23There Is A Secret Apartment In The Disneyland Fire Station

Wikimedia Commons

Disneyland was Walt Disney’s passion project and he was so excited about it that he wanted a place to stay and watch all the activity so he had a secret apartment constructed on the second floor of the Main Street Fire Department building. The apartment wasn’t big but it was

fully functional with a bathroom (that had a shower), a small kitchen and a well-hidden patio where his wife Lillian would entertain guests. On an opening day, Disney watched in excitement as the crowd piled in the gates from his apartment.

There is always a light left on in the apartment’s front window as a tribute to Disney, and some even think the apartment is haunted by his ghost!

While much of the original furniture has been removed since Walt’s passing, the interior designers have stayed true to the original look of the apartment. You can actually take a VIP tour of Walt Disney’s apartment next time you’re there!

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