24 Pics Of Taylor Swift Jet-Setting The World (That Would Make Selena Gomez Jealous)

We all know pop superstar Taylor Swift is all about having fun and living her best life. She can’t get enough of her “squad” of famous and fabulous friends and her love life is always on the radar. Whether she travels with these folks or makes her journey on her own, Swift surely jet-sets to some super special places, and she looks great doing it.

She has been all across America as well as plenty of places around the world. From California to the Caribbean, Florida to France, and New York to The Netherlands, there probably aren’t too many places the pop star has not seen.

While she is often busy in the recording studio or on tour, there is always time for a little R&R. Wherever Swift wants to travel, it’s just a plane ride away. And with first-class accommodations or better yet, a private jet, Swift can get to and from her desired vacation spot with comfort and ease. For the travelers packed like sardines in coach, jet-setting a la Swift would be something special.

Here are some amazing and beautiful photos of the award-winning singer vacationing to some of the world’s finest destinations. She certainly looks like she is having a blast!

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24 Shopping and Sightseeing

Image via: travelandleisure.com

There’s nothing like some retail therapy when life is stressing you out. And sightseeing is always a thrill when you’re in a new place. Surely, Swift is making the most of her time away. Dressed in a cute dress and a pair of spectacular shades, Swift is hitting the shops and adding more expensive items to her collection. Maybe she’s looking for a cute swimsuit for her time at the beach or a pair of high heels. Perhaps she’s in the giving mood, so she’s shopping for her friends. Even window shopping can be fun; seeing the displays is a pleasant way to spend the day. Not that Swift can’t afford anything in any store!

23 Bundled Up at the Beach

Image via: people.com

Even if the weather isn’t too warm, that won’t stop Swift and her gorgeous friend from enjoying the beauty of the beach. There are clouds in the sky and the water seems a bit choppy, but by the smiles on the ladies’ faces, their time at the beach is nothing short of terrific. Not every visit to the beach needs to be a time for bikinis and beach towels, sometimes a cap and coat are what the weather calls for. There are plenty of hot summer days during the season, so when there’s a chill in the air, hitting the beach for a breeze can be sublime. Who needs to fuss with sticky sunblock anyway?

22 A Romantic Walk By the Shore

Image via: popsugar.com

Here we see Swift and one of her (many) exes as they walk hand-in-hand by the rocks at the ocean. Since these pics were snapped they’ve split, but when this moment happened, it seems like they were in a much better place. Swift is sporting a smile and her fella seems to be feeling the heat. Taking a vacation with a special someone is always romantic, so these two must have made the most of their trip. Since she’s in a jacket, perhaps there was a chill in the air, but something tells us her man kept her warm.

21 Cat in First Class

Image via: hypelifemagazine.com

This lucky cat is certainly living the high life. From foster kitty to the king of the jungle, Swift’s cute and cuddly cat is traveling like a champ, sitting soundly with Swift as they fly to their intended destination. Looking sleepy and satisfied, this fuzzy friend is quite a travel companion. Swift must feel happy that she doesn’t need to leave her precious pet behind when she travels around the world. For anyone with pets, it’s always sad to leave them with a sitter or caged up at the kennel. And first-class suits this kitty just fine.

20 Cityscape

Image via: huffpost.com

What a breathtaking view! And this time, we’re not talking about Swift, although she looks pretty amazing herself. As she stands in her hotel room high above the buildings below, we can tell she’s taking it all in and loving every moment of it. Even in a bustling city, when your room is high in the clouds, the view seems peaceful and serene. Of course, once you take the elevator down and get outside, the vibe is totally different. So for now, Swift will look out the window and wonder what’s happening on the city streets until she joins the crowds for the afternoon.

19 What’s on Deck?

Image via: hawtcelebs.com

Hanging out on the deck all afternoon is one terrific way to unwind. Swift is sporting a super cute outfit and her shades are protecting her pretty eyes from the sun. Her outdoor deck surely has an amazing view, and with plenty of time for herself, Swift can take it all in and thank her lucky stars that she is so fortunate to have it all. With legs for miles and a glowing bronze summer tan, it looks like her vacation is treating her well. Seems like Swift is more than pleased with her vacation destination.

18 Dancing All Day

Image via: gotceleb.com

You know someone is having a great time on vacation when she’s dancing the day away with some close friends. What could be more fun than playing some upbeat music and getting your groove on? There is plenty of time to sit on the couch at home. Vacation is a time to let loose and has a ball. Perhaps they are playing some of Swift’s popular music, letting her bask in the glory of her own talent and fame. Everyone else loves Swift’s chart-topping tunes, so why should her besties be any different? Shake it off, ladies!

