daughters. Kidman has been photographed numerous times on her down time traveling with her husband as he performs around the world. In their native Australia, all over the US, the UK and even places like the Philippines and Dubai. Most of the time, their kids are with them sporting sound canceling earphones and smiling up at daddy as he performs for sold out crowds. Kidman has even brought her kids to set with her in an effort to be the best mom possible while holding down a career.

24 Tom Cruise And Kate Holme's Daughter, Suri Cruise

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Suri Cruise spends a lot of time with her mom traveling for work and leisure. Most of the time we see them walking the streets of New York with Suri sporting a purse that is probably more money than most people’s annual salary. However, when they go on vacation, they go big. Hawaii, United Kingdom, they go on cruises and she has been to Disneyland so many times. Some people haven’t even been once. Even their trips to plain old Florida is way more extravagant than most people. The mother/daughter duo are putting regular old folks to shame with the way they travel the globe.

23 Christie Brinkley's Daughters

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Sailor Brinkley Cook is Christie Brinkley’s daughter. She has recently started her own career in modeling and this career has taken her places that we will probably never go in our lifetime. Sailing and yachting all over the seas. Photoshoots in Malaysia and Taiwan. Visiting places like Sweden and taking dips in cold springs. It’s a life for sure. The young model even went to Africa and in addition to going on Safari, she also visited small villages to get to know the locals. Please keep in mind that while she looks grown she is only 15. All this before the age of 16, how jealous are you?

22 Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen's kids, Benjamin & Vivian Brady


Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen Brady make some adorable kids that they have chosen to travel around the world with them. They regularly visit their mom’s hometown of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. However, most recently, the couple went to Qatar and had hands down one of the cutest trips ever. 5-year-old Vivian and 8 years old Benjamin have also been to a bunch of other places but we think that Doha, Qatar has been one of the most exotic for them. Even if they never went anywhere else again, Qatar is a pretty amazing place to say you went on vacation too.

21 Salma Hayek's daughter, Valentina Pinault

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Miami, St. Barts, France, London there really is just too much to name. Valentina Pinault the daughter of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault is only 10-years-old but this little jet-setter follows her actress mom all over the globe when she is working. And when she isn’t the family has homes in L.A., France and supposedly Italy. Salma Hayek hit the jackpot with this guy he comes from a family of billionaires. This will benefit Valentina when she gets older and wants to travel to all the places she went as a kid just to have her own experience. Rich people can do that.

20 Cristiano Ronaldo's son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is so adorable and so well traveled. When his father isn’t working they go on some bomb AF adventures. Places some of us haven’t even heard of. Ibiza, Cozumel, Italy, Brazil, all over the United Kingdom and the United States. This duo is so cute. We kind of love that Ronaldo Sr. is so attentive to his son and keeps him so cultured by getting his passport stamped in some of the most beautiful places in the world like Abu Dhabi. This is one lucky kid and we have to admit that we would love to see more of their adventures documented online. But surprisingly, Ronaldo Sr. is kind of a private guy when it comes to family.

19 Le Bron James' Kids

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They are one of the cutest celebrity families out there currently. There are 3 James’ kids and they are so well traveled that we have to wonder how they all get their schedules so linked up to take so many family vacations. They normally go to islands like Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and Bahamas. However, the kids have also been spotted in places like Italy, Hawaii, France, Ibiza. Really, need we say more? Their last child Zhuri was taking vacations before she was born. We are actually surprised she was born in the United States. She came out of the womb a seasoned traveler.

18 Britney Spear's Kids, Sean & Jayden Federline

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Ever since Britney Spears got back shared, unsupervised custody of her sons Sean and Jayden she has been spoiling them with love and vacations. When she isn’t attending her residency in Las Vegas the mom and pop star is taking her kids to some cool places. Hawaii, United Kingdom, and Asia. She mostly sticks to traveling the United States which we have to assume has something to do with her custody agreement. Nonetheless, she manages to get a few awesome exploration trips in with the boys and we can admit that jealousy has set in slightly. Even if it is mostly in the US.

