Mother Nature has always been harsh. But also, sometimes Mother Nature can create something beautiful. Take, for example, these 24 images of abandoned places that succumbed to her wrath. Abandoned buildings pop up all over the world for various reasons.

However, Mother Nature doesn't let that abandonment go in vain as she wraps her vines around these places and makes them part of the Earth once more. Places like large factories all the way to something as small as a school bus make an appearance on Mother Nature's list.

24 The Growth In The Bird Cage

This image can be seen in many different ways. At first glance, the image appears to be a simple greenhouse that has plants overgrowing inside of it. It appears to be an abandoned greenhouse as the boards on the floor and the missing windowpanes indicate. However, if you look further into the image it reveals that the greenhouse is made to look like an overly large birdcage of sorts. There are many ironies in this picture like the fact that mother nature is breaking out of the confines of the greenhouse and the fact that the greenhouse looks like a birdcage which symbolizes a prison of sorts.

23 Mall In Ohio Becomes Overrun With Nature

One of the main things you see in post-apocalyptic films is the use of places that are typically populated being completely barren and abandoned. This gives a strange feeling of eeriness to the viewer and envokes a type of fear. You can experience this fear in real life as there is a mall in Ohio that looks like it could be a scene from the next big zombie film. The mall has ceiling panes missing and deteriorating escalators. Not only that but Mother Nature has started the slow process of reclaiming the land that is hers.

22 Mother Nature Took A Dive

These large pools that are surrounded by monument-like structures were surely a sight to see when they were in their prime. This image was taken in Japan and shows the slow process of Mother Nature taking back man-made bodies of water. The most daunting part of the image is the fact that the hills and structures in the background of the image foreshadow what will eventually happen to the pools. You won't want to take a dip in these pools but they do make for amazing looking pictures.

21 Mother Nature Takes Revenge

Mother Nature doesn't just take over large abandoned buildings but she also takes over things left behind by humans. Take, for example, this Oldsmobile that appears to have been abandoned for quite some time. Mother Nature is slowly taking revenge on the invention of the car that is slowly killing the planet Earth. Vines continue to grow all around the car until soon the bright blue paint on it won't be visible at all. If the owner of this car wants to restore it they will have to deal with Mother Nature first!

20 School Of Mother Nature

Another one of Mother Nature's automobile victims is this old school bus. The first thing you may notice about this image is the color contrast from the bright yellow bus to the lush green vines that are slowly covering the bus entirely. This bus must have been abandoned on the side of the road for quite a while as most of the windows are beyond molded and soon the bus won't be visible from all of the vegetation surrounding it. This bus will likely never be operable again and we should just let Mother Nature take it to teach us a lesson.

19 The Piano Tree

This tree in California has gained a lot of fame in the past few years and has been appropriately named the 'Piano Tree'. The piano tree is a large piano that was likely thrown out and a tree began to grow through the piano. Over time the tree squeezed its way through the piano. Somehow the piano stayed intact and the tree grew to be a fully grown tree. This image just goes to show how powerful Mother Nature can be. The piano will likely deteriorate before the tree does, leaves this amazing accomplishment by Mother Nature endangered.

18 A Stay At Nature's Hotel

Hotels are some of the busiest places on Earth and that is because many people enjoy traveling. Everyone needs a place to stay and hotels are perfect accommodations for that. That is why when a hotel becomes abandoned the overall feeling of the hotel turns eery. That isn't helped by the fact that Mother Nature starts to take her toll on the hotel as well. In this image of an abandoned hotel, we can already see Mother Nature sending her roots through the floor and large spots of mold covering the walls. It is likely that this room is beyond repair and now belongs to Mother Nature.

17 Abandoned Asylum Becomes One With Nature

One of the main things you will find when you search for abandoned places is that of old asylums. Asylums are starting to die out because of many reasons. One of many of the asylums that were established in the past had bad practices that ended with them shutting their doors. Many other asylums are forced to close their doors due to the building being unkempt or too old to run a proper asylum. Many of these asylums are abandoned and left to rot. Many of them are now overgrown and deteriorating slowly. Perhaps you will want to skip this entry if you aren't a fan of the paranormal.

16 Moss Village

This small fishing village in China has now become one with Mother Nature. After becoming abandoned and losing most of its upkeep the village slowly started to be covered in lush green vegetation. Perhaps the most interesting part of this image is the fact that the buildings are completely covered in vines and vegetation. This resembles stones that are covered in moss but in this case, they are entire buildings! It is also intriguing to see that Mother Nature left the windows alone to ensure that they are still buildings after all.

15 Mother Nature Protecting A Statue

The way this large tree grew around this statue almost seems like the tree is protecting the head of this statue in a way. Located in Thailand this statue is actually a statue of Buddha. The statue was built as part of a larger temple that at one point became abandoned. After coming back to the temple, people noticed that this statue was now covered by a large mass of roots and tree limbs. Many people speculate that the statue was moved here due to vandalization, but others believe that this was the act of Mother Nature protecting Buddha.

