Everyone loves to travel and explore the world, therefore an airport is an essential part of this experience. The airport is an exciting yet stressful place for many reasons. Whether it be people rushing to make their flight, or simply being thrown off by a place full of people rushing to their next destination. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, couples who although they may be oblivious to it, make fellow travelers uncomfortable as a result of their actions, is high up on the ‘most hated’ list at an airport.

From expecting VIP treatment on that special vacation to dressing up in attire for their final destination, and even swapping seats? In this article, we talk about the 25 most annoying things couples do at an airport and on a plane. From the moment they step into the airport to the second they board the plane, there are some things that you may have come across that get under your skin but are unsure if anyone else thinks the same. Chances are, yes, there is someone out there who thinks the same, but let us delve into what it actually is that makes us roll our eyes.

25 Lovebirds on a travellator

The travellator is a wonderful invention and is especially useful in large airports such as Singapore and Dubai. If you take a moment to sit down and watch who uses the travellator, it will more than likely be people rushing to make a connecting flight or those who have just arrived and headed towards the baggage claim. The last thing these people need, or more to the point, want, is for a couple does be cuddling, blocking the space to walk by. Per Madame Noire, some couples do not respect the unspoken ‘move aside’ rule, more common courtesy than anything really, and often get caught-up blocking people who wish to, or must, walk that little bit faster.

24 HAVE to sit next to each other at the gate

The moment has almost arrived, that moment where you forget about everything and step onboard your path to heaven or a new business deal, but first, you have to wait at the boarding gate. You’re sitting there, bag on one seat, you on the other and minding your own business. The boarding gate chairs are almost full except for some, none of which are adjacent to each other. You look up, only to find out that there is a couple who are…hands-on and heading right for the seats next to you. Much to your dismay, they insist that you take your bag off the seat and on to the dirty airport floor just so they can sit together. Madame Noire holds this as the number 4 most annoying thing a couple can do at an airport, and rightly so.

23 Re-packing at check-in

CNN Travel state that this happens all too often, and it isn’t exactly ideal if a solo traveler decides they will unzip their suitcase and repack to avoid lining up again, let alone a couple. Usually, this means twice as more luggage, sometimes more, and twice as long to reweigh the bags, and we all know that person who likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Seriously though, if you are a couple who has overweight luggage, calmly step to the side and let other people go. After all, if you move aside to repack, and god forbid, have to line up again, they won’t close the check-in counter until your bags have gone through.

22 The airport bar

Sometimes, booking a vacation can be very stressful, especially if it comprises many different legs. According to CNN Travel, it can seem all too easy to finally celebrate after check-in by having a drink at the airport bar, but there is nothing worse than a couple who have had one too many before the flight, rendering them loud and obnoxious. Forget the ‘lovey-dovey’ travellator and selfie-taking, this is perhaps the most annoying state a couple can be in. An airport is an environment where there are many different cultures, religions, and families, and nobody wants to witness what goes on.

21 Loitering Is Not Cool 

We all know that plane food is not great and has very little nutritional value, but hang on, most airport food isn’t far behind. That doesn’t matter, Madame Noire warns couples who think it is okay to hog a table in the food court or anywhere else in the airport, are beyond themselves. It must be remembered that other people do exist and when the tummy grumbles, there is no fluffing about, get me a table to rest that delicious food.

20 Did someone call an inter-airport taxi?

Airports are busy places full of stressful heads and frantic people who have spent too much time shopping and are now rushing to their flight. While airports are a fun place if you know what you’re doing, they can be intimidating for others. This is why Madame Noire suggests maybe not using the luggage carts to push your partner around the airport. As fun, as it sounds, among the many obstacles in the airport, are children running around aimlessly. It is also not recommended because as mentioned, people are rushing about getting to where they need to be, and then there is you pushing your partner in the luggage cart.

19 Hogging the charging station

In today’s technological age, there is bound to be one piece of electronic equipment found on every individual, whether it is a phone, laptop, tablet or e-reader. In order to keep these devices running, they must be kept charged, to extend. CNN Travel points out that there is always one person taking up multiple charging ports, but just imagine if, between a couple, there were 6 or 7 devices that for some reason had to be on charge at the same time, and 10 charging ports. This is not fair on fellow passengers and is simply common sense to allow other people to charge their device.

18 Beep, Beep. Coming through!

Let’s be real, going through customs and immigration is a daunting time had by all, even if you have nothing to hide, there is still that doubt factor in your head. What if the detector beeps, yet I have nothing metal or prohibited on me? That question is in every passenger's head, and there is no denying it. Couples who come to each-others aid when one is called upon for a body search are not welcomed by security staff, nor by passengers. The examination will happen, no matter how much of a scene you make, per Madame Noire.