17 Lounging and Looking Lovely

Image via: redcarpetbiz.com

Swift looks content and calm as she lounges on a sunny day, taking in the views and feeling the sun hit her skin. She’s looking pretty and peaceful in her cute floral dress and flat sneakers. There are plenty of pillows to make Swift feel snuggly, and with her feet up and hair back, Swift is feeling comfy and casual. It looks like she has found a little time for herself, perhaps to take a nap or catch up on some light reading. When everything’s quiet and no one’s insight, Swift can make the most of her alone time.

16 Tea for Two

Image via: worldnews.easybranches.com

It must be fun to find a friend to spend some time away with. Here we see Swift and a tea-loving lady sitting face-to-face enjoying some hot tea. Cozied up by the window with their legs crossed, this delightful duo can chit chat about their friendship or just sit in silence and reflect on the day. Swift may spend lots of time on stage in front of thousands of fans, but when the curtain closes and the crowds go home, she seems to enjoy a “normal” life that’s not so crazy. A good friend can keep Swift grounded when she’s always giving her all.

15 Walking and Talking

Image via: popsugar.com.au

Swift is spending some vacation time by the shore with her ex and an older woman who may just be his mother. The walk seems quite lovely, with the ocean’s waves hitting close by without getting anyone wet. It must not be too warm out since they’re all slightly bundled up, but the sun is shining and the day looks simply sublime. With the crystal blue water beside them and a long walk to look forward to, these three could spend all day walking and talking by the ocean. Time off means no restraints or restrictions, so they could keep at it ‘till the sun sets.

14 Beauty By the Beach

Image via: pinterest.com

Swift looks sensational as she stands and stares by the beach. The blue sky is stunning and Swift seems to look calm and peaceful. It’s hard to be anything but that when the weather is so remarkable and the destination is so utterly divine. While nobody else seems to be around, the beach looks like it is the perfect place to be. Maybe Swift found a secluded spot where she could be all alone and have some time to think. With a nonstop whirlwind life like hers, some “Zen” time is more than necessary. The beach is the place to find that solitude.

13 Thumbs Up for Travel

Image via: Zimbio.com

Looks like Swift is giving her vacation a big thumbs up in this happy and friendly pic. Her friend is smiling – either because he’s posing with Swift or due to that adorable dog on his T-shirt. The sun is shining and there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky. What a perfect day to have some fun outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Maybe a cookout or picnic is on the agenda. Some cool beverages and casual fare would certainly hit the spot. Then everyone can chill out and figure out what to do for the evening.

12 Face to Face Someplace Far Away

Image via: justjared.com

Swift and a friend are face-to-face in their snug caps and cozy winter clothes. It’s certainly not a beach day, but that hasn’t stopped these fun-loving two from walking out to the sand and standing by the ocean. This may not be your everyday pose for a pic, but then again, Swift is not your everyday gal. She is a little quirky and always full of fun and adventure, so rather than the usual way of saying “cheese,” for a photo, she and her friend decided to pose peculiarly. She still looks great no matter the angle.

11 Time to Dry Off

Image via: teeninfonet.com

After a dip in the ocean or an afternoon swim, eventually, it’s time to get out of the water and dry off. Luckily, Swift had a big fluffy terrycloth towel on hand so she could dry off and warm up right away. With a gorgeous blue sky and crashing waves in the background, this vacation spot seems to be an amazing place to be. Surely Swift knows where to take a trip, so her plans to visit this place were well thought out and timed for the season. By the look on Swift’s face, the water was just fine.

10 Making a Scene at the Airport

Image via: apex.aero

When Swift makes her landing at an international airport, the mobs are ready to pounce. She’s certainly used to all the attention, but being swarmed by dozens of excited fans must still be surprising. Still, Swift spreads a smile and signs autographs and poses for pics. She knows that without her devoted fans, she would not be the superstar she is today. She must be thankful for their years of support. These are the people who play her tunes, buy her albums, and pay money to see her in concert. She can thank them by being friendly and kind.

