McDonald’s, Maccas, McD's, whatever you want to call it, is by far the most popular fast food on the planet. There is no denying that everyone has a weak spot for at least one item on their extensive menu. If you happen to find yourself at one of the 15,000 McDonald’s stores outside of the US, you may be in for a shock to know that the menu is not the same in every country. While those famous golden arches are the same anywhere you look, the food options inside are quite the opposite.

While there are some signature items which don’t change from country to country, such as the Big Mac, fries and an ice-cold Coke, each country proudly displays and incorporates some of their own culinary flare to the fast-food chain.

Below are 25 bizarre foods you will find in McDonald's outside of the U.S.A!

25 Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese toastie

Who doesn’t love a good toastie? Um, no one. This is China’s take on combining McDonald's fast food with the traditional toastie, and oh what a treat. Filled with Macaroni, American cheese, and succulent bacon is a food lovers’ dream, packed full of tasty goodness. The sandwich already appears on some ’50 unhealthiest foods’ lists, and will surely continue to gain attention from other countries to take this on board. It is a new addition to the McDonald's China family and will remain there for a very long time if it tastes as good as it looks.

24 Gratin Croquette Burger

Sounds French, but surprise surprise, it is Japanese! People from the US can relate to this burger as it is not available year round, it is a seasonal menu if you will. The patty is a combination of crab, and macaroni, deep fried and place between two buns which, as per Japanese and Asian traditions, is steamed. This specialty is only available in the winter months and is smart consumer knowledge from the fast food giant. Dividing the menu up into seasons is a great way to gain customers.

23 Poutine

Ah Canada, famous for maple syrup, maple syrup flavored sauce and…poutine. A combination of all things Canadian; French fries covered in gravy and cheese curd with a maple flavoured BBQ sauce. Poutine can be compared to that of a ‘snack pack’ which may be found at a kebab store. The company decided to add bacon bits into the mix in 2015. It is not a snack for the light-hearted. The fries contain 30 grams of and 1,000 milligrams of salt, BEFORE the sauces, are added.

22 Mashed Potato Burger

Filled with double bacon, double beef, lettuce, special sauce, and mashed potato…? Yep, that’s right, McDonald’s in China released a burger with mashed potato inside. You may ask; what a weird filling to put in a burger, mashed potato, however, McDonald's China added this item to their menu as a part of the Manly Man campaign in 2012. It is definitely one of a kind, but certainly not for everyone.

21 Melon Float

While this cup of green goodness is not a food, it is an icy drink, but boy it is worth a try. McDonald's in Japan has added a new melon and ice cream float to their menu. What is it, you might ask. Well, it is a Fanta melon flavoured ice drink topped with McDonald's’ signature soft serve. Melon Fanta is not available in the US and so is quite possibly one of the main reasons it does not exist in the States.

20 Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets

Ah, Italy, known for its food, wine, vibrant culture and its interesting take on fast food. Italians know how to cook, that is for certain, but we’re not too sure what they were thinking when they came up with the idea of Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets. The filling is much the same as some other typical Italian foods, and the nuggets themselves contain one full stick of Parmesan each. If this entices your taste buds, they can be found on the snack menu in store.

19 McLobster

Yeah, not too sure about seafood at McDonald's. The Canadians are at it again with an item they call the McLobster because let’s face it, we walk into a McDonald's wanting premium seafood. If for whatever reason, this meal has got you salivating, you may want to know that McDonald’s Canada has decided to discontinue this item. The reason? Rising prices of Lobster and this makes sense for one simple reason. Why keep a product on the menu which does not really fit the bill for ‘McDonald's’ when it is not very popular and is expensive to produce. Nevertheless, during its existence on the McMenu, the McLobster was definitely in a league of its own.

18 Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry

Found in Australia, Canada and the UK is a delicious Easter special. It comprises of soft serve, crème egg, and a whole lot of yummy. One could say that crème eggs are cracked over the top of a cup full of soft serve, leaving a sauce that will melt in your mouth and crunchy chocolate pieces, and this person would be correct. Some sources say the problem with this treat is that it comes in at 397 calories, but seriously, let’s forget about calories for 10 minutes and enjoy this excellent concoction of sweet treats.

