As pet owners, we do a lot to take care of our furry family members. We buy them toys, good food, and practically everything we can think of to keep them happy. They are a part of our family. But, what do you do when you are getting ready to go on vacation? How do you arrange for your family getaway and still take care of your pets? It used to be that you would have to set up pet sitting or kenneling for them before you headed off. That has changed over the years. Many cities are known for being incredibly pet friendly for tourists. From hotels that cater to their two and four legged customers to public transit that welcomes all passengers, it has become increasingly easy to take them along. You can load up the family, choose some great destinations, and take everybody with you. With dozens of options, ranging from mountain getaways to lakeside cabins, you'll have your choice of vacation spots and you won't have to wonder if your beloved dog or cat is being taken care of the way you would want.

Bring Fido or Rover along with you to swim in the lake or hike the trails in good company. These cities will make your vacation truly memorable. Next time you take a trip, make sure to bring your pets.

25 Washington, D.C

Washington DC attracts tourists from all over the world to see the monuments and historical buildings. The city itself is very pet friendly, so you can bring your four legged family member with you to explore. The capitol city of the United States rolls out many locations for its canine citizens to explore. Although they're not allowed inside the monuments and memorials, they are allowed up the stairs.

Well behaved and leashed pets are allowed to walk the entire length of the National Mall and enjoy the sights. You could also take in the National Arboretum before taking a pedicab to one of many pet friendly restaurants.

Once you have enjoyed your day, there are plenty of hotels, including the Madison and Sofitel hotels, that will welcome you with your pets and provide a relaxing evening. With an entire city that takes tourism to friendly and welcoming heights, you won't have any trouble finding things to do with your dog or cat. If you are considering a family trip to Washington, DC, make sure you include Rex and Whiskers in your planning. Washington DC will roll out the fun for you and create a vacation that everyone in your family will enjoy and remember forever.

24 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a gorgeous place to visit. The entire city is a feast for the eyes, ears and palate that will entrance you for days. And it's known for being pet friendly. Barcelona is a world class destination with an abundance of amazing restaurants, bars, shops and beaches that offer a vacation of your dreams. And there are many places that not only welcome pets, they cater to them. With a wide variety of parks, you will never have a problem finding a green space to walk with your pets. When it comes to beaches, just be aware that there are rules and restrictions on the main beaches. During the summer, dogs are not allowed on them unless it's early in the morning or late at night. But if your pooch loves the sand and surf, there are several dog friendly beaches which include Sant Pol de Mar, Sant Pere Pescador, Port Ginesta, and Los Filipinos. You'll also be able to travel with your pets as most of the public transports, but you will need to check specifics for each one. As long as you do your research, learn the local laws and regulations, and be respectful of the local culture, you will be able to enjoy an incredible trip with your pets in this seaside city.

23 Paris, France

Paris is a city that appears to be on just about every list when it comes to traveling. It's an incredible city to visit with gorgeous architecture, impeccable food, and a rich culture. Although it's considered an expensive city to travel in, it can be done on a decent budget. And you can take your pets with you.

Many hotels in Paris are pet friendly and some, like the Hotel Astin and the Crystal Hotel, don't charge pet fees. They also welcome families with large breeds and multiple pets. Many restaurants are very accepting of dogs, but it's best to check the rules of the establishment before going with your pal for dinner.

Paris does have leash laws, so make sure your dog is well behaved on a leash before you attempt to navigate the streets. Although many of the historic and widely known sites don't allow dogs, you'll still be able to enjoy your visit. Take some time to learn where the pet friendly locations are, make sure your pet is comfortable with unusual settings and people, then you'll be able to take your furry family member on an amazing tour of the city of lights along with the rest of your family.