17 Kylie Jenner's Daughter, Stormi

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Stormi isn’t even one yet and she is doing some pretty grown-up things. Getting her ears pierced, starting solids you know the norm. One of the grown-up things she is doing is going on a lot of vacations. Not so much that it is overbearing for a baby but enough for us fans to show a slight bit of jealousy. She recently came back from a huge Kardashian/Jenner family vacation to Turks & Caicos. However, little Stormi has also been to a few states with her dad as he performs a few shows like Miami, New York, and Hawaii. There is certainly more to come and we can’t wait to stalk mommy Kylie’s Instagram.

16 DJ Khaled's Son, Asahd Khaled

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Asahd Khaled is a freaking globetrotter and has been since before he was born. DJ Khaled’s son is so popular he has his own Instagram account and fans. He has endorsements deals and his parents are completely obsessed with him. The little man even rocks some of the most stylish suits ever seen on red carpets. Asahd follows his mom and dad around the world to places like Dubai, Italy, France, Mexico, Hawaii, UK, Toronto. Really, it just doesn’t stop for this little guy. And to top it off, he only flies by private jet so really there is nothing getting in the way of this cutie when he is ready to go.

15 Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Kids

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Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an adorable family. As two busy actors they are always on set but with Lively’s hands-on approach to parenting, she has found a way to bring her babies on set with her. This means wherever she or her husband film, those kids are there with them. Canada (daddy’s home), all over the US, Mexico, Hawaii, UK. This family is so modern and chic we should all be taking cues from them. The families main place in New York but they always have the option of getting away from the cold when need be. They are a very private family but every once in a while the paps get a snap of them on vacations and it’s usually poolside somewhere hot and far away.

14 Kevin Hart's Kids

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Kevin Hart's wife Eniko and his kids do family vacations in the best way. The comedian has taken his kids to the regular places like Disney World but then he takes them on some super cool and fun-looking adventures in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. The pictures are so darn cute and then they added the newest baby to the mix so how can he not go on more vacations? One of the more popular trips they took was to Mexico where Hart introduced his kids to swim with the dolphins. It doesn’t matter how basic that sounds not everyone can get that opportunity. These kids are officially out vacationing all of us.

13 David And Victoria Beckham's Kids

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Victoria and David Beckham have traveled all over the world with their 4 kids. This family comes off so picture perfect and their kids are some of the most well-traveled celeb kids out there. Mommy and daddy are both millionaires so what else would they do with their money besides spending it on their kids? Right down to the youngest kid Harper has traveled all over the place. Asia, all over the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Ibiza, Australia. Just beach after beach after beach. How jealous are we of these kids? Good looks and they get to travel this life just isn’t fair.

12 Beyonce And Jay-Z's Kids

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are notoriously private when it comes to their kids. However, we all know that wherever they go their kids go. This means Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sur have been to some amazing places. And of course got there by the best means possibles. Yachting off the coast of Italy, Greece, Canada, tropical Islands and even some great adventures in America. Blue has been more places than we will probably ever go. She isn’t even 10 years old yet so we can’t even imagine where they will go next. No doubt it will be somewhere that we will have to save up to go to for years.

11 Chris Hemsworth's Kids

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The actor who plays Thor is more than just an actor. Chris Hemsworth is a husband and father to three freaking kids. He’s very family oriented and when he isn’t working he is spending quality time with his wife Elsa Pataky and those adorable children. Their most recent vacation was in March and they actually spent it so low key. With family in his native of Australia in what looked to be the outback. They BBQed and camped like pros. However, they have also taken some epic vacations to places like New Zealand, Orpheus Island, Costa Rica and all sorts of other locations where Hemsworth can surf.

10 Mariah Carey's Kids, Moe & Roe Cannon

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take both separate and family vacations with their kids which have allotted their adorable babies to see a lot of new places and sometimes they are repeats to them. Can you imagine being that young and going to some faraway places twice already? Some of the places they have been are Hawaii, Morocco, yachting in Italy and Greece, Aspen, Colorado staying at an exclusive and very expensive resort. These kids are so lucky and so loved. They have taken longer flights than most people and we can only assume it has been by way of private jet because come on, it’s Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

9 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Kids

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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their brood of children have been all over the world. Whether they are picking up a new child or doing some kind of humanitarian work they always end up in some of the most remote places. Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Namibia, India the list is endless and exotic. Then they switch it up on us and keep things normal by going to Lake Tahoe, New York, Boston, Canada and a few other equally cool but not as exotic places. We are sure the kids are nowhere near finished with traveling or going to new places that people haven’t heard of to pick up a new sibling. All this traveling should make these kids intelligent and well-rounded.