17 MegaMac

And you thought McDonald's supersize in the US was unhealthy. Just wait until you read about the MegaMac. Available in Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, the MegaMac is much the same as the normal Big Mac, however, it contains not 2 beef patties, but 4! If you can manage to fit your mouth around this giant burger, it will set you back 736 calories and 44 grams of fat, but hey, treat yo-self.

16 McChoco Potato

The Japanese have decided to create a mix between sweet and salty with the McChoco Potato. Much like the Poutine in Canada, this item begins with McDonald's’ signature fries which are placed in a box. Then, instead of BBQ sauce, gravy an cheese curd, you will receive two squirt packs you can use to top your fries the way you like, one pack comprising of white chocolate, while the other contains milk chocolate. A weird concept, but one that must be tried once in a lifetime, after all, there was a fries and soft serve craze not long ago, right?

15 Cordon Bleu Burger

Ever wanted to know what 3 types of meat in one burger would taste like? Now you can. The name may sound French; however, the Cordon Bleu Burger is available in Poland and comprises of a beef patty, chicken patty, cheese, and bacon/ham. This burger is a meat-lovers dream and will answer the age-old question of what the best meats in a burger taste like.

14 Bacon Roll

The British are not known for their cuisines like Italians or Spaniards, but what they are known for, is not fluffing around with food. This is where the Bacon Roll comes into its own. In the United Kingdom, the bacon roll, you guessed it, is bacon in a roll. That is pretty much it. You have the option to add some sauces, but otherwise, it is a pretty simple, yet mouth-watering item which you need to sink your teeth in to.

13 Black and White Burgers

The Chinese are at it again with Black and White burgers. These burgers are half the size of a normal burger and get their name from the color of the respective buns. The white bun is topped with black seeds, whereas the black bun is topped with white seeds, it is really quite extraordinary. Although these burgers may differ in color and meat, they do have mashed potato and bacon inside.

12 McCurry Pan

What better way to put a national dish on show than on a McDonald's menu. The McCurry Pan is available in India and was interestingly the world’s first McDonalds vegetarian option. The item comprises of mushrooms, corn, broccoli and peppers in a creamy sauce all cased in a crispy pastry ‘box’. However, despite the veggies found in the McCurry, it is incredibly unhealthy.

11 NYC Benedict Bagel

Everyone loves a good brunch. Pair it with McDonald’s and you got the NYC Benedict Bagel. Found in New Zealand, this breakfast item is a combination of bacon, egg, cheese and Hollandaise sauce. This jam-packed muffin seems like an item one might find on a menu in the United States, but no. You could say that it is a taste of New York City in the Great South.

10 McRice Burger

Now discontinued, the McRice burger was a high-carb treat available in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan. One thing these countries have in common is that they are big rice producers worldwide, and the McRice was a tribute to that. The burger varied between beef, fish or chicken in a rice bun with lettuce, cabbage, and sauce. There have been justified calls to put this item back on the menu.

9 Sweety con Nutella

Italians, sweets, chocolate, doughnut. Nothing is more Italian, other than pizza and pasta, than a good sweet treat. The Sweet con Nutella no traditional McDonalds burger. Okay, maybe the nutritional value is similar, but the ‘Sweety’ is simply Nutella (hazelnut chocolate spread) lathered between two burger buns. The Sweet con Nutella is available all day, every day and is amongst the most popular items on the Italian McDonalds menu.

8 McKroket

Beef stew in a burger? Yep! The Dutch have come up with the McKroket, which is basically a beef stew inside a deep-fried patty, topped with mustard. Stew is a staple of the Dutch cuisine, but has the fast-food chain put a dent in this traditional dish? As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover; don’t be caught under this spell, this subtle treat will end your salt intake for the day, with 2.3 grams.

7 BigSpicy Paneer Wrap

There is perhaps nothing more famous in Indian cuisine than their use of herbs and spices. Just like the McCurry, the BigSpicy comprises of fried paneer, veggies and a creamy sauce. Paneer is a well-loved cheese curd throughout South Asia, further demonstrating McDonalds’ ideology to spread the flavors of the world. Again, yes, there is a high fat and salt content, but who eats at McDonald’s to be healthy?

6 McToast Chocolate

The French have the Croque Monsieur, Italians the ‘Sweety’ and the Germans have come up with the McToast Chocolate. It is a sweet take on its siblings, McToast Ham, McToast Cheese, and so on. This is a pretty basic item, with only 2 components; flatbread and chocolate, yet it is so tasty it will leave you wanting more.