22 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has a large number of hotels, cafes, and restaurants that cater to families with pets. You'll find it easy to find a place to stay and eat while you are visiting this gorgeous Swedish city. Leash laws are strictly enforced, but you'll have plenty of places that you and your dog can get some great food, relax under the sun or shade, and just enjoy the scenery. There are also some dog friendly campsites and beaches. If you're looking for a truly relaxing visit with few restrictions for your pets, check out some of the pet friendly campsites that even offer sections of the beaches for the dogs. Stockholm does have strict laws regarding pets in public, but they are easy to find. Spend some time learning these and you will certainly be able to enjoy the city with your buddy. Take your buddy with you as you stroll past colorful, historic buildings that line many of the streets. You'll also get to enjoy the seaside views on many of the islands as you walk your pet along the pretty paths in this amazing city. You will be able to get some memorable photos of your whole family and experience Swedish culture with all your loved ones.

21 Rome, Italy (900 Pet Friendly Hotels!)

Rome. The name conjures images of unbelievable architecture, living history and culture, fantastic food, and great activities. But what you may not know is how easy it is to enjoy a trip to Rome with your pets. Every year, Rome has millions of tourists visit from all over the world. This truly spectacular city offers an amazing array of art and architecture that will entrance you. And you'll be able to walk these historic streets with your canine companion. And Rome is also great for cats. The city itself cares for its feral cat colonies with sanctuaries. Although you wouldn't be able to do as much with your cats, they are certainly welcome in the city. The city even has a cat cafe that caters to the vegan crowd. Many of the ruins are also open to your pets.

With over nine hundred pet friendly hotels, you'll certainly have your pick of places to settle in every night after touring the historic city. You'll also be able to find places for you and your pup to eat in several pet friendly restaurants.

You and your pets will certainly enjoy a family trip while visiting this incredible city together. Rome will welcome your entire family.

20 London, England

London is a city of culture, history and traditions. People travel from around the globe to walk along the streets and see the architecture. They stop in front of Buckingham Palace hoping to see the changing of the Guard. Or they visit Big Ben and the London Eye. There are an incredible amount of sites to visit while you're in London. And many of them are pet friendly. London rolls out the royal treatment for its pet tourists. From Gaucho Hampstead’s Doggy Sunday Brunch to The Society Club, you and your furry buddy will be able to make the most of London.

The city proudly offers more than 140 pet friendly hotels that will welcome your entire family. Many of them are happen to have multiple pets including large dogs. Hotels like the Rosewood and 41 cater to their guests, whether they are two or four legged. You'll be able to enjoy several parks and even boutiques that cater to your fuzzy pal before you find a great restaurant or bar to relax. So, when you plan your trip to London, you know your pets will be welcome and will be catered to in true British style along with the rest of your family.

19 Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city of culture. It has a reputation for amazing food, coffee and traditions. This spectacular Austrian city will give you an immediate immersion into its history. With the gorgeous architecture and beautiful streets, you'll love strolling through the city with your pet. Austria is known for being exceptionally pet friendly, so you'll have no problem bringing your canine companion along to practically any restaurant, bar and shop. Viennese dogs are well trained and welcomed along with their owners easily. Make sure that your dog has the same level of training and excellent behavior so they can be pampered on your family vacation. You will be able to take in a performance in the outside seating area of the Vienna State Opera or stop at a coffee shop nearby.

Although your pets aren't allowed inside the buildings, a walking tour of Vienna will provide an amazing tour for you and your pets.

Make sure to get some wonderful photos outside of these buildings. When you start looking for places to travel that are pet friendly, you'll find that Vienna appears in almost every list. This amazing city is waiting to welcome you and your family, both two and four-legged members alike.

18 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a gorgeous city that will entrance and delight you. With stunning architecture, world class culture and history, Budapest is a feast for the eyes, ears and heart. And it's incredibly pet friendly. There are several dog parks available so you and your buddy can relax. Budapest is known for its baths, but if you are looking for some good swimming with your cool canine, check out Délegyházi beach. It's dog friendly and will provide you a great chance to hang out and swim with your pet. Although the historic buildings and the baths are not open to your pets, you'll find plenty of walking tours that will let you enjoy the city itself.