8 Dwayne Wade's Boys

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Dwayne Wade is a father of four boys and you can see the pride beaming from his face when they go on their family vacations. He and wife Gabrielle Union take these kids almost everywhere they go and their social media pages document just how many places they have been and how much fun they have together. Italy, Ibiza, Hawaii, France, and a European tour are just some of the places these boys have experienced. Daddy Wade is all about injecting culture into the lives of his boys. Especially coming from him his upbringing it's a blessing being able to provide his kids with this kind of life.

7 Mark Wahlberg's Kids

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Mark Wahlberg is pretty private but the paps have caught he, his wife and his kids on vacation a few times and they kind of do it big. In 2017, they went to Barbados and it honestly looked so good that it made us wonder if all their vacations were this lovely. After some research, we saw that every year sometimes a few times a year he and the family go to some great family-friendly places. Hawaii, Mexico, Dominican Republic, London. Really, just think of all the other places they went to that they didn’t share with the world.

6 Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas's Kids, Carys & Dylan Douglas

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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ kids are constantly traveling with their parents when they aren’t in school that is. They live in the United Kingdom so it’s really nothing for them to take European vacations. They have been seen bonding with dad in Italy, on set with mom in New Zealand, they went on holiday to freaking Cambodia and India, why not, right? The kids are both under the age of 18 so can you imagine what happens when they turn 18 and start traveling with friends? Look out world, with a worldly mother like Zeta-Jones and all the money that their parents have they may end up in some exotic places.

5 Halle Berry's kids, Maceo-Robert and Nahla

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Halle Berry’s baby's most recent trip was to Bora Bora where they basked in the sun and swam in the beautiful ocean. Berry doesn’t share many personal photos with her kids especially on family vacations but this time she made us all jealous. The kids are used to beautiful views like this seeing as mom is a busy actress. Maceo is only 4 ½ years old but Nahla is 10 and has been to a few more places than her brother. Paris is a hotspot for them, they even lived there for a bit but there were also vacations to Italy and Spain.

4 Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick's Kids

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Thanks to mama Kourtney, Mason, Penelope and Raine take a lot of trips to remote locations. Most recently she took her kids on a yacht in Capri, Italy with her then boyfriend. However, the family takes several vacations every year some for business and some for pleasure. The kids have probably been more places than their father who often gets left behind. From what we can tell they have been to Mexico, Australia, Cuba, Paris (a few times), St. Barts, San Tropez. We have to wonder when they find time for school and homework. Places like Bangkok and Spain seem to just be another day for these kiddos.

3 Jennifer Lopez's Kids, Max & Em

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J. Lo and Marc Antony’s twins follow mom around the world as she performs in different countries and goes on family vacations with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Most recently the kids were in France but they have been to some pretty remote locations. Africa, Bora Bora, Spain the list can go on and on. Since their parents are separated, they get double the vacation and end up going to some pretty awesome places that not many kids can boast about going to. The twins are 10-years-old now and that have experienced something that we may never experience like chilling on yachts in Ibiza.

2 John Legend And Chrissy Teigen's Kids, Luna & Miles

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's kids are jet-setters. Most recently they went on a family vacation to Indonesia and took some cute pictures at a safari park. Keep in mind Luna is only 2 and Miles is a mere 3 months. Luna sometimes goes on tour with her dad so her passport boasts stamps from Paris, Canada, Germany, and several other countries. Like really, Miles is getting breastfed in Bali how many babies can grow up to say they have a photo of getting breastfed in Bali at 3 months? This modern couple sure isn’t afraid to let their kids experience the best.

1 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Kids

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Kim and Kanye West are jet-setters themselves. It’s like they never stop traveling and many people believe that they leave their kids behind. It’s the exact opposite, those babies basically go everywhere with them. Kim is very open on her social media page and we see her and the kids going to Dubai, India, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica. Honestly, the list is so long we wouldn’t be surprised if these kids haven’t traveled at least half the world by now. Even newborn Chicago has more stamps on her passport than most people. Paris, London, random places in the US. by the time she is 6 months, she will probably have gone to at least 12 countries.

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