17 The goodbye call

There is no harm in calling loved ones to say goodbye before you board the plane, but as with anything, there is a line. According to Madame Noire, couples are infamous for crossing this line, and in doing so push the boundaries of what is valid and what is just plain annoying. Video chatting with a loved one or friend to say goodbye is by no means wrong and is in fact encouraged, but it is when couples use the call as a subtle attempt at making the person on the other line, jealous. Furthermore, the call is placed on a loudspeaker, no earphones are attached and for some odd reason, they find that speaking twice as loud will help.

16 Stranger danger

One thing solo, elderly or business passenger’s hate is when they are approached by a couple who just need to tell someone about their upcoming getaway. We get it, you’re excited and we’re happy for you, but please keep it to between you and people who actually know you. Madame Noire conducted some research suggesting for one reason or another, couples tend to start a conversation with random people than if they were alone, but no one knows exactly why.

15 Let’s play dress-ups…or not

Madame Noire stresses that couples who dress up in attire for their final destination are among the most cringe. Everyone understands you are excited but please if you must fit in upon arrival, pack a change of clothes for when you land. There is nothing that grinds our gears more than couples who dress inappropriately for their current destination and then later find out that they need more clothing, or worse, get a bit too comfortable in the waiting area.

14 Gettting way too comfortable 

While this one is not necessarily in an airport, couples who think it’s okay to spread out almost horizontally across the aisle are quite mistaken. Sure, if there are some spare seats next, then go ahead, but Madame Noire politely informs that if the plane is chock-full and you decide you’re going to snuggle up with your partner, and in the process wake up that poor businessman getting some rest before his big meeting upon landing, you will quickly become unpopular passengers.

13 The ‘I haven’t seen you in so long’ greeting

If you have been away from your partner for a prolonged period of time, chances are you miss them, hence needing some time to…catch up. However, much like hogging the charging ports, there is a line when it comes to how much affection you SHOULD show at the arrivals hall. As much as it might come as a surprise, people actually think start to feel uncomfortable when they around a couple showing a little TOO much affection. This may come across as a shock to some couples, but I am simply speaking for the majority of us who have to witness such love.

12 Cheesy signs

Ever rocked up to the arrivals hall, only to see someone holding up a gigantic sign for their incoming loved one? Sure, who are we to judge? I mean whatever satisfies them, right? Couples who have reunited after a long time away from each other all capture our hearts at first, but then more often than not, it can get real uncomfortable real fast. Much like the above point, I don’t think people who hold up cheesy signs which we can read from 2 miles away actually realize how much of a disservice they pose to the people around them. In saying this though, some signs can be cute, especially if there is a little one involved, in which case it makes everything okay.

11 How much time is too much in the bathroom?

Believe it or not, according to Madame Noire, some people actually ask other innocent passengers to re-enter the airport bathrooms and shout out their partner’s name. We are all aware that a flight will not wait for you two, but please, the bathroom is someone’s private time in a sense, and therefore should not be rushed. Plus asking a stranger to go back into the bathrooms to call your partner’s name, clearly a big no.

10 Complaining A Lot

Pick Your Trail tells of a story which has inspired this next point. Things are stronger when they come in two’s, and complaining is no different. If you are at a busy airport, you are bound to find someone complaining about one thing or another, which is why it is important, when traveling as a couple, to question if the complaint is really worth it. More often than not, when one person in the couple starts to complain, the other will come in and back them up and, in turn, create an unnecessary scene.

9 Getting physical

According to a survey by Express UK, 22% of participants said that they have come across at least one couple who have felt the need to become amorous in the air. If you were to be unfortunate enough to witness this yourself, it would most likely be on a long-haul or overnight flight rather than a domestic or day-flight. Nevertheless, nobody wants to witness this kind of action, whether it be under the complimentary blanket or in the bathrooms, it remains as one of the most-hated things a couple can do on a flight.

8 Chatterbox Sitting Next To You

This point doesn’t just involve excited couples, but also a group of noisy friends. A plane is a generally quiet place (aside from the engines), and people go about their business (sometimes literally), some watching movies, while others sleep. Holiday Extras urges people to zip their lips and utilize the in-flight entertainment, or if that is not available, read or sleep. Fellow passengers can tolerate a bit of small-talk, but that’s where it should stop. Oh, and over-excited couples, we do not want to hear about how Jonny is surprised you with a trip to paradise.

7 Over-head compartment thieves

Single travelers will know all about this one. The overhead bins are a valuable space to put your ‘stuff’, whatever it may be. Individual travelers, or travelers as part of a tour group are not so much to blame for the hogging of all the space up there, however, Holiday Extras suggests getting in quick before those sneaky couples get on. Couples tend to be the culprits when it comes to pushing the limits with cabin baggage, and therefore usually take up most of the space in their given over-head bin area.

6 Early birds

Holiday Extras says that passengers who drink a bit too much, more often than not, become annoying and tough to deal with, and they aren’t far from the truth. Passengers who board the plane light-headed, or who take advantage of their brains at 30,000 feet are a nightmare for everyone on-board, but couples who decide to start their holiday early and become a nuisance to passengers around them as a result of alcohol, are among the pet peeves of travelers, and also flight attendants.