There are plenty of good restaurants and pubs that also welcome your pets, such as  Kertem, a ruins pub which is extremely accommodating to pets. La Mimosa is also a great place to hang out with your pup. The two of you could share ice cream since doggie ice cream is available. After an incredible day of sightseeing, you'll have plenty of hotels to choose from that will not only welcome your family and your pets, but will make your stay magical. Budapest rolls out the carpet for you and your pets.

17 Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a truly breathtaking city that offers amazing indoor and outdoor activities. It embraces both its English and French side in its eclectic personality. And you can add pet friendliness to the list.

With a huge array of restaurants, hotels and parks, plus pet sitting services, traveling to Montreal with your buddy is easy. You'll be able to enjoy outings along the gorgeous parks and trails with your dog, but you'll be able to find sitters for your furry family member if you are touring some of the local sites that aren't open to pets.

Like any other North American cities, dogs aren't allowed inside restaurants or stores, but many restaurants allow them on the terraces. Montreal also features incredible dog parks and hiking trails, so you'll be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery as you wander with your buddy. Many hotels are considered pet friendly in Montreal and look forward to welcoming you with your four legged family. You will truly be able to enjoy this spectacular city both with and without your pets. You'll find plenty of places that have 'dogs allowed' signs. Check out the malls, parks and other shops with your pal and really get to know Montreal.

16 Venice, Italy

When it comes to traveling with your pets, Venice is truly a destination that stands all by itself. The city will provide endless sights, sounds and smells that will give your dog endless possibilities to explore. You may even be able to take your canine companion along on a boat ride. Just make sure that you are aware of the rules before bringing them along. With Venice being a collection of islands, you will have the luxury of not dealing with cars.

With no traffic, you'll be able to enjoy walking the roads and bridges with your dogs. Venetians love their dogs and take them along on many trips and errands, so you will fit right in while you travel with Spot or Lady. There are rules regarding cage sizes and muzzles, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them. Your buddy may get to make several new friends as you dine and wander the many pet friendly shops and restaurants in this gorgeous city before relaxing in the hotel at night. Although you will not be able to take your pet with you into the historic buildings, you'll definitely enjoy the views from the streets. Venice will certainly enchant your entire family when you visit.

15 Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is a destination that should be on the top of any traveler's list. This gorgeous city nestles next to Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. The historic architecture and beautiful scenery will make a walking tour a must during your stay. And you'll be able to take your pets with you. Geneva is very pet friendly with a great selection of hotels and restaurants that welcome your pet pals. They'll be able to ride the public transit with you easily. Enjoy walking along the lake shore as well as the trails that can be found all over Geneva. You can then walk over to one of the several dog friendly restaurants to get a bite to eat.

Many of these places will willingly offer your furry buddy a meal too. Although, like many cities, dogs aren't allowed in historic buildings, you'll enjoy the gorgeous scenery and weather that you can find in Geneva.

Make sure to take your pets to some of the mountain towns that surround Geneva so you can enjoy the Swiss landscape. Geneva offers visitors experiences they won't forget with the food, architecture, and culture. Your whole family will never forget their time in this incredible place.

14 Vancouver, British Columbia (One Of The Most Pet Friendly Destinations)

Vancouver is an incredible destination for those that want a combination of amazing food, gorgeous scenery and a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor activities. And it's considered one of the most pet friendly destinations around. With its temperate climate, this beautiful city is surrounded by mountains and the sea, so you'll have plenty of activities to choose from. Vancouver also welcomes your pets. The city itself offers a range of amazing outdoor activities as well as restaurants and galleries that will keep you busy during your visit.

During your visit, you can take your buddy to one of eight pet friendly beaches and spend the day in the sun. If you'd rather spend the day in the mountains, the village of Whistler is also very dog friendly. After you spend your day at one of many pet friendly locations, you can bring your whole family, including the pets, to one of the many restaurants like the Bier Craft Bistro or the 6 Degrees Eatery just to name a couple. There are even pet friendly attractions and tours which take Vancouver to a new level of friendliness. And if you decide you want to visit some of the sights that Fido can't go to, Vancouver also has incredible pet sitters. Vancouver welcomes all tourists!