14 Mother Nature Sets Sail

This is perhaps one of the most astonishing pictures of Mother Nature at work. Despite this boat being abandoned in the middle of a large body of water Mother Nature still found her way onto the boat. It appears as if the boat has a large number of bushes or perhaps trees growing out of the top of it. How the vegetation is maintaining itself and staying healthy on the boat is anyone's guess but this is another great example of the sheer force Mother Nature can have.

13 Cabin In The Woods

While this obviously isn't a cabin but more of a temple we couldn't help to connect this to the film Cabin in the Woods. This temple/house in the middle of the woods appears to have been abandoned for quite a while. It also appears to have been built a few centuries ago by the choice of stone to make up most of the house. It also shares similar architecture to temples that were built many years ago. It isn't often you see a house have stone pillars holding it up. Whatever the case, Mother Nature has tried to take a hold of this house as best she could by covering the stone in her saturated green moss.

12 Abandoned Plane Becomes Mother Nature's Prisoner

It isn't very typical to see a plane surrounded by green fields and lush green forests. That is why the story behind this image is very intriguing. Did the plane crash here or was it simply abandoned by its owner? Perhaps this used to be an old airport as there are several vehicles that you would see used in an airport that surround the plane. Whatever the case, Mother Nature certainly has put her spell on this abandoned plane. Not only is the plane almost completely covered but the top of the plane is slowly being eaten away by erosion.

11 Bringing Color To An Old Military Base

This tall mass of stone is daunting indeed due to its missing windows and largely being just a big eye-sore. This is actually an old abandoned air force base that is now suffering the wrath of Mother Nature. The building in the foreground has yet to start feeling the true force of Mother Nature but if you look at the building to the right of that you will see that Mother Nature is quick at work. Completely covered in what appears to be moss or vines the building to the right of it will be completely covered in due time.

10 Mother Nature Breaking Through The Rails

Science fiction has taught us not to enter a place that looks like the image above. The area gives off a serious Metro 2033 vibe and it doesn't look all that inviting. However, at the end of the day, it is just an old abandoned railway station. The perspective of this image is intriguing due to its showing mother nature breaking through the cracks of the foundation and blooming out of the railway. There appear to be many different kinds of vegetation within the tracks like weeds and what appears to be poison ivy.

9 Taking On A Bobsled Run

Another fun area that would usually be bustling with people lay abandoned and waiting for Mother Nature to fully overtake it. Bobsled rides are a popular thing for urban explorers to seek out as they offer impressive pictures and they all usually tell a story. This one, in particular, appears to still be intact mostly but is close to falling into Mother Nature's presence. The bobsled run is already covered in graffiti making it appear to have been abandoned for quite some time now. Perhaps the ride was part of a bigger amusement park that is now completely covered by Mother Nature.

8 Nature Takes Back Man-Made Factory

Factories are quite possibly the complete opposite of Mother Nature and are the last place you'd expect to see completely covered in vegetation. However, when factories shut down sometimes they are abandoned and left to deteriorate. As for this factory, it appears to have been abandoned for quite some time. Mother Nature's vines have already infiltrated the factory walls and the machinery inside the factory is now becoming completely covered. The outside must look even more green as that is where vegetation usually decides to strike first.

7 Mother Nature The Bartender

This building that surrounds this bar seems to still be intact for the most part but the bar itself looks like it has seen better days. If it isn't the moss-covered bar stools or the ivy growing around the floor of the bar then it surely is the fact that the counter is covered in large pieces of bark. Perhaps this was a bar that didn't perform well and ended up becoming abandoned. With the roof looking like it is in shambles it is likely that the building as a whole doesn't have much time left before it completely crumbles to the ground.

6 A Home Hidden Away By Nature

If you just glance at the image above you may not notice the fact that there is a house that is hidden away behind Mother Nature's vegetation. This large two-story house was once a place someone called home but it is now beyond abandoned and now belongs to Mother Nature. Perhaps the house underneath all of the lush green vegetation is centuries old as it would have taken many years to completely cover a house of this size. Who knows how long the house was abandoned for, or why?

5 Stopped In Its Tracks

Earlier we covered an image of Mother Nature breaking through the cracks of a subway railroad. However, this railroad that is atop a hill in the middle of a forest is likely much older than that entry. If not for the large amounts of moss hanging off the side of the tracks it is the fact that the wood looks so unstable that makes us believe these tracks are much older than meets the eye. Combine that with the fog and you have yourself a pretty eerie picture. Perhaps it is best Mother Nature took back these tracks as we couldn't even trust ourselves stepping on it much less a train going over it.