9 Hitting the City Streets

Image via: aol.com

Swift looks super cool and ever so comfy for a nice walk around the big city on what appears to be a hot summer day. Her cute wavy hairdo shows off her fresh face, and those adorable overalls show off Swift’s youthful and playful side. Her cotton tank provides a brilliant pop of color which matches her summery lipstick shade. There is no reason to dress up or wear too much makeup when the weather is hot and sticky. Keeping cool is what Swift does best, so she rocks that denim and does it well. Perhaps when the night rolls around, she’ll go for a more sophisticated look.

8 Private Jet for Jet-Setting

Image via: Celebmafia.com

When you are a huge star like Swift, traveling by commercial airliner isn’t the norm. Swift takes a private jet to get to and from many of her destinations including her fabulous vacations. When she arrives, plenty of people are ready to help her make it to the next spot, be it a hotel or a restaurant. The staff on her jet must treat her like royalty, from the drink service to a blanket when she’s ready to take a light nap. A-listers are fortunate that they can travel like kings and queens. But surely Swift remembers the time when she sat in coach before she hit it big. It would be hard to go back to that after seeing what else is available to her in the air.

7 Welcome to Japan

Image via: Hawtcelebs.com

Here we see Swift and her proud mom in the background as they arrive in Japan. Swift has been all over the globe for both personal vacations and for her concert tours. It’s not just the folks in America who love Swift’s music – she’s beloved all over the world. She always puts on a great show, proving her talent gets better and better year after year. And just look how happy she seems to be in Japan. Looking fresh-faced and put together, Swift is ready to make the most of her first day there. Japan must be an exciting place to be, so the arrival was surely a high point.

6 Short and Sweet in the City

Image via: vogue.com

Swift looks every bit the city chick in her modern ensemble paired with a chic hairdo and a designer bag. She’s all smiles as she sets foot onto the city sidewalk, showing off her enviable legs and beautiful face. Perhaps she’s off for a nice lunch with friends or is taking the afternoon to do a little shopping. Maybe she’s just grabbing a coffee, but not too many people get all done up to run to the local Starbucks. Then again, there’s only one Taylor Swift. If she left the hotel looking a mess, the paparazzi would be all over it.

5 Pretty in Pink in The Big Apple

Image via: popsugar.com

If anyone can pull off a hot pink sweatshirt and barely-there Daisy Dukes, it’s the one and only Taylor Swift. Swift is showing her love for NYC by wearing a sweatshirt dedicated to the city itself. She’s off for a walk around town, perhaps grabbing a bite to eat from a street vendor or at a close by café. She’s wearing her backpack for simplicity and to keep her hands free in case she wants to carry some bags or shake hands with fans she’ll run into on the street. NYC is always fun, so whatever Swift does during her trip there, it’s sure to be full of adventure.

4 What a View!

Image via: ny.racked.com

Swift is high up in the sky, enjoying the great view from above. With a bright blue sky that is nothing short of sensational, the breathtaking sight is simply spectacular. High above the city below, Swift has the best view of everything, from the building tops to the water. She looks adorable in her two-piece outfit, dark sunglasses, and her signature red lips. This looks like it was a picture-perfect day and Swift is taking in this magical moment so she will make the most of this unforgettable vacation. Not much could make this image any better.

3 A Night to Remember

Image via: vogue.com

Swift is hanging out with two of her famous friends, perhaps at a nightclub or bar. A night out on the town with a couple of pals during vacation is always a blast, and these three are showing their love for one another. Vacationing with girlfriends is fun and provides a much different vibe than a romantic getaway with a guy. Swift can let loose and the gals can stay up late and sleep in, head to the beach or take in the city, then go out at night to dance and party. Then they do it all again the next day!

2 Boating Beauty

Image via: axiang2zz.blogspot.com

Swift is in control of this boat as she takes the wheel and makes the most of the water. She’s got a serious look on her face paired with a sweet smile, giving us a glimpse into her personality. Taking a boat out on the water is always a blast, whether alone or with a few close companions. While it doesn’t seem to be particularly sunny out, as long as the weather is nice and the boat is ready to go, there’s no stopping Swift from having some outdoor fun. Rev up that engine and make some waves!

1 Modern Mermaid

Image via: Pinterest.com

While most of us wouldn’t dare get in the water in our summer dress, Swift is more than satisfied with her choice to feel the warm water on her skin. She looks almost like an angel, with her beautiful blonde curls cascading past her shoulders and her pretty pose in the blue sea. Wherever she is, it looks like pure paradise, and she is the modern mermaid who is calling this picture-perfect place her own, at least for a little while. This could be one of the most spectacular spots on the planet. Lucky for Swift, she gets to see it.

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