13 Houston, Texas

Texas has a history for its friendliness and welcoming attitude. Texans love to welcome people to their state and Houston lives up to that. Houston is a very eclectic city that offers a wide variety of things to do. And you can bring your pets with you.

Houstonians love their pets and will make yours feel right at home. You'll find a huge amount of hotels and restaurants that are pet friendly. One thing Houston embraces is its green areas. You'll find parks all over the city and the outer suburbs that welcome you and your furry friend to come play.

Many of the parks feature water spots for your pup to cool off in. Some stores may even let you bring your dog with you, ranging from a quick trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond or Nordstrom. Some spas welcome pets as well. You could even enjoy a bit of a blast from the past by hitting one of the drive-in restaurants. Check out the beaches that are just a short drive to Galveston or Rummy's Beach Club that is a private club for dog owners and their pets. It's heated year round. So, if you're planning to visit the Texas Gulf coast, you can bring Fido along for the ride.

12 Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is an amazing New England town that invites people to relax and enjoy the food, culture and ambiance that it offers. Set on a gorgeous peninsula, Portland will pull you in with its artsy vibe. Portland will provide you with the spectacular seafood that you have come to expect from New England, but it also offers a very vibrant feel. Portland not only welcomes pets, it spoils them.

Portland has a wide range of restaurants and hotels that will welcome your pets like their own. As you stroll the Old Port district, you'll find shops that welcome your pooch with treats and smiles. You can also take your pal to many of the activities such as the Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Seashore Trolley Museum. After a day of exploring, you'll be able to check out a lot of the restaurants that offer outdoor seating for you and your dog. Then you can go back to your hotel and enjoy the evening. With a whole city that manages to combine the history of New England with its own spin, you'll never forget a trip to Portland, Maine. You'll definitely want to come back often and bring your whole family along.

11 Key West,  Florida

Key West brings to mind visions of sun and sand as well as laid back days. And your pets will love it as much as you do. You will find activities that you can truly enjoy with your pets.

You can take your dog along as you kayak and paddle board on rentals from Lazy Dog Charters or for a quick run in the park at Key West dog park. If you're more into music you could head to Hard Rock cafe. Key West embraces the idea of having your pet pals with you as you relax and take in the sights.

And with Hemingway House being on the islands, you know that cats will love the atmosphere too. Key West will provide plenty of beaches to enjoy as well. Whether you decide to hang out at the beach, walk along the sidewalks or hang out listening to music, you'll enjoy the Caribbean vibe just off the coast of Florida. If you are looking to relax or looking to live the night life, Key West will provide plenty of options. Bring Fido and Mittens with you as you soak up the sun and the fun with everyone in your family in this paradise.

10 Winter Park, Colorado

Colorado is a spectacular state to visit. With beautiful mountains and trails all around, you'll be able to enjoy everything this state has to offer. And Winter Park will certainly provide plenty. You'll never run out of activities no matter what time of year you visit. And you are always welcome to bring your pets. Winter Park has plenty of pet friendly hotels and resorts for you to choose from. You'll be able to go out to eat and sightsee with your pets and even shop with them. The entire city welcomes their furry tourists. You won't have to settle for just a few things to do either. Between festivals, music venues and parking lot parties, they'll be able to join in.

You'll also appreciate the food options as well. Many of the restaurants welcome you to sit in their patios with your pets. Many of the gorgeous ski trails are pet friendly during non peak hours so you and your dog can enjoy the snow together. After you hike, ski and sightsee, you'll enjoy some great food and relaxation in this gorgeous mountain city. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, Winter Park will welcome you and help you enjoy the best that Colorado has to offer you.

9 Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination that can be found in two states. This amazing, topaz colored lake straddles the Nevada-California border. Lake Tahoe is considered one of the top vacation destinations in America. With incredible weather and amazing scenery, it isn't surprising that it draws in crowds. And Lake Tahoe also draws the pet visitors as well. Lake Tahoe prides itself on its ability to please visitors.

Lake Tahoe is an amazing outdoor playground for both humans and pets. There are plenty of parks that are dog friendly and even have places where dogs can go off leash like Carson Pass and Taylor Creek Trail.

Many of the parks are located near pet friendly restaurants. If you're looking for something more adventurous, several of the ski resorts have dog friendly trails so your pal can run in the snow with you. Passes for them are not expensive and you'll have a lot of memories that you'll build with your pets. Be aware that most resorts don't allow dogs on the ski lifts. Lake Tahoe definitely provides year round fun for you and your whole family. So grab your family, load up your pets and come check out everything Tahoe offers.

8 San Diego, California (Pet-Friendly Wineries, Anyone?)

San Diego embraces its laid back, sun filled reputation and welcomes visitors to enjoy it as well. You'll find an unbelievable array of activities that will make sure you won't get bored on a visit. And don't forget to bring your pets. San Diego is very pet friendly and provides you the opportunity to enjoy the city. You won't have to leave Rover at the hotel either. There are several fun activities you can do together such as boating of several different types. Kayaks, paddleboats, and powerboats are just some of the watercraft that you can rent with your canine companion.

And unlike many other places, you will actually find two wineries that not only allow dogs but cater to them. You can even take your pet through Westfield UTC mall. No matter what type of activities you're looking for, there is plenty to choose from including the tasting room of the Societe Brewing Company or The Eagles Nest Winery and Cottage. Come check out the sights of San Diego, stroll the city, check out the beaches or just chill at a park and make sure to bring your buddy. This vibrant, energetic city will delight in offering you a vacation you'll never forget.

7 Austin, Texas

Austin has earned a reputation for being a very progressive but unusual city. The state capitol of Texas is known for its very eclectic vibe, with a slogan of "Keep Austin Weird". Austin provides a great nightlife, plenty of sightseeing opportunities, great restaurants and a general friendly atmosphere. And that friendliness includes pets.

Many of the local eateries welcome your pets on the outside patios. While you are visiting this spectacular hill country city, you may wan to escape the summer heat. If so, check out the Domain, one of Austin's most upscale shopping areas. And you can take Rex with you. All the stores welcome your pets.

As most people know, Texas summers can be rough, so take advantage of some of the local swimming holes that allow you and your pooch to climb in, such as Bull Creek. It's the perfect way to beat the summer heat and relax. As the day cools down, stop at one of the many restaurants that offer patio service and grab some seafood or Tex Mex while your pup snoozes or find one that has a built-in dog park like Dog House Drinkery Dog Park. Austin will certainly welcome you and embrace you with its art, music and culture as well as its true Texas friendliness.

6 Seattle, Washington (Check Out The Pet Friendly Sightseeing Tours)

Seattle is a city of many faces. It prides itself on its art, food, music and culture. Seattle provides an opportunity to see a city that will enchant you. Located in the gorgeous state of Washington, you'll see spectacular scenery. And you'll be able to enjoy it with Fido. Your pets are certainly welcome in Seattle.

You'll find hundreds of restaurants, bars and hotels that will be there to welcome you when you arrive. You'll be able to take your pal with you to check out the wineries and breweries. You can also catch the King County Metro with your pal and ride from downtown Seattle to several wonderful hiking trails or catch the Ballard Farmer's Market, which unlike many markets, actually welcomes dogs.

You'll enjoy the scenery that earns the city its nickname of the "Emerald City". For the very adventurous, check out Kenmore Air, which offers pet friendly sightseeing tours. No matter what you are looking for, Seattle will provide you with ideas. From fantastic food, fun activities and a great atmosphere, Seattle will make a name for itself and leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Make sure to add this destination to your list of places to check out with your pets.